The Sims 4: Politician Career (City Living)

The Sims 4: City Living brought in all sorts of new careers, like the Critic Career and the Social Media Career. We even got a politician career to be excited about. The politician career lets you decide if you want to be a elected representative or if you’d rather just raise money for charity and be one of the good guys.

Ideal Mood for The Politician Career

The ideal mood for this career is confident because someone in politics needs to be confident to get people to believe all the things they say.

You can learn more about the different emotions and how to get your sims feeling some type of way in this article: The Sims 4: Emotions and How They Work.

Working From Home

One of the best things about all careers that came with The Sims 4: City Living is that they all have the ability to get your sims to work from home by completing a number of tasks related to your field of work.

Every morning about an hour before your sim is supposed to head into work a pop-up will come up in the bottom left hand corner of the screen and will give you the option to either work from home or go to work.

You’ll be given some things to do that will show up in your career panel that you need to complete and every time you finish one, you’ll get paid.

If you want to just cheat your way to the top of the career, you can give yourself a promotion super easy. You just need to type ctrl + shift + c to open up the cheat box then use the testingcheats true cheat, to make all cheats work. Then type in careers.promote adult_politician and your sim will go up a rank.

Traits For the Politician Career

Working in the politician career in The Sims 4 your sims are going to spend so much time talking to other sims, so I think that outgoing is an awesome choice for a trait.

Outgoing makes your sim more comfortable in social situations and makes it so they enjoy speaking to other sims a lot. They are also going to have their social interactions land better.

Also, self-assured could be a great option because those sims feel confident more often and confidence makes social interactions (like asking for donations and securing votes!) go more smoothly.

Reward Traits For The Politician Career

When you gain satisfaction points in the game you can buy new reward traits that can help you gain skills quicker and also stop some negative emotions.

Some reward store traits that may help the politician career would be carefree, incredibly friendly, savant, and shameless.

The carefree trait will make your sims not feel the tense emotion which can make it easier to make them do work tasks back to back. The savant reward store trait will make your sim gain all skills 25% faster.

The shameless reward store trait will make it so your sim doesn’t feel embarrassed, this is helpful because it’s harder to build connections with other sims if there has been an embarrassing moodlet.

Finally, the incredibly friendly reward store trait will give your sims a boost to relationships when they make an introduction.

Aspirations for the Politician Career

There is no direct aspiration that is going to help you get through the politician career, however, you do need to max out your charisma and that bodes best for the Friend to the World aspiration.

The Friend to the World aspiration is great because it makes your sim want to make more friends and spend more time talking to sims. In order to get donations or secure votes, you’re going to need a lot of friends so this is a great aspiration choice.

Politician Career Levels

There are 4 levels to the politician career in the sims 4 before you are able to choose a specific branch and they are as follows:

Job TitleUnruly Activist
Hourly Wage§16/Hour
ScheduleS M W T S 8am – 3pm
Daily Wage§112
Daily TasksChoose a Cause, Successfully Promote Cause
Promotion RewardNone
Job TitleCampaign Intern
Hourly Wage§26/Hour
ScheduleS M W T S 8am – 3pm
Daily Wage§182
Daily TasksLevel 2 Charisma, Successfully Promote Cause
Promotion Reward§172, New Debate Politics Interaction
Job TitleSocial Justice Worker
Hourly Wage§39/Hour
ScheduleS M W T S 8am – 3pm
Daily Wage§273
Daily TasksLevel 3 Charisma, Promote Cause
Promotion Reward§275, New Clothes in CAS, Check Cause Progress Interaction
Job TitleCommunity Organizer
Hourly Wage§49/Hour
ScheduleS M W T S 8am – 3pm
Daily Wage§343
Daily TasksLevel 4 Charisma, Successfully Promote Cause
Promotion Reward§413, Give Expert Speech at a Podium

Charity Organizer Branch

“Use your political prowess for the greater good. Raise money and fund a solution for the Cause you support!”

The main part of the charity organizer branch is that you need to be collecting donations. This can become a pain in the neck, but it isn’t impossible. The best thing you can do before ever asking for a donation is make sure that you’re at least friends with the sim who you are asking.

You’re able to ask a single sim for more than one donation at a time, and you can ask them for money every single day. So have a few really great relationships with sims around town can get you through the donation process easy.

