The Sims 4: Doctor Career (Get to Work)

When we got The Sims 4: Get to Work we were given 3 active careers for your sims to play. The doctor career is one of them where you can go to the hospital and treat patients and spend your sim’s day helping people. As you go through the levels of the doctor career you’ll unlock new CAS items, a brand new trait that will keep you healthy, and a ton of new abilities at the hospital.

Going to Work

Each day that you have to work you’ll get a pop-up option asking if you want to join your sim at work or send them alone. If you send them alone they won’t be able to get promoted since most of the requirements for this career are only possible when playing the active career. To go to work with them you just need to choose join and you’ll get to participate in making your sim have a good day at work.

When you arrive at work you’ll see your sim standing outside, and you’ll see a check-in desk with some sick sims waiting to be cared for. You’ll see a room with patient beds with some patients already taken in and rooms where you can analyze samples, do treadmill tests, xrays and more. There is also a single person bathroom and a kitchen for you to get snacks in when your sim gets hungry.

Skills to Work on for a Smoother Work Day

There are two skills that are necessary for the doctor career in the sims, the first is the handiness skill. This is necessary because equipment in the hospital is going to break often this includes analyzer machines, treadmills, Xrays, and even the sinks and toilets. This is going to slow your day down so having a high handiness skill can make your sim take way less time fixing these.

The second skill that is going to be a really great idea is the logic skill. This is a good choice because you will have an easier time when doing tests on the analyzer and will waste less time tinkering around and waiting for results.

How to Complete Work Objectives

Each day there is going to be different work objectives that appear in the top left hand corner of your screen. These objectives will be things like mopping and talking to coworkers in your first few levels of the career, to things like performing surgery or treating patients in your last few levels of the career. Your objectives will get more complicated the further along you go.

Most of the objectives are self explanatory and can be completed easily. You can hover over any objective in the game to see what you are supposed to do to get it done.

Improving Your Work Performance

Your career performance is important to get promoted and earn more money. You want to make sure that your career performance goes up so you can be promoted! The first thing you want to do is make sure you attend work being in a good mood. Get a good night’s sleep and eat a good meal before you go so you don’t have to waste work time grabbing a snack.

Once you’re at work you want to build up your relationships with all of your coworkers as a way to improve performance and just have a better day. You should also do as many of the daily objectives as possible to have a gold work day.

Making a House Call

Once in a while when you are attending an active day at work there will be a notification and you’ll need to go make a house call. When you get these notifications you can ignore them if you want, but I love doing them because it breaks up some of the monotony of a day working as a doctor.

When you get this notification you need to go up to the front desk of the hospital and click on the counter to attend house call. Then you’ll go through a loading screen and arrive at the patient’s home. You’ll be given your goals just like at a regular day of work and you just need to find the sick sim and complete the tasks. Once you finish the house call you can click on your sim to head back to your hospital and get back to work.

Types of Disease and Their Symptoms

Every sickness that your sims are going to have will have visible symptoms that you’ll be able to see based on the way they are acting. They will have things like a headache, or rub their stomach, or sneeze which can help you diagnose them properly. You can use this guide to figure out the differences between different diseases.

Bloaty Head

When a sim comes in with bloaty head they are going to show signs that they have a headache. This will be shown by them holding their head with a few fingers. They may also have steam coming from their ears. You will treat this by choosing to treat bloaty head with shot.

Burnin’ Belly

A sim who comes in with burnin’ belly will be seen rubbing their stomach often and may have steam come out of their head. They will sometimes have a thought bubble pop up with a pink bottle of medicine. To treat burnin’ belly you are going to need to give this patient surgery.

Gas and Giggles

Sims who come in with gas and giggles are going to have a bunch of symptoms. This includes rubbing their tummy, giggling at random times, passing gas, stripes on their bodies and thinking about food. To treat this disease you are going to want to prescribe medication for gas and giggles.

Itchy Plumbob

A sim who comes into the hospital with itchy plumbob are going to be itchy and scratching themselves, giggling a bunch, and may have visible spots on their bodies. You can treat itchy plumbob with surgery.

Llama Flu

Sims who come into the hospital with llama flu may have spots on their body, sneezing, and coughing a bit. To help these sims you need to give llama flu vaccination.

Starry Eyes

A sim who comes into the hospital with starry eyes will have stars spinning over their head like they are dazed, they have have spots on thier body and will be showing signs of being dizzy. These sims will be treated by choosing treat starry eyes with medication.

Sweaty Shivers

If a sim comes in with sweaty shivers will be itchy often, may have spots on their body and will have visible signs of a fever. To treat these patients you are going to inoculate for sweaty shivers.

The Triple Threat

The sims that come in with the triple threat are going to have a wider variety of symptoms. They may have stars spinning over their head, sneezing, being itchy, coughing, and will have some sort of spot, stripe, or whirly spot on their body. The only way to treat this disease is through surgery.

