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200+ Pieces of Sims 4 Toddler CC You Need to Download

Since we got toddlers years after The Sims 4 was released there is a lot left to be desired with the items and clothing that we have for toddlers. Using sims 4 toddler cc is pretty much a necessity for you if you want to have cute toddlers who are living their best lives.

You can find so many different types of toddler custom content including items for create a sim, build mode objects and even mods for your toddlers so they can have more fun.

Toddler CC for Create a Sim

The first place you’ll want to find some sims 4 toddler cc for is definitely create a sim so you can create the most beautiful toddlers you’ve ever seen. These are absolutely gorgeous pieces of toddler clothing custom content that go down the categories of hair, clothing and accessories that you absolutely need in your game.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Hair

Your toddler’s hair is the first thing anyone will notice about them and the toddler hair in the game is definitely lacking. These sims 4 toddler cc hair options are some of the most beautiful options for your next toddler creation and you’ll definitely want all of them in your mods folder.

Leonora Hairstyle

This Leonora hairstyle is a great look that has a fun hair bow in it for an extra look. The hair all drapes behind your sims back and really makes you love the way your sims look. It feels like something you’d want to wear with a formal outfit in the game too!

sims 4 toddler cc hair

Belle Hair

There isn’t much cuter than a set of textured space buns in The Sims 4. These buns are so cute and have so much detail in the texture and the baby hairs which is greatly appreciated. It’s a great way to have more realistic hairstyles int he game without going too close to alpha custom content.

belle hair cc

Dahyun Hair

This bun hair style really just makes me think my sim is going to ballet class and there’s something really adorable about that for me. This hair is beautiful with a middle part on the bangs where the hair drapes toward either side of the head and the bun is the perfect amount of messy.

sims 4 hair updo for toddler

Clumsy Alien Conversions

These curly hairs are such beautiful options for both your children and toddlers and can even be worn in fun bright colours and can even be two tone on the shorter hair. These are fun because the curls aren’t perfect, which feels really realistic for toddlers.

clumsy alien conversions

Leilani Hair

This next hair is a really fun option for your toddlers who want to have bangs but don’t want to do anything too wild with their hairstyle. This look has your sim with some wavy hair and straight bangs that can also be worn by child sims. It’s a fun everyday look for your little ones!

leilani curly bangs

Briony Bun & Curls

One of my favourite things to put on sims is gorgeous curly hairs because I wish I had curly hair IRL. These Briony hairs are really beautiful with fun baby hairs, and gorgeous texture in both the bun and the curls. I love that the hair is tucked behind the ear and the look is so precious.

briony curly sims 4 hair

Josephine Hair

The fun thing about the Josephine Hair is that there are three different versions of the same hair. All three hairs start with a set of braids, one on either side of the head and each go into something different at the back. One has a braided pony tail, one has a regular pony tail and one has a bun. Each are adorable and can be worn in different situations.

sims 4 toddler cc hair

Lily Hair

This gorgeous braided toddler hair is an incredible option for a braided pig tail for your sims. It starts with a fun bang that has small gaps to make it look less perfect which is something I like. The braids are beautiful and loose and look awesome as an everyday look.


Mildred Hair

If you’re looking for beautiful textured toddler hair than look no further than Mildred. This hair is so fun with gorgeous curls and a fun bow on the top of the head. The best part is that it is made for both kids and toddlers so your sims can have a matching look if you want.


Yerim Hair

There are so many gorgeous short toddler hair options and this above shoulder length hair will not disappoint. This hair is more mature but also looks great on toddlers because it’s super low maintenance looking so it doesn’t seem like someone spent an hour on their toddlers hair that morning.

One side of this hair is even tucked behind the ear giving you the opportunity to wear adorable toddler earrings too!


Mimi Hair

Pigtails are a really adorable look for toddlers so Mimi Hair is a must have in my game. This hair starts with some gorgeous straight across bangs and two fun buns on the top of the head. This is one of those looks that only looks great on toddlers and can’t really be worn once you’re like 10.


Jordan Hair

This curly hair is such a cute look with shaved sides to really make the top of the head shine. Each curl is so cute and the hair has a ton of volume which makes your short sims looks even taller than before. It has such cute texture and looks perfect in the game.

textured boy hair for toddlers

Bethany Hair

This toddler bun is so cute for a toddler who has bangs and wants to have a lower maintenance hair day. The bun is really beautiful but with the end pieces of the bun poking out at the back for added detail. There’s face framing pieces but the hair still shows off your sim’s ears to show off earrings if you want!

sims 4 bethany hair cc

Short, Neat Hair for Toddlers

This short, neat hair for toddlers is a great option for sims who don’t need to have a super long hair style. It parts off to the side and covers most of their face and can really show off their outfit since the hair isn’t over powering.

short, neat hair for toddlers

Sylvia Hair

This hair is a definite alpha CC hair and not a maxis match hair, but it’s still so cute. This hair has some face framing pieces with half of the hair pulled up into some really adorable and fun pony tails. They have so much going on with little sections separated by pony tails to make little bumps and be so cute.

alpha cc

Sims 4 Toddler CC Shirts

Shirts are definitely a staple in a toddler’s wardrobe and need their time to shine. These sims 4 toddler cc shirts are pretty versatile and can be worn with jeans, pants, or shorts and some even work incredibly well with skirts! You’ll definitely find a cute shirt for ya!

Marie V2 Top

Okay Marie, you’re just too cute. This shirt is so precious with a cute peter pan collar over a small mesh section, a set of buttons going down and an adorable polka dot pattern. It’s such a cute look and can be tucked into a nice pair of jeans or a cute skirt for the perfect outfit.

marie polka dot top

Toddler Doggy Shirts

As a toddler I really had a thing for dogs, and honestly still do. So I had to add these toddler dog shirts to my list. These shirts are basic t-shirts with fun dog decals on the front to have your toddlers show off their favourite animals.

toddler doggy shirt

Jules Polo Shirt

A simple polo shirt is such a cute look for your toddlers and this one is honestly amazing and beautifully made. It has a simple collar with no buttons and has fun striped patterns. The one style has changing colour stripes and the other is a nice white and grey striped shirt. Both looks are so cute!

polo shirt for toddlers

Magdalena V2 Shirt

Who wouldn’t want their sim to look like a strawberry? The neckline on this shirt really makes your sim look like a piece of fruit and its just so cute. The base of the shirt is covered in seeds and there is an adorable bow on the back. Don’t worry though, if you don’t want your toddler to look like fruit but like the vibe there are other simple colours and patterned swatches too.

magdalena shirt for sims 4 toddler cc

Tyler Top

Dressing toddlers up like they’re much older is genuinely so much fun. This sweater top is great because it starts with a nice white button up underneath a nice sweater. The sweater has some nice striped details on the wrists and a matching v-neck which is so cute!

tyler sweater with collar

Toddler Tees

There is nothing more important to me than having great basics in my mods folder and these toddler tees are amazing. They come in simple colours, with great designs of things from the game, and can be worn with so many outfits!

sims 4 t-shirts for toddlers

Tatjana Top

This next sims 4 toddler cc top is such a fun play on a basic hoodie. The top half of this just looks like a basic hooded sweater shirt but there is a slight peplum on the bottom in the same colour as the body. This small detail really brings the look to the next level.

cute toddler hoodie

Shorter Tees Basics

These basic t-shirts are a must have in your mods folder because most stuff we have in The Sims 4 isn’t basic and sometimes all you want is a simple t-shirt for your sims to wear as an everyday look. Not every piece of custom content needs to be wild colours and patterns!

t-shirts for toddlers

Giovanni Shirt

This Giovanni tank top is such a classic look for your toddlers. This tank has a cute pocket in a bright colour on top of a white basic shirt with stripes at the bottom that match the pocket, how cute! It’s a great option for the summer and looks great with a bathing suit or shorts.

toddler shirt with no sleeves

Doodle Cats Hoodie

These hoodies are so much fun for your toddlers because they have the silliest looking cats on them with fun colours and patterns on the cats. The hoodies come in fun different colours and can be worn with simple jeans or shorts for a great toddler look.

doodle cats hoodie

Toddler Tank

A simple tank top is a great item to have in your mods folder because it can go with so many different pairs of pants or skirts for your toddlers and look great as summer looks for your sims. These come in all sorts of bright and fun colours and look awesome!

simple toddler tanks for toddlers

Disney T-Shirts

There is a huge crossover between people who love The Sims 4 and people who love Disney so these are some really great t-shirts for those people. They have designs like Mickey Mouse, the Disney logo and even something adorable like Stitch holding a coffee cup.

disney themed toddler cc

Sims 4 Toddler CC Pants

Pants are a necessary evil in life, but aren’t my favourite thing to wear. However, toddlers can look extremely cute in pants and they have so many options for types of pants to wear in their day to day lives. Pair them with their favourite shirts and you get the cutest look!

