100+ Sims 4 Challenges You Should Try

We’ve all been there, we start binge playing The Sims 4 and after a few days we run out of ideas for our boring regular families and need something more interesting to do. We could try a custom scenario to add new gameplay but we’ve tried them all, we could add an interesting new mod to try out a new type of gameplay or you could go ahead and try out a number of sims 4 challenges!

These challenges are amazing because they range from every single type of gameplay you could possibly experience for the game and there is something out there for every type of player. Want to play with kids? 100 Baby Challenge! Want to play with aliens? Alien Widow Challenge! There really is something on this list of sims 4 challenges for everyone.

Legacy Sims 4 Challenges

A legacy challenge is one of the oldest types of sims 4 challenges out there, getting its start in The Sims 2 and there are new ones popping up every year. Legacy challenges focus on playing through multiple generations and really going in on them and making these families successful!

Legacy Challenge

There are sims 4 challenges created almost every day for The Sims but there are a few that have stood the test of time. A legacy challenge is a challenge that was created in The Sims 2 era and the creator of the challenge actually found their spouse IRL because of their creation of the challenge, so cute!

The legacy challenge will have your sims working through 10 generations of your sims family but starting off with humble beginnings. You’ll want to use the family funds cheat to be able to set your sim’s money to 1800 simoleons after purchasing an empty 50×50 lot.

Your single sim will start on this empty lot with very little money and they’ll need to work hard to get themselves a home, a spouse and continue their bloodline through having babies who will eventually be the heir and take over the family’s lot.

Decades Challenge

If you’re the type of player who wishes there was eras in The Sims instead of everything being in current day you should definitely try a Decades Challenge. This challenge works out to being a lot like a legacy challenge because you’re playing through a family’s generations but you’re doing it like time actually passes.

When playing a regular legacy challenge it’s like playing through the same decade over and over again, but with this challenge you’ll get the experience of actually going through the stages of time.

In the first decade you’ll be playing as if its the 1890s in the game which means you’ll not have access to electricity or running water (works well using the off the grid lot challenge). Your sims are only going to get to use outdoor toilets and can only try for baby because there’s no contraception to protect from pregnancy.

Female sims are going to be taking care of the children and tidying the house and the men can work on money making activities but can’t have a job outside of the home so your sims can paint, garden or woodwork.

It’s actually super interesting when your sims are acting like it’s not the 2020s and using parts of the game to simulate this is really interesting.

Bloodline Challenge

Playing through the bloodline challenge will start your sims off with a very specific and entertaining storyline which can bring out so many new ways to play the game. The backstory is that there is a powerful king or queen that has disappeared and it’s time to figure out if the blood relative or an adoptive relative will be the new heir to the throne.

There are requirements for each generation of this family and they vary in skills and aspirations. For example the first generation needs to grow a cowplant, have 2 skills maxed out and reach at least level 2 in a career. They’ll also need to have two bloodlines one by birth and one by adoption.

Black Widow Challenge

If playing with sunshine and rainbows isn’t really your style and you’re looking for a darker style of gameplay you may want to try The Black Widow Challenge. This challenge involves a decent amount of death and having your sim essentially be a murdered and adulterer so not for the happy-go-lucky simmer.

The basics of the challenge are that you start with a single female sim who has the materialistic, snob, and romantic traits and give them the serial romantic aspiration. This not-so-wholesome sim is going to fall in love with another sim and marry them and move them in.

Then once it seems like they have a great life, you’ll want to have a dinner party and invite over someone you have a romantic interest in then cheat on your spouse with this sim either at the party or at another time. You can then move this sim into your home and then use any of the many death types in the game to get rid of your original spouse.

You’ll essentially do this 10 times having your sim move sims in and take all of their money and then cheat on them and find a fun way to let them die. Definitely a challenge that you’ll want to try if you love to have sims be miserable!

Melting Pot Challenge

Our next challenge is the Melting Pot Challenge this is a challenge that is very similar to a traditional legacy challenge with one small twist. When you create your sims for this challenge you want them to have the parents looking completely different.

Your goal is to live through 10 generations and see how melting together these two sims and them having babies and grand babies and great-grand babies made them look and which physical characteristics lasted throughout time.

Alphabet Legacy

Legacy sims 4 challenges are definitely one of the most popular types for The Sims 4 and this alphabet legacy challenge is going to have you playing through many generations of your sim’s life. The heir for each generation is going to have their name start with a letter of the alphabet with the first sim’s name starting with the letter A, of course.

This sim will then go ahead and name their children starting with the letter B. So if they had 3 children their names could be Bob, Caroline and David. A part of this challenge is that you must have a family cemetery where every sim who has died will lay for eternity.

Secret Garden Challenge

Our next challenge is the secret garden challenge where each generation is going to have different colours symbolizing it and different careers and traits for that sim. This is a great type of challenge because you get to play with so many different pieces of The Sims that you may never choose to touch.

You’ll start out with a single sim who has the paranoid, family oriented and erratic traits. They’ll be working in the military career and trying to solve the Strangerville Mystery. This sim will have to master the parenting skill as well as the fitness skill and the logic skill.

They will have to marry their very first love and keep that marriage super strong over the years as they raise four children and have great relationships with all of them. One of those children will then start the sunflower era and get to live their life as an actor.

Trait Legacy Challenge

Our next challenge is another unique legacy challenge where you’ll play through ten generations in the game. The trait legacy challenge is going to have each generation organized by different traits.

For example, the first generation is focused on responsibility and this first sim will be given the traits neat, good and green fiend and the successful lineage aspiration. You’ll have them working through the education career in the administrator branch.


The goals of this first generation will be that the sim needs to max their charisma skill and the research and debate skill. Your sim will be married as a young adult but their spouse will die when they are an adult, they will have one child together.

Tiny Living Legacy Challenge

Our next challenge requires you to have The Sims 4: Tiny Living installed in your game. The Tiny Living Legacy Challenge is a fun one that has your sims living in either a tier 1 or tier 2 tiny home which is very small and makes for a real challenge when playing through more than 5 legacy generations.

In this challenge you’re going to be focused on gardening throughout the challenge, the first generation is going to fill the garden with fresh fruits and vegetables. Generation two is going to have you growing catnip, caring for a cowplant and more.

It’s a harder challenge than a traditional legacy challenge because tiny homes can cause you to have struggles, but the tiny living lot perks will help you grow things faster, have lower bills and have better relationships.

All That Weather Legacy

The all that weather legacy is a five generation legacy that has each generation focused on a type of weather. The first generation of this will be sunny where you start out with a mermaid sim and you move them to Sulani and will be working on the beach life aspiration and must complete it before they die.

This sim is going ton hide their mermaid form from others, even romantic partners. They will get engaged to another sim but once that sim finds out they are a mermaid they will break off the engagement and never get engaged again. They’ll have 3 children either through woohooing with a random sim or through adoption and you’ll be raising your family.

The Bunker Challenge

Our next challenge is the bunker challenge where your young adult sim will move onto a 50×50 lot and use this bunker lot from the gallery as their home. You’ll be able to choose from a number of “laws” written by the creator where you can make your challenge more strict or less strict based on how you’d like to play.

You have the option of switching up the heir laws, the gender laws and the bloodline laws. You’ll have to survive for 10 generations in this bunker while slowly upgrading it when you can earn income.

Whimsy Stories Legacy

The whimsy stories legacy is a fun challenge that will help you follow some interesting stories that you may never think of on your own. The first generation of this challenge will be living as a homeless sim who must find love while homeless and build a life together. You’ll be earning an income by creating candles, fabricating furniture and searching dumpsters to be able to build your sims a tiny home.

The goals of this first generation will be to be married, have children, live in a small tiny home as the basics. You’ll have your sim complete the maker aspiration and master the fabrication, handiness and wellness skills. The next generation will have a completely different storyline and each generation is totally unique.

Greek God Legacy

Greek mythology is such an interesting thing to learn about so playing with a greek god legacy challenge in the game is super fun. With the first generation of this challenge your sims are going to work on the angling ace aspiration and have the dog lover, self assured, and loves the outdoors traits.

This sim will not be allowed to have a job and will have a dog who can go out and hunt. This sim’s generation is based on The Goddess of the Hunt and will not be allowed to get married or get pregnant and will be adopting their only child.

The next generation will be The God of the Sun where they’ll work on the friend of the world aspiration and be in the doctor career while having the creative, music lover and ambitious traits. It’s always so much fun for a legacy to be structured because you probably don’t play with some of these careers in the game very often!

Seven Deadly Sins Legacy Challenge

There are seven deadly sins in live with are sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and greed and with the seven deadly sins challenge your sims can experience it all. Each generation of this sims 4 challenge is going to have your sims experiencing a type of deadly sin.

