The Sims 4: Dancing Skill Cheat (Get Together)

The dancing skill came to the game with The Sims 4: Get Together and allows your sims to earn five levels of the this skill which will gradually teach them new moves, and allow them to participate in dance battles.

Learning this skill requires a lot of effort on your part as the player and will have your sims need to dance quite often, so why not use the sims 4 dancing skill cheat instead?

Using skill cheats will allow you to skip the effort and just go straight to maxing out your skills nice and quick!

10 sims dancing in front of a DJ booth with floral lights on the ground and spot lights

How to Enable Cheats

Before you are able to use any cheats you’re going to need to enable your cheats using a simple cheat code. There are a ton of cheats in the game that require this and won’t work properly before enabling them, so be sure to just use this before you try and use any cheats.

First, you need to open up the cheat dialogue box using one of the following commands depending on how you play the game:

  • PC: Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Mac: Command + Shift + C
  • Console: All Four Triggers

When you complete the action based on your system you’ll see a cheat box open at the top of the screen and this is where you’ll punch in your favourite cheat codes.

To enable your cheats you’ll want to type in testingcheats true and hit enter and the dialogue box will expand and let you know that cheats are enabled then you can use the dancing skill cheat.

How to Cheat the Dancing Skill

Every cheat in The Sims 4 falls into one of two categories either major or minor skills and the dancing skill is a minor skill meaning it has five levels for your sims to get or for you to cheat.

The base of this cheat code that you need to learn is stats.set_skill_level minor_dancing X with the X being a placeholder for whatever level of the skill you’d like to have. You can either memorize the base of the skill or just copy and paste whatever level you’d like to have.

Level of the SkillCheat Code
Level 1stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 1
Level 2stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 2
Level 3stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 3
Level 4stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 4
Level 5stats.set_skill_level Minor_Dancing 5

Final Thoughts

The dancing skill is one of those skills that your sims don’t need but it’s so fun for your sims to earn just to have a hobby or participate in dance battles and win every time! Cheating this skill is great so you don’t have to worry about earning it on your own and can work on more important skills. Happy playing!

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