The Sims 4: Farm Animals (Cottage Living)

With The Sims 4: Cottage Living we got access to three new types of animals that will live on your lot, and help you earn money. Those animals are chickens, cows and llamas. All three of these yield products that can sold for a profit or used in your sim’s food or cross stitching.


Cows are the first type of farm animal we have and these animals live in an animal shed. They are consistently in need of attention, so socialize with them often. Feeding these animals specific animal treats can actually have them producing different types of milk including chocolate and strawberry milk.

It’s important to build your sim’s relationship with these cuties so they will have a higher quality yield and will enjoy spending time with your sims a bit more, plus you’ll unlock the hilarious cow tipping interaction.


Our next four legged friend is the llama, these animals produce wool that your sims can use in their cross stitching patterns or can be sold for a profit. Using animal treats can actually change the colour of your llama which will produce different colours of wool.

To keep the llamas happy, you’ll want to make sure you keep them fed, clean, and socialized by talking to them often.


Chickens operate a bit different than cows or llamas because they live in a coop and you can have up to 8 chickens per coop, allowing you to have many more of these animals on your lot at a time. Your chickens need to consistently be fed, socialized with and their coop be kept clean to keep them happy.

There are two types of special chickens, the golden chicken and the evil chicken which have benefits and downfalls. Your sim will be able to get chicken eggs from the coop each day as long as your chickens are happy.

Final Thoughts

Each of these animals is a great choice to have on your lot and can make for some really fun gameplay, especially if you love to have your adult sims not get traditional jobs and stay at home taking care of the home and the farm, a great rags to riches addition too!

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