Sims 4 Villainous Valentine Aspiration Walkthrough

When we got the release of neighbourhood stories we also got new aspirations including the sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration. This aspiration is a little less than nice and has a focus on ruining other sim’s lives by cheating on others, breaking up other couples and more.

It’s definitely not made for sims players who love sunshine and rainbows and only want happy family gameplay. It’s more for simmers like me who absolutely love chaos and different death types and mischief.

Traits That Help With The Sims 4 Villainous Valentine Aspiration

The traits that you give to your sims can very much impact their personality, skill gains and ability to have successful social interactions. When you’re decided what to give your sims you want to take into account what aspirations you’ll be giving these sims too.

There are a few traits that you may want to add to your sims, but there aren’t any that are absolutely necessary for your sims. The only trait I would give to my sims is the evil trait because these sims need to get caught cheating and break up other couples and evil sims enjoy being around other sims who have negative buffs.

They are literally going to get positive buffs from just standing in the same room as someone who is sad or angry which is pretty funny. Your sims may as well get some joy out of ruining other people’s lives.

Stages of The Villainous Valentine Aspiration

With most aspirations in the game there are multiple stages to work through, but for some reason there is only one stage to this one. There are only three tasks but they do take a longer amount of time than most of the aspiration tasks in the game.

sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration stage

Villainous Valentine

  • Get Caught Cheating 0/10
  • Achieve “Ex” Status With Other Sims 0/5
  • Break Up Couples 0/10

Get Caught Cheating

The first part of the villainous valentine aspiration has your sims needing to get caught cheating ten times. You’ll probably want to do this with different partners because you’ll also need to have five exes, so you may as well work through that.

This requires your sim to be in a committed relationship with another sim, meaning they have asked someone to be their boyfriend/girlfriend or are engaged or married to another sim. You’ll then want to start a romantic relationship with a third party and either kiss, flirt with or woohoo them with the other sim in the room.

The easiest way is to get two sims to start woohoo in any of the woohoo locations and then go ahead and get their partner to walk in after they’ve started. This is easier because woohoo lasts longer than a simple kiss so you can make sure they walk in before the deed is complete. Rinse and repeat this ten different times.

Achieve “Ex” Status with Other Sims

The next part of the sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration requires your sims to become exes with five other sims. If you do the serial romantic aspiration before doing this one, you’ll already have satisfied this requirement so they honestly work well together.

To make this happen you’re going to need to get into relationships with other sims by asking people to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, be engaged or married to them. Then, you’ll want to get into fights and do mean interactions with them until the mean > break up interaction appears. Then you’ll want to click on this.

Finishing off the first part where you need to get caught cheating makes it really easy to break up with others because they’ll be so mad at you that this interaction will immediately show up. You’re going to need to do this five times total.

sims 4 break up interaction for the villainous valentine aspiration

Break up Couples

The final thing you’ll have to do for the sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration is to break up other couples. There are actually two ways to do this, either convince to leave spouse, or use the neighbourhood stories options to break up couples.

To use the convince to leave spouse method you’re going to need to be the boyfriend or girlfriend of another sim who is currently married. Then the convince to leave spouse option will appear under the romantic interactions and clicking this will cause them to leave their partner and this satisfies the aspiration need.

sims 4 convince to leave spouse

The other way to do this will be found under mean > other sims > break up with and requires you to have a decent relationship with the other sim. This relationship does not need to be romantic, just at least good friends so they’ll listen to you.

You’ll get a notification saying something that usually ends with I’ll break up with them tonight and you’ll get another notification after they’ve done it.

sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration

Aspiration Reward Trait

When your sims manage to finish an aspiration they are going to be given a bonus reward trait. These are amazing because you can keep changing your aspiration when you finish one and stack a bunch of traits to impact your sim’s personalities.

The reward trait for the sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration is twisted heart. The description for this reward trait reads “If you could see this sim’s heart, you might recoil in disgust. But Sim would never let you see it, and that suits them just fine. Sim gains bonus social from mean and mischief socials, while shrugging off sad and embarrassed moods much faster than other sims.”

There are definitely better aspiration reward traits out there and honestly, this one is a bit of a disappointment. You just gain social need more and can get rid of negative buffs faster, not the greatest, but not the worst.

Final Thoughts on Sims 4 Villainous Valentine Aspiration

There is nothing better than getting new content in the game so I’m really glad that they decided to add the sims 4 villainous valentine aspiration to the game. It really adds a sense of fun because you can destroy lives in a new way instead of just playing through the public enemy aspiration. It can definitely help you have some fun. Happy Playing!

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