Sims 4 Entrepreneur Skill Overview & How to Gain It

There are genuinely so many different skills for your sims to earn in the game and with many of the new packs we get new skills to play around with. With High School Years we got the super fun sims 4 entrepreneur skill that lets your sims earn more money from their side hustles and even apply to be on Llama’s Lair!

The description of the entrepreneur skill

How to Gain The Sims 4 Entrepreneur Skill

One super fun thing about the entrepreneur skill is that there are many ways for your sims to earn it. You can do so many things from completing odd jobs, to having your sims work in the freelance career, and even selling things your sims have made like paintings, sculptures and books.

Since there are only five levels of the skill you’re going to earn this one really quickly, especially since there are so many ways to earn it.

A sim sitting at a computer in The Sims 4 working on the entrepreneur skill

Levels of The Skill

There are two types of skills in The Sims 4, major skills that have 10 levels and minor skills that only have five. The brand new sims 4 entrepreneur skill is going to have five levels for your sims to gain, or for you to cheat.

Entrepreneur Skill Level 1

“Sim has started building fledgling entrepreneur skills. Through hustling to build this skill, frame (but mostly fortune) awaits!”

When you first start gaining this skill you aren’t going to get much, it really is just a start and you have to get to level two before you can start getting any benefits.

Entrepreneur Skill Level 2

“Sim is now brimming with great biz ideas and can now also promote their hustle by advertising online.”

When your sim reaches level two of the sims 4 entrepreneur skill you’re going to get one really beneficial thing. You’ll now be able to advertise your business online. When my sim was working as a streamer they would do this and immediately get more followers through advertising which is awesome!

The new "advertise video game stream online" option that you get with the entrepreneur skill in The Sims 4: High School Years

Entrepreneur Skill Level 3

“Gaining influence and multiple ways to earn money is key to Sim’s quest for world domination. To this end, she can now Research Business Plan.”

When your sim manages to get to level three of the skill they are going to unlock the ability to research business plan. Doing this is going to get your sim a business plan on a USB into their inventory. You can’t do much with this until the next stage of the skill however.

The Research Business Plan interaction that you get at level three of the entrepreneur skill in The Sims 4: HIgh School Years

To research business plan you’re going to want to click on a computer and choose career and then you’ll see research business plan! If you don’t see this you may need to be in either the streamer or simfluencer careers.

A business plan in a sim's inventory

Entrepreneur Skill Level 4

“Credibility is a sure-fire way to get other investors to part with their hard-earned Simoleons and back your biz. Sim can now use her carefully crafted Business Plans and Contact Angel Investors for Funding.”

The next level of the skill is going to unlock your ability to contact angel investor for funding. This is great because it can give you an influx of cash for pretty much no effort, all your sim has to do is make a phone call.

The option to contact angel investor for funding on the business plan

When clicked my sim walked into her living room, made a phone call and I immediately got a notification saying that the investor gave me over 1,400 simoleons!

My sim working on their entrepreneur skill in The Sims 4 and getting an angel investment

Entrepreneur Skill Level 5

“Reaching the pinnacle of Entrepreneur Savvy gives Sim unique hustle superpowers like being able to pass the entry requirements for appearing on Llama’s Lair and earning the coveted The Knowledge reward trait.”

When you finally get your sim to reach level five of the entrepreneur skill in The Sims 4: High School Years they are going to be given the Knowledge Reward Trait. This trait is going to give them more money from their careers and other sims are just going to enjoy chatting with them more.

The Knowledge reward trait description

You’re also going to get the option to get your sims to go on Llama’s Lair, a parody of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank. Your sims can get even more investments from this!

The notification your sims get when they reach level 5 of the entrepreneur skill in The Sims 4 and go on llama's lair

Final Thoughts on The Sims 4 Entrepreneur Skill

There is so much interesting content in The Sims 4: High School Years, your sims can go to school, gain the entrepreneur skill and even join new after school activities! There really is a ton to do and it adds so much for teens which keeps the game more interesting. Happy Playing!

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