50+ Sims 4 CC Nails You Need in Your Game

There are so many ways to customize your sim’s outfits with custom content but possibly the easiest way to complete a look is through using sims 4 cc nails. Having your nails done is a great way to bring your look to the next level and really make yourself look totally put together.

You can have accessories and a cute outfit but there’s just something so gorgeous about a beautiful set of nails on your sims. Below you’ll find gorgeous sims 4 cc nails for long nails, short nails and even some that are specific for children which is so fun!

Long Options for Sims 4 CC Nails

The most popular types of sims 4 cc nails are definitely long nails because they are absolutely gorgeous, make your sims look fabulous and are just so much fun to play around with. These nails can have fun designs, be matte or glossy and even bring in really bright and fun colours to really make your sims favourite custom content outfits really pop.

AF Nails N019

Rounded nails are a really fun look and these two tone nails are a great choice. They come in 21 different swatches so you’ll find them in blues, purples, and more which is awesome for matching your favourite outfits.

rounded two tone nails

Just The Basics Sims 4 CC Nails

These just the basics nails are really cute stiletto shaped nails that come in all sorts of colours. You can get these in neutrals but also in bright colours like neon yellows and bright oranges which are such fun options.

basic stiletto nails is awesome colours

AF Nails N008

There is not much cuter than having a statement nail in your set when the rest of the nails are just a single colour. The statement nail on the ring finger on this set of sims 4 cc nails is a fun floral pattern that really steals the show. The rest of the nails are the colour of the flower petals which is gorgeous.

long square nails with flowers on ring finger

AF Nails N020

These nails are some of my favourites for longer nails because the little black hearts are so sweet. They come in 10 different colours and really show off your sim’s personality when they wear them.

long sims 4 cc nails with hearts

Natural Long Sims 4 CC Nails

Sometimes when you’re playing with sims 4 cc nails you don’t want your nails to be super stylized. Some of us just want to have some plain options that look like long natural nails. These are great for doing that and they come in 10 different swatches so you can try to match them to your sim’s skin tone.

natural nails

Glossy Square N11

Glossy nails are my favourite look and these square nails are perfect. They are simple, and effective and come in sixty-five colours so you can match them to your sim’s outfit for sure.

sims 4 cc nails

AF Nails N009

These nails are so interesting and fun and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before IRL. They are a sharp point nail that has a black line running all the way up the middle of the nail with the base of the nail also being black. The tip of the nails are fun bright colours with more than one colour being featured on each hand. It’s such an interesting and fun design choice!

sims 4 stiletto nails

True Almond Sims 4 CC Nails

A simple true almond nail is very great especially when they come in such fun, and bright colours. The best thing about having fun sims 4 cc nails is that it helps to really show off your bracelets, watches, and rings and makes your sims look so gorgeous.

gorgeous nails with tons of rings

AF Nails N005

A lot of people really love cherries as a style choice and these nails are great for you if you love them too. They have a cherry design on your pointer finger, a glitter nail on the middle finger, and a fun design with sections on the ring finger. These are really fun for your sims and come in really great colours too.

nails with cherries

AF Nails N014

These ombre nails are very pretty while not looking exactly the same as every other ombre nail. These ones are interesting because the bottom shade has barely any room where it’s opaque and the top colour is very opaque at the top. The ombre is more muddled which is an interesting look for your sims to wear on their nails.

ombre nails

AF Nails N007

If you’re looking for a set of nails that honestly do a lot, these are the ones. Each nail is very interesting with different textures, designs and a whole snake available for you. The ring finger of this nail is designed after the popular luxury brand, Gucci. The middle finger has a whole snake on it covered in gems which is so cute.

gucci snake nails

AF Nails N003

These nails have so much going on in the best way they start with a base colour like pink and the rest of the nail is a gorgeous glitter design. Each nail on the hand has a different design style which keeps it fun and interesting while all of it still matching. There are fun little gems that you can enjoy too!

glitter nails with gems

Barbara Nails

These Barbara nails are fun because each nail is a different version of the same colour which keeps it interesting. They have a LV logo on one nail which keeps it fun and trendy for your sims. It’s fun having the nails be mono-chrome but would have each being a different shade which is much more fun.

barbara nails

AF Nails N016

A stiletto nail is such a vibe and these ones are super long to really make the vibe perfect. They are a glossy look which is really fun and there’s a small gem design on the ring finger to make the nail even more fun than a plain nail.

sims 4 cc nails

Aphrodite Sims 4 CC Nails

These nails are really gorgeous and nice and long, they come in some fun colour swatches but the real part that shines are the designed nails. These ones definitely won’t disappoint and will make your sims look amazing.