Belted Jeans & Shorts

These jeans are pretty simple with ripped jeans on the knees but the main star of these pants is the belt buckle which is so cute. It’s fun to have the hanging belt too to really add an extra look to the outfit.

pants and shorts with belt

Kelly Jean Skirt

This skirt is such a good option for a simple denim skirt that you can wear with just about everything. These are great because you can pair it with a sweater, a tank top or even just a simple t-shirt. It’s such a cute look and can look so fancy and fun!

skirt for toddlers

Distressed Jeans & Shorts

Distressed pants are a really great look for your toddlers that makes them look a little less precious and these are a great option. They come in both a longer pant and a cute pair of shorts with a frayed edge in the cutest way. They are so precious and fun!

distressed shorts

Liam Pants

These Liam jeans are a great option for a baggier pair of pants for your sims. They’ve got great wash detailing and a beautiful look for your sim. They are great for a more casual outfit, and can’t really be dressed up very well.

simple jeans for toddlers

Sasha Bottoms

These Sasha bottoms are a great simple option for your sims that can be worn with just about everything. They have such cute pocket details with a simple chevron look on the back. The denim comes in all sorts of shades so you can truly match them with everything.

sims 4 toddler cc

Biker Shorts

Bike shorts are such a trendy clothing option and can be great for making really comfortable outfits for your toddlers. These are great because they come in so many colours and patterns and can be dressed up with fancier tops or just worn as comfortable clothes with a t-shirt or sweater.

biker shorts for kids and toddlers

Skinny Jeans

A simple ripped jean is a must-have in your sim’s closet and these are a great option. The jeans have a fray at the bottom for an added look and the jeans are ripped right across the knee and they just look so cute. They come in great denim colours and look amazing with just about every top you can imagine.

skinny jeans with simple rips

Jenny Jeans

These Jenny Jeans are really cute and have such cute detailing at the bottom. The bottom of the jeans have fun lace detail at the bottom in different styles and it’s just so cute. The pants also have things like flowers, polka dots, and rips to really add a fun style to the hair.

jeans with patterns and bottom designs

Sims 4 Toddler Overalls

Overalls are one of those looks that I wish I could pull off, but all toddlers are able to pull them off with ease. These overalls are so cute with options for more fancy situations and more basic overalls over a nice white shirt. These are great for days at the park or a fun time at home sitting on your favourite custom potty!

Denim Short Overalls

These denim short overalls are definitely a bit more alpha than maxis match but they’re still really cute and have a place in the game. They start with a nice white t-shirt that in some swatches has a fun patterned shirt underneath. The different overalls have different designs like flowers on the legs, patches, and even different washes.

simple overalls

Alex Overalls

These Alex overalls really take the word cute to the next level. I just can’t with those bear overalls, they’re too cute for their own good. These ones have fun colour and pattern options for both the overalls and the shirt underneath really allowing you to make the look whatever you want it to be.

simple pattern overalls sims 4 toddler cc

Overall Dress

Overall dresses have such potential to be the cutest things ever and this one really doesn’t disappoint. It starts off with a very cute striped 3/4 length top that on its own would be adorable. On top you have a mid-thigh length overall dress with a cute pocket and adorable buckles for your toddlers to wear.

overall dress for toddlers sims

Cow Patch Overalls

Moo baby moo! These cow patch overalls are absolutely spectacular. They have small cows on the knees of the overalls, a cow pocket on the chest and a matching cow sweater underneath. I’m not sure if any pair of overalls has ever been cuter than these.

cow patch overalls for toddlers

Denim Floral Overalls

These overalls do lean a little more alpha but they are so cute anyway. They are all placed over a simple white t-shirt and each pair are the same tone of denim. However, the patterns on them are where they shine. The patterns include options like butterflies, polka dots and flowers and all of them look so cute on your characters.

patterned overalls

Denim Overall Dress

This overall dress is a perfect spring dress for your sims because it has a nice sweater underneath but feels so springy with the skirt. The sweater is fun because its sleeves are slightly oversized and really fun colour options. The actual dress has gorgeous straps with buckle details and a cinched elastic waist to finish it off.

denim overall dress with sweater

Sims 4 Toddler CC Outfits

A lot of custom content creators decide to create their looks in sets or outfits so you can get an entire look at once. This is my favourite way to curate my mods folder because I don’t have to think as much about what to wear with what and can just go for it in such an easy way.

Jero Set

The first set on our list is the Jero set that is so precious. It starts with a simple graphic t-shirt that is really cute with a bear on the front, and this shirt is tucked into a simple pair of cuffed jeans. The look is completed with a nice flannel that is nicely tied around your sim’s waist which really finishes off the look.

outfit with tied flannel

Bonnie (Toy Story) Outfit

As someone who grew up loving Toy Story this Bonnie outfit is a must have in my game. When Andy gave the toys to Bonnie I cried like a baby. This is such a cute option for making adorable characters like Bonnie in your game!

bonnie from toy story outfit

Nola Outfit

These Nola Jumpsuits are so much fun and come in both toddler and kid’s versions so you can have your family members match which is too cute. It starts with a nice cuffed pant leg, an elastic waist and a cute collar. It comes in so many fun colours including yellows, pinks, purples and even red.

nola outfit for toddlers and children

Lucas Set

Do you have a sporty toddler on your hands? If so, you may want to add the Lucas set to your game. This sims 4 toddler cc outfit starts with a pair of really comfortable looking sweat pants that come in fun colours that match well with the top. Then, you have your toddler in a long-sleeve shirt with a t-shirt sweater overtop with sports numbers on top. It’s a great look!

adorable lucas set for sims

Kimi One Piece

There is nothing cuter than a toddler who looks way older than they are and this Kimi Outfit really does that for me. This starts with an adorable skirt with a plaid design that has a fun sweater that is french tucked into it. The sweater has a fun collar underneath which just makes this look so mature but also adorable.

sims 4 toddler cc with cute skirt

Mara Outfit

The Mara outfit is a great option for your mods folder because who doesn’t want fun patterned pants? This set has different pant options including strawberries, flowers, and even round designs that look like donuts. The pants are paired with this adorable fit and flare top that has cute ruffles on the shoulder for extra design.

strawberry pants for toddlers

Melita Outfit

Next up on our list of sims 4 toddler cc outfits is the Melita Outfit. This is a cute look with a nice crewneck sweater and a cute skirt. There are two stand out details in this for me, one is that you can have it for both kids and toddlers and the other is that it has that adorable accessory bag attached so your sims can look even more fashionable!

elita outfit for toddlers and children

Happy Fall Sets

These Happy Fall outfits are honestly so precious and cover just about everything you’d need for your toddlers in one quick swoop. You’ve got two perfect pairs of pants, one jeans and one comfortable. You’ve got a gorgeous plaid skirt, and two beautiful sweater dresses.

There are also two beautiful sweaters and even a jacket, what else could you need for the fall? Absolutely nothing!

happy fall sets

Brigitte Outfit

Have you ever wondered what Cher from Clueless would’ve worn if she were a toddler? Well, I think this is the answer. This Brigitte outfit is so cute and starts with a beautiful skirt, a white t-shirt and a beautiful matching jacket. It comes in fun colours like pinks or yellows or more mature options like a houndstooth pattern.

fancy toddler outfit

Ciki Hoodie Set

Even your toddlers deserve beautiful options for their lounge clothing and this hoodie set is the best for that. It starts off with a gorgeous pair of sweats that go tighter at the bottom and match perfectly with the beautiful sweater in the same colour. These look so cozy and make me want them!

hoodie set toddler cc

Shani Outfit

The next outfit is called Shani and she is fabulous. It starts with a cute top with a peter pan collar and ruffled sleeves, the shirt goes down and flairs out at the waist and that’s just a cute detail. The shirt comes in all sorts of fun patterns and colours and is paired with a great pair of simple ripped jeans.

peter pan collar for toddlers

Summer Set

This summer set is so perfect because you can get so many goodies at one time. This set has a beautiful shorts little jump suit with fun patterns and colours, a cute dress with striped shirt and a cute flower dress with a cord bottom. They’re all so perfect!

summer set for toddlers

Sims 4 Toddler CC Dresses

One of the easiest ways to make sims look extremely put together is to just throw on a dress and some nice accessories and call it a day. It’s my favourite way to dress IRL too because it makes people think you put in way more effort than you did. These sims 4 toddler cc dresses are so gorgeous and cover every category of dress you could need.

