30+ Sims 4 CC Christmas Sweaters To Celebrate The Holidays

There has been an intense growth in popularity of ugly Christmas sweaters over the last few years and that’s for a good reason. These sims 4 cc Christmas sweaters allow you to have so much fun during the holiday season and can let your sims show off their festive personalities in the cutest ways!

Sims 4 CC Christmas Sweaters for Feminine Sims

The sweaters in this section of the article are all really beautiful, they are covered in glitter, have fun off the shoulder details and there is even a sweater that would look perfect on your pregnant sims!

Off The Shoulder Christmas Sweaters

What a festive way to celebrate the holidays – with a new sweater to keep you warm! These Christmas sweaters come in eight beautiful colours, with a wide ribbed neckline and soft cable pattern.

They create a slim silhouette and have long sleeves with white ends. The sweater is form fitted and falls mid hip. With its subtle Christmas flair it is perfect for the winter season.

Two sims wearing a straight across, off the shoulder, sweater without crazy patterns.

Fitted Christmas Sweaters

These Christmas sweaters are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays! They come in a soft knit fabric and nine festive Christmas designs, and if we just mention one, it would be the stunning black sweater with the festive but elegant Christmas tree in the front.

They are sure to keep you warm and cozy all season long while the form fitting style will look great whether your Sim is lounging around the house or attending a more relaxed office party. And if they are in need for an ugly Christmas sweater that’s also sexy, here you go!

The same sim twice wearing a santa hat, a reindeer collar and a Christmas sweater.

Simple Sweaters

The simple Christmas sweater is a great choice for anyone who wants to keep things casual. The pink one with its glittery snowflakes adds a touch of festive glamour. While the white pattern and reindeer on the red sweater as well as the winter landscape on the beige one keep things more casual.

All of them have a round neckline, a loose fit, and fall mid hip making them comfortable to wear. They are the ideal outfit to relax in style while still feeling the Christmas spirit. Have your Sims combine them with a pair of Jeans and they are ready to meet friends for a hot chocolate on a wintery afternoon.

The same blonde sim with blonde hair and dramatic make up wearing a simple christmas sweater

Matching Sims 4 Christmas Sweater

What could be more festive than a matching Christmas Sweater to celebrate the holidays? This cozy sweater comes in 20 different colours, so your Sim can find the perfect one for their style. The fit is relaxed and comfortable, perfect for keeping warm on chilly days.

The sweater has a mock turtleneck, and falls to the hips, giving it a casual look. They can wear it with leggings or skinny jeans for a stylish look that will let them feel all warm and cozy.

A sim standing in a mock neck "all i want for christmas is you" sweater

Turtleneck Sweaters

When it comes to Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 CC, you can’t go wrong with a rustic knit. This style is a modern twist on the classic Nordic style sweater.

It falls just below the waist for a hip look, and with the wide rim on the long sleeves and its turtleneck, it is the perfect piece to keep your Sims warm and chic during the holiday season. There are eight different styles and colours to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect one for your Sims.

A sim wearing a turtleneck christmas sweater

One Shoulder Sweaters

Look at another cute sweater for celebrating the Christmas season in style and with fun! These four adorable designs will add some cheer to your Sim’s outfit.

The stylish one shoulder sweater, in a cropped design brings a funky flair to your Sim’s Holiday wardrobe. The cozy knit is form fitted but still comfortable. So, which one will your Sim choose to celebrate in?

Four sims wearing a one shoulder knitted christmas sweater

Bite Me Sweaters

Here, my friends is a “must-have-piece” for your Sim. This adorable grey Christmas sweater has a brown Gingerbread Men and white script on the front, definitely making everybody want to have some Christmas cookies.

The fine cozy knit falls just to the hip, the form fitted style is cozy and chic. Let your Sims wear it with their favourite Jeans or some tartan PJ’s, they cannot go wrong.

A sim wearing a grey Sims 4 CC Christmas Sweater that has a broken gingerbread man with BITE ME written on it.