aphprodite nails

AF Nails N006

Most of the time when nails have rainbows on them they lean childish and make me not want them. However, these ones are so mature and gorgeous. They have a fun ombre rainbow going up the stiletto nail but the small pale pink sections are where these shine. There are different shaped areas in a light colour on each nail with small fun gems to outline it which is so fun.

rainbow stiletto sims 4 cc nails

AF Nails N018

Our of all of the nails on this list, these are one of the ones that pull me in the easiest. These nails are a decent length with a square shape and a gorgeous plum colour with 8 colour options total. The ring finger of this nail has a beautiful design with fun lines and small hearts on them which is so cute. This nail is a different colour than the other nails too to really make it stand out.

fun heart design on ring finger

S-Club 201701

These long rounded nails are very beautiful with a nice ombre design that has a slight glitter to them. The interesting thing about these nails is that they’re a little more transparent than most nails so they have a very unique look.

ombre nails for the sims 4

AF Nails N011

These next sims 4 cc nails are definitely an interesting choice and are super stylized for your sims. They have a square shape at the top and a two tone look with small designs on it. The most interesting part is the cross that is placed right into the middle of the nail where the colour changes for added design.


Zeta Sims 4 CC Nails

These stiletto nails are a really great length without being too overwhelming which I love. These are going to come in 30 different colours that range from nudes and neutrals to fun colours like teals, greens and purples which are extremely fun.

long nails

AF Nails N010

These nails are an interesting, more neutral choice that still have a pop on the finger ringer. These nails have a stiletto shape and are nice and long with four of the nails just being a glossy single colour. The ring finger has a face on it with x instead of eyes and a nice smile. Definitely an interesting option!

sims 4 nails

Saweetie Nails

These next nails are so long and they look so fun! These nails are extremely pointy and sharp with the base of the nail being opaque with fun gems at the base of the nail to add some extra design flair. These come in fun colours too so you can match with so many different outfits.

sims 4 long nails

Aruba Collection

This Aruba Collection comes in so many fun, bright colours that just make you wish you were hanging out on a beach. The shape of these nails are fun with a nice coffin shape and these come in the exact same colours and finishes as a toe nail polish too!

urban's aruba collection

AF Nails N017

This next set of nails are extremely fun and unlike anything else I’ve seen for the game. These nails are long and square shaped which is always fun, but each nail has a unique style. On the middle finger there is a small bear decal, the ring finger is covered in glitter and the other nails have interesting styles too. A really fun set of sims 4 cc nails for your sims to wear!

sims 4 nails with bears

Morrigan Nails

The Morrigan nails are fun with some cute nail art that honestly would be perfect for witch themed sims or someone who is a bit more goth. These are great with crosses, stars and glitter designs and these are are a great option!

nail designs sims 4 cc nails

AF Nails N021

If you’re looking for absolutely intense nails these are the ones. These start with a shape that is extremely pointy and sharp and way longer than anything else on this list. The bottom of the nail is a nice colour with the rest being a darker shade to have a nice contrast. On some of the nails there are flowers and gems that add some extra flair and keep the nails fun!

nails with intense designs

Mary Sims 4 CC Nails

There is something so gorgeous about a long coffin nail that it really looks great on your sims. These nails come in fifteen different swatches but my favourite will always be the true black swatch because it makes your sims look so cool.

simple nails mary

AF Nails N023

There is something so sweet about butterflies and these butterfly nails are really precious. These nails are a long square shape that has a rounded tip design with nice light colours and each nail being different. The placing of the butterfly is different on each nail too which makes it more fun.

nails with butterflies

Vibrant Nail Colours

These next nails are a beautiful coffin shape that are nice and long and come in so many gorgeous bright colours for your sims. They come in such fun and vibrant colours like yellows, greens, oranges and pinks so you can really show off your sim’s personality.

vibrant nail colour for the sims 4

AF Nails N022

The next nail option on our list is this AF Nails design that are a single colour but seem to have a nice glossy texture to make it have more dimension. The shape is very rounded and nice and long to make it look great!

sims 4 nails

Shorter Options for Sims 4 CC Nails

There are so many beautiful options for long nails out there, but not all sims players want their characters to have extremely long nails. Short nail lovers need to have some options too so these are some of my absolute favourite short options for your sims 4 cc nails folder that you’ll absolutely love.