The first generation will be sloth where your sims aren’t going to have a career, a degree or a spouse and will just be chilling. The only thing that they have to do is to have a child and raise that child so they can take over the next generation. They won’t even work toward their aspiration choice unless its something like the beach life aspiration where they’re just hanging out.

After that generation your sloth sim’s child will move to the pride generation where they will want to be a world famous celebrity and will be self absorbed and self assured and will work through all of that! It’s super fun to explore these parts of the game and have it structured in this way.

The Bromance Legacy

The next sims 4 challenge you can try out is the Bromance Legacy where you’ll have two male sims who are best buddies and you are living out their legacies side by side. You’ll have them both have the bro trait, of course, and can choose any other traits for your sims.

These sims are going to have a weekly bro tradition where they’ll do something together on the same day each week without wives of children because we don’t want them to invade bro time. You’ll have these sims completing aspirations and collections to enjoy their lives.

You’ll even have them try for baby and thus give birth to the babies on the same day and you’ll get those sims to be best bros and continue the legacy!

10 Generations/10 Ghosts

With the 10 Generations, 10 Ghosts challenge you will strive to have 10 generations of sims die from very specific death types. Your first generation sim is going to be a sci-fi writer who is working through the best selling author aspiration.

This sim will focus on their creative pursuits and have no time to learn the handiness skill which eventually will lead to them trying to repair objects and dying from electrocution. Once these sims die you’ll have to turn them into a playable ghost without using any cheats and have the world filled with your sims and their ghosts.

Astrology Legacy

Players of The Sims really do love making variations on a legacy challenge and the astrology legacy is a good one! This challenge is going to focus your efforts on parts of the universe like the sun, venus, mercury and mars and each generation will be represented by one of these.

In the sun generation your sim will will have the snob, creative and materialistic traits and will join the critic career to earn an income. They’ll also be working through the fabulously wealthy aspiration and will have a single child.

Bad to Good Legacy

The bad to good legacy challenge is an interesting one where your first generation sim is going to be bad and you’ll slowly see your sims getting better and better as people until generation 10. It’s one of those sims 4 challenges where you’ll get to explore a lot of parts of the game since ever sim will be totally different.

Your sim is going to start in generation one as a kleptomaniac, noncommittal sim who hates children. They’ll be working through the chief of mischief aspiration and won’t have a job so they’ll have to find other ways to make money.

This sim will need to have a retail store that is filled with items they’ve stolen which is hilarious! They’ll need to never celebrate holidays if you have Seasons installed, and will be cheating on their partners and having enemies.

Generation 10 will have a happy, nice sim who has the cheerful, good and family oriented traits and will be a stay at home parent who works on something like the big happy family aspiration or the super parent aspiration if you have Parenthood installed. Really works from bad to good!

Vampire Legacy

Vampires are such a fun and detailed occult in the game so, of course, we would want to play a vampire legacy in the game. With this challenge your sim will start with a single vampire sim and a young adult human sim who your sim can feast on if you choose.

Having a vampire family is awesome because you can have a really strong bloodline of ancient vampires and get to enjoy your time with plasma fruit and avoiding garlic.

Stereotypes Legacy Challenge

The next challenge honestly feels like it is inspired by something like The Breakfast Club with each generation of this legacy challenge focusing a specific stereotype. The first generation of this challenge will have your sim being an athlete and focusing on athletic skills.

In this generation your sim will have the self assured, hot headed and active traits and will be working on the body builder aspiration while they are in the athletic career. This sim will also have twins, marry a celebrity, get divorced and barely have a relationship with their kids. TALK ABOUT DRAMA!

Differences in The Family Tree

The next sims 4 challenge on this list is the differences in the family tree challenges where your sims do something entirely different with each generation. The first generation of this challenge is going to have a nature theme where they are going to be focusing on having a garden and mastering the gardening skill.

This first sim will get married to another sim who loves the outdoors and will need to master some outdoorsy skills like fishing and herbalism. Your sim will also need to have a cowplant on their lot but beware of the cowplant death!

Your second generation sim is going to completely change their life from this farming strategy and move to the big city and switch it up because of those differences in the family tree.

Royal Kingdom Challenge

A popular challenge in The Sims 2, the royal kingdom challenge has made a return to the game in The Sims 4. In this challenge you’ll be starting with families who are in different “classes” with some being peasants, some being merchants, some nobility and of course one family of royalty.

You’ll get to play with each family for a specified time in the rules and then get to play with the next which is super fun. Each family has different things you can do to control how much money they have and what careers and aspirations they may need to follow. Some sims have to “pay taxes” by using money cheats and that sucks for any regular sims!

Witch Legacy Challenge

It seems like there is every type of legacy in the game and of course there’s one to go along with Realm of Magic. This witch legacy challenge will have your sims working hard on their aspirations in a haunted lot which is not a good time. Your first sim is going to have the paranoid trait, work on their gardening and flower arranging and eventually need to finish the purveyor of potions aspiration.

Once your sim reaches level 5 of their career they can finally become a spellcaster and must befriend the sages in the Magic Realm and raise their spellcaster level. It’s a fun challenge where you’ll get to play through different parts of Realm of Magic and really explore that game pack.

Lifestyle Legacy Challenge

There are so many different lifestyles for your characters to live in The Sims. Will they be a city slicker? Will they be living a rustic lifestyle? Will they be living a modern lifestyle? There are so many different ways you can take your gameplay and the lifestyle legacy challenge will allow you to really play through these.

In the first generation your sims are going to be living a rustic lifestyle where they are living in oasis springs and starting a farm. They’ll have to master a nature aspiration and live off the grid and try to raise their kids without anything on the grid!

Your next heir will be living an industrial lifestyle where they’ll be doing the city native aspiration and renting an apartment. They’ll want to master skills, and experience everything the city has to offer after spending their childhood off the grid. This challenge really lets you try out everything the game has to offer.

Pac(k) Man Challenge

Our next challenge was created so that you can get the absolute most out of every pack that you have by having each generation allowing you to play with a few packs so you can focus on small parts of the game. For example, in the first generation balanced barn you’re going to play with Cottage Living, Spa Day, Backyard Stuff and Romantic Garden.

The sim in this generation will be working on the country caretaker aspiration and will have a goal of earning money from the land in henford on bagley. On the weekend these sims will be running errands like getting groceries but will need to spend at least 8 hours per weekend at the spa!

Veggie Farmer Challenge

Having a farm is a really fun way to play The Sims, especially since Cottage Living was released. With the veggie farmer challenge you are going to play through five generations with each one being obsessed with a specific type of vegetable and the colour of that vegetable and they’ll be only allowed to earn money through their vegetable crop sales.

In your first generation your sim is going to be obsessed with the colour green and will be allowed to grow one of the following crops: bell pepper, green bean, spinach and peas. Your sim will also have a green frog that they keep as a pet forever and love!

This sim will work through the freelance botanist aspiration and will have the materialistic, squeamish, vegetarian or jealous traits. You’ll start with no money and need to master certain skills, have children and enjoy your life and eventually your child will move onto the orange generation.

Not So Berry Sims 4 Challenge

Another challenge that has been extremely popular on youtube in the past few years is the Not So Berry Challenge and this is one that will have your sims exploring so many different aspects of the game. This challenge uses colours to denote different generations and with each generation you’ll decorate your house and design your sim with that specific colour in mind.

For the first generation your colour will be mint so your sims will be wearing mint coloured clothing and you can use a custom content hair colour to be able to have real mint hair or just go with blue hair for now. This sim will have the materialistic, jealous and vegetarian traits and will be working through the chief of mischief aspiration while working in the scientist career.

To be able to move onto the next level of the challenge, the rose level, this sim will need to master their career and complete their aspiration while completing the collection of elements and mastering both the logic skill and mischief skill.

This challenge is extremely structured in the rules which is awesome for players who are less creative and have a harder time coming up with interesting characters and ideas for their gameplay.

Build Newcrest Legacy Challenge

Imagine a world where both Oasis Springs and Willow Creek have been ravaged by crime and are no longer safe places to be. Your sim decides that they are going to settle Newcrest and are chosen as the mayor of this world meaning its their responsibility for them to build up the world.

In the first generation your sim will have the freelance botanist aspiration where they’ll start off with needing to build a community park. Once your sim completes their aspiration they are going to be allowed to build a park for future generations to enjoy.

Each generation will need to meet goals so that they can build another thing in the world and build an awesome area for the future of their world and live through their life while raising their kids too!

Star Guardian Legacy Challenge

Sometimes sims 4 challenges that are created for the game have really interesting backstories and this is definitely one of those. The backstory on the rules page for this challenge lets you know a few things about your character.

There is a spirit of death and horror named Drame who has ruined the world your sims lives on and your sim has been tasked with transforming into a sim and eliminating any darkness that is happening on the land while curing the cursed roots.

