25+ Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes For Spooky Day

Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate IRL and of course, in The Sims 4. Especially, if you have Spooky Day installed! With these amazing Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes your sims are going to be able to wear some of the most fun costumes, dress up as your favourite pop culture characters and be the coolest at their next costume party.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes for Adults

Costumes don’t just have to be your kids and toddlers anymore, adults deserve to dress up in fun Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes too! These costumes are so much fun for your older sims to wear because they can show their fun side and bring in some of your favourite pop-culture references to the game.

Magician Coats

If your Sims are inspired by the fashion of Fantastic Beast, they will absolutely love this coat for the Sim Man. The Magician Coat for Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes is made from a luxurious, velvety fabric. It has a slim fit and is held together in the middle by a detailed brass clasp.

It also features a stunning brooch on the lapel. The coat reaches just below the knee and your Sim can chose from 15 different variations. So, don’t be surprised if this will be worn long after Halloween.

Two male sims in The Sims 4 wearing a magician coat with a pocket watch on the side for their halloween costumes

Mortal Combat Cetrion Set

This set is as stunning as it is extensive; from outfits to hair and accessories, even tendrils, nothing is left to be desired. Your Sims can chose from 20 different styles for the costume, the head accessories, the eternal corona and those cool living tendrils. There are 10 varieties to style your Sims’ hair, letting them go all out so they will be the talk of the Halloween party.

Two sims wearing cc mortal kombat halloween costumes

Simblreen Gift Set

The Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes Simblereen Gift Set contains five different costumes to choose from. There are two different sexy styles of witch costumes. Both are cut-out styles, showing lots of Sim skin. One comes with a corset-like top, green sleeves and a matching black hat.

The other one has a black side cape, rimmed in cobalt blue as a bottom with a same coloured scarf. The bee costume features a yellow and brown striped top with shorts. Careful chosen shoes and accessories complete these perfect outfits for celebrating Halloween!

Three sims in halloween costumes, one is a "sexy" witch, one is a "sexy" bumbleebee

The Contessa

The Contessa is a stylish, full-body outfit for your lady and lady-presenting vampires or their human companion. It is available in bright red with black lapels, and features a white vest underneath that peaks through.

Black boots and gloves complete the look, and the hat is a true eye-catcher. Additional, it is available in eleven colours and sure to turn heads.

A sim dressed in a black, white and red contessa halloween costume. This features gloves and a hat as well.

Nightmare on Elm Street Costume

Who does not know “Nightmare On Elm Street”, and now your Sim can slip into the character with this amazing costume and be the next Freddy Krueger. The black hat and intriguing face paint bring out the perfect spooky appearance.

Complete the look by adding the block striped sweater in black and red with the glove and extended nails and your Sim has an exquisite costume to join any horror fan having fun when scaring friends this Halloween!

A sim on a black background, with a freddy costume included with the hat and sweater.

Dead by Daylight Outfit

Your male Sim will be ecstatic to dress in this costume. Taking inspiration from “The Trickster” the outfit is a valid answer to Freddy Krueger at any Halloween party. It is a perfect look for any fan of the horror game Dead by Daylight.

The one-piece costume is intricately patterned, cut out on one side revealing the two garters holding it together and the arrow sticking in their chest. Ruffled arm cuffs and gloves, along with makeup give your Sim the iconic eerie appearance while enjoying any spooky event or party.

A sim in The Sims 4 dressed as a character from Dead by Daylight, including a bow through the heart

Michael Mask

Sims 4 next Halloween Party could be a meeting of all the famous scary characters. Joining our list is this authentic looking costume for a realistic and spine chilling Michael Mask Sim.

The mask that covers the head and neck, with those hollow eyes, and the dark grey overall let anybody know your Sim means business. This costume also comes complete with a knife, so you can really scare your friends and neighbours this year!

A sim wearing a michael mask for their halloween costumes and holding a bloody knife.