Star Wars Sims 4 Christmas Sweaters

Look no further than this charming and festive Star Wars themed sweater. It is made from a fine cozy knit, is form fitted, has a round neck, and comes in dark blue with three different Star Wars designs. The sweater falls below the hips, keeping your Sims warm while they enjoy their winter activities.

Be rest assured, you will find a style for each one of your family members. This sweater is perfect for the Star Wars fans in your Sims community.

A sim with red hair wearing a beanie and a star wars christmas sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There’s no need to be ashamed of being a fan of Christmas when you’re sporting one of these charming sweaters! Whether your Sim prefers the classic style with trees and reindeers, or want to show a fun side with dogs or dinosaurs, there’s one for everyone!

These sweaters are made from a fine cozy knit and have a form fitted, round neck that sits just on the hips. They come in four different styles, with the main colours being red and white. Treat your Sim to a new sweater for the Christmas season or a casual party at the office.

The same sim with a blonde pony tail wearing various sims 4 cc christmas sweaters.

Christmas Sweater Dresses

Have your Sim step into the Christmas spirit with our collection of charming sweater dresses! We have seven styles in a variety of colours and patterns, each one perfect for celebrating the holidays. Our form-fitting dresses have a wider round neck, and fall just above the knees.

They’re made from a fine cozy knit, so they’ll keep you warm all winter long. They’re also a chic alternative to sweaters and jeans, making them the perfect choice for any party or get-together. So why not add one of our sweater dresses to your Christmas wardrobe today?

Four long sleeve christmas sweater dresses on a black background.

Fit ‘n Flair Sweaters

These Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 come in seven different colours and patterns. You can find one in pure white, if you’re looking to be extra festive. They have an A-line style that gives an attractive and forgiving appearance.

The wide round wrapped neck comes in a solid colour, and the long sleeves have a wrapped rim at the wrist. These sweaters are perfect for wearing with leggings and skinny jeans – they’ll keep you warm and cozy all through the holiday season!

A sim wearing a Santa hat with a fun fit and flare christmas sweater with rolled up sleeves

Sims 4 CC Christmas Sweaters for Masculine Sims

There aren’t just sims 4 cc Christmas Sweaters for feminine body types, you can also have them for your masculine sims. These are fun because they are fun patterns and styles, plus a couple fun ones with pop-culture references too!

Nick’s Christmas Sweaters

Looking dapper in that Christmas sweater is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays! Whether your Sim is at a work party or spending time with their kids, these sweaters will keep them cozy and looking sharp.

They come in eight different colours and patterns, so your Sim will find the perfect one for sure. The close round neck and long sleeves are stylish and comfortable, and the medium thickness knit is perfect for keeping them warm on wintery days.

The same blonde sim 3 times with one earring, darker eye lids and a christmas sweater.

Knitted Turtleneck Sweater

This sweater can be worn not only during the Christmas Season but during the whole Winter Season. It features a pattern with stars and reindeers in six different colours.

The sweater will end just below the waist but with its turtleneck and thick knit it is till warm enough for your Sims. Be assured that even the softer pastel colours don’t take anything away from the masculinity of your Sim.

The same sim twice with a patterned knit christmas sweater

Fun Male Christmas Sweaters

Find the perfect Christmas Sweater to celebrate the holidays with those cheerful pieces! These sweaters come in 21 different patterns and colours, so your Sims will never run out of options. The close round neck is a classic style, and the medium thick knit is perfect for keeping your Sims warm but comfortable during the cold season.

The loose fit ending below the waist gives these sweaters a bit of a relaxed feel, and the rich earth colours and define patterns enhance the masculinity of your male Sim. It might be difficult to make a decisions with all those choices.

A collection of 3 lines with 7 in each of christmas sweaters

Naughty Christmas Sweaters

The Sims 4 CC naughty Christmas sweaters add fun and festivity to your holiday gatherings! There are nine different sweater styles, each with a naughty phrase or pattern on a solid black or red background. It features a close round neck and is made with a medium thick knit for a loose fit that sits mid hip.