To start this challenge you’ll want to have a sim who has unusual skin (i.e., red, blue or green) and give them the genius and loves the outdoor traits. They will live in a secluded area where others can’t get to them. You’ll also add at least 40 vampire sims to the world who are playing the part of Drame’s minions and you’ll also add a mansion for Drame in forgotten hollow.

There are a bunch of things you’ll want to accomplish like curing sims, learning vampire lore and more and you’ll be working toward getting rid of all of these vampires!

Build Sims 4 Challenges

The build tools are some of the best we’ve ever had in the franchise and there are a ton of build focused sims 4 challenges for you to mess around with. These challenges will force you to make homes with crazy limitations and it’s always a good time, especially if you play with some build cheats.

Block Party Challenge

If you’re the type of player who likes to build you should definitely try the block party challenge in the game. This challenge only takes place in build mode so you’ll need to have at least basic building skills and you’ll be completely rebuilding either Willow Creek or Oasis Springs or just going ahead and filling up Newcrest.

Some things you want to make sure you have in your new town is at least two started homes, at least one park with whatever you’d like to see inside of it, at least one mansion home costing more than 200K and four community lots of your choice.

Dollhouse Challenge

Most of the sims 4 challenges on this list are gameplay challenges but there are so many build challenges that players love too! The Dollhouse Challenge is a really fun and unique build experience in the game where you’ll build an entirely functional home that doesn’t have a front face just like a dollhouse.

You can go really unique with this challenge and choose to design a Barbie Dream House type of dollhouse or you can choose to go more niche with a victorian dollhouse or a modern dollhouse. The options are seriously unlimited.

10K Starter Home Challenge

There are so many incredible build challenges out there where you’ll build extravagant homes but sometimes it’s way more fun to create something extremely small instead. The 10K Starter Home Challenge is a real challenge especially when you try and add as many sims into the home as you can.

When doing this challenge you’ll want to set your family funds to 10,000 simoelons which you can do using your money cheats. Then you’ll have a minimum list of objects you must have including a functional kitchen and bathroom, a hobby item, at least one chair and a sleeping area.

8 Sim Starter Home Challenge

Building homes that fit 8 sims is hard enough to do with a whole bunch of money, but what happens when you try to build a starter home for 8 sims? Well, with the 8 Sim Starter Home Challenge you’ll find that 32,000 simoleons is just not a lot when it comes to building an entire home.

You’ll need to make sure your house has a bathroom, a full kitchen and enough beds for everyone which can be 8 single beds or if you have couples you can have double beds. Thankfully, we’ve gotten the ladder and bunk bed updates so we can fit more kids in less space.

You’ll also want to make sure your sims have areas to be entertained and some objects like chess tables or guitars to build their skills. You can decorate the outside as wild as you want depending on how much space you have, just remember that the lot cost comes out of your starter income.

Alphabet Build Challenge

A really interesting build idea for creating your sim’s home is to try your best to include one item for each letter of the alphabet. This can get complicated when you get to letters like X or Z but its definitely possible if you have each and every item in the game.

Of course some of them are easy like B for Bed or C for Counter or T for Toilet but there are more obscure letters that will bring some random items into your house, making it a really fun build challenge.

Every Room is 1 Tile Bigger

There has been a ton of interesting each room is type challenges and this one is very complicated to organize. When playing the every room is 1 tile bigger challenge you’ll start with a 1 tile big area, then get a two tile big area, and a three and so on.

You’ll need to figure out how to turn the smaller areas into useable spaces (kinda hard for one tile) and make the larger areas work for things like living rooms and bedrooms. It’s a fun challenge that is simple to understand and creates interesting areas.

4×4 Square Build

Our next challenge is a build challenge where you have to build a house that is only 4×4 tiles which is not a ton of space. You can choose to have this house be a single story or multiple but you will need to use ladders instead of stairs to make it functional.

These houses are hard to build especially if you choose to have multiple sims living in this house since just a single bed takes up 3 tiles! You’ll be challenged with fitting everything you need inside the home but also challenged with making sure that the outside of the home doesn’t just look like a weird square.

Black and White Build Challenge

If you’re looking for a good laugh something like the Black and White Build Challenge is a fun one. How this works is you go into your computer’s display settings and change it from full colour to black and white and then try and build a house.

This results in much chaos when it comes to colours and patterns because you can’t actually tell what colour things are except for different shades of black, white and grey to give you some idea. You then turn your display back to colour and see how the house turned out.

Usually you’ll end up with counters that are brightly coloured with weird tiles and walls that all don’t match in colours and the most wild decor object colours to really tie it all together.

Same Apartment 4 Ways

With building in The Sims 4 you can often catch yourself using the same objects over and over again and never really going outside your comfort zone. A good way to challenge this is to try building the same apartment in 4 different ways (or the same house!).

With this challenge you’ll get the same amount of space but without any interior walls or decor and you get to go ahead and turn that shape into whatever you can. You’ll have different kinds of bedding and floors and the home will end up being gorgeous each time but with a different vibe.

Build a City Challenge

If you’re a fan of games like SimCity and love having to organize a world and its population you may enjoy playing the Build a City Challenge in the game. Throughout your adventures you are going to be allowed to do specific things based on how many sims are living in your world.

When you hit specific numbers of population you’ll be able to add new locations and services that you are able to add and use in your gameplay. For example, you can’t access adoption for your sims until you’ve built a city hall.

No Mistakes Build Challenge

Anyone who builds a lot in The Sims 4 knows that there are many mistakes made and objects placed incorrectly all the darn time. The no mistakes build challenge really makes you think about your choices and place things extra careful because any mistakes that are made cannot be fixed.

If you place an ugly flooring option that doesn’t match your walls, you can’t change it. If you accidentally let go of a bathtub in the middle of the kitchen, you can’t change it. It’s a challenge that makes you slow down and think about every step before you make it.

Each Room is a Different Budget

The next challenges uses a Random Number Generator to give you a certain amount of money to use to decorate different rooms in your sim’s home. You set a floor and a ceiling amount so you get a number inbetween the two to spend on a room.

You may end up with a bedroom that has a budget of 8,000 simoleons but you only get around 500 simoleons for your kitchen which can definitely cause chaos when you’re building.

Honeycomb Build Challenge

The next challenge may not create functional homes but it does have a beautiful outcome. With the honeycomb challenge you’ll create a bunch of square rooms that you leave open on one side so you can see into every single room at once.

You’ll build these with columns in a way that allows you to see all of them at once and decorate it as one cohesive living space. These end up being absolutely beautiful and its so fun to see the whole build at once.

Each Room is a Different Pack

We have so many different packs for The Sims 4 at this point and a few months ago the each room is a different pack challenge went around like wild fire. With James Turner’s Random Pack Generator you would decorate each room with a different pack which can end badly if you get something like Cool Kitchen Stuff when trying to build a bedroom.

These sims 4 challenges are very funny because each pack has different styles of furniture in them and the house ends up being very inconsistent and weird. It’s fun to try and make the homes actually make sense.

Random Build Generator

If you’re entirely uninspired for your next sims build you may want to try the Random Build Generator Challenge. In this challenge you’ll use a random build generator that will give you all the information you need to be able to build the home… of your dreams?

The random build generator used in this can be found right here and lets you choose which packs you have to make it work for every player which is awesome. You’ll get a location, a type of home, even lot traits and objects you need to add.

1 Item From Each Pack Build

Our next challenge is another build challenge where you’ll only be allowed to use one item from each pack in your build. This can get pretty hilarious if you have every single pack for the game since the items are so different in each of them.

The styles in each pack vary so much that having an eco lifestyle couch with a cottage living coffee table and a penguin TV can look pretty wild but will make for interesting builds. It’s even funnier since you can’t use matching bed side tables or dining chairs!

Solid Colour Build

Another day, another build challenge! The Solid Colour Build Challenge will have you trying to build an entire home using only items that are tagged in the filters with that colour. An easy choice to use is a black home or aw white home because most items come in a solid black or white swatch.

If you really want a challenge you should choose a more out there colour like purple or orange for a true struggle in the build that will make the home look wild. These are great challenges for screenshots or for sims who just love a specific colour.

Aspirations & Skill Sims 4 Challenges

There are dozens of aspirations for your sims to work through and even more skills so there are, of course, sims 4 challenges to focus on these types of things. These challenges are going to have you exploring so many parts of the game that you’ll love.

Aspirations Challenge

A really huge part of The Sims 4 is having your sims complete aspirations and a lot of players have just started ignoring certain aspirations and playing the same ones over and over. Playing something like The Aspirations Challenge will allow you as a player to go in and touch aspirations you’d never want to play with before.

The way this works is you’ll start with a single sim and live out their life and get them to get married and have kids with the main goal being to finish their aspiration in their lifetime. Then their oldest child will become the next heir and they’ll get to start a different aspiration and finish them in their lifetime.