Diagnosing Sims

Although you can see a lot of the diseases on the sims without running any tests, you don’t want to just skip to a cure if you aren’t 100% sure what disease they have. This will have you having poor work performance and that’s the opposite of what we want. You want to do as many tests as possible before trying to cure a sim. You may need to run tests at the patient bed, or if you are further in the career you can do treadmill tests or X-rays to see how it goes. Eventually you’ll know exactly what disease they have and you can go to curing them.

Curing Sickness

You’ll know that a sim is ready to be cured from their sickness when their heart above their head changes from blue to red. You’ll be able to give them their treatment and they will head out of the hospital and you’ll get a new patient in soon!

Delivering Babies

At level 6 of the doctor career your sim will now have the chance to determine the sex of a baby when a pregnant sim starts the labour process. When your sim reaches level 8 of the doctor career they are going to unlock the ability to start delivering babies. This is really fun! When a pregnant sim comes into the hospital they are going to be signed in and they will be brought to the surgery table to have their baby. Your sim will use this giant surgery table to deliver the baby.

Sickness Resistance

When your sim reaches level 8 of the doctor career they are going to be awarded with the sickness resistant trait. This trait isn’t going to completely make it so your sims never get sick, but it will greatly reduce the chances of your doctor sims getting ill. This is great because sickness in the sims are quite annoying, especiallly when you have other sims to save!

Doctor Career Levels

Job TitleMedical Intern
Hourly Wage§18
ScheduleF S S M T 7 am – 3 pm
Daily Pay§144
Promotion Tasks Attend an Active Work Day
Promotion RewardsNone
Job TitleOrderly
Hourly Wage§23
ScheduleS S M T W 7 am to 3 pm
Daily Pay§184
Promotion Tasks Treat 2 Patients
Promotion Rewards§192, New CAS Items, Not So Bling Eye Chart, Doctor Xavier Ray’s Display
Job TitleMedical Assistant
Hourly Wage§35
ScheduleS M T W T 8 am – 4 pm
Daily Pay§280
Promotion Tasks Treat 3 Patients
Promotion Rewards§256, New Ability: Give Medical Advice or Give Bad Medical Advice if you have Mischief Level 3
Job TitleMedical Technologist
Hourly Wage§49
ScheduleM T W T F 9 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§392
Promotion Tasks Successfully Diagnose AND Treat a Patients
Promotion Rewards§312, New CAS Items, Defeat the Darkness Surgical Light
Job TitleAssistant Nurse
Hourly Wage§68
ScheduleT W F S 6 am to 4 pm
Daily Pay§680
Promotion Tasks Successfully Diagnose and Treat 2 Patients
Promotion Rewards§384, New Ability: Check Hotness, Restless Thankless Medical Stool
Job TitleRN
Hourly Wage§95
ScheduleM W T S 7 am – 5 pm
Daily Pay§950
Promotion Tasks Successfully Diagnose and Treat 3 Patients
Promotion Rewards§576, New Ability: Determine Gender of Baby for Pregnant Sims, Doctor of Medicine Diploma
Job TitleGeneral Practioner
Hourly Wage§135
ScheduleT T F S 8 am – 6 pm
Daily Pay§1350
Promotion Tasks Perform Surgery on 3 Patients
Promotion Rewards§816, New CAS Items, Seat of Health
Job TitleMedical Specialist
Hourly Wage§195
ScheduleM W F S 9 am – 7 pm
Daily Pay§1950
Promotion Tasks Deliver a Baby
Promotion Rewards§1136, New Trait: Sickness Resistant, The Diligent Doctor’s Desk
Job TitleSurgeon
Hourly Wage§245
ScheduleM W T S 9 am to 7 pm
Daily Pay§2450
Promotion Tasks Successfully Diagnose and Treat 5 Patients
Promotion Rewards§1495, Skelly Sim
Job TitleChief of Staff
Hourly Wage§280
ScheduleM T T F 9 am = 7 pm
Daily Pay§2800
Promotion Tasks Go To Work
Promotion Rewards§1720, New Styled Room Unlocked: General Hospital

How to Cheat the Doctor Career

If you are unwilling to go to work in order to get promoted, you can always cheat to get your sims to a higher level of the career. To do this you first need to hit ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard to open up the cheat box, then type in testingcheats true and hit enter. Then you can use the promotion cheat by typing careers.promote doctor and hit enter to be promoted by one level.

Final Thoughts

The doctor career in The Sims 4 is such a fun way to play because it makes you participate in every part of your sim’s lives. Working with your sim is such a great time and can make you feel more connected to your sim’s career. I really hope this article helped with your doctor career. Happy Playing!

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