Resident Evil Costumes

Both of the costumes provided in this set are perfect for any female Sim looking to dress up as a badass Resident Evil character this Halloween. The shorts and cami option is perfect for those who want to show some skin, while the pants and t-shirt combo is great for those who want to be a bit more covered up.

Both outfits are form fitting, so they provide the perfect canvas for carrying around her weapons. Whether your Sim is dressing up as Jill Valentine or Claire Redfield, these costumes are sure to turn heads at any Halloween party.

Two female characters from The Sims 4 wearing halloween costumes from Resident Evil.

Harley Quinn

This costume is perfect for Sims who want to look cute while still being a little spooky! The overall is tight fitting, showing off your female Sim figure beneficially. It has a red and dark grey harlequin pattern and long sleeves, which end in white fur cuffs.

The top part of the costume has a white fur collar with three pom-poms. The harlequin hat also has two pom-poms on the ends. Not to forget, it comes with matching ankle boots.

A sim from The Sims 4 wearing a Harley Quinn cc halloween costume, it's the black red and white one, not the Suicide Squad outfit.

Greek Togas

A very classic costume for your male Sim is the Greek Toga. This Sims 4 CC Halloween Costume is perfect for the ancient themed party! There are 26 different colours to choose from, and each one comes with a classic Toga style top held together by a fabric belt.

Some of the Togas have a rimmed pattern typical of Greek design, while others are kept plain. Whether you want your Sim to look like an ancient god, or just want to add a touch of Greece to their Halloween look, these Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes Greek Togas are perfect!

A male sim in The Sims 4 who is wearing a cc halloween costume which is a white t-shirt dress with a blue fabric draping turning it into a toga

Jason Mask

Another horror movie character your Sim can use to have some scary fun at the most famous party of the year. The Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes Jason Mask is a high quality, detailed mask that will make your Sim look as authentic as Jason from the Friday the 13th horror movie series.

The mask is available with and without eyes, and there are also two options for the machete. It’s perfect for a Halloween party or any other event where you want to scare your guests!

A sim wearing a jason mask for halloween.

Squid Game Costumes

The Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes are the perfect way to get in the spirit of the season! These costumes are based on the popular Squid Game, and are sure to turn heads at your next costume party! They come in eight different colours, and are made of a comfortable, loose-fitting fabric.

The jacket features two pockets in the front, which close with a zipper as well as the jacket itself. The player’s number is found on the back, right underneath the collar, and on the left hand side of the chest, .

Four sims wearing the tracksuit outfits from the popular show, Squid Games

Deadpool Costume

Who does not love Deadpool? Take inspiration from the quirky Superhero with his sarcastic humour for an eye-catching costume. The tight-fitting red overall is stylish and shows off your male Sim’s six-pack, while the black inserts on the sides add a touch of cool menace.

The belt with all its gear is practically to fight any super hero enemies, and the mask with its slits for the eyes does not reveal the true identity. Finally, the tough boots protect the feet and complete the outfit. And the best part this costume is not only for the male Sim.

A sim standing by some trees dressed as deadpool

Super Mario

Welcome to the world of Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes Super Mario! In this world, you can become your favourite Nintendo character in an instant. With just a few clicks, you can create the perfect replica of Mario or Luigi’s iconic outfit for your Sim.

The outfits are available in eight different colours, and for the hats you have a choice of four colours. There is nothing spooky about this costume, it is all happy and sweet for your Sim family.

Two sims standing in matching cc halloween costumes, they are dressed like mario

Skeleton Costume

Dress your Sim Lady with this unusual Skeleton costume. The Sims 4 CC Halloween Skeleton Costume sure is eye-catching and perfect for any spooky occasion!

The sleeveless crop top has a mock turtle neck and skeleton chest print that extends down onto the boy shorts which serve as a garter and connect the opaque stockings with skeleton legs printed on them. You can choose from ten different colours, so you don’t need to stay with the classical black and white.

