30 Sims 4 Custom Food Items You Need in The Game (CC Food)

There is so much going on in The Sims 4 when it comes to furniture, clothing, and activities, however, there really isn’t much going on in terms of food options. It can get really repetitive when making specific food items in the game and you can often get sick of having your sims make the same items over and over again.

Thankfully, custom content creators have struck again and are able to make custom food mods for you to download and change up the types of food your sims are able to both cook and eat. This makes it so much more fun to cook in the sims because you can download and cook some of your favourite real life recipes.

Before downloading any of these custom recipes, be sure to read the directions. All of these custom foods are going to require you to have a specific mod to be able to use them but this mod differs between creators so read the directions and download the proper mods to make sure they function properly.

1. Baked Mac and Cheese

There is absolutely nothing better than a delicious warm bowl of macaroni and cheese on a cool fall day. Although we do have the option to cook macaroni and cheese in The Sims 4, we don’t have a baked mac and cheese and any mac and cheese lovers out there knows that these are two different meals.

For your sim to be able to cook a serving of baked mac and cheese they are going to need to have level 5 of the cooking skill reached, which shouldn’t take your sim too long. You’ll be able to make both a single serving of this custom food or a party serving for more versatility if your sim lives alone.

2. Banana Pancakes

We could all use a bit more banana pancakes in our lives. This dish features beautiful fluffy pancakes with banana slices on top that honestly just look absolutely delicious. This would be a great meal for your sim to cook for their family on a Sunday morning.

For your sim to be able to cook this meal they are going to need to reach level 3 of the cooking skill. This dish can be cooked as a single serving if your sim lives alone, but can also be served as a group serving for a larger household.

3. BBQ Chicken Slider

Any time I’m at a restaurant some form of slides are high up on my choices for what to eat. These BBQ chicken sliders look absolutely delicious and when played even come with a small serving of french fries as a little side dish.

A sim who wants to go ahead and cook some BBQ Sliders is going to need to get to level 2 of the cooking skill and make sure they are not a vegetarian sim before consumption.

4. Berry Pies

If you are throwing a Harvestfest party for your sim’s family, you’ll definitely want this custom food to create for dessert. These berry pies come in both blueberry and raspberry and look absolutely delicious as a full plate or a single serving.

To cook this meal you are going to need to have level 6 of the cooking skill and are going to need to bake a whole pie, a single serving is not possible. This is a great choice for a great dessert and looks absolutely delicious.

5. Blueberry Delights

That blueberry cheesecake looks absolutely scrumptious and if I was a sim, I’d be baking that and those muffins every weekend. You can create a blueberry cheesecake for §45 and there’s even an option to download a custom harvestable blueberry so you can grow your own ingredients.

It’s also going to cost you §45 to bake a plate of blueberry muffins so these are definitely an indulgent treat for your sims. These are only going to be able to be baked if you are at level 6 of the cooking skill.

6. Candy Apple

Throwing a spooky day party isn’t complete unless you have a plate of candy apples ready to consume. These are an adorable festive treat that will make you extremely happy and just look adorable. Just looking at them I can already feel my teeth being filled with the candy!

Your sim will only be able to start cooking a candy apple custom food if they are at level 1 of the gourmet cooking skill and it will cost §14 for a SINGLE serving so its not cheap to throw a perfect spooky party.

7. Cheesy Garlic Bread

This next item is something that we’ve probably all eaten at a restaurant as an appetizer or just as a fun indulgent item to make for dinner. This honestly looks so delicious and the detail on it is so beautiful, this is of course vegetarian friendly!

Cooking this meal is going to require your sim to have level 5 of the cooking skill and it will cost your sim §80 to create a plate of gorgeous garlic bread. You’re even able to cook a single serving of garlic bread which I used to do when I was living with my cousin and had no money! YUM.

8. Chickpea Meatloaf

Chickpea meatloaf is something that you’ll want to make for a family of vegetarians as a fancy meal to enjoy. It plates gorgeously with a piece of meatloaf, a few carrots, some (what I assume are) potatoes and a few green beans and looks so delicious.

This gorgeous meal needs your sims to have cooking level 2 to cook it and is awesome because you can even add it to a restaurant if you run one with The Sims 4: Dine Out. Cooking this is pretty inexpensive for a single serving meal only costing §20.

9. Chocolate Strawberry Cake

The different options we have for cake in The Sims 4 can get very repetitive and having custom food options for cakes is so much fun because you can choose cakes that are going to better represent a sims personality. This chocolate strawberry cake is absolutely gorgeous and looks delicious and so moist!

