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The Sims 4: Cooking Skill Cheat

If you have a bunch of the DLC packs for The Sims 4 you can end up with dozens of skills that your sims can earn but cooking may be the one that every sim earns a bit of during their lifetime. This skill is a massive necessity if you want to have your sims be self-sufficient and take care of themselves without having to eat quick meals or order Zoomers food delivery everyday.

Knowing the sims 4 cooking skill cheat will allow your sims to cook so many wonderful meals without burning their homes down which is definitely a bonus since it can be very annoying when they burn their whole home down from a single grilled cheese sandwich.

a restaurant with a man cooking and a manager thinking about money

How to Enable Cheats

Before you can start using any of the skill cheats in the game you need to first make sure that you enable cheats so they work properly. This is something super simple that takes just a few seconds with a simple cheat code and can be used on PC, Mac and Console but the process for opening up the cheat box is different depending on where you’re playing:

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac: Command + Shift + C
  • Console: All Four Triggers

When you do the above action on your system you’ll see the white box appear in the top left corner of the screen and this is the area where you’ll type all cheat codes that you wish to use.

To enable your cheats you’ll want to type testingcheats true into this box and hit enter and the game will let you know that cheats are enabled and you’ll be free to move onto using the sims 4 cooking skill cheat.

How to Cheat The Cooking Skill

Before we jump into the cheats for the cooking skill it is important to note that there are two cooking skills in the game. We have the regular or homestyle cooking still which your sims start gaining the first time they cook, and there’s the gourmet cooking skill which is gained later on when they first have a higher regular cooking skill. This article is focused on the homestyle cooking skill.

There are two types of skills in The Sims 4, major and minor skills, homestyle cooking is a 10 level major skill so there are 10 variations of the cheat. The way this works is there is the cheat code main part and you add whatever level of the skill you’d like to have to the end of the cheat code.

The cheat code you need to know for cheating the cooking skill is stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking X and you’ll just switch out the X for whatever level you’d like your sims to have. You can save that code and switch the number depending on what level you’d want or you can just copy and paste the cheats for each individual level down below.

Level of The SkillCheat Code
Level 1stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 1
Level 2stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 2
Level 3stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 3
Level 4stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 4
Level 5stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 5
Level 6stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 6
Level 7stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 7
Level 8stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 8
Level 9stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 9
Level 10stats.set_skill_level major_homestylecooking 10

Final Thoughts

Knowing as many skill cheats as possible in The Sims 4 can really make playing the game so much easier and genuinely more fun. You’ll never have to gain a cooking skill on your own again, which will definitely save your home from many fires from poor cooking skills. Happy Playing!

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