The Ana Dress

If you’re looking for a really simple dress for your toddlers the Ana Dress is a great option. It’s a single colour dress with a simple long sleeve shape that looks awesome as an everyday look for your toddlers. You can even have them wear this as a sleep dress if you want.

simple dress

Penelope Dress

This Penelope dress is so precious and perfect for a Love Day celebration in the game. Your sims are starting their outfit with a simple white t-shirt and overtop they have a cute dress in red with a large heart on their chest. The shirt is shorter with it landing mid-thigh so it’s just so sweet and fun!

heart themed toddler outfit cc

Dotty Dress

This dress is too cute for me. Can’t have it in my game, will self-destruct over the cuteness. The dress base is very simple, a straight silhouette and some puffy arms. However, it’s the neck where it shines. The neckline turns your sim into a piece of fruit with polka dot arms and it just makes me smile.

dotty dress sims 4 toddler cc

Cleo Dress

The Cleo dress already exists in the game and came with The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff and honestly looks so much cuter on toddlers. It almost feels like your toddlers stole their moms t-shirt and decided it was their dress now. This is fun because it can be dressed up as an everyday look or you can wear it as PJs!

cleo tiny living dress

Molly Dress

The molly dress is a great in-between option for your sims, it’s honestly right in between super formal and fancy casual for me. This dress could be dressed up with custom accessories to make it wedding appropriate or it could be dressed down with some slippers and messy hairstyle for a more casual look.

sweet molly dress for toddlers

Anastasia Dress

These pinafore dress styles are honestly so precious on fully grown adult humans, so they’re even cuter on toddler sims. This dress has a simple skirt that has suspenders that go up each side and connect in the middle of the back. The shirt underneath is a solid colour and looks awesome on your sims, so it creates a fun look.

overall dress

Birthday Dress

Layered dresses are a really cute look for toddlers and this is one of my favourites. This dress starts with a brightly coloured base that has two fun layered ruffles on the top in different shades.

One part I really like are the straps with tiny little bows on top of your sim’s shoulders, it’s just so precious and looks great dressed up with custom earrings or worn with running shoes as a more basic look.

layered ruffle dress

Miri Dress

It really seems like putting strawberries on clothing has become extremely trendy lately and this dress is so cute. The top of this dress is so fun with two white straps that go into a top section covered in strawberries with a bright red bow in the middle of the chest.

The dress goes out into a bright red skirt that matches the bow with a small ruffle at the bottom, so cute!

miri dress with strawberries

Jordyn Hooded Dress

Dresses don’t always have to be super feminine and covered in flowers, hoodies can be dresses too! This Jordyn hooded dress is so cute with an oversized hoodie that goes past your sim’s mid-thigh for a cute look. Wearing this with plain black tights is a cute look and can be worn as a great everyday vibe.

hoodie dress for toddlers

Becky Dress

The Becky dress is such a fun option for a summer look for your toddlers for sure. It has such a fun pattern with a cute little bow at the top of the neckline for the cutest look. Wear this with some fun custom sunglasses and a pair of flip flops for a great summer look.

becky dress flowers

Puffy Dress

This puffy dress hits all the boxes for me when it comes to a good toddler dress! It starts with a peter pan collar in white overtop of a brightly coloured dress, it has fun puffy sleeves and a fun ribbon and bow around the waist.

It’s such a sweet dress and when worn with fun shoes with socks it can be so sweet for your toddlers!

puffy dress with peter pan collar

Sims 4 Toddler Formal Outfits

Your toddlers deserve to wear beautiful formal outfits too, they shouldn’t be stuck wearing boring clothes to fancy events. These sims 4 toddler cc formal outfits really bring me joy and make me want to play the game more than ever before.

Valentine ’22 Set

These two gorgeous outfits were released for Valentines day and are so sweet. The dress has a fun sequinned top with a fun bow on the back in a gorgeous deep wine colour.

The suit outfit starts with a cute pair or shorts and a t-shirt with a fun vest over top and a bow tie to match. Having twins in these outfits would be so cute!

valentine formal outfits

Tartan Shorts Suit

There is something so adorable about shorts with a formal look. This Tartan shorts suit is so adorable and can really bring some style to your toddlers.

This sims 4 toddler cc suit is so fun because it starts with a pair of shorts that match the pattern of the suit jacket and the bow tie with a bright white button down underneath. It’s such a fun look without taking itself too seriously.

tartan suit with shorts for toddlers

Oliver Suspender Outfit

If you’re looking for a more fun formal outfit for your toddlers this Oliver suspender outfit is perfect. It starts with an adorable pair of jean shorts that are connected with a fun pair of matching suspenders.

The shirt is a simple cream colour with white wrists and a white collar and there’s even an adorable bow tie to bring the whole outfit together. So cute!

oliver suspender outfits

Felicia Dress

There is something so sweet about a peter pan collar on toddlers. It feels so grown up but also so adorable at the same time. This dress is so beautiful with a tight sleeveless top that goes into a looser fit skirt which is so cute.

The bottom of the skirt has the same colour as the peter pan collar and a row of beautiful flowers right above it. This is such a beautiful dress to wear to a formal event and just makes me so happy.

felicia dress with flower detail

Toddler Dresses P07

The next formal dress option on our list is this gorgeous abstract floral dress that is so cute on toddlers. It starts off with some puffy sleeves at the top and goes into a cute top that has a ribbon across the waist.

The bottom of the dress is so beautiful too with a fun pattern that looks like abstract flowers and the bottom of the dress is a scalloped pattern for extra fun.

abstract flower dress with puffy sleeves

Bastian Toddler Suit

Have you ever wished your toddlers looked like they were going to hit on someone at a bar? This toddler suit really just brings back bad memories of my pre-relationship club days and makes me giggle to see toddlers dressed like this. The outfit is fun with a fancy suit and an unbuttoned shirt underneath and it just makes me very happy.

toddler suit cc

Veronika Dress

This next dress is so gorgeous and would be amazing for your sims to wear to a special event if they are a flower pal or if they’re attending a bridal shower event. This dress starts with puffy sleeves and goes down to a tier section at the bottom where different colours peek out.

These are so gorgeous and come in really beautiful swatch colours too!

veronika dress sims 4

Sims 4 Toddler CC PJs

Wearing cute pyjamas is a must have for your toddlers, especially since they’re more likely to spend more time in their pjs than any other age group. These sims 4 toddler cc options for pyjamas are so cute, with fun patterns, colours and styles that your sims are going to love.

Toddler PJ Set

This PJ option for your toddlers are honestly so amazing because they come in 50+ solid colour swatches and 20 fun patterned options.

My favourite part about this custom content PJ set is the sims themed ones. There are designs with cow plants, grilled cheese sandwiches, and even a future cube on them which is a fun choice for your toddlers.

the sims 4 toddler pjs with cowplant

Bibi Pajamas

My favourite thing about this next set of pyjamas is that you can have them for both your toddlers and your children so you can have entire families of sims matching their gorgeous pyjamas sets. The colours these come in are so gorgeous too!

sims 4 toddler cc

Deeliteful PJs

Next up on our list of sims 4 toddler cc is these gorgeous Deeliteful PJs. These are a simple shape with a tight ankle pant and a tight wrist shirt that come in all sorts of patterns.

The patterns on these include things like stripes, polka dots, moustaches, and even rubber duckies which is the cutest one for sure.

fun pyjama patterns for toddler cc

Addisson Wenzy PJs

These are such adorable sets for your toddlers, oh my goodness I want them IRL. These sims 4 toddler cc PJ sets are a gorgeous long sleeve onesie with fun animal patterns. The patterns on them have things like chickens, bunnies and even a dinosaur option which is for sure my favourite.

full body pjs

Full Body Sleepwear

There is a huge part of me that wants all of these pyjama sets in my real life. These gorgeous sets are so beautiful with their nice collar and gorgeous button down style.