This is a great birthday cake for an older sim, since most of the cakes seem like kids’ birthday cakes! To bake this cake for your sims you are going to need to have cooking level 2 and it will cost you the high price of §120.

10. Diwali Sweets

Having food that represents different cultures is a really fun experience in The Sims 4 so it isn’t just your sims eating mac and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches. These Diwali desserts are called Soan Papdi and Gulab Jamun and both look extremely delicious and like nothing we currently have in game.

Cooking yourself some Gulab Jamun will cost your sim §6 for a single serving and needs level 2 of the cooking skill. If you want to cook some Soan Papdi you are going to need level 3 of the cooking skill and its going to cost you §5.

11. Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan is such a delicious meal and having your sims eat it just makes me feel warm and fuzzy. The detail on this dish is so beautiful and I would love to have a plate of it for myself.

This meal is, of course, safe for vegetarians and needs your sim to have cooking level 6 to be able to cook it. Each serving of this delicious meal will cost §10 with a serving of 8 costing you §80.

12. Gingerbread House

This next treat on the list of custom food is a holiday staple, a gorgeous gingerbread house! This is a really cute one because the party serving has a gingerbread person and a gingerbread tree next to the adorable house and you can get a single, delicious serving to enjoy.

This meal is going to cost you almost §200 which is a little steep for this one, and your sim is going to need to reach level 5 of the cooking skill to be able to make this. This is honestly such a cute meal to cook just to put on a table for you to stare at because its so cute!

13. Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and sour soup is such a delicious meal to get at a restaurant and looks so delicious in The Sims 4. This seems like the perfect item of custom food to add to a restaurant menu to let your sims have on a night out.

Cooking up some hot and sour soup is going to cost your sim §7 for a single serving or §34 for a party size and will require your sims to have level 3 of the cooking skill. You’re even able to use ingredients to cook it with 1 tilapia, 1 onion and any vegetable.

14. Jajangmyeon

This delicious looking meal is a Korean meal called Jajangmyeon but can be called Korean Black Bean Noodles. The meal looks absolutely gorgeous with such fun detail, like c’mon look at the egg on top of that bowl. One of my favorite parts about this meal is how gorgeous the serving dish and single serving bowl is.

For your sim to be able to cook these Korean black bean noodles they are going to need to get to cooking level 4 and this can be cooked as either a single meal or a group meal.

15. Jjamppong

Here we have another beautiful Korean meal called Jjamppong or Korean Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup. This is an absolutely gorgeous meal with beautiful bowls to contain it, the creator even made a small side dish that will appear as your sim is eating it to make it even more beautiful.

To cook this meal your sim is going to need to reach level 6 of the cooking skill and has the option to add home grow mushrooms or onions to the recipe to make it less expensive to cook.

16. KFC Bucket

One kind of food that was a staple on a weekday night in my household was some KFC chicken buckets because of how easy it was to grab a decent meal for the whole family. This is awesome to have in The Sims 4 and looks so great!

This one operates a little bit different and your sims don’t actually need to know how to cook it, they will just grab it from the fridge instead of cooking.

17. Lasagna

How do we not have lasagna as a cooking option in The Sims 4? Lasagna is such a delicious meal that is great for cooking for the entire family and those layers of noodles, meat and cheese are the most delicious thing you can eat.

Cooking this meal requires your sims to have level 7 of the cooking skill and you are able to add two tomatoes to the meal to cook it for less money. Cooking a single serving of this meal will cost §11 and a party size is a whopping §43 which is pretty cheap compared to some of the other items on this list.

18. Mince Pies

Mince pies are a staple in many countries during the holiday season and are a much welcome addition to The Sims 4. These are a pastry crust filled with dried fruits and spices and are really yummy.

To let your sims have the option of cooking this item they are going to need to be at cooking level 3 and this meal can be cooked as a single serving or a party serving. It will cost you §8 for a single mince pie or §48 for a party serving.

19. Olive and Cheese Plate

Sometimes you just want your sims to make a small and simple meal that doesn’t look too crazy for storytelling purposes. This olive and cheese plate is nice and simple for your sims.

One nice thing is that this meal requires no prep work which means that you don’t even need any level of the cooking skill and is categorized as a quick meal.

20. Olive and Lemon Spaghetti

Spaghetti dishes are definitely a meal that I absolutely love and different variations of pasta make me really happy. This olive and lemon spaghetti looks really delicious and would be a staple in my sim’s household.

