25+ Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories To Complete The Look

Are you looking to celebrate halloween without wearing a full costume in The Sims 4? Well, these Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories are going to be the absolute best way to make this happen. These accessories are going to allow you to dress your sims up for October without their look being too much.

You can definitely wear a fun halloween shirt with these and make the whole look perfect!

Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories for Adults

You really can have fun with costumes for adults, it doesn’t just have to be fun for toddlers and kids. These adult accessories are so adorable and let your sims choose fun or silly accessories or go more for a scary vibe. Definitely a great way to celebrate the halloween season.

Halloween Sims 4 Face Stickers

If you’re looking for a halloween accessory that is super simple, but gets the job done, these stickers are great. These are a small sticker that goes underneath the eye and have adorable little designs.

With these face stickers your sims can have bats, spider webs, and even a small black cat. These are so fun because they’re an addition and you can still wear earrings, necklaces and hats too!

A sim with red hair and a witch hat with bat stickers on her face

Glamour Devil Sims 4 CC Headband

One of the most popular costumes for halloween will always be the devil. These devil horns are really fun because they’re extremely glamorous compared to many.

They are on a dark grey headband that can hide in your sims hair if it has enough volume. These horns look like they’re covered in glitter and come in more colours than just red, which keeps it super fun.

A sim with black hair, red eyes, red nails and devil horns

Scintilla Knife Earrings

Halloween accessories don’t just always have to be pumpkins and ghosts, they can be more subtle than this. These knife earrings are so cute even though they’re quite spooky.

It’s fun because there are different kinds of knife styles too, with different handles, different metals and more. It really is just a cute way to celebrate without having your whole outfit be halloween themed.

A sim with dark eyes, red lip stick and earrings that look like small knives

Pumpkin Socks

Socks are a really fun way to show your sim’s spirit during a festive season, or even wear these in the spring if you want! These socks are so much fun and come in ten different colours.

The jack-o-lantern pattern on them is really fun, with them having red eyes and an adorably creepy smile. These are so fun to wear with your sim’s pajamas too!

A sim's legs where they are wearing fish nets under neath their socks covered in jack-o-lanterns

Ouija Sims 4 CC Earrings

One of the most popular things to do during the halloween season, is playing with Ouija board! These earrings look exactly like the little thing you use to move around the board that shows what answers and letters.

These are great because they come in a gorgeous silver, and even come in colours like copper, gold, grey and black. The little gems on them add an extra flair too!

A sim with auburn hair and straight bangs, they have one green eye and one blue eye. They are wearing ouija earrings.

Monster Within Me Face Paint

If you want to make your sim’s go overboard with halloween spirit, this face paint is a great choice. These are really interesting and make your sims look absolutely wild.

This is going to take a large portion of your sim’s face and turn them into a monster where it looks like their skin is broken open. It comes in all sorts of colours and scales which is so interesting!

A sim with purple nails, blonde hair, and smokey eyeshadow with half their face cut off.

Friday The 13th Choker

If you’re a lover of halloween movies you’ll absolutely love this choker necklace. It’s themed after Friday The 13th and is somehow really adorable. It comes in white, grey and black letting you match it with all outfits.

A sim with grey hair wearing a choker that is themed after Friday The 13th

Moon Bat CC Halloween Earrings

The next option on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories is these super fun moon and bat earrings. These are such a fun and unique style that you don’t see a lot IRL.

These start with a large circle that is covered in glitter and looks like the moon and on top of this you’ll see a bat flying. These are such a fun shape and make me really happy.

A sim with black hair and creepy eyes wearing a pair of bat in front of a moon earrings

Halloween Pumpkin Earrings

Pumpkins are just the best halloween decoration out there and they can be turned into so many fun styles of jack-o-lantern and these earrings are a great option. These are a dangly earring with a jack-o-lantern head being the star.

These come in all sorts of metal colours and are best worn with your sim’s hair up!

A sim with their hands in front of their face wearing golden pumpkin earrings

Moon Phase Sims 4 CC Headband

The next option on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories is this gorgeous phases of the moon headband. This is so gorgeous, and could be worn for halloween or could even just be worn by a werewolf in their human form which makes it even more fun.