The patterns on these are so fun too! There are polka dot options, stripe options, flower options and even more wild options that have rainbows and unicorns covering them.

full body pjs outfits

Hamish Outfit

The Hamish outfit is actually already in the game for adults and came with The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff. This is one of my favourite comfy PJ outfits we’ve ever gotten for any age group, so I’m so excited that this creator decided to bring it in for toddlers.

tiny living toddler pjs

S77 Toddler Set

These toddler PJs are so much fun and really creative use of animals for your toddlers. These pyjamas start with a solid colour bottom which is simple enough, but the real star is the top.

We start with a top half in one colour and the bottom half in another colour, but the bottom half of the top is actually the face of an animal like a bear, a bunny or a panda. Their ears go up into the top section and just look so darn cute.

s77 toddler set with animals

Toddler Onesies

A onesie is a classic pyjama look for toddlers and is probably one of the most popular types of PJs to wear. These are so cute and have such fun patterns on them. They all skew black and white to keep the style relatively neutral for your sims which is great.

toddler onesies with patterns and pandas

Toddler Pyjama Sets

There isn’t much that’s more fun than a bright, colourful pyjama set and these are great. These PJ sets are so much fun with designs like hot air balloons, polka dots, and bunny rabbits to keep your sims loving them all night long.

sims 4 toddler cc pjs

Sweet Dreams PJs

The sweet dreams PJs are so fun with a simple shape to them with a long sleeve shirt and pants that are tight at the ankle. These are great for fall or winter pjs and look so cute on your toddlers.

The patterns are so fun too with options that have fun animal options like pandas on the top but pair them with a cute heart and stripe bottom for the best look ever.

sweet dreams tots pjs

Sims 4 Toddler CC Jackets

Jackets for your toddlers are an absolute necessity if you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed in your game. Your sims are going to need jackets for winter weather and lighter jackets for the fall to make sure they stay warm. Jackets can be a serious fashion statement and these ones are just so cute.

Sleeveless Jacket

Wearing a vest over a long sleeve shirt is honestly perfect for toddlers on those crisp fall mornings when you know its going to get warmer later and you won’t need the vest. This is such a cute look and it’s even cuter if you match it with your sim’s parents.

The shirts sometimes have patterns if the vest is simple but the ones with fun vest patterns have simple single colour arms to keep it cute and not too cluttered. These look great with jeans or with a simple black pant.


Zyaire Jacket & Jeans

If you’re looking for the perfect jacket to make your sims look super fashionable, look no further. This sims 4 toddler cc jacket is so gorgeous and the sims wearing it are cooler than I’ll ever be.

The jacket has a simple shirt underneath in a solid colour that matches well with the jacket and really lets the jacket shine. The actual jacket is a gorgeous material with two zippers on the chest and a nice small collar and full-length sleeves.

zyaire jacket for sims 4 toddler cc

Toddler Winter Clothing

Rain jackets have so much potential to be so cute for toddlers and pairing them with a perfect pair of rain boots really brings the look together.

The best thing about rain jackets is how fun the patterns can be. You can have rainbows, whales, dinosaurs and even rain clouds on these jackets and they always look so cute. Your sims will definitely love to show off their favourite rain jackets.

adorable toddler winter jackets

Printed Toddler Jacket

The patterns on this next jacket are so much fun and bring in so much personality to your sim’s outfit. The patterns are fun things like plaid, flowers and other fun colourful patterns.

Underneath the jacket is a simple hoodie with the hood going over top the back of the jacket so it hangs off your sim’s back in a very cute way. These are great for fall weather or early spring and aren’t too bulky so they look great.


Levi Jacket

This gorgeous Levi jacket is base game compatible and honestly brings in so much joy to my life. This jacket starts with a fun base with gorgeous metal hooked buttons, small strings and a cute hood. There are even pockets!

The colours are so fun with this too with there being simple options like blue and white but also options like a gorgeous rainbow design. This is so awesome for when your toddlers are outside playing in the rain while their parents are off working their custom careers and too busy to join them.

sims 4 base game compatible toddler jacket

Velvet Jacket

This jacket is honestly so much fun and brings in so much personality. The base of this jacket is a fun plaid pattern in great colours and small patches that are cord material to add dimension.

All over the jacket are really fun patches with things like lips, peach signs, hearts and speech bubbles really showing off your toddler’s fun personality. This is such a fun and unique jacket choice!

plaid jacket with patches

Padded Puffer Jacket

The next sims 4 toddler cc jacket is more of an alpha look but is still really cute. This jacket is a simple and thin puffer jacket with pockets and a fun red and black detail around the zipper to add more dimension.

It looks really great with simple pants and is perfect for a day at the park with your favourite sims.

puffer jacket for toddlers

Kayla Jacket

These custom content creators are able to create such beautiful and interesting jackets for your toddlers that look so good. This Kayla jacket is so adorable and comes in so many beautiful and fun colour options.

The jacket is a thin puffer jacket where in some swatches the body of the jacket is a different colour than the arms which adds dimension and fun to the look. It looks great on toddlers and is perfect for their cold weather look.

kayla jacket for kids

Toddler Denim Jacket with Hoodie

Denim jackets are such a cute look on sims and can be worn with just about anything on the bottom. Underneath this fun denim jacket is a cute hoodie in bright colours to add a bit of personality.

You can definitely find a cute pair of pants to wear this with that add a fun pattern to finish off the look and show off your sim’s favourite custom hairstyle to bring it to the next level.

denim jacket with hoodie for sims 4 toddler cc

Korinna Jacket

The Korinna jacket is an absolutely beautiful puffer jacket with a fun turtle neck underneath. This jacket comes in neutral colours like black, white and brown but also in fun colours like pink and yellow for your more exciting sims.

The best part about this jacket/shirt look is that there is a matching one for both the toddler and the child of the house so they can match.

korrina puffer jacket

Sims 4 Toddler CC Swimsuits

There are many opportunities for your toddlers to hangout in their swimsuits, especially when they are hanging in their kiddie pool. These sims 4 toddler cc swimsuits are the best options for both two piece bathing suits and gorgeous one piece suits that bring smiles to your face!

Tied Shirt Bikini

The first swim suit on our list is perfect for toddlers because they don’t spend all of their time in the pool. Toddlers are more likely to be splashing around in the water and then playing in the sand, so they need something to keep them safe from the sun. This suit has a one piece swim suit with a tied shirt over top which is perfect!

sims 4 toddler cc swimsuit

Cross-Back Bow Swimsuit

The cross back bow swimsuit is a great option if you love busy patterns and your toddlers aren’t afraid to show them off. This bathing suit has thin straps with cute bows right at the top of the swim suit. The straps match perfectly with the outer lining on both the top and bottom to bring it all together.

sims 4 toddler swimsuit

Sulani Toddler Swimsuits

If you’re looking for a cute two-piece swim suit for your toddlers and the other one didn’t do it for you, this one might. This suit is fun with a ruffle on both the top and bottom of the suit and tiny bows on the straps. The patterns are so much fun too, with my favourite being the little pandas on rainbows!

sulani swimsuit for toddler

Fruit Swimsuit

Who said swimsuits can’t have sleeves? This fruit covered swimsuit starts with a one-piece base and puffy sleeves which is so fun. It doesn’t end there though, there are ruffles at the edges of the sleeves and around the bottom of the suit that match the neckline which is precious.

fruit swimsuit with ruffles

Swimsuit with Hearts and Ruffles

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc swim suits is this adorable option that’s absolutely sweet. It starts off with a spaghetti strap swim one-piece that is very simple and covered in very small hearts. But that’s not all, the best part of this suit is a three layered ruffle starting right at the waist and being the cutest detail.

sims 4 toddler cc swimsuit

Ruffle Bow Swimsuit

Sometimes the simplest details are the best and this bathing suit is so adorable. It starts with a pretty simple base of a one-piece swimsuit but there are adorable ruffles on each of the arms for a cute look. There is even a large bow on the back of the suit for even more fun!

ruffle bow swimsuit

Toddler Swimsuit P13

Probably the most traditional toddler bathing suit in this section, this swim suit has a normal one-piece design with two layered ruffles on top. It’s such a beautiful way to make a simple bathing suit work with the different patterns and colours really being the star of the show.

toddle swimsuit with ruffles

Bijou Swimsuit

I absolutely love when custom content creators are able to take a simple shape and turn it into something gorgeous. This bathing suit is a pretty simple concept with a one shoulder swim suit but the middle of it is a fun mesh detail keeping the two pieces together. On the one side of the bathing suit where the top and bottom meet there is a cute little bow for added fun!

bijou swimsuit with bow and fishnet

Zara Bow Swimsuit

Our next bathing suit is a very adorable option for your toddlers without too much going on. The straps on this one have little bows on them to keep it cute and the base of the bathing suit is simple, with a pattern on it much of the time. The ruching on the sides really brings it all together!

zara bow swimsuit in patterns

Cutout Swim One Piece

There aren’t many bathing suits on this list that I’d want for myself but there is something so sweet about this one. This swim suit is a gorgeous one piece with a small skirt overtop and a very cute heart cut out on the chest. It comes in fun colours that are sparkly which just makes it so fun!

swimsuit with small skirt and heart cut out on chest

Sims 4 Toddler CC Skirts

One of the cutest things a toddler can wear is a little skirt with an adorable little top and these sims 4 toddler cc skirts are some of the best in the game. You’ll find long skirts, short skirts and denim skirts to really fill every void in your heart.

