The Sims 4: Stuff Packs Overview

The Sims is one of those games where you don’t get the full experience from just having the base game and this is where DLC comes in. There are a few pack types that we get to play around with and stuff packs are one of the most interesting to a lot of players. These packs are small but mighty and are super niche so not every player feels like they need to have them.

What are Stuff Packs?

Stuff packs are the smallest of the 3 original pack types with expansion packs and game packs being larger. However, we have recently gotten the addition of small kits to our game that are even smaller pieces of content than stuff packs.

Stuff packs feature a handful of clothing and decor items that fit a specific theme like romantic garden or backyard stuff and will usually include one single gameplay item that has a bunch of gameplay attached to it.

There’s been a lot of interesting changes in stuff packs over the years with the first few having one gameplay item but the later packs like paranormal having a whole lot type, an active career, and a whole new NPC so they’ve definitely grown and impressed more as time has gone on.

Paranormal Stuff

Are you searching for a little more terror in your game? Well, The Sims 4: Paranormal Stuff is a great option to scare the boots off your sims. This pack adds a whole new lot type, The Haunted House Lot Type, that will bring a bunch of spooky items to your sims house.

With this we got the medium skill that allows you to learn and become a paranormal investigator to try and rid other sims of their haunted homes. The furniture in this pack will not disappoint and will bring in so much brightness and fun decor objects to your game.

Nifty Knitting Stuff

Sometimes we get to help choose what a stuff pack will be and Nifty Knitting was one of those community voted stuff packs that we all love. This pack adds a bunch of really fun and colourful furniture options for your sim’s to have a fun craft room and even added fun rocking chairs where sims of all ages can sit.

The biggest thing in this pack is the knitting skill and all the knittable objects that come along with it. You can make both clothing and decor objects that are absolutely beautiful and even some cute little toys for your younger sims. You can even sell objects on plopsy which is a lot like Etsy.

Tiny Living Stuff

Sims who are looking to live in small spaces are definitely going to want Tiny Living Stuff in their game. This pack adds a new type of residential lot where if you keep your home under a certain number of tiles you can actually have benefits to your gameplay like reduced bills, increased happiness and easier relationships.

With this pack we also got the Murphy bed which is a very space conscious sleeping solution for your households, even with one that’s a bed and a couch. You just need to be careful because the Murphy Bed is one of the many death types in the game!

Moschino Stuff

Every once in a while The Sims does a collaboration pack with a big brand and this time it was Moschino. This is a large fashion brand that sells high-end items and even did an IRL collab with The Sims 4. Although the collaboration was with a fashion brand, this pack didn’t just focus on clothing.

With Moschino Stuff we got a bunch of interesting clothing, modern furniture with bright patterns and colours and a bunch of really cool decor objects. We even got some beautiful industrial windows that many players were begging for and this pack actually included an overhaul to the photography system making it much more fun to play with.

My First Pet Stuff

My First Pet Stuff was probably the most controversial of all the stuff packs on this list, many players felt like this pack was just stealing items from Cats & Dogs and should’ve been included there. It’s also DLC for DLC because this pack requires you to already own Cats & Dogs to use it.

This pack adds a bunch of fun animal themed clothing and furniture items including extra furniture for your kids, extra items for your cats and dogs and a whole new rodent for your sims to interact with.

Be careful if you don’t have a good relationship with these rodents though, one bite from an unhappy rodent can give your sim rabid rodent fever which if not treated can definitely lead to a very untimely death for your sims and can even be contagious for others!

Laundry Day Stuff

Every once in a while EA allows the players to vote on a stuff pack that they want to see in the game and Laundry Day Stuff was the first community voted stuff pack. This pack adds a bunch of gorgeous homey furniture items that are themed towards cleaning your home which really make a home feel lived in and the clothing looks so comfortable.

With this pack we, of course, got a laundry system with a traditional washer and dryer but also the option to do our laundry outside if that’s something we’d rather do with a bucket and a clothes line. Just make sure that you clean the lint tray so you don’t set your home on fire!

Toddler Stuff

Since we didn’t have toddlers in The Sims 4 Base Game, a pack like Toddler Stuff was definitely a necessity after their release. This stuff pack added so many adorable and beautiful clothing items that really give your sims some fun personality.

We also got gameplay objects like a cute ball pit that isn’t the most well made and a beautiful toddler themed play structure. You can even throw a toddler play date event and invite over all of your little toddler friends and have a good time together.

Fitness Stuff

The next stuff pack is Fitness Stuff and it added a bunch of awesome fitness clothing and objects for your sims to use. The fitness clothing is really beautiful and way more modern than what we got in the base game. In addition to clothing and furniture this pack gave us a rock climbing wall and brand new treadmills and weight equipment.

