The Sims 4: Satisfaction Points

Satisfaction points in The Sims 4 are a great way to earn rewards for your sims to influence their personality and change their lives. You can buy things like never weary, where your sim will no longer need to sleep, or hardly hungry, where they eat around once a day.

You can use satisfaction points to buy things that will help you paint better art, or get promotions more quickly, there are so many awesome uses for satisfaction points in the game.

Cheating to Get Satisfaction Points

Like with most things in The Sims 4, there is a cheat for you to gain satisfaction points as well. First, you need to ensure that you have used the testingcheats true cheat to make sure that cheats are working. You can do this by hitting ctrl + shift + C and typing the cheat into the cheat dialogue box at the top of the screen.

Then you type sims.give_satisfaction_points # into the dialogue box, but replace the # with the amount of points you wish for your sim to have and hit enter. Then you’ll be able to spend all of the points in the reward store!

Gaining Satisfaction Points with Whims

When the game was originally released, whims were automatically turned on and with a patch that was released a few years ago, they were turned off by default. So, before we start I’ll show you how to turn them on. All you need to do, is go to your game options > game play > and click show whims.

Why would you turn on whims? Well, whims are a really amazing way to gain satisfaction points by doing simple things that your sim feels like doing. The whims that appear will be related to how your sim is feeling.

For example, a sim who is feeling inspired may have a whim to paint a picture. A sim who is feeling energized may have a whim to go for a jog or do sit ups.

When you complete a whim, you’ll be given satisfaction points to use to buy reward store items. You’ll usually only get a few points per whim, but it’s a great way to build them up slowly.

Gaining Satisfaction Points from Aspirations

Each sim has an aspiration that they are working toward completing and every time you finish a task in the aspiration, you’ll gain satisfaction points. For example, if you’re doing the body builder aspiration, you’ll get 50 satisfaction points for completing the work out for 8 hours task.

As you get further along in an aspiration, you’ll start to earn more satisfaction points for each task you complete. These can be used to buy rewards in the rewards store.

Spending Satisfaction Points

If you click on the aspiration tab in the top right hand corner you’ll see a small present icon. That’s the rewards store where you can spend your satisfaction points. There are a number of awesome things you can purchase that fall into two categories, the first is potions, and the second is reward traits. Buying any of these things will help your sim, so earn those points and spend them all!

Final Thoughts

Satisfaction points are a really great way to increase your sim’s traits and buy things like potions to increase their mood. Earning them isn’t as hard as it may seem, so turn on those whims and earn as much from aspirations as possible!

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