Polka Dot Skirt

First up on our list of sims 4 toddler cc skirts is this fun polka dot skirt. This one is great because it comes in a bunch of bright fun colours and there is even a matching shirt you can download that is covered in butterflies and flowers.

sims 4 toddler cc skirt

Kelly Jean Skirt

One of the most classic types of skirts you can wear is a jean skirt so this one is a must-have in my game. These skirts are amazingly simple but amazingly effective. They’re cute, come in all sorts of denim shades including white and can be paired with literally anything.

jean skirt for toddlers

St. Patrick’s Day Skirt

It is really fun to celebrate random holidays in The Sims 4 even the ones that we don’t have with The Sims 4: Seasons so dressing your toddlers up for these holidays can be fun. These St. Patrick’s Day skirts are gorgeous and come in so many fun patterns and different shades of green.

st patrick's day skirt for toddlers

Black & White Skirt

With many of the items on this list you’ll notice that most sims 4 toddler cc is bright colours and wild patterns but some players don’t want that. These black and white skirts are great because they are extremely neutral and can be paired with literally anything since the colour is so chill. The patterns are fun too to add a bit of extra flair.

black and white skirt cc

Patterned Toddler Skirt

These skirts are some of my favourites because the patterns on them are so much fun and you can really find something to match with all of your favourite shirts. These skirts start at the top with a nice waist band that has it’s own detailing and the skirt goes down to mid-thigh with fun patterns in a folding flow style.

sims 4 toddler cc patterned skirt

Knitted Skirt

A simple knit skirt is a perfect option to add to your sims 4 toddler cc folder because it can be worn in so many ways. Want to put it over fun tight for pyjamas? Go for it! Want to wear it with a fancy shirt and mini-heels for a party? Go for it!

knitted skirt cc

Floral Wrap Skirt

When writing about skirts there always has to be some kind of floral wrap skirt since it’s my favourite type of skirt to wear IRL. This floral wrap skirt for toddlers is just so darn cute. You can really mix and match how your sims wear it too, you can make it more formal with a tank top or fancy shirt, or pair it down with a plain t-shirt.

floral wrap skirt

Sims 4 Toddler CC Sweaters

Sweaters are a must have for your sims, especially if they’re dealing with cold winter weather and need to stay warm. Downloading sims 4 toddler cc sweaters is the key to getting the absolute cutest clothes you can find including sweaters with adorable animals, striped sweaters and cute cardigans for all the kids.

Cozy Animal Sweater

Animals are such a popular theme in toddler clothing so these cozy animal sweaters are so adorable. They have neutral and fun colours and tons of beautiful knit detail on the base of the sweater so they’d look great all alone. However, there are fun fuzzy animals on the front and some of them are even wearing their own custom glasses!

sims 4 toddler cc sweater

Sweater Over Flowy Dress

This sweater by itself may not be anything special but adding it over a simply silky flowing dress really makes it the cutest thing ever. This would be great to wear at a birthday party or just as an adorable everyday outfit for your favourite toddlers.

sweater over flowy dress

Collared Crewneck

There isn’t much cuter than a toddler looking like a grown up and this collared crewneck is going to make it seem like your toddler is in grad school. This has a cute collar with a pattern like plaid and covers it in a gorgeous crewneck with simlish writing on the front.

adorable toddler cc crewneck

Meow Sweater

One thing that toddlers definitely love is animals and this meow sweater can let you show that off in a really cute way without it being too childish. This sweater comes in neutral gorgeous colours with just a cats facial outline on the front. The whiskers are definitely the cutest part!

this sweater turns your toddler into a cat

NIKE Basic Sweaters

It’s always fun to bring IRL brands into the digital world and these Nike sweaters are a great choice for this. These sweaters are fun with the classic Nike logo and swoosh to show off just how cool and cute your toddler is.

NIKE brand sweaters for toddlers

Maxine Sweater Dress

Sweaters don’t just have to end at the hip, a sweater dress is such a cute option for your toddlers too! This Maxine sweater dress is gorgeous because it takes the traditional shape and style of a hoodie and makes it longer for your toddlers. It almost feels like your toddler stole your sweater and is wearing it as a dress for fun.

sims 4 sweater dress cc

Layered Mock Neck

This layered mock neck sweater is such a fun option because it feels like this toddler is cooler than I’ll ever be. This has a mock neck underneath a gorgeous crewneck sweater with fun decal decorations to keep it toddler centric. Pairing this with bike shorts really brings the look together.

sims 4 toddler cc sweater

Knit Cardigan

This sims 4 toddler cc cardigan is so adorable. It starts with a nice v-neck shirt underneath which comes in different colours that match nicely with the paired cardigan. The actual cardigan is cute with a nice detail around the edges and cute little pockets for your toddlers to keep their favourite toys.

sims 4 cardigan custom content

Dress over Sweater

Dresses don’t just need to be a singular item, sweaters can be worn under dresses too! This dress over sweater is so cute with an adorable knit sweater underneath a turtleneck which by itself is such a cute look. The dress has some big buckles keeping it up and buttons running down the front, how cute!

knit sweater with dress on top

Mika Sweater

Who needs a boring simple sweater when you could have your toddler wear a bag too? This Mika Sweater is so cute with so much fun detail in the sweater and it comes in fun colours and the bag really adds some more fun to the look. Especially cute for a day at the park!

mika sweaters for kids

Valentine Jumper

Is there anything cuter than heats on a young kid? This Valentine jumper is so precious and is available to be worn by all of your sim toddlers. The hearts go both straight up and upside down which is so adorable and can be paired with just about any bottom.

heart valentine jumper for toddlers

Sims 4 Toddler Costumes

Our toddlers don’t always need to be wearing the most fashionable outfits in the world, sometimes they want to hangout in a costume and have a good time. The sims 4 toddler cc costumes listed below are amazing because you can dress your sim like a princess, a voodoo doll or even like a superhero!

Snow White

Magic Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Your sim! In this adorable snow white toddler outfit your sim will definitely be the fairest of them all. There isn’t just snow white, there’s also a dory dress, and other popular Disney characters.

sims 4 toddler cc

Superhero Onesies

Superheroes are an extremely popular part of pop culture that will be very popular with many sims lovers. These costumes are fun because they cover some of the most popular superheroes in the game. You can dress your sims like Captain America, The Flash and even Batman!

superhero costumes for toddlers

Skeleton Dress

Skeletons are one of those costumes that always make me remember that I’m human. I don’t like thinking about my bones. Bones are weird. Skeletons are weird. Why do we dress kids like this? Anyway, cute skeleton costume!

skeleton dress for toddlers

Voodoo Doll

The voodoo doll is such a fun item in The Sims 4 that allows you to torture other sims. So why not dress your toddlers like that? This voodoo doll costume is so cute with small cuts, a messed up heart and an adorable bow to tie it all together.

voodoo doll dress for toddlers cc

Bunny Suit

Do your sims love wild rabbits? Are they looking to hop around their home like a bunny? Look no further than these fun bunny suits. These are simple onesies with a cute bunny tail on the bottom and fun tall bunny ears on top of their head.

toddler bunny suit custom content


Some of the most popular costumes have always been princesses and these princess sets are so fun. The dresses come in such gorgeous colours with puffy sleeves and lace detail around the waist. There are adorable little crowns and so much sass when these little ones start acting like they own the whole house and are the ruler.

princess costumes for toddlers

Little Witch

A witch is the most common costume for kids to wear and these witch costumes are so cute. It starts with a very simple black dress with a corset that works with the other accessories. You then get a pair of striped tights that match perfectly with the hat swatches that are available.

turn your sims into a custom content witch

Ghost Outfits

Do your sim’s want to dress exactly like the creepy ghosts that keep breaking their toilets? If so, these ghost outfits are so fun. They’ve got fun puffy legs, a cute collar and fun faces on the chest to show off the expression on the ghosts.

ghosts costumes cc

Minnie Mouse

Disney has a hold on toddlers like no other company and this Minnie Mouse costume is so cute. It starts with fun puffy sleeves, has a Minnie decal in the middle of the chest, a cute bow going toward the back and a fun scalloped skirt covered in red polka dots.

sims 4 toddler cc costumes

Tiny Angel & Devil

These angel and devil accessories are really amazing for customizing your favourite little outfits for your toddlers. There are small wings for the back of your sims either in gold or red. Then you have a fun floating accessory with either a halo or a pair of horns. So fun!

tiny angel and devil costumes

Sims 4 Toddler CC Earrings

A simple way to make your toddlers look 10x cuter is to add some custom earrings that will really show you how adorable they are. These work amazingly with hairstyles that make their ears show or with adorable hats but they always look awesome.