Whether you’re wearing it to a get-together or just around the house, these sweaters are sure to bring some festive and funny cheer!

A line of seven pop-culture themed christmas sweaters for your sims 4 cc folder. these include jaws, IT, krampus and more.

Merry Christmas CC Sweaters

Check out this selection of Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 CC. The bold, patterned designs are perfect for showing the holiday spirit. They come in four different styles, each with a bold pattern on a solid white, green, blue or red background.

The round neck cable knit sweater is form fitted and sits mid hip. It is the perfect sweater to enhance your Sim’s broad shoulders and small waist for a masculine appearance without taking away the joy of the holidays.

Four sims wearing 3/4 sleeve sims 4 cc christmas sweaters

Turtleneck Christmas Sweaters

Christmas is coming and your Sim needs a new sweater! These styles come in eight different designs featuring cute, traditional or abstract pattern.

The turtle neck keeps your Sim warm while the loose fitting style is ending just on the lower part of the hip, ensuring a comfortable fit. Even though the right knitted pattern is simple, it doesn’t take away from the creative design of this style.

Four sims wearing a very ugly christmas sweater with a turtle neck. The cc sweaters are great because they look hand knit.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Sweaters for Kids

We don’t just have sweaters for your adult sims, there are also sims 4 cc Christmas Sweaters for kids and toddlers too! These are able to be so much more fun because the designs can be more silly and adorable than others for grown-ups.

Simple Kid’s CC Christmas Sweaters

Looking for a festive way to keep your young Sims warm this holiday season? Look no further than these adorable Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 CC! Made from light, fluffy material, these sweaters will keep them cozy and warm on even the coldest days.

Plus, the loose fit allows for plenty of room to move and be active. Choose from three different styles, each with a unique and charming design. The black sweater features a cute polar bear, while the grey one has a fun “Let It Snow” motif.

The third style is a festive black sweater with “I am on the nice list” emblazoned in white letters. No matter which style you choose, the Sim’s kids will look adorable and Christmassy in those sweater!

three sims wearing cc christmas sweaters who are surrounded by christmas lights.

Patterned Sweaters for Kids

Nothing is more adorable than having your Sim’s kids dressed in Christmas Sweaters and watch their excitement about the season. With styles and patterns from traditional and cozy to fun and cute there will be many favourite pieces.

The sweaters are loose fit, long enough to keep the back warm while your Sim’s kids are active and playing in the snow or participate in rehearsals for the nativity story. The round neck is not too tight, so they will be comfortable all day long.

a collection of three rows of 7 sims 4 cc christmas sweaters each with various patterns and colours.

Kid’s Elf Sims 4 Sweaters

Help your Sim child become an elf with these creative Sweaters. The body, legs and boots are designed on a neutral grey sweater. The neck features a mock turtleneck and your Sim’s child’s face becomes the face of an elf. Add a simple tail cap or a high striped one and this young Sim will be the star among their friends.

Go one step further and make it part of a themed Christmas party at your Sim’s house. The best thing is that those sweaters are not only fun and stylish but also warm and cozy.

Two sims wearing christmas sweaters that turn them into an elf.

Fun Masculine Kid’s Sweaters

Adding a touch of festivity to your Sim’s kid’s wardrobe, we have these Christmas Sweaters for Sims 4 CC. In rich blue and grey tones and four different patterns, these sweaters are perfect for boys who are more grown up. It is made with a finer knit, so they are comfortable to wear under coats and jackets.

The round neck and relaxed fit add a touch of elegance, making it the ideal sweater for a boy who wants to join the fun of the season without feeling silly.

Four of the same masculine child sim wearing different swatches of a christmas sweater.

Kid’s Reindeer CC Christmas Sweaters

Reindeers belong as much to Christmas as snowmen.Plus, these sweaters are sure to keep your Sim’s child warm and cozy during the holiday season. Made of soft, cable knit fabric, each sweater features a round neck with a stylish bow, and is available in three colours and patterns.