You can even mix it up and add custom aspirations to your game to make it last even longer and since the team is always adding new aspirations you can really make this challenge last for generations!

House of Misfits

The house of misfits challenge is a very interesting one where you have multiple sims who are in three houses and they’ll be trying to build up their skills and become great people. They’ll be participating in challenges and going to classes too.


You’ll want to have them building up skills so you can have them have a successful young adult and adult life. This challenge’s rules are super long but totally worth it because the challenge is really unique and creative!

Live for Something

Our next challenge is going to have you exploring literally ever skill, aspiration, collections and more in just eleven generations! When playing this challenge your sim is going to try to finish three aspirations, one when they’re a young adult, one when they’re an adult and one as an elder.

The first generation of your sim’s lives will have them doing three aspirations which are city native where you’ll need to live in San Myshuno, master mixologist for your sims to make tons of drinks and soulmate where your sim will need to fall in love and stay in love.

Your sim will also be working on the comedy, dancing, mixology and singing skills while finishing the MySims collection, the snow globes and the posters. This challenge really is awesome because your sims will get to explore so much about the game.

Bad Kids Club

If you love wreaking havoc in your game the bad kids club challenge may be a good one for you. In this challenge you start with 4 unruly teenagers that are just looking to bring destruction. In this first part of this challenge you’ll be playing with them as teenagers until they are about to become adults at this time you’ll be working to complete the public enemy aspiration for each member.

You’ll also want them to be the enemies of their family members and just enemies of general sims in the world and have them living in the same home. Then, you’ll start part two where these sims are going to be working on living a better life and having less enemies and reconnecting with friends. This is a fun challenge because it shows the growth sims can have in their lives.

Occult Sims 4 Challenges

Different occults in the game are so fun to play with and add new layers of options for you to test out. These occult focused sims 4 challenges are great for players who are looking to switch it up and have a good time with not-so-regular sims.

Alien Widow Challenge

Unfortunately in updating this challenge article it seems the creator of the rules has deleted them but this challenge is a fun one and I wanted to still keep it on the list. In the Alien Widow Challenge you’re going to start with a female alien sim and get them to fall in love with another sim and start a family together.

The twist? Well you must make all of your spouses starve to death in your basement.

The goals of this challenge are to have 10 dead spouses and have at least 10 children with one kid being from each marriage. Once you have reached this you can act like your alien is about to be caught and you can add a rocketship to your sim’s lot for them to escape back to Sixam.

Alien Takeover Challenge

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if the entire sims universe was aliens? Well, that’s what will happen if you play the Alien Takeover Challenge! The main goal of this challenge is to eliminate the entire sim race and replace them with super aliens.

To do this you’re going to want to create a single sim who will either get pregnant from or impregnate every sim in the world and after the baby has been born you kill the sim. You can use any death type to do this and they will be replaced by their child in the world.

Once your children reach young adult age they’ll be moved into the world with full autonomy so they can go ahead and get married and have babies of their own who will also have alien genetics, using a cheat mod like MC Command Center is great because it will continue your sims lives without you playing them.

You’ll win the challenge when every single sim in the world is an alien and there are no traces of regular sims left!

The Alien Adoption Challenge

The concept of the alien adoption challenge is simple, an alien ship has crashed in Strangetown and there was one alien mother on the ship and 100 alien babies. The government is desperate for sims who can help take care of these children and raise them like their own.

To start off this challenge you’ll make an adult aged sim with any aspirations and traits and are not supposed to be of any occult. Then create an alien toddler and randomize their traits and assign their relationship as parent and child.

Your sim will spend their entire life caring for this child and making sure they have a good life without you ever being able to control the alien sim! Now that’s a challenge!

For your sim to follow this challenge they will definitely need to have Get to Work to play with aliens, but also it is beneficial for you to have Parenthood and City Living.

Four Immortal Sisters

The four immortal sisters challenge is a really fun one that was popular in The Sims 3 era and continues to be played by players every single day. In this challenge you’ll start with four sims (gender doesn’t matter but the fire sibling must have the ability to get pregnant) and these sims must be siblings and all young adults.

Their traits and aspirations are chosen for you and you’ll get to make them look however you want. The basic premise of this is that the fire sister is going to have children and the other siblings care for the children and are constantly sacrificing other sims to the cowplant death so they can drink the essence and live forever.

Outta This World Legacy

Alien are such a fun occult to play with in The Sims universe and they are seriously entertaining since they’re different. In this challenge you’ll start with a young adult sim who is in the scientist career and you’ll want them to acquire a satellite dish so they are able to get abducted and be impregnated with an alien baby.

You’ll then get to play through your alien baby’s life and the generations that follow. In your first generation you’ll have the soulmate aspiration and the romantic, genius and ambitious traits which are great for the scientist career. You’ll get to have a whole family of little aliens that are so cute!

Human Enough

Our next challenge is entirely focused around the alien occult that we get with The Sims 4: Get to Work, if you don’t have GTW you could play this with vampires or just act like your sims are aliens. This challenge has a teenager alien who has left Sixam because they truly want to live as a human and live a “normal” human life.

Your sim will be trying to earn skills, do activities and unlock abilities to prove to other sims that they are human enough to get by. You’ll constantly be in your human form and any sim who sees you as an alien will either have their memory erased or you can go ahead and kill them. A definitely interesting challenge that will be fun for you to play with aliens!

Cowplant Challenge

The next challenge is a bit of a weird one and involves the cowplant death type to the game. To start off with the cowplant challenge you are going to want to start with a single sim and start them off in one of the EA starter homes in Oasis Springs.

You’ll have your sim go fishing until they can get a cowplant berry and plant this berry in their garden. You then want to sacrifice random sims who walk by or that you meet to the cowplant over and over. The best part? You can never die if you drink the essence of life over and over after sims die.

Create-a-Sim Sims 4 Challenges

Creating sims is such a fun thing to do in the game (especially when you use the full edit mode cheat) and these create a sim options for sims 4 challenges are the best. You’ll be able to create such interesting characters!

Random Genetics Challenge

There are so many types of sims players and one big group loves to play in create a sim. For these players a great challenge option is the Random Genetics Challenge. In this challenge you’re going to start with two randomized sims.

To randomize them you’ll want to click the dice a pre-specified number of times (like 3 clicks for example) and then you use the genetics option to create their child.

Then once you have a child you get to age them up to either a teenager or young adult and try to make them as beautiful as possible. Using custom content items like cc hair styles or skin mods can really make this challenge more fun and make the sims even more beautiful.

Parenting Sims 4 Challenges

Parenting is a huge part of The Sims since you’ll need to raise quality kids to continue off your legacy. In this category you’ll find amazing sims 4 challenges where you can raise a single kid the best you can, or maybe try to have 100 babies in one family!

Parentcy Challenge

Our next challenge is the Parentcy Challenge and is great for any players who love to play with families and want to work through different parenting styles in the game to see how your kids would turn out. With each generation you’ll have a different set of rules and requirements to meet.

The first generation is going to be a single parent of one where your sim will start a career and meet someone and become pregnant but the other parent disappears and they are left to look after the kid on their own. There are point systems for you to earn too, with the first generation you can get points for things like maxing the parenting skill, maxing any other skill, getting married to someone new, etc.

The other kinds of generations include a parent who has commitment issues, a parent who is a painter, a parent who is a workaholic and more. You’ll really get to find new ways to parent your sims and have a different experience each time.

Raise Them Right Challenge

Let’s add some family drama to your game with the Raise Them Right Challenge. In this challenge your sim is going to get pregnant from a married sim (use Bob Pancakes for best experience) and will be kicked out and have no income once they tell the baby’s dad that they are pregnant.

They are going to only have enough money to purchase an empty lot so you’re essentially playing a Rags to Riches challenge but while pregnant which makes it so much harder. Your sim will need to complete one of the family aspirations (i.e., big happy family or the successful lineage or super parent aspiration).

You’ll want to raise your sim’s child the best that you possibly can and have a suitable place for your sims to live and make sure that your baby has enough space to live and grow. You want to make sure that your kid has straight A’s and completes a childhood aspiration.

Devoted Grandmother Challenge

If you love playing your game with family gameplay at the forefront you may want to play the Devoted Grandmother Challenge. This is a great challenge because it allows you to bring in elders to your gameplay in an interesting way instead of them just growing old and passing away.

The begging of this challenge starts with an elder sim who doesn’t get along with their oldest daughter. The daughter has a spouse and a few children and lives in a separate home than the grandmother.

Throughout your gameplay you’ll want to have your grandmother visiting the kids as much as possible and get them to make sure kids reach certain milestones by helping with homework and mentoring them in skills. Essentially the grandmother wants to be there as much as she possibly can even though she doesn’t get along with the daughter.

