The Sims 4: Industrial Loft Kit Overview

Kits seem to be coming out for The Sims 4 at record pace, with us getting 9 in just one year! The newest kit is the Industrial Loft Kit and it really adds a gorgeous aesthetic to your sim’s lives where they can live in any industrial building with ease. This pack includes tons of beautiful metal and wood items as well as a gorgeous living room set with leather furniture for your sims to enjoy.

Industrial Loft Kit Description

My favourite way to learn EA’s intentions with a pack is to read the descriptions so you can see exactly what they are aiming for, the description for the industrial loft kit reads as follows:

Embrace reclaimed architectural design with The Sims™ 4 Industrial Loft Kit*, inspired by the converted warehouses of Brooklyn, New York. Oversized windows, exposed hardware, and sturdy statement pieces highlight the beauty of raw materials and unfinished detailing.


  • Curate the Contemporary — Trendy wood and steel frames give weight and character to this furniture collection for a comforting, warm aesthetic. Smaller features like sharp angles, wheels, and mesh mix and match neatly. 
  • Expose the Elements — Metallic vents, piping, and lighting fixtures evoke a sense of history that melds with modernity. Make the most of the space with sliding double doors and large windows that fill it with light.

What’s Included in the Industrial Loft Kit?

The industrial loft kit has a bunch of really beautiful furniture that is absolutely perfect for an industrial loft. The best items that we have include a gorgeous fuzzy rug that works awesome under beds or in cozy living rooms, a beautiful chair and couch that have a beautiful leather texture, and some pipes for the ceiling that really make your sim’s homes feel industrial.

Industrial Loft Kit Controversy

During the promotional period for the Industrial Loft Kit, the sims team had released this image as a GIF that showed a beautiful rounded window with a couple of items from the pack.

Everyone on twitter got very excited about this window as it would pair absolutely beautifully with the ones we got with Moschino Stuff a few years ago. However, the window never came.

When the pack was released in 2021 this window was not included and the players were not happy, it was extremely false advertising and really upset much of the player base.

Since the annoyance outcry was so loud EA decided that they would add the window to a future update but it honestly feels like too little too late.

Final Thoughts

Although this kit wasn’t exactly what we expected since there was a bit of false advertising it is still an absolutely beautiful build kit that many players will enjoy. If you aren’t into the industrial vibe of this kit, I’d say skip it and wait for the next best one that fits your build aesthetic more closely. Happy playing!

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