The Sims 4: Family Funds Cheat (Add or Remove Money)

In The Sims 3 we had a really easy way to change the amount of money the family had with the family funds cheat and thankfully, there’s a way to do this in The Sims 4 as well by using the money cheat.

This cheat is awesome because it doesn’t just add a certain amount of money like it would with motherlode or kaching, it can be whatever exact amount of money you want. You can also use this to eliminate money from your household funds as well, you can even set them to 0.

How to Use the Family Funds Cheat

To use this cheat you need to first enable cheats in the game. You can do this by opening the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift + c and then type in testingcheats true to enable cheats.

Then you can type in money X and fill the x with the amount of money you wish to have. This could be any amount of money, even 1,000,000 simoleons or 0, it’s entirely up to you. Then you just need to hit enter.

Final Thoughts

This cheat is nice and simple but can give your sim more money, or less money and is absolutely awesome and a must know for all sims players.

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  1. I got a new computer. I can not download my game digit delux I also can not downloade mone the way I use to

    1. I wish I saw this earlier. If you or anyone has this problem in the future, you can actually get in touch with EA through Origin. Either on chat or through telephone. They will walk you through how to fix it. They can also take control of your computer and do it for you, which I’ve personally had them to twice. They are always super nice.

    1. You have to type in “testingcheats true” (without the quotation marks) first, before it lets you use it.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Be in Live Mode not Build Mode. Do the ctrl + shift + c and after doing that, you should see a box pop up at the top left corner of the screen. Type: testingcheats true (leave the space between cheats and true) and you should see a message that says that the cheats are enabled. After that, type money followed by how much you want but leave the commas out. So if you want 700,000 type money 700000. Hope this helps you a little more!!

    2. I tried to do this with a family I had just created. I was on manage worlds with the family ready to move in.
      Didn’t work. Do I have to be in live mode or something?

  2. Can’t get money x to work at all. Tried it a bunch of different ways.
    Motherload always works fine though.

    1. you’re not supposed to actually do money x

      type “money x”, but replace the x with the amount you want, like “money 5000”

    2. You can also use the cheat, “money (x)” and fill in whatever you want in the x space. make sure you type in “testingcheats on” first


      Happy simming

  3. I tried money x, motherlode and many other money cheats but none of them are working for me. I updated The Sims 4 and then downloaded a mod to make they work again…. but it actually didint work. 🙁 Can somebody help?

  4. if its your first time doing cheats then it will ask you if you are sure and then if you are sure then press OK or something else AND then you can do the cheat.

      1. I’ve tried doing this (and yes I’m doing it the right way eg. money 10000) and mother lode and rosebud but nothing is working? ( yes I do have testing cheats enabled)

  5. HELP IT decreases my money instead of adding. I only type Money 2000 to try it but it decreases ny money

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