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The Sims 4: Fossils (Collectible)

Fossils are just one of many collectibles in The Sims 4 and can be found in all of the worlds in the game by digging up rocks. When you finish your fossil collection you’ll be rewarded with a special plaque to commemorate this wonderful accomplishment.

Traits That Help With Collecting

Since your sim is going to be outside looking for fossils, they should definitely consider the loves the outdoors trait. Sims with this trait are going to enjoy spending time outside more and will see a smaller decrease in their motives when they are outside.

You could also give your sim any of the Nature Aspirations because this will give them the collector trait, this trait helps your sim find more rare collectibles on a more consistent basis which can help you find fossils.

Where to Find Fossils

The fun thing about fossils is that you aren’t just going to dig up a fossil when looking under rocks for collectibles. They aren’t there! You will dig up a piece of limestone that will go straight into your sims inventory.

From here, you’ll be able to click on the limestone in your sim’s inventory and extract the fossils. Beware however, some of the fossils are going to break and not be worth nearly as much money.

Rare fossils are more likely to be found by going to Sixam, the special alien planet that you can visit by building a rocketship and installing the wormhole generator.

Types of Fossils

Common Fossils

Fossilized Plant Imprint

Wax paper didn’t exist a long time ago. When cavepeople found a leaf they liked, they instead encased it in clay, dried it out and then displayed it next to their mammoth-fur rugs.”

The fossilized plant imprint is a common fossil that is worth §70.

Broken Fossil

“Fossil Extraction gone wrong.”

This fossil will only happen if your fossil extraction doesn’t work, this is common and is worth §10.

Fossilized Egg

“While this egg will never hatch, one can still wonder if there is a baby dinosaur hidden inside or if it is just the undeveloped yolk of a giant, pre-historic mega-chicken.”

The fossilized egg is a common fossil with a value of §70.

Prehistoric Hoofprint

“An ancient caveman preserved animal footprints as a hobby, displaying them in a popular museum-cave for all the other cavepeople to cave-enjoy. What an amazing convenience it was for modern anthropologists to find these preserved footprints all in one place!”

The prehistoric hoofprint is a common fossil with a value of §40.

Raptor Claw

“This claw’s owner was a pack hunter, so her attack would come not from the front, but from the side — from the other two raptors you didn’t even know were there. Clever girl.”

The raptor claw is a common fossil that has a value of §70.

Prehistoric Rock

“In prehistoric times rocks were shaped like sharp little triangles, which ancient hunters would use to catch food. Over time people began to plant, farm, and raise livestock. They had no more need for these rocks, and so the rocks evolved into the smooth blobs we see today.”

The prehistoric rock is a common fossil that has a value of §15.

Fossilized Sea Monster

“Eons ago, in an era when things were way more awesome, a powerful wizard sailed the seas battling sea monsters. One such monster thought he finally had the drop on the wizard, only to find himself turned to stone and sinking to the ocean floor.”

The fossilized sea monster is a common with a value of §50.

Fossilized Sim Hand

“This fossilized hand serves as a somber reminder that excessive and overzealous high-fiving can lead to tragedy.”

The fossilized sim hand is a common fossil with a value of §45.

Enormous Trilobite

“Trilobite means three lobes. It does not mean being bit at a strength three times a normal bite. If that were the case, arthropods would be terrifying!”

The enormous trilobite is a common fossil with a value of §40.

Hilariously Tiny T-Rex Arms

“T-rex arms were once considered good luck. People wore them on charm bracelets, key chains, and hung them from vehicle mirrors. Science has confirmed the arms bear no lucky properties, but it was still pretty lucky to find two!”

The hilariously tiny t-rex arms are a common fossil that has a value of §45.

Uncommon Fossils

Prehistoric Bird

This is a near-perfect preservation of Raptor Erraticus, which was known to fly in random, crazy patterns to distract predators. A downside to this particular defense was that the bird often flew into trees or rocks and was immediately killed.”

The prehistoric bird is an uncommon fossil that has a value of §75.

Fossilized Udder

“Every scientist knows that prehistoric cows had rows of jagged teeth like a mako shark. No wonder, then, that their udders evolved to be very tough. That’s why this specimen is almost perfectly preserved eons after these gentle giants roamed the world.”

The fossilized udder is an uncommon fossil with a value of §85.

Perfectly Preserved Moustache

“This fossil marks the passing of an ancient gentleman of true class. A gentleman who fell face-first Into some ancient mud.”

The perfectly preserved moustache is an uncommon fossil with a value of §75.

Rare Fossils

Pre-Pre-Pre Sim Head

“Australosimicus afarensis, or “Pre-Pre-Pre Sim”, lived between 3.9 and 2.9 million years ago! Not that WHOLE time, of course, that’s just a range of possible… Look, this is a rare find and it should be treasured!”

The pre-pre-pre sim head is a rare fossil with a value of §225.

Fossilized Whatzit

“This fossil has stumped experts from every conventional scientific discipline. No one knows what it really is.”

The fossilized whatzit is a rare fossil with a value of §175.

Fossilized Alien Skull

“This could be the evidence needed to confirm that there are other forms of life in the universe!! Or it could be papier mache — science has no way of telling!”

The fossilized alien skull is a rare fossil with a value of §250.

Jungle Adventure Fossils

The Sims 4: Jungle Adventure added 5 new fossils to the game that we can’t forget to talk about! You can find these specific fossils in rock digs or excavation sites throughout Selvadorada.

Fossilized Llama Toe

Llamas do not have hooves like horses, sheep, or cattle. Instead, they have two toes allowing them to be very stable on uneven terrain.

The fossilized llama toe is a common fossil with a value of §32.

Fossilized Mouseosaurus

“This tiny tyrannical rodent from prehistoric times is now immortalized in timeless stone. Don’t drop it!”

The fossilized mouseosaurus is a common fossil with a value of §48.

Fossilized 3 Toed Footprint

“All prehistoric 3 toed creatures collectively agreed to evolve away from 3 toes. There were too many problems caused by the confusion between pointing and crude gestures.”

The fossilized 3 toed footprint is an uncommon fossil that is worth §76.

Fossilized Crocodile Jaw

Crocodiles have been around for 200 million years. Their teeth were just as pointy and dangerous back then as they are today.”

The fossilized crocodile jaw is an uncommon fossil with a value of §110.

Fossilized Simian

This monkey fossil was found alongside a broken chain. It looks as if there is a link missing from the chain and this monkey perished while searching for it.

The fossilized simian is a rare fossil that has a value of §200.

Finishing The Fossil Collection

Once your sim is able to find all of the fossils that are above, you’ll be sent The Golden Trilobite plaque in the mail to commemorate your accomplishment. This plaque can be added to a wall in your home, and looks especially impressive if it accompanies your sim’s fossil collection in a specific room.

Fossils and Microscope Prints

If you have a sim who has at least Level 5 of the logic skill they are able to start collecting a sample from the fossils that they find. If you have the microscope on your lot you’ll be able to start inspecting these samples.

When you inspect a sample, you’ll be able to get a microscope print that is a cool looking image that can go on your wall.

Final Thoughts

That’s all we have for fossils in The Sims 4, I hope this guide helped you learn about the different types of fossils in the game as well as how to find them! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, let me know in the comments down below!

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  1. Can I find the jungle fossils in the jungle only? Or will I be able to find them on Sixam as well? I am having issues finding the rare fossil – Fossilized Simian

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