In The Sims 3 we had a really easy way to change the amount of money the family had with the family funds cheat and thankfully, there’s a way to do this in The Sims 4 as well by using the money cheat.

This cheat is awesome because it doesn’t just add a certain amount of money like it would with motherlode or kaching, it can be whatever exact amount of money you want. You can also use this to eliminate money from your household funds as well, you can even set them to 0.

How to Use the Family Funds Cheat

To use this cheat you need to first enable cheats in the game. You can do this by opening the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift + c and then type in testingcheats true to enable cheats.

Then you can type in money X and fill the x with the amount of money you wish to have. This could be any amount of money, even 1,000,000 simoleons or 0, it’s entirely up to you. Then you just need to hit enter.

Final Thoughts

This cheat is nice and simple but can give your sim more money, or less money and is absolutely awesome and a must know for all sims players.