100 Baby Challenge

Probably the most popular and most common of the sims 4 challenges on this list, the 100 Baby Challenge is an incredible option for players who love to struggle and play with kids. This is also one of the most popular challenges on twitch and youtube with so many simmers playing this challenge for the viewers.

In this challenge you start off with a single matriarch (traditionally female but if you play with the gender settings you can use a male or non-binary sim) who will try to have as many children as possible in their lifetime with a different baby parent each time.

Your main sim is not allowed to have a job outside the home so they must earn income through a hobby like painting or writing books (and of course, using the nano-can touchless trashcan). They’ll need to raise their toddlers to have at least level 3 in their skills before aging up, and children and teens will need to get an A in school before aging up.

You’ll find it rather hard to get through tons of kids, and once your main matriarch is an elder you’ll then use your youngest daughter as your next matriarch until you hit 100 babies after many hours of gameplay.

The Wonder Child Challenge

The wonder child challenge has a pretty interesting backstory that starts with you being a single sim and being paired by the government with a sim of similar age who also wants to have children. You will be given 22,000 simoleons and get to live a life that looks normal.

Once you have your child you will need to devote your entire life to raising this child as a successful member of society and its actually a competition with many other couples so you need to try your absolute best.

Some of the things you’ll want to reach for are getting your child to earn skill points and max as many skills as humanly possible. You’ll get extra points for any traits your child possesses so gaining bonus traits from happy childhood and character values is key.

It’s a fun competition because one adult sim will work and the other will really just have their job being raising this child and hoping they are the absolute best they can be.

Mythical Motherhood

There are so many interesting occult and magical sims in The Sims 4 and the mythical motherhood challenge is going to have your sims having a baby with each of them. This doesn’t just include your regular occults like vampires and aliens but also adds in characters like plant sims, island elementals and father winter.

To allow your sims to move out the kids you’ll need to get them to gain skills related to their occult, for example for the vampire kids it’ll be the vampire lore skill and for patchy the straw man it’ll be gardening!

1 Dad, 7 Kids, Gone off the Rails

Our next challenge will have your sims suffering and trying to just survive with their 7 kids. The basics of this challenge are that your sim hates their kids because he never wanted them but wanted to make his wife happy. Shortly after the kid was born the wife died and now your sim is sad and has “gone off the rails” and has to raise this kid.

During the time after the death the dad starts to go partying and ends up getting multiple other women pregnant and each of these moms leaves the kid with him and disappears forever, leaving him to raise those kids too!

It has 100 Baby Challenge vibes since you’re just suffering but with a little flair for the dramatic since there’s a ton of baby mama drama in this challenge.

Career & Money Sims 4 Challenges

Since the game is a life simulator you need to have sims 4 challenges about careers and money because that’s a huge part of everyday life. These challenges will have your sims trying to spend money, trying out every career in the game and so much more.

Astronaut Legend Challenge

Our next challenge is the astronaut legend challenge where your sim is an aspiring astronaut and you’re working to help them reach that dream. Your sim will have the genius trait but also have one that makes them a little bit awkward like loner or clumsy.

This sim is going to be living into an empty lot with no house built and will get to have a bed or a tent to sleep in, a toilet and a fridge. Why such little stuff? Well, this sim spent all of their money to build themselves a rocket ship. Once you have these items you’ll use money cheats to change it so your sim has 0 simoleons and needs to work up from the bottom.

In order to complete the challenge you’ll need to max the rocket science skill and get our sim to the absolute top of the astronaut career and build the reward rocket from the career. You’ll also need to own a house and get to at least level 6 of the charisma skill.

Going Broke Challenge

There is one type of player who wants to work hard to earn an income but there are other players who may want to spend all the money. In the going broke challenge your sims are going to start with 1,000,000 simoleons (you can get this through money cheats) and you’ll be working toward spending all of that money in 10 generations.

Setting this up in the challenge to start your sims are going to have the fabulously wealthy aspiration and one of your traits has to be materialistic. On your first day your sims are going to buy the bargain bend lot in Willow Creek and decorate the home however you’d like.

You’ll get to get married and have as many kids as you’d like and just try to spend all of your money. However, there are limits to how much money you can spend each day in the game and in each generation.

Hired Help Challenge

If you feel like dealing with other sims drama and messes you may want to play through the Hired Help Challenge. In this challenge your sim is going to move from house to house as the hired help and get to take care of their home and their children and keep their house running.

You’ll only get to control your sim and just let the rest of the sims in the household do whatever they want and live their lives autonomously. Your sim can have whatever traits and aspirations you’d like to see and you aren’t allowed to get married until you finish the challenge.

There is an itinerary written out in the challenge rules where you will know exactly what you need to do on which days in the challenge. For example on days 27-30 you are going to be a live in personal trainer for a sim and will want to mentor sims in their fitness skill.

Mooch Off Your Neighbour Challenge

There are definitely tons of ways to make money in The Sims 4 but sometimes you just want to take advantage of other sims and not do any of the work yourself. When you feel like using others in the game you’ll want to play the Mooch Off Your Neighbours Challenge.

When setting a sim up for this challenge you’ll want to start with a young adult sim with any traits but you will want to have the mansion baron aspiration and work toward having a beautiful home that you didn’t even earn. It’s going to be hard for you to earn income since your sim isn’t allowed to have a regular job during this challenge.

You are going to need to befriend your neighbours and you’ll be able to eat and sleep as much as you possibly can at their home. A good idea is to use satisfaction points to get your sims the always welcome reward trait so sims aren’t mad when you do things at their home.

There is a whole point system in the challenge and that makes it so much fun because you’re more motivated to get things done in the challenge to earn more points.

Career Legacy Challenge

There are so many variations to the traditional legacy challenge and the Career Legacy Challenge is a great choice for players who want to play with so many of the careers in the game.

This challenge starts out with a young adult sim who is playing like a Rags to Riches where they’ll use a random number generator to decide how much money they are going to get from their parents when they move out between 0 and 5000.

Then this sim will spend their lifespan focused on a single career as well as the different skills that go along with those careers. For example, a sim who does the astronaut career will have to rain level 10 of both fitness and logic, have a rocket ship and get to the top of the career branch.

In addition to working on their careers during their legacy they can have kids, get married and have friends too, just don’t let any of it distract from their true calling!

Humble Beginnings & Homeless Sims 4 Challenges

Sims players absolutely love to struggle and starting out with no money or being homeless is the way to do that. These sims 4 challenges will start you off on a lot with no money, maybe on an island maybe right beside the Goth Family, but no matter what you’ll have tons of fun.

Homeless Author Challenge

Unfortunately the rules for this challenge have disappeared off the internet but I still think its a good enough one to make the list and will try to explain it to the best of my ability. This challenge goes right along with the best selling author aspiration in the base game but you’ll be starting completely without a home.

You’ll need to get your sim to earn enough income to first purchase a computer by using public library computers to write your first few books and start earning royalties. Then you can start working on your home and building up your life using these daily royalties.

To finish off the challenge you’ll need to have written and licensed out 100 books to earn royalties and be able to build a large home and start a family with the money you earn from this.

Living off the Land

With the awesome additions in The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle your sims have so much potential for living off the land and playing the Living Off The Land Challenge is a really fun one with all of these items. In this challenge your sims are not allowed to have any technology like TV or computers and will need to work in their garden to be able to live off the land.

You’ll want to give your sim the freelance botanist aspiration and have them work through this and gain the gardening skill to earn their income. They will get to live in a small cottage home with a woodworking bench, a single bed and only using off the grid items.

You’ll have to earn a good income before you’re able to grow your family by getting married as a rule is that you must have enough space for a double bed before being able to move someone in, and you aren’t able to earn income through painting or writing because it’s too easy.

Living off the Grid

With the awesome additions made with both Island Living and Eco Lifestyle we got so many cool ways to start Living off the Grid and this challenge brings in a challenge to go with that. To start out in this challenge you’ll be playing in a normal lifespan with a single sim who has the freelance botanist aspiration.

When you create your lot you get to have a starter home, however, there are some rules to follow when building it. You are not allowed to have a bathroom inside of the home but you can build yourself an outhouse with the cheapest toilet and shower.

You can only have an outdoor grill to be able to make food and can’t have an indoor kitchen, not even a fridge is allowed in your home. This makes it so hard to keep your sim happy which is a huge part of the challenge and you’ll need to find ways to make money.

The goals of this challenge are to collect all gardening collectibles and be able to max the gardening skill. You have to get your sim through the freelance botanist aspiration before they die and then you’ll be done the challenge which is pretty hard to get all of those done, especially the collectibles.

Rags to Riches Challenge

If you’re the type of player who loves to struggle from the very first day you’ll love playing through a Rags to Riches Challenge. This is the type of challenge where you start with absolutely 0 simoleons and a completely empty lot and have to work your way up towards a better life.

