The Sims 4: Fashion Street Kit Overview

The fashion street kit is such a beautiful addition to the game and was released at the same time as the incheon arrivals kit and both of these new additions added beautiful international fashion to the game which is much needed. This kit adds gorgeous items like wrap skirts, henna tattoos and so many patterns that your sims will die for!

Fashion Street Kit Description

When you’re really trying to understand the reasons why EA decides to make a certain pack or kit, reading the description can give you some insight into what they wanted it to be. The fashion street kit description reads as follows:

Expand your style with The Sims™ 4 Fashion Street Kit* collection, inspired by the trendsetting designs of Mumbai. Rich colors, iconic silhouettes, and high-contrast patterns bring energy and vibrancy to each item. Show off your individuality by integrating trendy statement pieces with traditional details for a whole new style.


  • Build Your Wardrobe — Bright, flowy fabrics and contemporary cuts guarantee stunning streetwear looks for every Sim. From embroidered details to dynamic hues, each piece works alone or integrated into an existing closet for effortless style.
  • All In The Details— What would an outfit be without accessories? Bangles, sparkling necklaces, and flashy rings catch the eye while sandals finish it off with laid-back flare. Express your style with henna tattoos and fun sunglasses, too.

What’s Included in the Fashion Street Kit?

When you purchase the fashion street kit you are going to get a fun mix of items instead of just clothing. You’ll get 5 tops, 6 bottoms, 6 full body outfits and some accessories. There are two pairs of shoes, a necklace, bracelet, a pair of earrings and a pair of sunglasses. You’ll also get a gorgeous nose ring and even henna hand tattoos which are a beautiful addition to your sims!

More Information

According to this wonderful video interview with Shruti Sitara Singh the fashion street kit is entirely inspired by a set of streets in Mumbai that are where you’d go to buy all of your clothing items and accessories and it is such a beautiful experience that residents get to enjoy. These items are filled with gorgeous colours and bright and vibrant designs that you just wouldn’t see in western fashion!

Final Thoughts

The best thing about kits for most players is that you don’t have to buy them if you don’t want to, this kit may not be for you or you could love it, either way its up to you! This beautiful fashion street kit is bold and different and brings in so many colours and styles that really amp up your sims wardrobe and can make some fun looks. Happy playing!

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