This headband is a really simple and thin band that goes around the head and on top you’ll see all the phases of the moon. The moons have a gorgeous patina making them look so cool and this headband comes in silver, white, black and gold which lets it match with every outfit.

A sim with dark grey hair wearing a moon phase headband

Butterfly Wings

If you want your sims to look like they can fly, these butterfly wings are a great option for your sims to wear. They are so fun and brightly coloured which makes them unique.

You could wear these in a fairy costume, a butterfly costume or whatever else you can think up. You can even have your sims just wear these for fun!

A sim looking away from the camera while wearing a pair of butterfly wings

Halloween Nails

A great way to show off your sim’s personality is to add some custom nails. There are so many fun designs out there for you to wear that really show off what kinds of halloween decor you like.

The designs that are available here include things like spider webs, blood drips and even a fun glowing jack-o-lantern pattern. These are so much fun for your sims!

Two hands coming from either side with sims 4 cc halloween decorative nails

Witch Letter Earrings

If you’re looking for a halloween accessory that isn’t super spooky, but want to show off your witchy side you’ll love these earrings. These are so fun and could honestly be worn all year round by sims who are a bit more witchy than others.

These earrings have the letters in the word WITCH cascading down in a row showing some sass. They come in black, silver, gold and even more reddish tones!

a sim in the sims 4 with brown hair who is wearing cc halloween earrings that have the letters in WITCH

Halloween Sims 4 CC Stockings

Since halloween is in the colder months of the year, wearing stockings with a halloween dress is a great way to warm up your sims. These are a great choice for ones that go up to mid-thigh and come in patterns like orange and black stripes or the word witch in a unique way.

two sims wearing stockings in stripes


If those last stockings were a bit boring for you, maybe these skelestockings are more your style. These are so much fun because they are asymmetrical with one going right above the knee and one going up to mid-thigh which makes them so unique!

Two characters in The Sims 4 but just their legs, with asymettrical leg warmers as halloween accessories

Spiked Mask

If you’re going to a halloween party or a masquerade ball you may absolutely love this spiked mask. The spikes are really fun and make your sim look like such a cool character. You can really make this work for so many different costumes!

A sim with blue hair wearing a black mask with spikes. They are also wearing a black leather choker and black lipstick.

Devil Horns Headband

We all want to look like a devil in October, it’s such a classic look and can either be really cute or really creepy. These are great horns that come in red, but also colours like blue, purple, and yellow to keep it interesting if red and black isn’t your style.

A sim with halloween face paint looking down at the ground. They are wearing a pair of Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories horns that make them look like the devil

Spider Witch Necklace

This is one of the accessories on this list that I just can’t imagine ever wearing IRL. The necklace is a giant spider, with eight legs that is just hanging on your chest. I’m too worried that I would think this is real and start swatting around at my chest throughout the day, not for me, but good for in-game.

A sim with black hair and glossy lips wearing a necklace that looks like a spider

Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories for Kids

Getting kids ready for halloween is so much fun because they are the most excited age group for this holiday for sure. These Sims 4 CC halloween accessories are so much fun and let your sims get ready in all 30 days leading up to the spookiest holiday of the year.

Fairytale Sims 4 CC Horns

Adding horns to your sim’s outfit is a great way to turn a regular looking sim into a mythical creature. They are such a simple way to get your sims into that halloween spirit, and can be worn with any outfit.

Since they aren’t a full on costume you really can make these versatile and even play as if your sims are a mythical creature that doesn’t exist in the game proper. Definitely a human option for halloween custom content!

A male and female sim in The Sims 4 who are standing there in formal wear and have cc halloween horns on their head.

Velvet Bat Choker

Chokers are such a fun vibe for your sims to wear and this one is perfect for halloween. This one starts with a velvet choker around your sim’s neck, but coming off the front and center is an adorable metal bat. There are even a pair of matching earrings to make it a total look.