To be able to go from your 20,000 starting funds to 0 simoleons you are going to need to know how to use money cheats and using the family funds cheat to get it done.

The main goals of a rags to riches challenge if you play following all the rules include having a home worth 100,000 that has at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, finishing a career and getting to level 10 of that career or earn 100,000 with your business if you choose to run a business and complete an aspiration for you, your spouse and your children.

This challenge is not the simmers who are looking for a simple experience that will be easy from the start. Your sims will be living on park benches and stealing food from sims who cook on grills and showering in the rain!

Homeless Challenge

Very similar to the beginning stages of a Rags to Riches you can play through the Homeless Challenge. You’ll start with a single sim who doesn’t have a place to live and owns an empty lot (only because you can’t live without owning a lot) and you’ll start with 0 simoleons.

Your sims are going to need to find ways to survive by any means necessary and the gaol is to hit 5,000 simoleons in cash and own a basic home. It is not until this point that your sims are able to get a traditional job because they wouldn’t have been hired without an address and phone number.

They can’t even have a girlfriend or boyfriend since they’d be embarrassed by the fact that they didn’t have a home. They can go fishing, dig for treasure, grow their charisma skill to start asking others for loans, and try to get tips by playing instruments.

Nomad Challenge

The next challenge on the list is the Nomad Challenge where your sims are never allowed to get a traditional job and you must live a life off the land while trying to complete a bunch of collections to create a museum in your home.

You are going to start with two sims who are young adults and you can choose whatever traits and aspirations you’d like to have. They don’t have to be married, can be siblings or just best friends if you want.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Aa1s4PvRrDA?feature=oembed

You’ll purchase these two sims a medium sized lot and use money cheats to turn their money back to 0 simoleons. Then there are a number of goals for you to try and work on:

There are a number of rules that you must follow as well like only catching things you’ve grown or caught yourself like fish, you can only purchase portable items like tents and folding chairs until you can finish a collection, and more.

Runaway Teen Challenge

One of the worst things in The Sims 4 is how boring teenagers are and how they don’t have a personality of their own. Playing something like the Runaway Teen Challenge is wonderful because you’ll start enjoying the experience with teenagers at a whole new level.

When playing this challenge you’ll have a single teenage sim living on an empty lot completely alone without any adult supervision. These sims are not allowed to go to school or even do their homework.

As you work through the challenge you’ll need to find interesting ways to earn money without getting a regular job until you have a basic home. You won’t be able to get a real job until you are a young adult because you don’t want your teenager to interact with adults.

Why? Well, you don’t want other sims to know that you’re a runaway teen living alone so you have to avoid adult sims at all costs. You can only interact with teens or children until you age up.

Your teenager is going to get the joy of fishing, gardening, and sleeping in parks until they can create a very small home and start with a hobby like painting or writing until they can get a regular job.

Castaway Challenge

The next challenge is the castaway challenge where you’ll have your sims living on a deserted island. The original rules had your sims living on The Island in Windenburg but now with Island Living existing you can have a much more fun experience by having your sims live in Sulani.


You’ll want to move out all families on the island and bulldoze all the lots so it really feels like a deserted island and you’ll move your sim into an empty lot.

Your sim will need to go fishing, gardening and find collectibles to be able to survive on this island and they are never allowed to leave the island.

Homeless to Famous

Getting famous is a fun experience in The Sims 4: Get Famous but not everyone can have an easy experience getting famous. The homeless to famous challenge will have your sims start off with a one bedroom apartment in San Myshuno and will have no furniture except for a keyboard or guitar.

You’ll have to remove all of your money and can only make money from selling things or playing for tips instead of getting a traditional job. There are certain things you have to hit before you can do things for example you need to max out either the piano or guitar skill before you can start up a relationship.

The main objective in this challenge is to get your sim to have a beautiful place to live and get them to be famous through whatever means necessary.

Raiding to Riches

If you’re a fan of a rags to riches sims 4 challenges but want to mix it up, you may want to try the sims 4 challenge raiding to riches. With this challenge your sim is fed up with the grind and capitalism society that is destroying the planet so they will be living as a Freegan Freedom Fighter.

They are going to never have more than 5000 simoleons at a single time and will be working on trying to find objects to decorate a modest home. You can also find items in dumpsters to sell however, you can’t just sell them in your inventory, you must use a selling table to sell them to a person!


We love a challenge in the game that has a fun and interesting backstory and the stranded challenge has your sims going on a cruise, what could go wrong? Well, that cruise blows up and sinks and your sims wash up on a beach and have to figure out how to survive.

sims 4 challenges

You’ll start with a save where Sulani is empty and you’ll start with a single sim and all of their outfits are the same since they’d only have the clothes on their back. You’ll need to figure out how to survive with food, unlock new parts of the island and gain skills while also finding the other survivors of the cruise.

Wolf Pack Challenge

Our next challenge is the Wolf Pack Challenge and you must have The Sims 4: Cats & Dogs for this challenge. In this challenge you are going to start off with a single sim… sort of. This sim won’t be in a lonely household they are going to have their wolf pack! Their wolf pack is going to consist of six dogs and one evil raccoon.


The goal of the challenge is to have your sim and their wolf pack live off the land by collecting items, fishing, and gardening and also sending your wolf pack off to hunt for goodies.

You can complete this challenge when you reach 50,000 simoleons in your sims bank account and have a small, functional home for you and your wolf pack.

The Island Challenge

If you’re a huge fan of Island Living and hanging out in the sand you’ll definitely want to try out The Island Challenge in the game. This challenge has your sims stranded on a deserted island where they’ll need to survive and get more sims on the island.

You’ll start with two young adults with whatever aspirations and traits you choose (I’d suggest loves the outdoors for sure) these sims are going to be focusing on living off the land quite a bit and will catch fish and start gardens.

There are certain dice rolls that you can make to have different random things happen to your sims which is a fun way to play with scenarios.

Fandom Sims 4 Challenges

One thing that creators of sims 4 challenges love is to bring in other fandoms that they love to the game. You’ll find challenges here based on different video games, television shows and movies that players loved enough to create a challenge for!

Truman Show Challenge

In 1998 a great movie called The Truman Show was released and players have turned this into a sims challenge for you to enjoy. When playing The Truman Show Challenge you’re going to have a single sim to start that you cannot control.

You’re essentially playing as if you’re the reality TV show producer of your sim’s life and your sim has absolutely no idea that they’re on TV. The entire world around them is considered fake and controlled by the producers, YOU.

You are never under any circumstances allowed to control Truman, he must be able to live his life without any influence from the player. Some of the things you must accomplish with this are Truman getting good grades, Truman getting a girlfriend as a teenager, gaining 100,000 simoleons and more.

Masterchef Challenge

As someone who loves to watch The Food Network every single day, the Masterchef Challenge is a must try. With this food focused choice for sims 4 challenges you’ll have a house with 8 sims where you’ll have 5 contestants for the master chef challenge and 3 judges.

The judges must have the master chef aspiration and the foodie trait and contestants can have whatever aspirations you want but choose traits to make sure they’d be good at cooking. They’ll all start with zero skill in both cooking and mixology so that no one gets a leg up.

You’re going to have specific challenges you put the people through to see who really is the best chef while they live and compete in the same building. You can even cause drama and have sims be friends or have romantic relationships with one another for extra spice!

Bad Blood Challenge

As a swiftie this challenge is right up my alley and brings in some fun things about her music and life to The Sims. A big thing that people know about Taylor Swift is that she had a huge squad of friends and they’d been seen together everywhere for many years and that’s part of this challenge.

taylor swift bad blood challenge

When you’re playing through this challenge you’ll want to create a sim and find someone to be their best friend, go ahead and turn that best friend into their enemy and make them have “bad blood” and have a squad of friends to hangout with.

You’ll also have skills you need to gain throughout this challenge and when you and your squad hit certain milestones your sim is able to fight the enemy and complete the challenge.

Big Brother Challenge

There are so many wonderful reality television shows that you can turn into a fun challenge in The Sims 4. The Big Brother Challenge is an awesome one for you to play through in the game and you’ll have a group of people being stuck inside of a home with no access to the outside world.

To set this up you’ll have 8 sims in the household with various ages (from young adult to elder) and a nice mix of traits to keep it interesting. Make sure to involve some negative traits like slob or erratic to keep it way more interesting. You can make them look however you’d like!

The home will not have any televisions, computers, radios or even bookcases because these sims are entirely cut off from the rest of the world, you can’t even have any skill building or hobby building items. These sims must be bored so they can have a lot more drama to keep them entertained.

Once the sims enter the home you are no longer allowed to control their day to day and each week there will be tasks to see who becomes the head of household and eventually you’ll get to eliminate one person per week.