A sim wearing a "sexy" skeleton halloween costume

Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes for Kids

When we think about a spooky day, we cannot forget about kids! They’re the ones that go out and trick-or-treat and have the most fun with their costumes since they understand what’s going on, unlike many toddlers. These Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes are so great for kids and are going to let your kids play dress up whenever you want.

Pop Culture Costume Set

If you’re looking to dress up your Sims’ kids as their favourite pop culture icons this Halloween, your search ends here. This set includes eight different costumes, four masks, and is perfect for any child who loves superheroes, or villains.

The costumes in this set are all unisex. The four masks are for Batman, Spiderman, and Joker. Let your Sims’ boys and girls enjoy being part of the fun; with this Pop Culture Costume Set they will have a spook-tacular time!

a group of eight children from The Sims 4 standing in cc halloween costumes, there are kids dressed as the joker, bat man, super man and spider man.

Frozen Dresses

These are two beautiful dresses perfect for the Sims’ kids’ Halloween party. The first dress is in an enchanting light blue all covered with sparkling snowflakes. The long sleeves are made from a white Tulle fabric and also carry those charming snowflakes.

For the second dress, you have a darker shade of green offsetting a black tank top with a beautiful print on it. The middle is adorned with a golden belt and enhances the skirt which has a lighter shade of green and comes with a beautiful glittery print. 

Two female children in The Sims 4 wearing Elsa and Anna costumes from Frozen

Junk Food Kids

This set is bringing you some amazing Halloween costumes for your little Sims. These costumes are inspired by everyone’s favourite sugary snacks: cookies, cupcakes, and fruit juice!

The outfits are perfect for the sweet-toothed trick-or-treaters in your life! They are made to be comfortable and stylish, so your kids can party the evening away in style!

Three sims children who are wearing costumes, one is wearing a cookie costume, one is wearing a milk costume and one is a cupcake

Raggedy Ann Costumes

If you’re looking for a cute and whimsical Halloween costume, try out this Raggedy Ann costume! This costume is perfect for any little girl who wants to dress up as her favourite doll.

The outfit includes a blue paisley dress, with a white apron on top of it. The tights come with red and white stripes, and the adorable face make-up completes the look, so your Sim Child is ready to party.

A young girl in The Sims 4 wearing a cc halloween costumes option as Raggedy Ann

Alice in Wonderland Sims 4 CC Costumes

It’s time to dress up in fanciful costumes again, and your Sims’ kids don’t want to be left out. This adorable costume is the perfect choice. The light blue dress with short sleeves has a white apron adorned with a charming rim, a heart on the chest area and lovely red hearts and black spades.

The white fabric belt feature a cute bow, and for the tights they have a choice of black and white or blue and white stripes with a red heart on the knees. Now nothing can stop them.

A child dressed as Alice in Wonderland, with striped tights and face make up

Mermaid CC Halloween Costumes

This costume is perfect for little Sims’ girls and toddler girls, with its beautiful off shoulder design and long dress that flares out in Mermaid fins.

There are 50 swatches available to choose from, so you can find the perfect colour for your little one and make them feel like a real life mermaid!

a group of children and toddlers dressed as mermaids for halloween

Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes for Toddlers

Probably the cutest age group to put in costumes is going to be toddlers. The fun thing about toddlers is that they can wear these toddler costumes for halloween or just for everyday fun around their house which makes it 10x cuter. You’ll definitely have a lot of fun with these specific Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes!

Pumpkin Sims 4 CC Costume

The Pumpkin Sims CC 4 Costume is perfect for your little one this year! The pumpkin consists of an orange velvety fabric that features a friendly face on the front. It is hold on suspenders and soft enough that it does not hurt to bump into anything.

Have them wear close fitting shirts or leggings underneath, and your Sim Toddler is ready for some fun.

A toddler sized mannequin wearing a pumpkin outfit

Pirate Costume

The Sims 4 CC Pirate Costume will bring joy to your little Sims’ ones this Halloween! It comes complete with a shirt, vest, pirate pants, boots, hats and earrings.