Mariposa Earrings

Butterflies are such a beautiful creature and deserve to be worn as beautiful jewelry for your sims. These earrings are so precious with the middle of the butterfly being a solid colour and the wings being a gorgeous diamond. They are so fun and look amazing on toddlers!

sims 4 toddler cc

Macaron Earrings

Macarons aren’t just a delicious french dessert, they also make really amazing dangly earrings. These are so much fun with a small stud being in your sim’s ears and a beautifully delicious macaron going down from there. They come in all sorts of colours with fun fillings!

macaron earring for toddlers

Small Heart Hoops

There isn’t a more loving age group than toddlers so it just makes sense to put hearts in a toddler’s ears. These small heart hoops are just so precious with one of the heart bumps going through your sim’s ear and really looking precious. These would be so cute to wear on a parent date for Love Day or something!

cute heart hoops for toddler

Earrings for Toddlers

This set of earrings for toddlers takes some of the child and adult earrings that are already in-game and allows them to be put onto toddler ears. They are great options because they are really simple and feel a lot like what you’d get when you get your ears pierced for the first time.

base game conversion earrings

Cassiopeia Hoops

These hoops are something I’d die for IRL and they just make me smile. These hoop earrings are so fun with stars going all the way around with small gaps in between. The stars are so fun and these earrings come in gold, silver and rose gold so you can choose your favourite metal.

sims 4 toddler cc earrings

Flower Diamond Earrings

Simple flower earrings are the cutest and these come in so many colours so you can really narrow down your sim’s favourite colour. These are so cute as a formal earring or can be worn as an everyday earring choice in the most adorable way.

flower earrings for toddlers

Feather Earrings

These feather earrings really just remind me of Kesha and that makes me smile. These feather earrings got extremely popular in the early 2010s and are a really fun look for your toddlers. They come in fun colours and look awesome when your sim has their hair pulled back.

toddler feather earring conversion

Pearl Earrings

When you’re choosing custom earrings for your toddlers they don’t always need to be wild shapes and designs. Sometimes the simplest earrings are the best for your little sim and these are perfect as a first pair of earrings.

pearl earring conversion for toddlers sims

Rose Stud Earrings

Florals are always in and these rose studded earrings are one of my favourites to put on my sims. They have such a unique style and honestly remind me of stained glass which is fun. They come in traditional rose colours like red and pink but also in fun multicolours for a more interesting vibe.

rose stud earrings

Pearl Kitty Earrings

There isn’t much that toddlers love more than animals so why wouldn’t a toddler want cat earrings? These pearl kitty earrings are so much fun and have a large white pearl in the middle and two small ears off to either side at the top. The ears come in gold, silver, metallic and rose gold so you can pick your favourites.

pearl kitty earrings sims 4 toddler cc

Sims 4 Toddler CC Hats

If you’re looking to top off your sim’s favourite outfit they are going to need to have an adorable sims 4 toddler cc hat. These hats can be things like baseball caps, fun floral hats and so much more. You can really find a hat for every toddler!

Hunting Hat

If you’re trying to keep your sim’s warm all winter long you definitely need a hunting hat for toddlers. This piece of sims 4 toddler cc is awesome because its super fluffy, has fun patterns in a bunch of fun colours so you can really customize it to your sim’s favourite.

sims 4 toddler cc hat

Raspberry Beret

A classic beret is one of the most popular hats in the world and for good reason. These hats are so precious and really give your sim’s a particular vibe. These come in such fun colours that your sims can match them with their favourite outfits and look so fancy and cute as they walk around.

beret for toddlers

Fluffy Pompom Hat

There’s nothing more fun than a pompom hat and this one is perfect for toddlers with its bright colours and fun design. Instead of being a basic single pom pom hat, why not make it pom pom pig tails? This hat is so fun with great knitted detail and just so much fun for your toddlers to wear.

pompom hat for toddlers sims

Paper Boy Hat

These paper boy hats are so adorable on many people but they are definitely the cutest when worn by a young one. These look so cute on toddlers who are wearing suspenders or overalls especially and look great on so many hairstyles.

paper boy hat for toddlers

Little Bear Hat

Are you trying to make your sim’s look super cute like a bear? Look no further than this little bear hat which is a great piece of sims 4 toddler cc. This hat has two small ears on the top of the head and goes down into two straps to give the illusion that your toddler could tie it around their chin.

little bear hat

Sinan Cap

If you’re looking for a more simple and casual hat for your toddlers to wear this is the one. This baseball cap has different colours and designs on the front and can be worn with any type of casual outfit for a fun day in the sun.

sims 4 toddler cc

Sims 4 Toddler CC Accessories

Accessories are the ultimate way for you to make sims way cuter, these accessories include things like sims 4 toddler cc earrings, necklaces, backpacks and so much more that you’ll instantly fall in love with.

Wavy Headband

Wearing a headband is a good way to make your sim’s custom hairstyle look even cuter than ever before. They can really dress up their look and have it be so cute. This wavy headband is so fun and looks metallic but also comes in bright and fun colours.

wavy toddler cc headband

Mila Watch

Who said toddlers can’t wear watches? Just because they can’t tell time? Rude! This Mila Watch is so cute and deserves to be worn by your favourite toddlers. There are so many cute gems on the watch face too making it so darn cute.

sims 4 toddler cc watch

Spring Lace Socks

These little spring lace socks are a great option for dressing up a simple outfit for your toddlers or really making them look adorable with this sims 4 toddler cc by putting them in a more formal look. These socks are cute and short and would look very good with a fancy pair of shoes.

sims 4 toddler socks

Teddy Bear Toy

There is always a time in every toddler’s life where they have a favourite stuffed animal so why is that not an experience our toddlers can have. This teddy bear toy accessory is great because your sims can caryr it around with them everywhere they go.

teddy bear toy for your sims

Kitty Nails

Toddlers having their nails painted is really precious and these Hello Kitty themed finger nail accessories are really great for toddlers to make them look extra cute. These are so fun with glitter on one nail, a hello kitty on another nail and the rest being a solid colour.

kitty nails for sims

Animal Accessory Bag

Wearing a cute bag is so precious and it just makes me happy to have a bag like this tiny little crossbody bag. Your toddlers can carry around all the cute items like tiny pieces of paper and erasers since they don’t have important things to carry!

sims 4 toddler cc

Pearl Necklace

If you’re looking to make your toddler look extremely adorable but also extremely bougie? This pearl necklace is such a fun object to have in your game to have your toddlers wear. It’s perfect to wear as a formal piece of jewelry or as a nice piece of costume jewelry for your little ones.

sims 4 necklaces custom content

Sims 4 Toddler CC Shoes

Shoes can really affect your sim’s outfit, they can really make it or break it depending on the look. These sims 4 toddler cc shoes are a great option for making your sims so much cuter. You’ll find fun running shoes, sandals, and more!

