Sometimes when you play too much of The Sims 4 you can get extremely bored pretty darn quick and that’s when challenges come into play. You can use a challenge to make building harder, do a fun CAS challenge, or have a long term gameplay challenge.

They’re all really fun so we wanted to compile a long list of all the challenges we could find scoured around the internet, with links to the rules, so you guys could go and try out some new challenges!

If you’d rather watch and listen to this information, I’ve started creating videos for 10 challenges at a time which you can check out on my youtube channel!

1. 100 Baby Challenge

The 100 baby challenge has been around for years and has been growing in popularity recently with more and more simmers making videos about it. In the 100 baby challenge you start with a female matriarch (preferably a young adult) who will then work to have children with as many people as possible in their lifetime.

Basically, the rules are you can’t have a baby with the same person twice, you aren’t allowed to have an outside job, and you need to complete certain milestones before being able to age up a toddler, child, or teen.

2. Not So Berry Challenge

In the not so berry challenge you will have a lot of generations that will each be denoted by a different color. For example, the first level of the challenge is mint and this sim will have mint colored hair and must have the materialistic, jealous and materialistic traits, be in the scientist career and work through the chief of mischief aspiration.

Each level of this challenge is set out for you so if you’re looking for something extremely structured this can be a great challenge option for you.

3. Rags to Riches Challenge

Rags to riches challenges are some of my favorite to play because your sim’s family starts with 0 simoleons (after buying a lot) and works their way up to having a real home and a happy family. This type of challenge is made most popular by James Turner (formerly The Sim Supply) and can be really hard if you let it.

4. Black Widow Challenge

The black widow challenge is great for any players who are looking for a bit of a darker style of gameplay. In this challenge you have a matriarch who will marry (and then kill) different men so they can steal their money.

There are a ton of rules for this challenge but it can be hilarious and you can use all of the different death types in the game to keep it interesting. There are varying levels of difficulty for you to choose from as well!

5. Legacy Challenge

This is one of the most popular challenges in The Sims 4 and is really great if you love to play with a certain family for many years. You start off with a sim who is a young adult and living alone, you move them into a 50×50 lot that is empty.

You’ll then use the family funds cheat to give your sim only §1800. Throughout the challenge you want to earn money, get married, and have children, then play through 10 generations of this family on this single lot.

6. Decades Challenge

The decades challenge is a lot like the legacy challenge, however, each generation of the legacy is going to be in a different decade where there are certain rules that you must follow to play like it is actually that decade.

For example, you’ll start in the 1890s where you can only have wood furniture, no electricity, and aren’t allowed to just woohoo you must try for baby each time. You’ll be able to play through different challenges for each time period and it gets interesting until you hit the current time period.

7. Homeless Challenge

In this challenge you must move into a lot and have 0 simoleons, you will work your way through until you hit 5000 in cash and a rather basic home. You aren’t even allowed to get a regular job until this point because you’re not going to get hired at that point.

You can’t have any sim move in with you or even have a boyfriend or girlfriend until this point too, so there’s tons of fun aspects in this challenge!

8. Runaway Teen Challenge

In the runaway teen challenge you take a teenage sim and have them live in a lot entirely alone, meaning there are no adult or elder sims to take care of them. You have to find ways for the teenager to earn money without being allowed to get a job until you have at least a basic home.

You aren’t even allowed to go to school, if your sim accidentally goes to school you can bring them home immediately. You aren’t allowed to talk to anyone who is older than you, so you can only talk to teens and children for fear that someone will report you.

9. Asylum Challenge

In this challenge you must create an 8 sim household, every sim must have the insane trait and everything else be random. You only get to control one sim and must let the other sims do whatever they want.

The goal is to finish this sims aspiration as a way to show they are ready to leave the asylum. However, there are restrictions to what you can have in the house, for example, you can only have 5 beds but there are 8 sims. You can only have 1 bathroom. People will be tired, and peeing themselves and there are bound to be fires.