We, of course, got tons of fun fitness skill objects in this pack but there is one object often overlooked in fitness stuff and that is the earbuds that you can have your sims wear all the time while doing other tasks to keep their fun up and these are a game changer for getting a lot of stuff done.

Bowling Night Stuff

There are not many options for a fun night out for your sims and Bowling Night Stuff adds a whole new location for your sims. Bowling alleys can be gorgeous community lots or you can even add one to your home if you have the space (and the money).

In addition to the fun gameplay bowling objects and a whole new bowling skill we can get a bunch of fun bowling clothes as well as a bunch of fun mid-century modern furniture that will make your home feel extremely cozy.

Vintage Glamour Stuff

If you’re looking for some mid-century furniture and clothing that feels super glamorous, you need The Sims 4: Vintage Glamour. This pack adds so many beautiful decor objects including a beautiful globe bar, a sunburst clock and some gorgeous decor objects to decorate your home.

The biggest thing you can get in this pack is the ability to hire a butler who will live inside of your home and take care of your house. These sims can do the cooking, do the cleaning and even take care of your toddlers when you just don’t have the time, but they are expensive so they aren’t for a starter home!

Backyard Stuff

Our next stuff pack is Backyard Stuff that brings in so many beautiful objects for you to decorate your sim’s backyards with. This includes beautiful tables and chairs, floral decor objects, and so many bright and beautiful summer clothes for your sims.

The biggest gameplay object in this game is a giant lawn water slide, even one that looks like a gorgeous shark mouth. If you have a large backyard these objects are amazing for having a great time in the summer with your sim’s family.

Kids Room Stuff

The base game in The Sims just misses the mark when it comes to decorating kids rooms and Kids’ Room Stuff really fills that hole. You’ll get so many gorgeous furniture pieces and decor items in both bright colours and neutral options for you to decorate the perfect room for your young ones.

The big gameplay object in this pack is the void critter battle station that allows your sims to collect void critter cards like Pokemon and battle them with their friends and siblings. It really lets your sims kids feel like they have a wonderful personality.

Romantic Garden Stuff

If you absolutely love flowers then Romantic Garden Stuff is going to be the pack for you. This pack brings out a bunch of flowers and decor objects for you to use to decorate your yards and make them more beautiful than ever. Plus, some gorgeous, sweet floral clothing to wear on some romantic dates.

The big gameplay object in this pack is the Wishing Well that allows your sims to give money to get their largest wishes met. The wild thing is that the wishing well has the potential to cause problems for your sims including death and lose of income.

Movie Hangout Stuff

If you’re looking for simple ways for your sims to hangout then Movie Hangout Stuff is a great option for you. This pack gives you the option to watch movies on the TV and you can watch with other sims.

In addition to the ability to watch movies this pack gives you a popcorn maker and a whole bunch of gorgeous bohemian furniture in bright, fun colours to decorate your house with the most beautiful patterns.

Spooky Stuff

The next stuff pack is The Sims 4: Spooky Stuff and this one is perfect for players who absolutely love Halloween and want to celebrate that in their game. This pack adds tons of scary decor for your next spooky party and a big group of costumes for your sims to try out.

The big gameplay object in this pack is the pumpkin carving station that allows your sims to learn to carve pumpkins and if they get good enough at it they can sell it for a profit. Pair this with Nifty Knitting and you can sell these on plopsy for a huge income.

Cool Kitchen Stuff

If you’re the type of player who is always begging for simple and beautiful kitchen cabinets then you need Cool Kitchen Stuff this pack is wonderful because it adds a gorgeous kitchen set and so much decor that makes your kitchens feel so gorgeous and lived in.

The big gameplay item in Cool Kitchen Stuff is an ice cream maker that has different emotions tied to different flavours and allows for funny moments like brain freezes and sims dropping their ice cream.

Perfect Patio Stuff

If you’re looking to decorate a modern and creative outdoor space, Perfect Patio Stuff may be the pack for you. This pack added a whole bunch of new bathing suits and outdoor clothing that look great on your sims and a bunch of furniture for them to add to their perfect patio.

Unfortunately, this pack no longer has a unique gameplay item since for The Sims 20th Anniversary we got a hot tub adde to the base game and this pack’s big item was the hot tubs. Unless you absolutely love the clothing and furniture this one may not be worth the money anymore.

Luxury Party Stuff

Our very first stuff pack was Luxury Party and it added a bit of that fancy life to your sims experience. This pack gave us a bunch of really fancy clothing and hair styles for your sims to wear to their very fancy rooftop parties, and definitely great options for weddings.

With this stuff pack we got a whole buffet table that allows your sims to have parties without having to prepare the food themselves, and opens up space for sims to use their mischief skill to even spike the buffet.

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