Triple Platform Sneakers & Canvas Hi-Tops

The first toddler shoes on our list are these gorgeous sneakers that are a must-have in your game. The first pair of shoes are a wonderful pair of wannabe converse that look so good with just about any outfit. The second pair are a great simple sneaker with a fun colour on the bottom for more flair.

fake converse for toddlers

Melissa Shoes

The Melissa shoes are a fun pair of toddler shoes because they are so precious to wear with a dress or skirt. These shoes come in 24 fun colours including neutrals like black or white but even bright colours like yellow or pink to match just about any outfit.

cute melissa shoes for toddlers

Toddler Nike Dunk V2

It’s always really fun to bring IRL brands into The Sims 4 and these Nike toddler shoes do just that. These sims 4 toddler cc shoes are amazing with a beautiful Nike logo and can be worn with comfy clothes or a sim’s everyday outfit.

sims 4 toddler cc nike dunk v2 shoes

Toddler Flip Flops

Every toddler needs a good pair of flip flops to wear with their bathing suit or with a comfortable hot weather look. These sims 4 toddler cc flip flops are awesome because they are extremely simple and come in a single colour to easily match with any outfit.

adorable toddler cc flip flops

Handmade Panda Loafers

Shoes don’t just need to be boring and great for outdoor looks, these panda loafers are the best choice because they look like a panda! These have options of black and white panda shoes, but also pinks and teals if you want something a bit more fun.

panda toddler shoes cc

Open Toe Slippers

Slippers are a must-have when walking around the house, so these snowy escape slippers are great. They are very simple but still bring in bright colours for them to be fun and interesting for your toddlers to match with their outfits.

need The Sims 4: Snowy Escape for these toddler shoes

Toddler Rain Boots

If you want your toddlers to play outside often, you’ll want them to wear toddler rain boots. These boots are so cute and the swatches just keep getting better.

Of course, you have plain coloured swatches but there are also options with polka dots, stripes, camouflage and there’s even an option where the toe of the shoe looks like a monster.

adorable toddler rainboots with stripes, polka dots or monsters

Jelly Sandals

Jelly sandals were all the rage in the 90s when I grew up and these are the best jelly sandals I’ve ever seen for sims 4 toddler cc. These shoes are amazing and come in dozens of colours with both single colours and ones with white detailing to make them even more fun!

adorable jelly sims 4 toddler cc sandals

Toddler Work Boot

It’s always fun to imagine a toddler being a fully grown hard working sim and these toddler work boots make it seem like your young sims have been working a full-time job for years. These boots have gorgeous details and fun laces for you to really fall in love with.


Toddler CC for Build & Buy Mode

Another category that you absolutely need to grab sims 4 toddler cc for is build and buy mode. Here you’ll find adorable toddler furniture, toys and even custom potty chairs. These are going to make sure that you can decorate the most adorable toddler nursery or bedroom and you’ll want to play with these little cuties forever.

Sims 4 Toddler CC Furniture

The simplest way to bring custom content into your home is to get some adorable toddler cc furniture and these pieces are awesome. They can replace your boring high chair, add to your room with a replacement ball pit or just give you an entirely new bedroom.

Princess High Chair

Have you ever wished your toddler could sit in a highchair and look like an actual princess? Well, you need this princess high chair! This highchair has a gorgeous tufted back with a small crown at the top and wheels so they can be pushed around in your imagination.

Toddler CC Furniture

In The Clouds Furniture

This in the clouds set is so fun and interesting and a must-have in your game! The couch in this set looks like a cloud and would be so comfy, and the hanging chair is so fun with the cushions being in the shape of an adorable flower. The hanging clouds are definitely a great look!

in the clouds furniture set

Toddler Ball Pit

Have you ever looked at the toddler ball pit from The Sims 4: Toddler Stuff and wanted to scream? The balls have 0 texture and dimensions and just make me mad. This Toddler Ball Pit remake is a must-have in your game!

a nice toddler ball pit replacement

Wigwam Armchair

The wigwam armchair is such a fun option to take up a lot of space in your sim’s bedroom. The best part about this is that it functions as an arm chair so your toddlers can eat in here, read books, or even take naps inside of the chair!

wigwam toddler cc chair

IKEA Toddler Stuff

The IKEA Toddler Stuff set is a really great minimalist design with big colours for your toddlers bedroom. This set includes a fun design for a toddler bed as well as high chairs, toy boxes, potty chairs and even diaper clutter.

ikea sims 4 toddler cc furniture

Cutie Pie Bear Chair

There is an adorable bear chair in the game but some of the designs for it are a little bit much, this cutie pie bear chair recolour is a great option because it just comes in a single colour. This is actually part of a full set of cutie pie furniture!

green and grey cutie pie bear chair

Evelina Bookshelf

Next up is the Evelina Bookshelf that looks so adorable in any toddler’s bedroom. It’s made up of a bunch of interesting shapes with mostly squares or rectangles but some of the ones at the top are pointy for a house look. There is so much clutter on this too for a really lived-in look!

gorgeous evelina toddler bookcase

Rabbit Chair

There are so many simple designs that my brain couldn’t think of and this rabbit chair is so absolutely gorgeous. The base of the chair is a fun colour like pink, blue, yellow or green but the back of the chair is where this shines. The back of the chair is actually rabbit ears!

lily nursery rabbit chair for toddlers

Aura Toddlers Bookcase

The next piece of sims 4 toddler cc you need to decorate a really fun room is the Aura Toddlers Bookcase. This is such a stylized piece that it just makes me smile. It’s from a whole set of jungle themed furniture even including a hippo potty chair!

an aura toddlers bookcase

Functional Toddler Swing Chair

There aren’t many pieces of custom content that blow my socks off, but this functional toddler swing definitely makes that list. This chair starts at the base with a nice circle, a gorgeous pole that curves at the top to hold some rope that holds up an adorable toddler chair. The pillows on this chair have the most fun colours and patterns!

sims 4 toddler cc

Sims 4 Toddler Beds

Your toddler’s bed is the most important piece of furniture in their bedroom. They need a decent bed to sleep in so they can not be a horrible annoyance all day long. These sims 4 cc toddler beds are such great options are will definitely make your sims happy!

Little One Bed

This first sims 4 toddler cc bed is great because it comes in all sorts of fun patterns and awesome frame colours. The frame of this bed is great because it has clean lines and isn’t too stylized so you can add it to just about any toddler bedroom.

colourful toddler cc bed sims 4

Stibium Bed

The Stibium bed is such a fun look with super clean lines and fun blankets. The frame of the bed is made of simple clean lines with one side having railings to keep your toddler safe and inside the bd at all times while the other is open for free entry and exit of the bed.

This one looks great in any minimalist or boho bedroom but can really work in any room you like.


Avonlea Bed V1

The next bed on our list of sims 4 toddler cc is this base game bed recolour that is a must-have. The version of this bed that is in the base game is very simple and doesn’t have a lot of intrigue.

This recolour is awesome because it gives you the bed with different wood tones as well as more fun and adorable blankets. My favourite has to be the gorgeous neutral rainbow!


The Happy Zoo Bed

If you want something a little more stylized, the happy zoo bed is the one. This bed has a lion headboard, frog footboard and wild sheets all over it to really make your sims feel like they’re living in a jungle.


Princess Chariot Bed

If you have a princess in your household you definitely need to add the princess chariot bed to your game. This bed is so fun and will make your sims feel like they’re right inside of Cinderella! The bottom of the bed has four gorgeous wheels, a gorgeous rounded frame and is just so perfect.


Boho Toddler Bed

There is something so adorable about toddler beds just looking like adult beds but small and this boho toddler bed looks like a bed that was in my room in high school so it makes me quite happy.

This bed has tons of pillows and fluffy blankets, and a gorgeous metal frame that will look so good in any room.

sims 4 toddler cc bed

Organic Rainbows Crib

This organic rainbow bed is a great option for your toddler’s bedroom because it has a simple white frame that has bars all the way around to keep your toddler safe while also having a small detail of wood around the open section where your sims would enter.

The blanket on this bed is a beautiful rainbow that looks super cute but isn’t too brightly coloured so it keeps it muted and neutral for any bedroom.

cute rainbow cc toddler beds

Sims 4 Toddler CC Potty Chairs

Learning the potty skill is very important for your toddlers to do if you want them to stop needing their diaper changed or making a mess when they attempt to use their potty. Having a sims 4 toddler cc potty chair is going to allow you to have a cuter experience or have them sit on a rhino, whatever you’re into.

