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25+ Sims 4 CC Toddler Shoes To Complete the Look

Shoes are something that makes the outfit and the game is really lacking in the good toddler shoes department. This list of sims 4 cc toddler shoes is going to allow you to further customize your toddlers with fun shoe options that work for outdoor outfits, pyjamas and a hot summer day.

You’ll never have a moment where you create the most adorable toddler but just can’t find the perfect shoe to complete the look again!

The Sims 4: CC Toddler Shoes

1. Plushy Star

Our first pair of shoes are the Plushy Star toddler shoes which are super childish and fun. These shoes are a solid colour on the foot with a different tone around the ankle as a nice accent piece.

On the top of the foot you’ll find a smiling little star looking right back at you that has an adorable button nose and I bet this would become your toddler’s new favourite toy.

download sims 4 cc

2. Work Boot

Our next shoe came to the game for adults originally with The Sims 4: Get to Work. These adorable toddler work boots are a great choice for your game because they can be worn with shorts and a t-shirt as a casual look but if you pair them with the right pair of pants and a button down can be dressed up in a very cute way.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

3. Jelly Sandals

There are so many adorable shoes in the game but nothing is cuter than these jelly sandals. These shoes come in dozens of colours both in single colours or ones with white accents.

These can pair with so many outfits and can even be worn with formal wear as long as you choose the right colour.

As someone who had a pair of jelly sandals as a kid I’m glad these are virtual because they always started to smell a bit weird after a while.

cc jelly sandals

4. Princess Shoes

Our next shoes are fit for a Princess! These shoes are really adorable low profile shoes that come in a variety of colours. They are in the same shape as flats with a strap going across the top to keep them on your toddlers foot.

These shoes also have a large flower on the top that adds a bit of flair and makes you really love them. You can pair these with a simple dress and a pair of floral toddler earrings for the cutest kid ever.

princess loafers for toddlers

5. Rain Boots

Playing in puddles is a right of passage for many children and these rain boots are a get option for sims 4 cc toddler shoes. These come in a variety of plain colours that can match with any outfits but that’s not where it ends.

These come in stripes, polka dots, camouflage options and my personal favourite the monster on the toe option that will let your sim play like a monster is attacking a puddle. Pair these with the perfect toddler rain coat and you’ll be so excited about how cute your kid is.

toddler rain boot cc

6. Open Toe Slippers

If you’re looking for a more simple indoor shoe for your toddler this pair of open toe slippers is a good option. These can be worn with your sim’s favourite pair of pyjamas as a comfy at home outfit or you can wear them while your sim plays outside in the backyard.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

7. Colourful Sneakers

Velcro sneakers are a must-have for any toddler since these children can often put these on by themselves. That independence is important for little ones and your toddlers can show it off by wearing these colourful sneakers.

These shoes are awesome because they come in five really adorable colours and can let your toddlers show off their personality without being covered in wild patterns or designs.

toddler cc base game sneakers

8. Panda Loafers

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love pandas and these panda loafers are something I’d love to have IRL.

These are perfect if you have The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting because your sim can play with the adorable knitted panda stuffed animal while wearing these loafers and showing off how much they love this animal.

panda loafers for babies

9. Cry Baby Pikachu Slippers

If you’re a fan of Pokemon and also love The Sims you need to have these Pikachu Slippers. These are the perfect pair of slippers for a family who is obsessed with Pokemon and really wants to show that off.

There’s a ton of Pokemon CC for you to download too so having a whole themed bedroom for your sim who wears these slippers is a really fun option.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

10. Converse Shoes 01

Converse are one of the most popular types of shoes in the world and these converse shoes for toddlers are so perfect. These are awesome because they come in all sorts of colours to match just about any outfit and can work for both masculine and feminine toddlers.

These shoes even have velcro instead of the traditional shoe laces to make them feel every better for toddlers and will pair perfectly with your sim’s favourite outfit.

converse low top cc

11. Plushy Bunny

Just like the plushy star slippers these plushy bunny shoes are a really fun option for a sim who loves to hangout with wild rabbits.

These shoes have a solid colour surrounding the foot and a different colour or pattern at the top of the shoe. On top of your sim’s foot you’ll find a cute white bunny 3D coming off the shoe for such a fun look.

plushy bunny slippers for toddlers

12. Leather Shoes

If you’re looking for an incredible option for a formal toddler outfit look no further. These leather shoes are a perfect piece of sims 4 cc toddler shoes because they are simple and mature but still come in a few fun colours to make them feel perfect for your little ones.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

13. Melissa Shoes

The Melissa Shoes are an option with so many colours to choose from. There are over 20 colours of this adorable shoe to pick from and the shoes starts with a simple base and a strap going across the sims foot and a small hole in the front for a bit of extra design.

Pairing these shoes with a pair of frilly toddler socks is a great option to somehow make these already cute shoes even cuter.

melissa shoes look great with frilly socks

14. Colourful Lace Up Shoes

Our next pair of shoes is this super fun set of colourful lace up shoes that remind me a lot of bowling shoes but with more fun colours.

These shoes will have the base of the shoe in one colour like a red but with two pieces coming up from each side in another colour like blue. Even the laces are a different colour to really make sure that they look cute.

lace up shoes for toddlers

15. Panda Slippers

Okay, I understand that this list probably didn’t need another pair of Panda Slippers but these just made me happy.

