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The Sims 4: Child Skills

A lot of simmers seem to ignore child skills and don’t see them as valuable, but you can be given really powerful traits that can help you gain adult skills more quickly if you’re able to master the skill.

Most of us want our sims to be really successful as teens and adults so building skills is a great way to make sure that we raise them right!

Mental Skill

The mental skill in The Sims 4 is the child skill that is related to things like logic, programming, and video gaming. When your sim maxes out the mental skill they’ll be given the chance to start building the logic, video gaming, and fishing adult skills which can be super helpful in getting your children ready for high school.

A child who maxes out the mental skill will be given the mentally gifted reward trait meaning that they’ll gain mental skills (i.e., logic, video gaming, and programming) more quickly as adults.

How to Gain The Mental Skill

Your child aged sim can gain the mental skill through playing chess by themselves or with a friend or family member. They can also use the science table to create potions that will increase their skill as well. When you hit level 2 of the skill, you’ll unlock the arithmetic game on the computer which is another awesome way to gain the skill.

Levels of the Mental Skill

  • Level 1: Ability to use the Science Table and play chess
  • Level 2: Ability to play the Arithmetic Game on the computer
  • Level 3: No new rewards
  • Level 4: Ability to create a Health Potion on the science table, stronger moodlets from playing the Arithmetic Game
  • Level 5: New Interaction: Talk about Fractions
  • Level 6: Unlock the ability to research on simpedia
  • Level 7: Ability to create an Emotion Potion on science table, stronger moodlets coming from experimenting on the science table and playing on the jungle gym
  • Level 8: No new rewards
  • Level 9: New ability to Attempt Mental Telepathy, can gain the mental skill from researching simpedia
  • Level 10: Can now create a Stink Drink on the science table and gain the fishing, video gaming, and logic adult skills.

Cheating the Mental Skill

Sometimes we don’t want to put in the effort to actually gain skills, so why not cheat! You need to start by opening up the cheat box with ctrl + shift + C and typing in testingcheats true to make sure cheats are working.

Then, make sure you’re controlling your child sim and type stats.set_skill_level skill_child_mental X into the dialogue box and fill the X with whatever level of the skill you’d like.

An image of some kids from The Sims 4 playing void critters

Creativity Skill

The creativity skill for children in The Sims 4 is related and helpful to all instrument skills as well as painting and writing. When you manage to max out the creativity skill you’ll be given the creatively gifted trait which will help you gain all creative adult skills quicker in the future.

How to Gain the Creativity Skill

There are a few fun ways to gain the creativity skill as a child and thankfully they will all increase the fun your sim is having while they’re doing it! So no boredom for our children here.

To gain the creativity skill you can draw on the activity table, or you can go play with dolls using a dollhouse or toys in a toy box, or you can play the piano or violin.

Levels of the Creativity Skill

  • Level 1: Ability to Draw Shapes on the Activity Table
  • Level 2: Ability to Draw a Vehicle on the Activity Table
  • Level 3: Will now have more fun playing on Jungle Gym
  • Level 4: Ability to Draw People on the Activity Table
  • Level 5: Ability to Gain Inspired Moodlet from Dollhouse
  • Level 6: Ability to Draw Animals on the Activity Table
  • Level 7: Will now have even more fun on the Jungle Gym and can now write a Dollhouse Story on the computer
  • Level 8: Ability to Draw Monster on the Activity Table
  • Level 9: Can now Narrate a Tale of Dolls on the dollhouse
  • Level 10: Can now start earning the piano and violin skill

Cheating The Creativity Skill

All cheats in The Sims 4 have a cheat associated that will make it super easy for your sim to gain a skill. To cheat the creativity skill you should open the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift + c and typing in testingcheats true to turn on cheats.

Then, while controlling your child sim type in stats.set_skill_level skill_child_creativity X and fill the X with whatever level you wish for your sim to have.

Social Skill

The social skill is all about your sim learning how to have successful conversations with other sims and learning how to really get good with words. Maxing out the social skill will give your sim the socially gifted reward trait and will help them gain both the charisma and mischief skill more quickly.

How to Gain the Social Skill

Your child sims can gain the social skill by spending time talking to their family and friends which is the easiest way to do it. You can also gain the skill by talking to the stuffed animals in the game or by performing puppet shows.

Levels of the Social Skill

  • Level 1: Ability to interact with other sims and use the press to talk on some toys
  • Level 2: Ability to watching Sim.tv
  • Level 3: No new rewards
  • Level 4: Stronger moodlet from watching Sim.tv
  • Level 5: Stronger moodlet from playing with teddy bears
  • Level 6: Ability to talk it out with a stuffed animal, ability to research idioms on the computer
  • Level 7: New interaction to talk about school
  • Level 8: No new rewards
  • Level 9: Can talk to stuffed animals about all negative emotions
  • Level 10: Ability to start gaining the charisma and mischief skill

Cheating the Social Skill

A lot of the time we’re impatient when it comes to gaining skills so we’d rather cheat them, duh! To cheat your child’s social skill open the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift c and type in testingcheats true to make sure that your cheats are working.

Then type in stats.set_skill_level skill_child_social X into the cheat box and fill the X spot with whatever level of the skill you’d like your sim to have. Just make sure that your sim is being controlled when you do it.

An image of children from The Sims 4 looking for frogs

Motor Skill

The motor skill in The Sims 4 is all about physical fitness and spending time moving your body. This skill is only related to the fitness skill in the game. When your sim maxes out the motor skill they’ll be given the physically gifted reward trait allowing them to gain the fitness skill more quickly as an adult.

How to Gain the Motor Skill

Gaining the motor skill is easy, you can get your sim to play on the jungle gym or use the monkey bars to start. You can also get them to practice typing on the computer.

Levels of the Motor Skill

  • Level 1: Ability to play on jungle gyms and practicing typing
  • Level 2: You’ll see your sim start to get more coordinated
  • Level 3: New interaction, Ask for Typing Tips.
  • Level 4: Ability to play Keyboard Commander on the computer
  • Level 5: Can now Hangout on Monkey Bars
  • Level 6: Can get a new moodlet when playing keyboard commander
  • Level 7: Ability to get stronger moodlets when playing on monkey bars
  • Level 8: No new reward
  • Level 9: No real reward, may gain skill quicker now
  • Level 10: Stronger moodlets from monkey bars

Cheating the Motor Skill

You’re definitely able to cheat your way to gaining the motor skill. First, you need to ensure cheats are enabled by using ctrl + shift + c to open the cheat box and typing in testingcheats true.

Then, make sure you’re controlling your child sim, and type in stats.set_skill_level skill_child_motor X and fill the X with whatever level of the skill you want your sim to have.

Adult Skills Children Can Earn

When your sim maxes out a skill as a child they may now be able to start gaining specific adult skills. This can be really helpful for making a super sim and successful adult sims.


  • Violin
  • Piano


  • Video Gaming
  • Fishing
  • Logic


  • Charisma
  • Mischief

Final Thoughts

Successfully gaining child skills is a really great way to make your sims the best and most successful they can be in their future. Go out there and help your kids max out their skills!

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  1. what child Skill converts to handiness Skill, when clicked on object with child sim said upgrade but couldn’t do any actions says must have handiness Skill.

  2. i began with level 10 piano skill but then i added mental skill to level 10 through this cheat when i checked the skills my piano skill level when down to 1 all over again is this normal?

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