Classic Toddler Potty

The Classic Toddler Potty is anything but boring. This potty has a face on the back which is just so adorable and keeps your toddlers smiling. It has a fun roll of toilet paper on the side in fun colours or patterns and the base of the potty is such fun colours!

classic toddler potty

Teddy Go-Go

There is nothing cuter than giving a toddler potty ears, arms and legs. This Teddy Go-Go Potty is a great choice for adding a nice teddy bear vibe to your toddler’s bedroom.

teddy gogo potty

Rhino Potty

If you’re looking for something a little more ridiculous you need the Aura Rhino Potty. This is just so funny because what toddler wants to pee onto a rhino? Well, I would! This is a must-have if you want a fun animal themed toddler room.

aura toddler set potty

The Cutie

The Cutie toddler potty is an awesome low profile potty that isn’t too wild but still has fun colours and cute patterns. The top of the toilet stays white regardless of the swatch so it can really fit in many rooms!

the cutie toddler potty cc

Practice Toilet

Sometimes the best custom content options are just simple recolours of everyday items. This practice toilet is great because it adds 14 new colours to a basic sims 4 toddler potty which is amazing!

simple toddler potty for sims 4 toddler cc

Sims 4 Toddler CC Toys

Since we didn’t have toddlers in the base game of The Sims 4 at launch we are really lacking in some good options and that’s rather disappointing. Having sims 4 toddler cc toys is a great way to bring more fun into your game and let you toddlers have the best time ever.

Small, Functional Dollhouses

There is nothing more annoying than not having enough space to have the regular dollhouses if you have a smaller home but these small, functional dollhouses are amazing because they can be placed in small areas and let you have them in the smallest rooms!

functional dollhouses

Talking Stuffed Animals

For some reason there are a bunch of random toys in the game that your toddlers aren’t able to talk to or have any real interaction with but with this talking stuffed animals mod your sims can now gain the communication skill with all of them. These are adorable and your sims deserve to be able to talk to them!

talking bears

More Toddler Activities

The more toddler activities set gives you a bunch of fun toy options for your toddlers to play with. There’s everything you’d ever want including a small gardening set, a kit of play dough for your sims to mold, and even some painting stuff for them to use!

more toddler activities mod

Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen

If you only download one custom toy for your game it should definitely be the Little Chef’s Toy Kitchen. This is able to be used by both toddlers and children but is way cuter with toddlers.

When used the toddlers will put on a tiny chef’s hat and stand on a pile of cookbooks and they’ll just start cooking and it’s the most adorable thing ever.

sims 4 toddler cc toy

Kid’s Trampoline

Trampolines are one of those toys that every kid wanted and only the lucky kids got to have. This Kid’s Trampoline comes in two variations with one being without a net, used for children, and one with a net where toddlers can hangout. The toddlers will bounce really adorably and get their movement skill while on it.

Sims 4 Toddler Bedroom Sets

The easiest way for you to get your hands on a bunch of sims 4 toddler cc is to grab a complete toddler bedroom set. These are amazing because they will allow you to get a toddler bed, toddler dressers and usually some cute wall decor or fun toys for them to play with all at once.

Pitusa Toddler Room

The first bedroom set is the Pitusa Toddler Room that has a fun shelf, a bed with a roof, a poof and a fun cube piece for your sims to use as a dresser. This comes in fun colours with polka dots and other patterns to keep it interesting for sure!

pitusa toddler room with cute bed, blankets, and rug

Freja Nursery

The Freja Nursery is an amazing option that features gorgeous lines and details for your toddlers room with extremely modern and fun furniture. This set has a gorgeous bed with separate mattress so you can mix and match your favourite wood option with your favourite blankets.

The best item in this is definitely the hanging chair because who wouldn’t want that? It is so beautiful and really adds some quirk to your favourite room.

freja nursery bedroom for toddler cc

Fallout Baby

The Fallout Baby Bedroom is a gorgeous option that feels like it came right out of the middle of the century. This set has a beautiful toddler bed with forty different swatches as well as a gorgeous rocket mobile to enjoy. There is a beautiful changing table that comes in 31 different swatches and has a bunch of decor slots!

fallout baby bedroom

Coraline Set

If you’re looking for amazing functional items you need to get your hands on the Coraline Set. This set has a functional crib where your toddlers can sleep which is incredible and even has a functional rocking horse.

The vibes are very cute with a very boho and cozy look with a gorgeous mirror, some hanging clothing, and even a functional dollhouse. So much cuteness!

coraline bedroom set

Kai Toddler Room

The Kai Toddler Room is a really fun option for a room to add to your sim’s homes, this has the cutest decor items and has so many fun colours without being too overwhelming!

toddler room with ducks, moons and owls

Xandra Toddler Bedroom

The Xandra Bedroom has so many cute items including a gorgeous bed with super adorable blankets, a nice mobile and a hanging drapery over the bed. There is a cute rainbow chair, and a beautiful set of shelves too!

sims 4 xandra toddler room

Omali Toddlers Bedroom

The next up on this list of sims 4 toddler cc is the Omali Toddler Bedroom which has so many fun items. The bed has a fun curved top that has curtains draping down. There are cute blocks, a fun rug and even a fun little toddler potty to use.

sims 4 toddler cc bedroom set

Sims 4 Toddler Mods

There are hundreds of mods out there to make The Sims 4 a more enjoyable experience overall and there are definitely some for toddlers. The toddler mods range from things like making them stop making messes on the floor to letting them be stuck in their high chair to making it so they can earn skills more easily but you’ll definitely find something you need.

Kids Make Less Mess

For whatever reason toddlers in The Sims 4 make such a mess with paint all over the floor all the time and this is so annoying to have to clean up. With the kids make less mess mod you’ll have your toddlers being more clean and you won’t need to spend all of your time making things better.

make less mess mod sims 4 toddler cc


Are you sick of feeding your toddlers boring old grown up food? Well, with the Nutri-Baby Mod you’ll be able to generate fun recipes on toddler plates for your toddlers to consume. This is so fun because what toddler wants a plate of Lobster Thermidor?

nutri-baby mod

Meeting New Sibling Will Change Relationship

There is always a moment when a new baby comes into the house where most toddlers get an unwanted sibling moodlet for a few hours but this has no effect on the relationship they have with that sibling. With this gameplay mod you’ll be able to see their relationship go negative when this happens and you’ll need to slowly build it back.

meeting new sibling will change relationship mod

Education System Bundle

Are you sick of your toddlers spending the entire day at home and all of their skill gain and character values being your problem? Well, you can now send them to preschool with the education system bundle.

This mod allows your sims to pay for a private preschool for fifty simoleons per day or go to a free public preschool. However, going to the free school means that your sim’s skill and character value gain will be slower than at the private school.

sims 4 education bundle mod

Breastfeed Toddlers

In many families IRL breastfeeding doesn’t end when a child is a baby, it goes for years but that isn’t something that’s possible in The Sims 4. With the breastfeed toddlers mod you’ll be able to have your parents breastfeed their toddlers for their whole life stage giving them food and comfort.

sims 4 toddler cc

Toddler Playpens

Are you ever playing The Sims 4 and just wishing you could lock your toddler away for a few hours so they stop making messes everywhere? Well, with the toddler playpens mod you’ll be able to place your toddlers into the playpen and give them a toy in their inventory and they’ll keep themselves entertained for hours!

toddler playpens mod

Toddlers Have Less Nightmares

Anytime a toddler has a nightmare in the game they are going to wake up and find the nearest caregiver and wake them up from their peaceful slumber. This is not okay and gets really annoying. Downloading the toddlers have less nightmares mod will change how often your sims have these nightmares based on their traits, skills and character values.

toddler sleeping in a bed

Toddler Sickness

If you love to suffer in The Sims 4 you should download toddler sickness because it will let your toddlers get actually sick with annoying symptoms of colds, flu or stomachaches. You don’t even have to wait for the game to make your toddler’s sick you can actually toggle these on yourself.

toddler sickness mod

Kiddie Pools Give Movement Skill

In the vanilla game when a toddler is hanging out in a kiddie pool they are gaining no skills but gaining these skills is very important to get bonus traits and have a decent toddler. With the kiddie pools give movement skill mod you’ll be able to have your toddlers gaining their movement skill and getting better at walking around.

kiddie pool gaining movement skill mod

High Chair Lock

The high chair lock mod is a really great one because it makes it so that your toddlers are stuck inside of the high chair and random sims won’t come and remove them whenever they feel like it. This is one of those little annoyances that I just can’t handle in the game so your sims will be less annoying than before.

sims 4 toddler cc

Final Thoughts

This collection of sims 4 toddler cc is the ultimate list and covers so many different categories and types of toddler mods and custom content. Hopefully you found something you like, and if not, it’ll keep getting updates in the future. Happy playing!

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  1. I’d love to find a suit for toddler boys, something formal with long pants. I don’t want suits that look silly with shorts and bowtie. I can’t find even one with long pants, a suit jacket and a regular tie. Maybe this will be what pushes me to try making CC myself. 🙂

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