These slippers take over your sim’s entire foot with their foot actually going into the body of the Panda as a way to make them so adorable. These are a perfect PJ or comfy outfit pair of slippers.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

16. Little Gardener Boots

Toddlers love nothing more than playing in dirt and water and wearing little gardener boots is a great way to protect them from getting too dirty.

These are a pair of seasons boots with more fun recolours as adorable patterns. You’ll find patterns with flowers, plants and even a little snail that your toddler would most definitely find when helping their parents with their gardening skill.

small boots from seasons for toddlers

17. Mickey and Minnie Loafers

Bringing in real life pop culture to the sims is something we can only achieve using custom content since EA will probably never have the rights to something like Mickey and Minnie.

These Mickey and Minnie Loafers are a really fun option for kids to show off what they like. They both come in an assortment of colours and styles and let your sims show off their love for Disney.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

18. Hamburger Slippers

One of my favourite food items in the game is definitely the hamburger cake so why not have hamburger slippers?

These slippers have the top of your sim’s foot looking like a delicious hamburger bun with sesame seeds and the bottom of the shoe being the bottom bun, burger patty, lettuce and ketchup in the most adorable way. These are a great choice for when your sims are in comfortable outfits.

hamburger slippers

19. Lovely Sandals

Our next pair of shoes is the lovely sandals that really are lovely, as they say. These shoes come in dozens of fun colours where the flower will be a different colour than the actual shoe for extra fun.

The shoes have a simple base with cute straps going from back to front and multiple straps going from side to side on the shoe. These are great for simple everyday outfits and of course pair beautifully with dresses for your toddlers.

sandals for toddlers

20. St Patrick’s Day Mary Janes

Mary Janes are a very popular shoe that’s been around for decades and are so gorgeous, but why not make them more fun by wearing these St Patrick’s Day Mary Janes.

These shoes have a large strap across the front that makes sure the shoe stays on your toddler’s foot and the base of the shoe is coloured in such fun patterns!

perfect st patricks day sims cc

21. Toddler Flip Flops

There are so many basic things that you need to have in your game and this pair of toddler flip flops makes the top of the list for me. These are extremely basic as a concept but are so effective for your sims because they can wear them with their swim suits or just with a cute dress in the summertime.

flip flops for toddlers

22. Plaid Slippers

Do you ever wish that all toddlers dressed more like a grumpy old man? There’s just something so charming about dressing a toddler in plaid slippers and grandpa sweaters.

These Plaid Slippers are the perfect sims 4 cc toddler shoes for you to turn your toddler into an elder and make them the most adorable ever. Wearing these with your sim’s pjs is so adorable, especially if you have a matching pair for your sim’s parents.

sims 4 cc toddler shoes

23. Toddler Rain Boots

Most of the rain boots we have in the game or even custom content rain boots are very childish and not very stylish. This pair of toddler rain boots are so aesthetically pleasing and would look awesome with your fancier toddler clothes.

rain boots for toddlers

24. Cry Baby Bunny Shoes

Why do shoes have to just be shoes? Why can’t they be a bunny rabbit at the same time?

These cry baby bunny shoes are not only an extremely stylish pair of shoes but they have adorable bunny ears at the top to make them perfect for a young toddler. They can be worn with a pair of jeans or even with a dress as a way to express your toddler’s style.

cry baby bunny shoes

25. Crocs

Crocs are one of those pairs of shoes that you either love or hate, but for toddler’s they’re a perfect choice. These custom content crocs are such a fun idea and they come in dozens of colours.

These are great because they can be worn with swim wear, every day outfits, hot weather and more and if you’re feeling extra silly you can even pair this with a fancy tuxedo.

crocs for toddlers to wear

26. Little Mermaid Shoes

Our next pair of shoes are the Little Mermaid Shoes that are an amazing option for any kid who lives in Sulani and wants to be just like all the gorgeous mermaids they see in the ocean.

These are a very sweet shoe that covers the foot and raises in the back behind the heel, there is also a thin line of shoe going across the foot as an added detail. The best part of the shoe is definitely the adorable mermaid decal!

sims 4 mermaid shoes

27. Winterbabez Boots

Boots are a beautiful thing and will keep your toddler’s feet warm on those cold winter nights. These Winterbabez Boots are really beautiful as a short boot instead of a boot that overwhelms the leg.

These featured a gorgeous diamond pattern with small fabric details and a cute tied front. You can pair these shoes with so many different winter coats too!

boots for winter

28. Toddler Shoe Pack

This toddler shoe pack is a great option to get a bunch of items at one time so you don’t have to download multiple files. All 3 pairs of shoes in this pack are super trendy too so they can work with so many outfits and make your toddlers look extra cool.

There is a pair that look like Nike shoes, a pair that look like Converse and a colourful pair of running shoes so there is really something for everyone.

set of cute shoes for toddlers

Final Thoughts

Shoes are really the final piece of any outfit and can tie things in together in a way that is very important. Downloading beautiful sims 4 cc toddler shoes is the key to success when it comes to making adorable toddler outfits and will change your life in the game. Happy Playing!

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