Disney Princess Challenge

Much like a legacy challenge the Disney Princess Challenge has you working through multiple generations of a family and each generation is going to be focused on different parts of the game and life. You’ll get to be snow white, Aurora, Tiana and more.

In the first generation you’ll be playing through the life of Snow White and her 7 Dwarfs that will be her children. You’ll be working to make sure that your children have a nice life even though each of them have a negative trait (i.e., gloomy and glutton) and you’ll want to have them reach certain skill levels and grades in school.

When playing through Snow White will never talk to elderly women or answer the door to protect the family from the evil step mother. If you’re playing on PC you’ll have a much easier time with this because you can find a bunch of Disney themed custom content items to add to your game to get the vibes right.

Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge

If you’re a fan of the ABC hit TV show The Bachelor, you’ll want to try the Bachelor or Bachelorette Challenge in The Sims 4. This choice for sims 4 challenges works just like the show where you’ll have a single sim who you get to control who is looking for the love of their life, you’ll also create 7 other sims to live in the house with you of the opposite gender traditionally but can be same gender if you have an LGBTQ+ sim.

Every 3rd day in the game you’ll want to eliminate a sim that they are not feeling like the others, usually the one with the least romantic relationship with your main sim. To gain these relationships you’ll want your sim to be going on dates with these other sims either one-on-one or in a group outing.

You are not allowed to have your sims participate in woohoo until there are only two sims left as options like the fantasy suites that happen toward the end of the show. When doing this you’ll want to make sure that the other sim in the house isn’t aware that it’s happening because getting caught cheating can ruin your relationships.

There is a specific itinerary that you can follow which will tell you what to do each day with days for group dates, one on one dates, and eliminations and even days for house parties!

Stardew Valley Generations

It seems like many of us simmers are really big fans of Stardew Valley as well, and bringing some Stardew into The Sims 4 is super fun. In this challenge you are going to have a generation focused on each marriage candidate in the game.

The first generation is going to focus on Abigail where you’ll be starting with 20,000 simoleons and getting your own apartment away from your dad’s store to start your ow life. This sim will have the music lover, loves the outdoors and geek traits with the curator aspiration and will be working in the entertainer career.

Your goals are to complete the frog collection, get an unnatural hair colour, be friends with a ghost or vampire, and have at least two children. Then you’ll move on to the next marriage candidate!

Romance Sims 4 Challenges

Romance is a big part of The Sims 4 since it is a life simulator and finding and losing love is a huge part of life. These sims 4 challenges are focused on romance whether it be falling in love with one sim, or falling in love and breaking the hearts of 100 sims, you’ll definitely find something you’ll enjoy.

100 Heartbreak Challenge

If you’re very interested in the concept of the 100 Baby Challenge but don’t want to deal with that many kids in the game you should definitely try the 100 Heartbreak Challenge. This challenge won’t have your sim having 100 babies but your sim will be on a long lifespan and will have to destroy the lives of many sims through breaking their hearts.

When playing through this mod you are not allowed to use any cheats, can’t get married to any of the sims you fall in love with and you must be in a relationship by asking to be boyfriend/girlfriend before you are able to break their heart.

You’re able to woohoo with whoever you want but if a sim gets pregnant then the challenge is over so make sure you don’t have any risky woohoo mods in the game. You’ll want to use the serial romantic aspiration and the romantic trait to make this a bit easier.

I’m a Lover Challenge

Our next challenge was around in The Sims 3 days and has made a return! The I’m a Lover Challenge will start you with a young adult sim with the soulmate aspiration and the romantic trait. In the first generation your sim will be a romance novel writer who works in the writer career which is so fun!

Your sim will date one person when they are a young adult and eventually marry them. These sims will stay together forever as soulmates and will go on date nights every week. They are also going to have two kids during their adult stage and raise these kids well.

Once you move onto the next generation your new heir will be romantic but also non-committal which will hurt their eventual marriage and cause a divorce but they will be able to raise their kids well anyway.

Other Challenges

There are some options for sims 4 challenges that are too unique to truly be categorized but are still really fun ones to play. The challenges below are great choices and you’ll definitely have a good time!

Cult or Commune Challenge

If you’re fascinated by cults IRL but are too scared to ever join one to learn more, you could definitely play a cult or commune challenge in The Sims 4. To start this option for sims 4 challenges you are going to create a leader and you get to decide what type of leader they get to be.

Will they be charming and alluring? Will they be confident and mischievous? It’s all up to you and you can really give your leader whatever traits you want them to have.

You’ll get to buy this sim an empty lot to start off with and just add a tent and fire pit and one hobby item like a guitar or easel. You’ll then have to follow the rules set out for how you get others to join your cult or commune and it’s an interesting time. You’ll get to grab whoever you want and make them join you!

Three Little Sims Challenge

We all know the story of The 3 Little Pigs, well let’s take that into The Sims with the Three Little Sims Challenge. When playing this challenge you’re going to start off with 3 young adult aged sims who don’t have a relationship to each other at all.

Each of these sims are going to get their own small home on the lot that are about the same size and have the same kinds of amenities but the hobby items can be different based on a sim’s personality.

Once you have the 3 set up you are going to play each of them for a day rotating each day to a new sim and only controlling them on a single day and letting them do whatever they want on the days you aren’t controlling them. The point of this challenge is to see what happens when the sims aren’t being controlled and if they are successful on their days off!

Ultimate Survival Challenge

Our next challenge is the Ultimate Survival Challenge where your sims are going to learn how capable they are at everyday life tasks. This challenge will require that you have The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat as it focuses on a bunch of items from that pack.

Your main goals in this one is to survive the challenge and make 50,000 simoleons that you are going to put toward building a home. To start off you are not allowed to have any walls for your home and can’t have electricity or running water so living off the grid.

Your sims aren’t able to earn an income through having a regular job so they’ll need to find a profitable hobby. You’ll need to purchase the very large 50×50 Oakenstead Lot for this challenge and bulldoze the entire lot and only get to have a tent, the cheapest toilet and shower, and a fire pit with a couple of chairs.

Hotel Challenge

As of writing this we still don’t have hotels in the traditional sims game or in any DLC which is a super annoyance but you do have the option to simulate this experience through the hotel challenge. In this challenge you’re going to be running a hotel with a very intense element of chance sprinkled throughout to add some chaos.

When you’re setting up this choice for sims 4 challenges you’re going to make your sim the owner of a hotel and you can have one other sim in your household to help as a cleaner or chef for the hotel but they must be the opposite gender. You’ll get to make as big of a hotel as you want and decorate however you want as long as the rooms have a bathroom, a double bed and a TV.

You’ll then need to use money cheats to bring your sim’s money down to 1,000 simoleons and start running your business. You are going to need to be locking sims into their rooms and not letting them leave, essentially kidnapping sims to make them your guests since this feature doesn’t exist in the game yet.

To make the challenge even more wild you’ll have a bunch of random things happening to a different hotel room each day. The things you may have randomized include making friends, making enemies, trying for a baby with a guest, treating the guests well, ignoring guests or even going as far as to kill your guests.

Asylum Challenge

Once again we have another darker gameplay challenge for you to try and this one is the Asylum Challenge. This challenge simulates the experience a sim would have living in an asylum where they aren’t well taken care of.

To set this option on our list of sims 4 challenges up you have a single sim that you get to control and the other 7 are going to be allowed to do whatever they want whenever they want. All 8 sims have to have the erratic trait (formerly insane) and will have their other traits and aspiration randomized.

In the asylum where these sims are living you don’t get to have enough resources for every sim. There will be the following restrictions on your sim’s home:

  • 5 Single Beds
  • 6 Seats (Including dining chairs, couches, and comfort items)
  • 1 Bathroom
  • 1 Stove (the cheapest one)
  • No Smoke Alarm
  • 1 TV or 1 Computer
  • 5 Non-Electronic Skill Building Objects

The goal of the challenge for the sim you are controlling is to have them finish off their aspiration as proof that they have gained control over their life and they are then allowed to leave the asylum and enjoy their life.

Apocalypse Challenge

Oh no! Our World! It’s Broken! If you’re looking to play The Sims 4 like the entire world has been wiped out, you’ll want to play the apocalypse challenge next. With this challenge you’re playing as though the entire world has been wiped out by an apocalypse and you are just trying to survive.

To start playing this challenge you’ll want to demolish all of the lots in the world and you can use the gallery to find appropriate homes that suit the apocalypse vibes. Then you’ll want to create your founder of any gender and give them clothes that make them look dirty.

Your founder will be a child to start and you are only able to play as your founder but they will have a family that they live with. You’ll get to live through their child and teen years as if their life is normal but once they move out of their family home the apocalypse starts and the challenge begins.

You’ll be living with a ton of restrictions on your sims that your family must obey to keep themselves safe but restrictions are going to be lifted when you finish a career.