10. Apocalypse Challenge

The basics of this challenge is that the world has been wiped out by an atomic war and your sim is not allowed to leave their small shelter for any reason. It’s essentially a goal of just trying to survive.

Your shelter can only have the absolute necessities but they have to be the cheapest because you can’t have fancy stuff!

11. Prison Challenge

In the prison challenge your sim has been framed for a crime they didn’t actually commit. You must spend 12 hours a day in a jail cell (9am to 9pm) and you have 7 other prisoners around you that you are not allowed to control.

12. Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge

The bachelor or bachelorette challenge is just like the TV reality show that is extremely popular and talked about on social all the time.

Basically, the goal of the challenge is to get your sim to fall in love with one of the contestants and have a great life with them at the end of it, while slowly eliminating sims every 3 days.

13. Hotel Challenge

In the hotel challenge your sim will create a hotel on their lot and lock different sims in the building. You’ll be rolling a dice to randomize the event for that day for that sim.

The events can be making friends, making enemies, woohooing with different sims, and even killing them. It can get crazy. You’ll even roll a dice to find out if a sim is going to stay in your hotel or get to leave.

14. Living off the Land

In this challenge your sim will not be allowed to have TV or a computer and will be working on their garden to be able to live off the land. Your sim will have a nature aspiration (i.e., freelance botanist) and will spend their time gardening.

You can build them a small cottage with some of your starting simoleons but can’t have too much stuff or too big of a house.

15. Disney Princess Challenge

The disney princess challenge is great for any disney lover because you get to play through the lives of some of the disney princesses in different generations. You start with snow white, then cinderella, and so on.

You can find awesome custom content for these disney princesses to really make them look how they do in the movies. For each princess you’ll have different traits to choose and things to finish before you can move on to the next generation.

16. 100 Heartbreak Challenge

This challenge is great for any players who don’t want to have a nice happy life and need a bit of drama. In the 100 heartbreak challenge you will put your sim on a long life span and try and break 100 sim’s hearts in your lifetime.

You can’t marry any of the sims, or try for baby, and a few other rules to follow. This could be a really fun one!

17. Mooch Off Your Neighbor Challenge

In this challenge your sims are going to live off the spoils of their neighbours. You’ll be using your sim’s neighbours homes to eat, sleep, shower, make money, and do anything you wish.

However, you need to beware of making other sims mad because they may not like you using a ton of stuff in their homes and could kick you out!

18. Big Brother Challenge

The Big Brother challenge is based off the popular reality TV show where people are stuck in a house with no access to the outside world.

In the sims, you’ll fill a household with different types of sims all with different personalities and put them in a house with no TVs, computers, radios, bookcases, etc.

Throughout your gameplay you’ll start eliminating sims until one is the winner and the challenge ends.

19. Ultimate Survival Challenge

In this challenge, your sim is not allowed to have a job, a house, or any access to electricity. You also aren’t allowed to use any cheats.

You have to buy the Oakenstead lot which is a 50×50 lot and you are only allowed to fish or garden or collect for income. Your goal is just to survive!

20. Bloodline Challenge

This challenge is in a series of Sims 4 challenges that are very storyline focused and can be really fun to mix it up. Essentially, the goal of this challenge is to have a single sim live 10 generations as the ruler of a kingdom.

You’re given different objects during each generation, and when you have children in the household you play until they’re a young adult and then you must get rid of them.

21. Devoted Grandmother Challenge

If you love family gameplay and want to use elders a bit more in your game, this is the challenge for you. Essentially, you have an elder sim who doesn’t get along with her daughter.

Her daughter is married and has a few kiddos, they don’t live together and the grandmother takes care of the kiddos whenever she can by visiting and making sure the kids reach certain milestones.

22. Bad Blood Challenge

If you’re a fan of Taylor Swift, this may be a fun challenge for you. In this challenge, you have to create a sim, get them a best friend, turn that best friend into their enemy, and have a squad.

This is a skill gaining challenge and one you get different sims to different skill levels you’ll be able to fight your new enemy and end the challenge.

