The Sims 4: Courtyard Oasis Kit Overview

If you’re looking for some gorgeous Moroccan inspired items in your next build, the courtyard oasis kit is for you. This type of design features bold patterns and colours and when used all together you can create the most beautiful outdoor areas your sims have ever seen.

Courtyard Oasis Description

When thinking about what a kit is, it is important to know what the sims team is trying to do with their new packs. The courtyard oasis kit description is a great place to learn about the team’s intentions and shows you exactly what it is:

Turn the center of your Sim’s home into a lush, vibrant space inspired by the riads of Morocco with The Sims™ 4 Courtyard Oasis Kit* ! Lounge around the fountain, admire the decorative tiling, and bring your family together in absolute harmony.


  • Create Your Oasis — Construct a dreamy, stylish courtyard for the family to enjoy. Play with filigree designs, vivid colors, and intricate tile patterns to tie it together, then decorate with hanging lanterns, resplendent textiles, and tropical plants.
  • Go Natural — Invite a refreshing breeze and bright sunlight into the home with new columns and archways while maintaining your privacy with beautifully latticed wooden windows. It’s the best of both worlds!

What’s Included in the Courtyard Oasis Kit?

One amazing thing about the courtyard oasis kit is that it isn’t just furniture and décor, but it includes beautiful fences, stairs, wallpaper, flooring and so much more. You even get an absolutely beautiful fountain that is an interesting shape and makes me super happy to look at. We even get an awesome styled room to use!

Final Thoughts

This courtyard oasis kit is one of nine that was released in 2021 and definitely does not disappoint. One of the best in terms of build items and really inspires your building in a way you may never have seen in the game before. Happy playing!

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