If you’re playing on PC you can even take this a bit further and use the zombie apocalypse mod to make this feel even more real and have access to guns and weapons to keep your family safe.

Prison Challenge

The next options on our list of sims 4 challenges will have your sims making sure others don’t get to enjoy their lives and that is The Prison Challenge. Although most of us don’t agree with the prison system IRL, it can be really fun to play with in The Sims 4. To start this challenge you are going to start with a 25,000 budget to build your prison and you’ll need to spend 1,000 every time you are getting a new prisoner.

You’ll be allowed to use money cheats to give yourself 500 simoleons per prisoner each time you have to pay bills like the government is giving you money to keep them. You’ll need to teleport sims around because the doors will be locked and it’s hard sometimes to keep sims in.

In your prison you’ll need to have your personal quarters for your character with a bed and a bathroom, prison cells that have a bed and a toilet, an outside area for your prisoners to walk around, a kitchen for you to serve your prisoners meals and some money making hobby items for your prisoners to use as part of their rehab.

You are only allowed to control one prisoner per day and the others will get to be entire autonomous, and you can always control the warden. Your goal is essentially to not have any of the prisoners die under your watch and you’ll want to get these prisoners to max a skill and once they do this they can be released.

Your main goals are going to be to rehab 10 prisoners and get them moved out and try to keep your sims earning an income with over 60,000 simoleons in your household inventory at one time.

Clone Challenge

To start off the clone challenge you’ll want to create a wonderful sim that you would love to look at a lot because you’ll be playing through their life multiple times. You’ll want to create this wonderful sim and upload them to your gallery page to save them and then live through their life however you’d like.

Once you complete the first sims life, you’ll then want to grab another version of this same sim off your gallery and play through their life and see the differences. You’ll want to choose different spouses, careers, hobbies and just general lifestyles to keep it interesting.

You can really turn this sim into anything and have an experience completely unique even though you’re using the same sim every single time.

Immigrant Challenge

One of the hardest things a person can do is move to an entirely new country as an immigrant and try to create a wonderful life while knowing no one and having no support from others, that’s essentially what’s happening to your sim in the immigrant challenge.

To start off your sim is considered a temporary citizen who doesn’t yet have the rights to get a job and can’t even sell anything legally so it’s very hard for your sim to earn an income. The creator of the challenge has decided that the only way for you to earn an income is through the retail system from The Sims 4: Get to Work.

Your sim will be able to become a full citizen after they have earned 22,000 simoleons so they can repay a loan the government gave them to start their business.

Serial Killer Challenge

We don’t always need The Sims 4 to be all sunshine and rainbows, sometimes we need to add a bit of death to our gameplay which is very easy to do with something like the Serial Killer Challenge.

To start this challenge you’ll want to set lifespan to long to have enough time and create a single sim with the evil trait but your other traits can be whatever you’d like. You’ll then move them into whatever lot you’d like and hangout outside until another sim walks by.

You’ll then start chatting with this sim and use the go here together option and bring them into a room where you can lock them in until they starve to death. You’ll want to keep every gravestone and send their spirits to the Netherworld so the ghosts don’t drive you up the wall.

The objective is to see how many sims you can manage to kill in 3 in-game weeks but just make sure you never leave your lot when you have victims because they will often disappear.

Expectations vs Reality

The sims is a game where you can create a world that will allow you to live out your wildest dreams and expectations for your life. However, with the expectations vs reality challenge your sims aren’t going to get that opportunity.

The premise of this challenge is that your father gave you a home but all of the furniture is gone and there is nothing there. This house is very run down and it’s entirely up to you to make it work. Your sim will need to live in this house until they max out certain skills.

Right next door there is an expectations house that is everything they could’ve dreamed but they are not allowed to live inside of this home until they max out the painting and handiness skill.

Final Thoughts

This list of sims 4 challenges is going to have you having interesting gameplay and build ideas for honestly decades if you were to play through each and every one. These challenges have covered every type of gameplay you could possibly try in the game and are so much fun. Which one is your favourite? Happy Playing!


  1. I was wondering if you could incorporate any vampire challenges as a I think that could be fun. They have many abilities, and they could come as a good challenge to fellow simmers!

    1. You can probably do the alien takeover one with that same idea, but instead of killing the sims you just turn them into vampires

      1. Try the Drifter Challenge it’s so fun and you can explore so much that you may not know existed! It has rules for base game and packs I highly recommend it

  2. Thanks so much for making your 50 fun challenges for the sims 4 website!

    I’m so excited to start my apoclolypse challenge!

  3. I have had so much fun doing the apocalypse challenge, I also tried the big brother one and it was AwSoMe!!! Thanks for all of these amazing challenges!!!

  4. I was wondering if you can add any dogs and cats expansion pack challenges because I love the pack so much and I really want something to challenge me

    1. The Wolf Pack Challenge is a Cats and Dogs expansion challenge. The expansion is the only way you can get the 6 dogs and a raccoon.

  5. I don’t have any of the sims games which is really sad because sims 4 looks so fun! i loved the idea of these challenges. if only i could do them :(.

  6. A good challenge I like is rags to riches like but with cats n dogs so u start with empty lot n 0$ work ur way up to owning a house n a vet with vet having 5 stars n all employees

  7. Another challenge i do is rags to riches like start empty lot with 0$ n work ur way up to a house and a retail store have a kid n hen ur SIM dies the kid takes over where ur starter SIM left off n see how many generations it takes to have a retail store in every world u have. once u have a house with all basics u can start a job if u want. I am doing this right now.

  8. I did this challenge u make a male SIM on normal life span n see if u can impregnate every women in every house in every world u have I also impregnated women that didn’t have house it is slot of fun I made a cult compound n there was 4 women in it n they all had kids so I ended up with 8 Sims first son make him the best skills so he can take over as a young adult the family tree gets so weird lol its spot of fun

  9. I think what would be cool is if there was an elemental challenge like water fire earth wind moon and sun and each challenge you have to do certain things

  10. I am going to try the 100 baby challenge I saw videos about it and I just got a new computer so now I am looking for a new challenge to do and I am going to try the 100 baby challenge.

  11. The Guardian Legacy Challenge link is broken. I can’t seem to find any similar rules anywhere else online though lol.

  12. I just thought of a cool storyline you can add into you sims gameplay. One your sims die, add their ghost to the family and make a new household full of every sim that has died. Put the reaper in it and have the afterlife where your sims can see their friends and family once they die.

  13. I’ve done a challenge where my sim became and evil scientist and cloned himself over and over, slowly replacing everyone in town. I edited the clones to make them look like other sims like the Pancakes household and Landgraab’s. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a more sinister challenge.

  14. I’ve never done a challenge. I’ve made up my own. One male sim must live in all the worlds. While he’s there he must have a career and rank up to the top level. Max a skill, make a sworn enemy, father a child and have one other lover. He should try to cover all genders and species for his lovers and enemies. He should also live in destination worlds by vacationing there for long periods. He can use freelancer careers in those places. In Batuu he can rank up to max level for one of the factions. In Brichester his “job” can be a student. Aspiration rewards can extend his lifespan to give him enough time. I’ve chosen to call it the “Space Cowboy Challenge” Subtitled the “Been there, done that, bought the tshirt challenge” My sim has completed the first world. He maxed the social media career and maxed skiing in Mt Komerabi. Now he’s living in dorms in Brichester while he studies and maxes his Research and Debate skill. His alien lover is about to give birth to his second child.

  15. i already do the 0 money challenge, i might do the castaway, 100 babies
    and the runaway (teen) challenge too

    is there a challenge for vampires and mermaids though? 😉

  16. I have been wanting to find some more challenges to do with my sims game. Thank you so much and I cant wait to go and try some of these challenges,

  17. You should make a roommate challenge when you move into a house 2 to 3 Sims in the household and you have to be your sim only

  18. i made my own challenge, it’s called Gardening Challenge
    the rules might be missing though but i made the rules i could think up

    but the tittle explains itself, you have to stay outdoors with NO houses
    you can find it on Wattpad and in Mod The Sims

    it looks like a little bit of homeless challenge since you’ll start with NO money
    it’s kind of decade and Homeless challenge mixed up to be honest

    i infact made a story about that challenge about a sim trying to survive life
    and eat the things it planted so the sim either can harvest it or sell it to earn money (the story is not completed though)

    you can do the gardening challenge in the basegame so packs is not needed
    but if you want to makes it looks like you’re in the middle of nowhere
    i recommend installing island living (delete each sims that lives in Sulani and tada no one lives there so it will looks so realistic and real)

    for the simmers who loves to do everything outside and eat it in natural ways
    out of plants (or well plants? you know the ones you have to take care of it and
    harvest it) i recommend you trying to do this challenge 🙂

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