Sims 4 Public Enemy Aspiration Walkthrough

The Sims 4 is usually seen as a game of sunshine and rainbows but things like the sims 4 public enemy aspiration remind players that you can be devious in this game too. This is definitely not created for players who want the game to be all sunshine and rainbows.

Along with this one in the base game we got the chief of mischief aspiration that lets you be just as evil as this one. This aspiration goes right along with the criminal career so you’ll want to have your sims join that career too!

This aspiration has been given to sims like Malcolm Landgaab, so you know what kinds of sims are going to have this very interesting aspiration.

Traits That Help With The Sims 4 Public Enemy Aspiration

Choosing the correct traits when you’re creating a character is really important if you want to zoom through different aspirations. These traits really affect what sims will enjoy doing, their level of needs being filled and so much more. There are two traits you can give your sims that are going to be helpful for the sims 4 public enemy aspiration.

The first trait you may want to give your sims is the mean trait because this trait makes your sims enjoy doing mean and mischievous interactions. Your sims are going to gain fun from these interacts so you can keep their fun up while doing social interactions.

The other trait you may want to have is the evil trait. These sims are going to absolutely love being around sims who have negative buffs. This means that if they are making a sim angry they are going to really enjoy being around them.

Bonus Trait for The Sims 4 Public Enemy Aspiration

Whenever you choose an aspiration for your sims they are going to be given a bonus trait. Sims with the public enemy aspiration are going to be given the dastardly trait. Sims who have this trait are going to have a higher success rate when doing mischief or mean interactions and this can be really helpful in being successful in this aspiration.

Stages of The Sims 4 Public Enemy Aspiration

Every aspiration in the sims has different levels for your sims to work through and as you finish these aspirations you’ll get awarded with satisfaction points for each thing you complete. The sims 4 public enemy aspiration has four different levels for you to work through.

Level 1: Mostly Harmless

  • Be Disliked by 2 Sims
  • Perform 10 Mean/Mischievous Interactions
level one of the sims 4 public enemy aspiration

The nice thing about the first part of this aspiration is that the two kind of work well together. When your sim is performing all of these mean and mischievous interactions, other sims will start to dislike them without you having to try very hard.

It is important to note that some sims aren’t going to be very bothered by mischief interactions, and won’t dislike you for them. It may be easier to use all mean interactions to get others to dislike your sim.

You should probably perform these interactions on sims outside of your family, unless you really want to mess up your sim’s life, just to make sure that you can always go home and relax without having people hate you.

Level 2: Neighbourhood Nuisance

  • Become an Adult
  • Join the Criminal Career
  • Be Disliked by 4 Sims
neighbourhood nuisance part of the public enemy aspiration

Most of this section is pretty self-explanatory, I find the become an adult sections of aspirations to be rather annoying because they could’ve added anything else and just the act of being in a career means your sim has to be an adult anyway.

Anyway, for this aspiration your sim is going to need to join the criminal career which is great because that career and this aspiration work really well together.

Finally, you’ll need to be disliked by 4 sims. You’ll already have two from the first part of this aspiration, so you won’t have to put in too much time to get this one done, just a nice day in the park.

Level 3: Criminal Mind

  • Reach Level 4 of the Criminal Career
  • Get into 5 Fights
  • Have a Declared Enemy
sims 4 deviance aspirations

The part of this aspiration that is going to take you a bit of time is working through the criminal career, you’ll need to really be committed to the career if you want to finish it, or use career cheats to get the job done.

You’re also going to need to get into 5 fights in the game, these fights don’t need to be with different sims, you can just fight one person 5 times in a row if you want!

To get to the point where you can fight another sim, you’re going to need to perform a ton of mean interactions with them to the point where your relationship bar is very red.

Finally, your sim needs a declared enemy. This is an interaction in the mean interactions menu that comes up when you and another sim despise each other.

Level 4: Public Enemy

  • Witness the Death of a Sim
  • Reach Level 8 of the Criminal Career
  • Have 3 Declared Enemies
sims 4 public enemy aspiration

As I said in the last part, the most time consuming part of this aspiration is going through the criminal career since you have to get to level 8. This is something that will take a lot of your sim’s life, unless you use career cheats.

You’ll also need to declare 3 different sims as your enemies, you can use the same sims that you’ve already made dislike you and keep using mean interactions until you’re able to declare them as an enemy.

Finally, the best (or worst) part of this aspiration is that you have to witness the death of a sim. This means that your sim needs to be in the room and watch another sim die, and be there when the grim reaper comes for them.

There are some simmers that don’t love this part of the aspiration, but I think it makes total sense. You have the option to wait until someone dies of old age, or to take matters into your own hands and kill them yourself.

You could put a sim in a room and starve them, put them in a pool with a fence, make them use the spa day sauna too many times, and many more.

A fun way for a public enemy sim to kill someone is by making them have a heart attack. If they get angry, then very angry, they can eventually become enraged and if you continue being mean and making them angry they can die from a cardiac explosion.

Reward Trait for The Sims 4 Public Enemy Aspiration

When you manage to complete the public enemy aspiration, your sim will be rewarded with the mastermind reward trait.

Masterminds know just the right things to say to cause anger, sadness, and jealousy in their opponents.

A sim who has this trait is going to have so much success in making other sims angry, or sad, and will have a few new interactions open up to them.

They’ll get things like Vicious Rumour, Seeds of Doubt, and Subtly Debase. Which will all have powerful negative moodlets attached to them.

Final Thoughts

The sims 4 public enemy aspiration is a really fun, but seriously challenging aspiration in the game. There aren’t many that take time like this one, and working through the career and watching a sim’s death can be a hefty task.

I know that a lot of simmers will never touch this aspiration because they prefer the happy side of the game, but it can really open up some gameplay opportunities that they’ve never before explored. Happy Playing!

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