10 Floor Plans For Your Next Build in The Sims 4

One of the best parts about The Sims 4 is the building mechanics, they are the most intuitive they’ve ever been in the franchise and that makes many players excited to build more. However, building can often be difficult when you’re trying to make interesting builds each time.

The best thing you can do is find sims 4 floor plans on Pinterest, google images or on this instagram account that will completely change how you build. Below you’ll find 10 of my favourite floor plans for you to try out and see how it goes when building!

What are Floor Plans?

According to Wikipedia, a floor plan is “a technical drawing to scale, showing a view from above, of the relationships between rooms, spaces, traffic patterns, and other physical features at one level of a structure.”

How does this relate to the sims? Well, as simmers we are constantly building homes for our characters to reside in and oftentimes without a solid floor plan these homes just end up being a perfect square or a weird box shape.

Going into your build with a floor plan in mind can save you time and energy in trying to make both the inside of your house functional and the outside attractive.

10 Floor Plans You Should Try

1. 30×20 Lot, 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Our first floor plan would be built on a 30×20 lot in whichever world you fancy. This house is awesome because it has ample living space but also has a pool for your sims to swim in or maybe have a drowning accident instead.

On the main floor of this home you’ll find a small kitchen with a dining room right off it and a bathroom nice and close. You’ll have a living room at the back of the house and a hallway with a stairwell in the middle. On the other side of the stairwell there is a second bathroom and an office which is awesome for work from home sims.

Upstairs you’ll find all of the four bedrooms for this home and a nice sized bathroom for you to have your sims use most of the time!

2. 30×20 Clothing Store with Apartment

The next floor plan isn’t just a house, but a retail clothing store if you have Get to Work that has an apartment upstairs for your sims to live in. These are fun because you can have your regular home where your sims mostly live but also have a small apartment for when they work late.

On the main floor of this home you’ll have a checkout, a bathroom and some changing rooms for your retail location and platforms to really show off the merchandise.

Upstairs you’ll have an apartment with two bedrooms, a desk, and a small open living area for your sims to have all the comforts of a regular home but at their store!

3. 40×30 Lot, 4 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

This home is built on a bit of a bigger 40×30 lot and is a rather large home on a single floor. It’s fun to sometimes have homes that have a single story so you can see everything happening on screen at once.

When you walk up to this lot you’ll enter to an open floor plan living area with dining, living and kitchen. To the left there is a hallway with a small laundry area and 3 bedrooms, the fourth bedroom which could also work as an office is on the other end of the house, off the kitchen.

The single bathroom is at the end of the home and has a lowered platform for a shower which is a very fancy detail for your sim’s homes to make them feel luxurious.

4. 20×20 Lot, 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

If you’re looking for a very small but super functional home on a small 20×20 lot, this is the one for you. This house features four bedrooms but could be five if you changed the office to a bedroom and it has 3 bathrooms giving you a very functional home for your sims.

When you walk in the front door you’ll enter to the kitchen/dining area that is at the front of the house, a staircase in the middle and the living room to the right. On the main floor you’ll find one of the four bedrooms as well as an office and a small bathroom. There is even a vegetable garden area outside!

Upstairs in this home you’ll find two bathrooms and an additional 3 bedrooms plus a nice sized hallway area around the stairs to give yourself enough space to add a desk or a fun play area for your kids.

5. 30×20 Student House, 4 Bedroom 3 Bathroom

Our next floor plan is perfect for you if you are wanting to play with Discover University. This lot was designed to be a student housing situation that has four bedrooms upstairs for your sims to either have others in their household or get themselves some roommates.

Downstairs you’ll find two dining areas to really give space for everyone in this home to get enough food in their system, a small living room and a kitchen with a beautiful peninsula. There are also 3 bathrooms so you have enough for everyone.

6. 40×40 Restaurant

Are you wanting to build something to use in The Sims 4: Dine Out? This 40×40 restaurant is a great choice for your next financial investment in the game. This places features a gorgeous huge back patio for you to add more tables for serving customers or a dance floor or just keep empty!

Inside you’ll find some sofas for people while they’re waiting to be seated, a small kitchen to prepare the food and a bunch of tables and chairs for all of your customers.

There is even a secondary eating area upstairs to really have a ton of room for your customers as well as a cute play area for younger sims to hangout.

7. 30×20 Lot, 6 Bedroom 4 Bathroom

It’s really fun to try and stuff as much as you can in a small lot and this 6 bedroom home on a 30×20 lot really does some great stuffing in the small space.

On the main floor of this home you’ll find a kitchen, a living room and a dining area as well as a bathroom and a beautiful office for your sims. In the backyard you’ll even find a vegetable garden for your sims to grow their own food!

Upstairs you are going to find all six bedrooms as well as 3 small bathrooms. This house really lets you have a ton of sims in a little area for large families!

8. 20×15 Trailer

This next one is perfect for the small trailer lot in Strangerville and was designed for this area! This trailer fits on any 20×15 lot and has 7 very small bedrooms so you can have a ton of sims living in this very small area.

There are 3 bedrooms on the top floor with a small hallway and no bathrooms, downstairs you’ll find 4 more bedrooms scattered throughout. There isn’t a lot of space, since this is a trailer, so you’ll need to be creative when decorating.

9. 40×30 Lot, 5 Bedroom 4 Bathroom

If you’re looking for a really large home with 5 bedrooms, this is a great floor plan for you. It even has a pool!

This house has a garage on the main floor that adds to the flair of the outside vibe of the house and can give you space for hobbies or size up a toy car to make it feel useable.You’ll also find a single bedroom on the main floor as well as an open concept living area that is super functional.

Upstairs you’ll find just about everything. With tons of closet space, including a laundry closet as well. There are 3 bathrooms on this floor to make sure the sims living in these four bedrooms have lots of options for places to fix their bladder need.

10. 30×30 Church

With the release of My Wedding Stories we are more likely to build gorgeous wedding venues and churches for our sims to explore. This 30×30 lot church floor plan is awesome because it features a gorgeous raised wedding arch or alter, a beautiful aisle with church pews on either side.

The main building also has a bathroom and a kitchen area to the left and a beautiful outdoor area for your wedding reception. This area features a dance floor and a bunch of tables hanging out in an eating area with a bar on the other end.

Who Created These Floor Plans?

I am definitely not talented enough to come up with this many incredible floor plans for the game, but thankfully there are creators out there like rollos_floorplans on instagram who are constantly creating amazing things.

You can check out their instagram page and give them a follow and be sure to use the hashtag #rollosfloorplans whenever you post an item of theirs on the gallery!

Final Thoughts

Having consistent access to these sims 4 floor plans has seriously changed how I build and has made it so much easier to be consistent with building. You can follow them exactly or just use them as inspiration to try and create something beautiful. Add some custom content stuff pack furniture to your home and you’ll have the best lot you’ve ever built. Happy playing!

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