Marshmallow N22

The first set of fun shorter nails on this list are these marshmallow nails that make me happy because my family dog’s name is Marshmallow. These nails come in a bunch of fun pastel and light colours that are great because they can match with so many different looks. They have a rounded tip which is a classic look and they look awesome!

marshmallow nails

S-Club 201909

Ombre nails are honestly one of my favourite types of nail art that’s extremely simple but very gorgeous. These ones are really fun because the middle nail is the same colour as the darker part of the ombre which is awesome! These are fun because the ombre is darker which is different from many light coloured ombre options that are very popular.

dark ombre sims 4 cc nails

Glossy Taco

These glossy taco nails are great because they come in sixty-three swatches so you can truly find your perfect shade. It’s fun to truly want your sims to have a different nail shade depending on the outfit, so these are one of the better short nail options for your mods folder.

glossy taco nails

Pride Nails

The next option on our list are a set of pride nails that have fourteen different swatches for your sims to show off their pride. They’re really fun shades and gorgeous bright colours which is really sweet!

pride nails

S-Club 201908

This style of multi-chrome nails are really fun and very beautiful on your sims. They’re a nice shorter length so they don’t completely take over the look for your sims and can be matched with so many outfits. The darker colours really work as a great contrast for many sims with lighter skin tones so the nails can pop too!

chrome nails

Jelly Nails N19

If you’re looking for a sims 4 cc nails option that looks extremely glossy then look no further than these jelly nails. The nails are so cute with so many colours including nudes, neutrals and even bright colours like red or orange. They just make me happy and the rounded top is really sweet.

jelly nails on a sim with bright eyeshadow

S-Club 201805

Sometimes the simplest nail art designs are the most effective and that’s proven here. These nails come in over 15 different colours and all of them are amazing colour options for your sims. The simple design has two metallic gold lines going in different directions with it crossing in the middle.

bright coloured nails with gold lines

Engima Nails N15

These enigma nails are a great square shaped nail option for your sims. They are a dark colour so the designs on top really pop out and make you love them. The designs on these nails are great with little sticker designs at the base of the nail and the ring finger is covered in designs.

sims 4 cc nails

S-Club 201911

These S-Club nails are such a great option that look extremely glossy and come in so many fun colours. They add an extra design element to their nails by having a small glitter decal at the base of the middle finger for your sims and it just looks really great!

s-club glossy sims 4 cc nails

Bobur Nails 06

These Bobur nails are a really fun option for nail art that isn’t too in your face. These are great because the nail colours are deeper and the glitter is subtle compared to many nail styles. The small star at the top of the nail is so cute too, really adding extra love to the design and making it look awesome.

glitter nails

AF Nails N015

The next option on our sims 4 cc nails list are these gorgeous ombre glitter nails. These nails are a rounded shape in a middle length that look so great. They start at the base of the nail with a beautiful pink colour and the tip is bright white and it has an ombre style in the middle and is covered in a nice glitter on top to finish it off.

pink and white glitter ombre nails

Retrograde Sims 4 CC Nails

The best thing about nails in The Sims is that you can have wild nail art on your sims without your sims having to sit for hours in a nail artist’s chair. These retrograde nails are so amazing with moons, stars and planets on them. They’re so much fun and the black background really makes the design pop!

retrograde nails

AM Nails N001

These next nails are great because they are tagged only for masculine sims giving them a more realistic looking nail than what we have in the game proper. These are basic in style looking extremely natural and coming in swatches to match skin tones.

masculine tagged nails

Square Nails 13

There is something so gorgeous about having a single nail be different than the rest and these nails are so fun with that love accent nail. Having the word love on your nail is so adorable and the colours on these are so much fun. They have a slight ombre and are really glossy looking really great on your sims.

sims 4 cc nails with love finger

Pride Sims 4 CC Nails

One great thing about The Sims 4 is that we can really show off who we are when we create characters which is awesome. These pride nails are going to allow you to bring in your pride flag colours to your sim’s nails allowing you to show off who they really are to the world!

sims 4 pride nails

French Manicure Sims 4 CC Nails

One of the most popular and long lasting nail designs will always be a french manicure, this is a simple look with a white tip that just makes your nails look so gorgeous without needing wild designs. There are many options out there for sims 4 cc nails with a french manicure tip design and these are some of my favourites.

Ombre French Nails

This ombre french manicure is a fun twist on the traditional french tips look. It has the same top of the nail in a bright white and the bottom of the nail looking natural but instead of harsh lines there is a nice ombre vibe. You can get them in both matte and glossy which is gorgeous!

ombre french manicure for the sims 4

Classic Long French

This classic french is exactly what I think about when I think of a french manicure. These are so gorgeous with ten different swatches so you can match it to the skin tone of your sim and you can choose between matte and gloss to really customize the look. The shape is gorgeous too!

sims 4 cc nails for classic french manicure

Classic Short French

If your sims aren’t a fan of really long nails and you want them to have a more natural look this short french manicure option may be the one for you. These are great because they come in six swatches to work with more skin tones and come in both matte and glossy finishes for you to get the perfect look.