You can choose from four colours for the costume, six for the boots, and seven colours for the hat, making this outfit not only cute but also very stylish. Do you have a little Sim boy to dress up? With the Pirate costume he will look like a real swashbuckling pirate!

Four male toddlers in The Sims 4 who are dressed like pirates

Toddler CC Halloween Costumes Collection

Welcome to the Toddler CC Halloween Costumes Collection! In this set, you will find three adorable Halloween Onesie Outfits for your little Sims’ to wear this spooky season! Your Sim toddler can choose between a skeleton, a witch and a pumpkin costume. 

No matter if they are in the spirit for something spooky, whimsical or cute, they will find the right one for any mood.

Three toddlers posing in halloween costumes. The first one is a skeleton, the middle is a witch and the last is a pumpkin.

Baby Dragon Costume

This Halloween your little Sim one can be a powerful dragon. The fun and festive costume is a green jumpsuit with a hood featuring black dragon jacks.

The fabric is breathable but warm, is covered with large dots in a lighter green shade and buttons up in the front to quickly jump in and out. There are 25 colours to chose from , so your Sims’ toddler can find the favourite one.

A sim with red hair and freckles who is wearing a onesie that looks like a dragon with polka dots

Robot Sims 4 CC Costume

If you’re looking for a truly unique and robot-like toddler Halloween costume, look no further than this amazing Sims 4 CC creation!

The costume is made to look like a genuine robot, and even features all the buttons, a small display on the front, and blue or red antennas. It is perfect for any little one who wants to stand out from the crowd this Halloween!

A sim in Create-A-Sim who is dressed as a metal robot

Little Princess

The princess costume cannot be missed. Every little Sim girl wants to be a princess, and this Halloween they can go trick or treat as one. The beautiful dress comes in 8 different colours.

In addition, You will also find 8 different styles of shoes to complete the look; try one of the 15 different hairstyles on your little one, and last but not least, every little Sim girl needs a tiara. They will be the most beautiful girl in the neighbourhood.

Four toddlers in The Sims 4 who are wearing matching princess dress halloween costumes in bright colours. They also have tiaras and matching shoes.

Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes for Cats & Dogs

If you have The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs installed in your game, you definitely want to get yourself some costumes for your pets too! These are really silly, and will let your cats and dogs look so precious and adorable.

Halloween Costumes CC Package

Never forget the pets in the family. They need to celebrate Halloween as well. And now you can choose boots, a pumpkin hat, skeleton pull-on, bat wings and more for dogs and cats.

Altogether, this Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes Set contains nine different styles. Whatever you desire for your Sims’ pet, it is right at your fingertip.

A collection of dogs wearing different costumes, like a pirate hat, a pumpkin hat, a set of pirate boots and more.

Wings for Pets

Is somebody in your Sim’s family wearing a Batman costume for Halloween? Now you can dress the pet to match their style. Look at these adorable wings!

They make your pet look like a Super Hero cat or dog in no time. The wings are easy to attach to the back of your pet and are comfortable and non-restrictive. Go ahead and create a powerful Sim’s Superhero duo.

Two dogs in The Sims 4 who are wearing black wings

Princess Meowia

If you’re looking for a cute and stylish Halloween costume for your kitty, then look no further than the Princess Meowia! This costume is inspired by Star Wars Princess Leia, and is available in 47 swatches to choose from.

It goes on the body of your pet, and includes the Leila hair hat. Make your Sim pet a valuable addition to your Halloween Sim family by dressing them up and include in your party fun.

A white cat in The Sims 4 dressed up as Princess Leia

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is among us, and your sims definitely deserve to dress their best. These are definitely some of my favourite Sims 4 CC Halloween Costumes and having them in my game lets me just really explore the holiday in a brand new way. Hopefully you found something you love too, Happy playing!

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