The red sweater has golden rims and a reindeer face on the front, while the blue version has silver rims and a galloping reindeer design. The green sweater features red rims and a snowman on the front. No matter which one you choose, the young Sim will look adorable in their Christmas sweater!

A sim with blonde hair wearing a sims 4 cc christmas sweater that has a bow on the collar and matching cuffs.

Thin Christmas Sweaters

These Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 CC come in three different styles, perfect for Sim’s boys and girls of all ages. The blue sweater has a snowman, stars, and hearts all around it. The red sweater has a written motif that says “Team Santa” with snowflakes and trees.

The black and green sweater has a Christmas tree with striped sleeves. They are all made from a thin cotton knit, making them comfortable for warm rooms and wearing under coats. The round neck is high enough to cover the chest, pair it with a scarf to add some additional chic.

Three sims who are wearing matching sweaters, one with a snowman, one with a tree and one with Team Santa on the front.

Mock Neck Sims 4 Christmas Sweaters

These funky coloured sweaters feature contemporary Christmas patterns as well as traditional trees and reindeers. The colours are bright and festive, including a light purple, neon green, and white. 

The mock neck adds a touch of chic, while the warm knit fabric will keep your Sim’s kid snug all winter long. These cropped sweaters are perfect for showing your young Sims in a festive but fun and modern fashion!

A sim with red hair and braids wearing a mock neck christmas sweater cc

Red, Fuzzy Christmas Sweaters

This sweater will bring a lot of fun to your young Sim’s wardrobe. The bright red colour and fuzzy super cozy material will stand out, no matter were your Sims are. This sweater comes in four fun motifs: winter bear, polar bear, penguin and chicken.

They are chic and funky, perfect for boys and girls alike. They feature a round neck and although they are light weight, they are still warm and cozy, ideal for colder days at school or when meeting friends.

Four children in The Sims 4 who are wearing matching red christmas cc sweaters.

Knitted CC Christmas Sweaters

Those sweaters make your Sim’s child look cool. They are all made from a thick, knitted cozy material that will keep your Sim’s kids warm throughout the holiday season. The red sweater comes in two versions: one has a funny snowman and festive snowflakes, the other one features a large Christmas bulb with “Merry Christmas” written on it.

The other two options are blue with a fun reindeer and white polka dots, as well as green, that has an adorable penguin and snowflakes. The round neck is comfortable to wear for kids and they can wear these sweaters with jeans for a casual look or skirts/dress pants for a festive atmosphere.

Four sims wearing knitted Christmas Sweaters that have snowmen, penguins, reindeers and more.

Thin, Fun Sweaters

Here is another option for a thin Christmas Sweater for the young Sim. These ones are all made with a thin, breathable material that is perfect for the active child. There are four different options, each with a fun and festive design. The light blue sweater feature a snowman from Disney’s Frozen, the azure one has a charming Christmas bird, while the dark blue sweater displays white dots and a Wiener dog with a hat.

The fourth option is a black sweater with a festive golden Christmas tree and white and golden snowflakes.The round neck gives them a classic touch and make them perfect for celebrating the holidays!

Four children in The Sims 4 wearing very thin long sleeve holiday sweaters, one with olaf, one with a bird, one with a tree and one with a dachushund on a sled.

Sims 4 CC Christmas Sweaters for Toddlers

When we’re talking about the cutest age group for sims 4 cc Christmas sweaters, it is definitely going to be toddlers. These sweaters are perfect because they make your toddlers look so precious and instantly make you wish it was Winterfest morning. These are amazing pieces of toddler custom content because they can be so much more childish and fun too!

Patterned Christmas Sweaters

From Santa to Penguins to Sleighs, everything your Sim’s toddler loves about Christmas is on those adorable sweaters.There are three festive designs to choose from, each with its own charming character. The main colours are green, blue and white, and the round neck will keep your toddler’s chest nice and comfy.