short french nails

Chrome Tips N15

Sometimes a traditional french manicure can get really boring and you want that same tips look without it being white. These nails are so much fun because the base of the nail is all black with a small chrome tip at the top. These are such a fun look for your sims and make me really happy. They even come in other metallic metal colours!

chrome and black manicure nails

Natural Sims 4 CC Nails

These all natural nails are really great choices for your sims and come in more than just a traditional white swatch. They also come with a black french tip that looks so amazing and different than a regular white tip. These are fun because of their shape options with either coffin shaped or stiletto shaped nails!

long natural sims 4 cc nails

French Sims 4 CC Nails

These natural looking nails with french tips are absolutely gorgeous, they are very subtle so they aren’t too intense like some of the other white tips. There is also a set of makeup that works really well with these nails and will look awesome together with your favourite outfits.

natural french nails

Holiday Themed Sims 4 CC Nails

There isn’t much that’s more fun than theming your finger nails for the season and these few pairs of holiday themed nails are so much fun. Having fun festive nails just makes you happy and gets you ready for the reason for sure.

AF Nails N012

Candy cane stripes are a simple and effective way to show off your love for the holidays without making it super themed and obvious. These are great with a glossy top coat making the nails shine and the lines are so clean and gorgeous!

sims 4 candy cane nails

Spooky Sims 4 CC Nails

Spooky Day is such a fun holiday in The Sims 4 and your sims deserve to have fun Halloween themed nails. There are so many fun swatch options with these too, we have these super themed black, green and white nails, or there’s options with blood stained nails, pumpkins, spider webs and so much more.

halloween sims 4 cc nails

S-Club Nails 201817

These Winterfest themed nail designs are so much fun because they have tons of options. You can have one style with Santa faces on them or another one that looks like a Christmas tree. These are perfect for when you’re waiting for Father Winter to appear and give you all of the presents!

christmas themed nails

AF Nails N013

These are a great option for Father Winter themed nails without them being too wild. These are great because four of the five nails are just one colour with another colour as the tip, but the ring finger is great because it looks like the iconic Santa hat. These are so fun!

festive sims 4 cc nails

Kids Options for Sims 4 CC Nails

We don’t just need nails for our adult sims, children and toddlers deserve to have gorgeous finger nails too. Below you’ll find a couple gorgeous sims 4 cc nail options for your younger sims that are fun, colourful and perfect for a cute kid’s look.

CF Nails N001

These are probably my favourite kid’s nails out there because they are so simple but so gorgeous. The base colour is beautiful and comes in eight different swatches and there is a small black heart close to the tip of the nail which looks really gorgeous. I want this IRL!

sims 4 cc nails with small hearts

Ombre Sims 4 CC Nails

Ombre is an extremely popular nail design for your sims and these are awesome because they’re available for every age of sim instead of babies (of course) you can even have these on your toddlers! Matching these with your toddler’s favourite custom outfit is a great way to bring it all together and just have it be so cute.

nails for adults, children and toddlers

Multicolor Child Sims 4 CC Nails

These multi-coloured nails are so perfect for your sim’s kids because who hasn’t painted each of their nails a different colour as a kid? These are so fun because each nail is a different colour so you can truly show off your sim’s personality and have them match with every single outfit since they have all the colours of the rainbow!

multi-colour sims 4 cc nails for kids

Natural Child Sims 4 CC Nails

Not every child wants to have brightly coloured nails or nails with wild designs, sometimes you want them to have more neutral nail colours. These nude nails are great because they’re super glossy so they still have some flair instead of being boring and matte.

These would be great for special events like sims going to a wedding or another formal event where you don’t want your sim’s nails to distract from their outfit.

simple nude nails for children

Sims 4 CC Nails for Toes

When we got the addition of nail polish with The Sims 4: Spa Day we also got the option to paint our sims toe nails too. These sims 4 cc nails for your toes are fun but they do freak me out a bit. Why do sims toes look like that? Let’s keep our feet in shoes in the game, maybe? Anyway, here’s a couple toe nails.

BG Toenails

These base game toe nails are awesome because they’re simple and allow your sims toes to look so cute when showing them off. You’ll absolutely love having these in your cc folder.

base game toe nails

Default Sims 4 CC Nails Pedicure

These toe nails are great because they are really simple and come in all sorts of great colours. They’ll make your sims feet look so much more beautiful than ever before!

sims 4 cc nails for toes

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 CC Nails

There is nothing better than making your sims outfit be completed by adding some gorgeous sims 4 cc nails to the look. They can really help you complete an outfit, make your sims wedding ready or just have them feel more put together than normal. These are my absolute favourites that are out there and I hope you like them too. Happy Playing!

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