A sim with black hair in braided pig tails, they are wearing halloween glasses and a velvet choker sims 4 cc accessories

Bat Drop Sims 4 CC Earrings

These next earrings are such a great option for a Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories folder because they are so perfect. They start with a small stud inside of your ear and there’s a metal wire down finishing off with an adorable metal bat that has their wings spread.

These are so elegant and adorable instead of being cartoony!

A kid in The Sims 4 with brown hair and bangs, they are wearing a pair of dangly earrings that are cc halloween bats.

Cracked Doll Face Paint

Accessories don’t have to just be things like earrings and necklaces, they can also be things like face paint. This cracked doll face paint is going to make it seem like your sims are a porcelain doll who has been dropped on their head which is such a unique look.

You can pair this face paint with so many halloween dresses to make a complete and fun doll look.

A sim dressed like a doll with cracked face paint

Pink Yoda Mask

Next up on our list of Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories is a very silly mask. This takes a popular Star Wars character, Yoda, and turns it pink and lets your sims look like Yoda. This is so precious and fun for your sims who don’t want to be green.

A sim in a pink shirt wearing a bright pink Yoda mask

Ghost CC Halloween Earrings

There isn’t much more fun to complete a look than a pair of extremely silly fun earrings. These earrings are so fun with a small stud going into the ear with two chain links coming down. After the chain links there is a little ghost hanging from the earring with two small eyes.

These are really fun because they come in fun colours like black and gold, red and gold, and even a fun ombre blue. They are a fun way to show off your halloween looks without needing a full outfit.

A sim with super light brown hair with bangs and blue eyes, this sim is wearing a pair of halloween cc earrings in the sims 4

Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories for Toddlers

The best category for accessories for me has to be toddler accessories because they get to be so much fun. Creators can go ahead and make the cutest stuff with hilarious patterns and styles that adults just can’t pull off. These Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories are great for finishing off the best toddler outfits or costumes.

Bat Sims 4 CC Earrings

My favourite accessory for toddlers is definitely toddler cc earrings because they just make your toddlers look so cute. These are such a fun choice for your toddlers because they have a simple stud but coming down from that stud is an adorable bat.

The bat comes in silver or gold with different small pieces being black, for a nice contrast. These can be a fun way to bring in a little bit of halloween to an outfit without it being overwhelming for your sims look.

A toddler in The Sims 4 wearing a pair of cc accessories earrings that are a small bat hanging from a stud.

Pumpkin Tights

If you want to add a little bit of a more subtle Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories option these pumpkin tights would be perfect. These tights are great under halloween dresses and since they’re black or white they can go with just about everything.

They have a very subtle pumpkin pattern that just makes you absolutely love the look!

Four bodies (heads are cut off in the image) wearing different dresses, they are all wearing simple white shoes and halloween tights.

Spider Web Halloween CC Earrings

Giving your toddlers earrings is such a great way to bring their outfits to the next level, but we don’t have very many options in the vanilla game. These are such adorable earrings that I wish I had IRL.

These earrings go into the ear and all the way around being an extremely fun spider web. They come in colours like red, blue, purple and a bunch of metals like rose gold and silver.

A toddler in The Sims 4 who is wearing a pair of cc halloween spider web earrings. The sim has black hair in pig tails behind the ear, and has red eyes.

Colourful Tights

These colourful tights for toddlers are so adorable and are going to allow you to turn any normal outfit your toddlers wear into a halloween outfit. You can wear these with a simple t-shirt, or even a fancier sweater and it makes your toddlers look so cozy and adorable.

The tights come in fun colours like teal, purple and yellow so there’s something for everyone. The patterns include things like jack-o-lanterns, candies including candy corn, and so many adorable ghosts.

Five bodies (heads are cut off) wearing various tops but all wearing a pair of sims 4 cc halloween tights with fun patterns.

Final Thoughts

There is so much fun to be had around halloween, and these Sims 4 CC Halloween Accessories are going to make it so much more fun for you to create outfits. You can pair these with simple halloween shirts or go full on in a costume to make it a full look. Happy Playing!

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