Charity Organizer Branch Levels

Job TitleFriendly Lobbyist
Hourly Wage§57/Hour
ScheduleM T T F 9am – 5pm
Daily Wage§456
Daily TasksLevel 5 Charisma, Collect §50 of Donations
Promotion Reward§518, New Interaction: Convince Protesters to Leave, Collect §25 Donation
Job TitleFundraising Specialist
Hourly Wage§98/Hour
ScheduleM T F 9am – 5pm
Daily Wage§784
Daily TasksLevel 6 Charisma, Collect §500 of Donations
Promotion Reward§449, New Pre Built Room: Every Little Thing Counts, New Interaction: Collect §100 of Donations
Job TitleCharity Organizer
Hourly Wage§123/Hour
ScheduleF S S 11am – 7pm
Daily Wage§984
Daily TasksLevel 7 Charisma, Collect §1500 of Donations
Promotion Reward§417, New Interaction: Collect §250 Donation, New CAS Clothes
Job TitleNon-Profit Director
Hourly Wage§153/Hour
ScheduleM W F 9am – 5pm
Daily Wage§1124
Daily TasksLevel 8 Charisma, Collect §5000 of Donations
Promotion Reward§589, New Interaction: Collect §1000 Donation
Job TitleLeader of the Cause
Hourly Wage§219/Hour
ScheduleM W F 10am – 5pm
Daily Wage§1533
Daily TasksLevel 10 Charisma, Collect §20000 of Donations
Promotion Reward§736, New Clothes
Job TitleCharity Icon
Hourly Wage§342/Hour
ScheduleM W F 10am – 4pm
Daily Wage§2052
Daily TasksCollect Donations
Promotion Reward§920, New Pre Built Room: Making a Difference

Politician Branch

“Secure votes, give speeches, and become the National Leader! Better brush up on your public policy!”

The biggest part of the politician branch is that you need to secure votes. This needs to be done by making friends with other sims around town that will vote for you.

To secure a vote, you need to promote your policies first so that the receiving sim understand where you’re coming from and feels comfortable with voting for you. However, you shouldn’t jump into a brand new relationship with promoting policies. You need to make a friend first, and promote policies second.

Politician Branch Levels

Job TitleCivil Servant
Hourly Wage§65/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 8am – 4pm
Daily Wage§520
Daily TasksLevel 5 Charisma, Secure Votes (2)
Promotion Reward§518, New Interactions: Ask for Bribe, Make Empty Promises, Secure Vote, Promote Policies
Job TitlePublic Official
Hourly Wage§91/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 8am – 4pm
Daily Wage§728
Daily TasksLevel 6 Charisma, Secure Votes (3)
Promotion Reward§1555, New Clothes
Job TitleCouncilperson
Hourly Wage§127/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 8am – 4pm
Daily Wage§1016
Daily TasksLevel 7 Charisma, Secure Votes (5)
Promotion Reward§2177, New Pre Built Room: The Squared Office, New Interaction: Kiss Baby
Job TitleRepresentative
Hourly Wage§178/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 8am – 4pm
Daily Wage§1424
Daily TasksLevel 8 Charisma, Secure Votes (10)
Promotion Reward§3049
Job TitleElder Statesperson
Hourly Wage§231/Hour
ScheduleM T W T F 8am – 4pm
Daily Wage§1848
Daily TasksLevel 10 Charisma, Secure Votes (20)
Promotion Reward§4268, New Clothes
Job TitleNational Leader
Hourly Wage§340/Hour
ScheduleM T T F 8am – 3pm
Daily Wage§2380
Daily TasksNone
Promotion Reward§5548, New Pre-Built Room: Stately Chic


A big aspect of the Politician Career is giving speeches at podiums. You can purchase a podium in build/buy and keep it in your inventory for use anywhere you go. Or, you can use the podium that is in Uptown between the two buildings.

Sims will listen to your speeches and you can use these sims to secure votes. Giving speeches will help your sim boost their charisma skill as well as make them feel super confident if the speech goes well.

Final Thoughts

The Sims 4: City Living came with some of my favourite careers in the game, because working from home is the best! You can really do a lot with this career and it makes the gameplay a bit more interesting!

How do you feel about the politician career in the sims 4? Have you finished the career and made it to level 10? How did you find securing votes? Let me know in the comments!

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