A single serving of this meal will cost §6 and a party size meal costing you §48. For a sim to be able to cook this delicious pasta dish they are going to need to reach cooking level 4.

21. Olive Bread

This gorgeous loaf of olive bread goes right up there with cheesy garlic bread for me and looks so beautiful as a full loaf with that little string tied around it like a cute little present. The single slices are even beautiful and make me very, very hungry.

To be able to cook this gorgeous loaf of bread you are going to only need to have level 1 of the cooking skill. Cooking this loaf will cost you §15 which is pretty inexpensive for what you get.

22. Peach Crumble

One of my favorite summer fruits is definitely peach and a peach crumble is my staple dessert in those warm summer months. This peach crumble is a staple in my game because of how delicious it looks and it actually makes my mouth water.

Being able to cook this meal happens when you reach level 6 of the cooking skill and makes a great dessert for your family. It will cost you §45 which isn’t horribly expensive.

23. Pistachio Desserts

Having a single custom food file having multiple options is extremely fun because you can get two or more items that are related. This set has both pistachio biscotti and pistachio crème cupcakes which both look so gorgeous and delicious.

Creating those cupcakes is going to have you needing level 3 of cooking and will cost you §5 for a single cupcake or §21 for the multi cupcake plate. Cooking up some pistachio biscotti is going to cost you the same §5 for single, and §21 for multi and also needs level 3.

24. Purple Berry Pudding

The next item on this list is absolutely adorable and works well for a spooky day party or a dessert for someone who just really loves purple. The detail on this meal is extremely fun because you can see the layers and that’s super fun!

Cooking this purple berry pudding requires your sim to have gourmet cooking level 3, so there is a high barrier to entry in cooking this compared to other meals on the list. This meal has a price of §20 for a single serving, or §160 for a party size of 8 servings.

25. Raspberry Cheesecake

As a serious cheesecake lover, this raspberry cheesecake is absolutely beautiful and looks incredibly delicious. The crumb layer on this one is so thick and those raspberries up top look so juicy.

This meal can be served as a single serving or an 8 serving size and requires your sim to have level 5 of the gourmet cooking skill. This is a pretty expensive meal and will cost your sims §120 to cook.

26. Raspberry Treats

Here we have another pair of treats that look absolutely delicious, this involves a raspberry cupcake as well as a raspberry tart to enjoy in The Sims 4. Both of these look so yummy and are definitely something I’d love to eat after a long day.

Cooking the raspberry tart requires you to have cooking level 6 and can be made as a single dish or as a group of tarts, the same is true for the raspberry cupcake.

27. Stu Surprise

This meal honestly just feels like something my step mother would’ve made for the kids when I was young and that makes me feel uncomfortable. This is something I definitely wouldn’t want to eat, but its kind of fun to make your sims eat this.

Stu surprise is going to cost you §7 per single serving and costs §34 for a party size. This requires your sim to have level 2 of the cooking skill and you are able to have any vegetable in your sim’s inventory and use that to cook.

28. Superhero Bat Cake

A superhero cake honestly is one of my favorite items on this list because it would work so well for a little kids’ birthday cake. This is so fun and adds personality to your kids’ and lets you see that the kid loves a superhero!

This cake is going to require your sim to have level 5 of the cooking skill which isn’t too high, so you better get that skill up before the superhero birthday party.

29. Sushi Set

Sushi is an extremely popular food and even though I’m not a fan, it is a really fun meal to have your sims cook and eat. This creates a custom set of interactions for your sims to create their own sushi with this sushi set and then get to eat it.

Your sims are going to need to have cooking level 3 to create any of the 3 cooking dishes, Nigiri, Maki or Assorted Sushi. The cost for a single serving is §16 and for a party serving it is §60.

30. Tandoori Chicken

The final item on our list is some tandoori chicken which is a popular Indian meal that is really delicious. A fun part about this meal is that the single serving comes on a nice rectangular black plate instead of a boring, plain white plate.

Being able to cook this meal requires you to reach cooking level 11 and will cost you §11 for a single serving and §63 for a party serving and looks so delicious.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, even though all of the meals on this list were just pixels, I am so hungry after writing this. These custom food items for The Sims 4 are so fun and can add so much more flair to your sim’s cooking abilities and can allow them to create such gorgeous meals and desserts. Hopefully your sims are going to be cooking up some of these goodies. Happy playing!

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