The sweaters are also long enough to keep their back warm without restricting them while playing and running around. They are made from a soft knitted fabric that is cozy and breathable. These Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 CC are perfect for toddlers who want to celebrate the holidays in style!

Three sims wearing thin sims 4 cc christmas sweaters in various colours and patterns.

Toddler Puff Sims 4 Christmas Sweaters

The Christmas sweaters for Sims 4 CC are all absolutely adorable, and come in four different colours. The light yellow sweater has a cute Rudolph Reindeer on it, the light blue one comes with a funny snowman, the pink one features a sweet penguin, whereas the grey sweater has a loveable snowman.

They are all made from fine knit material with knitted polka dots, and fit comfortably, ending around the mid hip. They are perfect for celebrating the holidays with your Sim’s toddler looking chic and cute.

A sim with red hair wearing a knitted christmas sweater with small bobbles on it. and a reindeer!

Christmas Tree Sweaters

These sweaters are perfect for your little one to celebrate the holidays in style! The black sweater has a simple, elegant design with small Christmas trees in different patterns and colours on them.

They are made with a round neck and have a straight fit with flared rims in red, green, and black. You can easily dress them down with jeans or spruce them up with a cute skirt or dress pants. No matter what you choose, your toddler will look adorable in these Christmas sweaters!

Three sims who are toddlers wearing black christmas sweaters with small different colour trees all over.

Cozy Winter Sweaters

Another perfect addition to your Sim’s toddler’s winter wardrobe are those Nordic-inspired sweaters. They come in eight different colours, each with Nordic themed patterns and are made from a warm, comfortable fabric. They have a straight fit that will allow your little Sim to move and play freely.

Whether you’re still celebrating Christmas or just want them to be stylish and warm in the winter, these sweaters are sure to please.

Two sims wearing the same grey patterned christmas sweaters

Fun CC Christmas Sweaters

These fun and charming Christmas sweaters will quickly become your Sim’s favourites. There are six colour options, giving you more choices than just the traditional green, blue and red. Each sweater has your toddler’s favourite Christmas motif in the front, ranging from reindeers, bears, and penguins to Christmas trees.

The knitted fabric is light and will keep your toddler warm but not hot. The sweater itself is not too short and not too long, so your Sim toddler can be comfortably while playing and running around.

Four toddlers in different poses wearing various sims 4 cc christmas sweaters.

Silly Holiday Sweaters

Now, here you have a funky alternative to your traditional Christmas sweater for your youngest members of you Sim’s family. This dark blue sweater is made of a warm and cozy, but light wool, and comes in three fun motifs: a rocket Christmas tree, a marshmallow man swimming in hot chocolate, or a candy dinosaur.

The round neck protects the little chest but fits comfortably, while the loose fit stops mid hip, giving your little Sim plenty of room for movement. Your toddler will be the envy of their kindergarten friends with this fun and festive sweater! 

Three toddler sims who are wearing navy blue sweaters with various festive designs.

Adorable Toddler Sims 4 Christmas Sweaters

Made from a soft wool and knitted in a fine pattern, these sweaters appear elegant and feel luxurious on your toddler’s skin. Of course your little Sim needs some fun and so you can chose from three festive designs: a snowman, a Christmas Tree, and “HO HO HO” motif.

They’re available in blue, white, and red, giving you the chance to find the perfect colour to match your child’s personality. The round neck and mid-hip length keep the little one warm. Those sweaters are a stylish but comfortable addition to your Sim’s toddler’s wardrobe.

Three Toddlers in The Sims 4 with brown hair, all three are wearing various cc Christmas sweaters. The first one says Ho Ho Ho, the second is a snowman and the third is a tree.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to be adding any custom content to your game during the festive months you’ll definitely want to add these amazing sims 4 cc Christmas sweaters. As someone who has multiple holiday sweaters, these are a must-have for my sims and are definitely staying in my folder year round to celebrate winterfest. Happy Playing!

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