23. Hired Help Challenge

In this challenge your sim is going to move in with different sim houses throughout their life and become their hired help. They will take care of the house by cleaning, gardening, repairing things, and being a nanny depending on how far along you are.

There’s an entire points system associated with this challenge and can be a great way to gain a lot of skills really quickly.

24. Block Party Challenge

Any simmer who is a big fan of building will love this challenge. Basically, you enter one of the base game worlds (Willow Creek, Oasis Springs or Newcrest) and you demolish every lot in the world.

Then, you get to rebuild the entire world yourself with a few specific requirements!

25. Going Broke Challenge

This challenge has the opposite goal of most challenges in the game and wants you to lose money. You get to start with a million simoleons and the main goal is to go broke by the time you hit 10 generations.

26. Raise Them Right Challenge

In this challenge you create a female sim who gets pregnant and is kicked out after finding out her baby daddy is married (use the pancakes family for extra fun).

Your sim is kicked out and buys an empty lot and has no money and has to figure out how to support their child and raise them right.

27. Three Little Sims Challenge

In this challenge you create 3 sims who have no relationship. Each of them gets their own small house on the lot and you rotate days where you get to control a different sim each day and the others do what they want.

This is just a challenge for a different style of gameplay where you can see how sims act when you aren’t working with them. You can also choose a winner based on who does the best work in their free time.

28. Astronaut Legend Challenge

This challenge is all about helping an aspiring astronaut reach their full potential. You get a young adult sim who is a genius and a bit awkward.

They must not have a home because they spent all of their household funds on a rocket ship, you’ll then follow some of the rules outlined to gain skills and get further in the astronaut career.

29. Homeless Author Challenge

This challenge goes along with the best selling author aspiration and starts you off without a home. Throughout the challenge you must work on your writing skill and use books to earn you a home.

Since selling books takes a while to get started, it can be really hard to build a home. You’ll have to write at least 100 books to finish this challenge so it may take a while but will be worth it.

30. Living off the Grid

This challenge is just how the name describes it, living off the grid. You’ll start with a starter home (and an outdoor bathroom) with no kitchen or electronics.

You must live off the land and off the grid to earn money (i.e., painting, gardening, etc).

31. Cowplant Challenge

The basics of this challenge are that you are trying to get your sim’s cowplant to eat other sims by luring them in. It’s a hilarious way to kill other sims and you can use their essence of life to live forever.

31. Parentcy Challenge

This challenge is fun for players who enjoy family gameplay and want to work through different types of parenting styles in the game.

Each generation will have a set amount of children and will work through different things (i.e., being a workaholic, being a single mom, etc.) and you’ll get points based on how well you do.

32. Masterchef Challenge

This challenge is based off the wonderful Food Network show, Masterchef. You’ll have 8 sims in a house, 3 judges, 5 contestants, and you’ll make them do a number of challenges to see who is the best chef.

They will both live and compete in the same building and may have romantic interacts if you choose.

33. Truman Show Challenge

If you’ve ever seen the movie, The Truman Show, you’ll understand the basics of this challenge. You must set up a world where you can control everything, except for Truman.

There are a number of milestones to meet to satisfy Truman’s life and make sure he doesn’t know he’s in a reality show, just like in the movie!

34. Nomad Challenge

In the nomad challenge your sims are never able to get a “real” job. They must live in an empty lot and start collecting.

Your goal for the challenge is to complete collections, have a perfect garden, and to create a museum to display your collections.

It is important to note that some of the rules of this challenge require the use of The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat!

35. Guardian Legacy Challenge

This challenge is a legacy challenge with a twist. In this one, your main sim must find a way to provide for the community. For example, there may be a food shortage and they become a gardener to help feed them.

36. Cult or Commune Challenge

The cult or commune challenge is a way for you to play around with cult life without ever having to actually join a cult in real life.

You can have a group of sims who are all working on building skills, collecting, and finishing aspirations to be the best versions of themselves.

37. Immigrant Challenge

In this challenge you are a new sim to the world and are at first considered a temporary citizen, because of this you are not able to get a job, and you cannot sell anything legally unless through a retail store.

You must make money through the retail system that came with The Sims 4: Get to Work, so that pack is necessary for this challenge.

38. Wolf Pack Challenge

In this challenge you have one sim, and a pack of dogs. 6 dogs and one evil raccoon. You have to live off the land (collecting, fishing, etc) and you are able to send you dogs to hunt for goodies.

You want to keep working on collecting and all of that until you have a home worth 50,000 simoleons.

39. Build a City Challenge

In this challenge you’ll be building up a city in the game where you grow a population of people based on how many sims are int he game, and you can unlock new locations and services based on certain metrics.

For example, you can’t unlock access to adoption until you have a city hall, or you can’t unlock pizza delivery until you reach a certain population.

40. Melting Pot Challenge

This is essentially a regular legacy challenge but with a small twist, where you make your two parents look completely different and have distinct physical differences.

The entire goal of the challenge is to mix up the genetics and see how they end up looking after 10 generations or more.

41. Clone Challenge

In this challenge, you’ll create a sim that you love, upload them to the gallery and then live through their life.

Then, once their life is over, you can start an entirely new save and take another life path doing something entirely different.

This is really fun because you can play doing things that you never try. You could have a single sim who ages up alone, or have a family with 6 kids, or adopt, or a sim who gets eaten by a cowplant.

42. Dollhouse Challenge

The dollhouse challenge is a building challenge in The Sims 4 where you build a house as if it were a dollhouse. This means that you build something that doesn’t have any walls facing you so you can look in as if it were a dollhouse.

43. Alien Widow Challenge

The Alien Widow challenge is great if you love putting sims in your basement and waiting for them to starve. You will start with a female alien sim and get them to fall in love, and having babies with different sims. However, you must make the husbands all starve to death.

The challenge ends when there are 10 graves and 10 kids from 10 different marriages. You’ll also need to build a rocket for your widow sim to escape.

44. Serial Killer Challenge

In the Serial Killer Challenge your sim will bring random sims off the street and get them to enter their home and well… get rid of them. You can starve them or drown them and see how many you can kill in a matter of days.

45. Castaway Challenge

In this challenge you’ll be living in Windeburg on The Island where you’ll get rid of all other houses and families to make it feel like a deserted island.

You’ll be focused on nature aspirations and collecting to make money and survive.

46. Alien Takeover Challenge

In the Alien Takeover Challenge you are an alien who is trying to replace the entire world with aliens and get rid of all of the sims.

To do this, you’ll get different sims locked in your basement, get pregnant with them to make an alien baby, then let them starve to death. Once the baby ages up to a young adult you can move them into their own home.

47. 10K Starter Home Challenge

If you love a good building challenge, the 10K starter home challenge is for you. In this challenge you must build an entire home for less than 10,000 simoleons.

You must have a minimum list of objects including a sink, toilet, shower, chair, etc. and have at least one bedroom.

48. Random Genetics Challenge

Any player who loves to mess around in create a sim will love the random genetics challenge. In this challenge you start with 2 randomized sims, where you randomize each part of them (i.e., eyes, nose, ears) and then you play with genetics to create their child.

You then age up the child to be a teenager and hope for the best, and try and make that child as attractive as possible.

49. Expectations vs Reality

The expectations vs reality challenge focuses on you having two houses where one is your expectations house and one is the less desirable reality house.

Your goals are to max out a bunch of skills and make your reality house better than your expectations house.

50. 8 Sim Starter Challenge

This challenge is a great building challenge that can really challenge any sims builder. You must build a house that has a value (including the lot) of less than the 32,000 simoleons that is given to an 8 sim household at the beginning of the game.

You need to have a bathroom, a full kitchen, and enough beds for everyone and include a few entertainment and skill building objects.

Final Thoughts

Doing different challenges in The Sims 4 is a really fun way to mix things up and see the game in a different way. There are so many moving pieces in the game that you probably won’t play with most of them without using challenges like these to do so, so go out there and have some fun!