The Sims 4: Nerd Brain Aspiration

The Sims 4 has a whole bunch of really interesting skills that can be gained by sims, and a few of those are present in the nerd brain aspiration.

This aspiration will have your sim working on their logic, handiness, and rocket science skill which are all really helpful and fun to gain and you may even find yourself on plant sixam by owning a rocket ship.

Traits That May Help

Every aspiration in The Sims 4 has a few traits that are going to make you have an easier time and gain the skill more quickly.


The geek aspiration is a good one because both rocket science and logic are going to be gained quicker when a sim is feeling focused. You can have your sim get focused a lot more often when they have the geek trait.


You may also want to choose the loner trait for your sim. This is because you’ll be spending a decent amount of time working on your rocket ship completely alone, so being a loner will have your social need go down more slowly.

Handy Reward Trait

Handy is one of the best traits that your sim can earn through aspirations. This is because you’ll be able to instantly repair or upgrade an object. You can click one time for Instant Upgrade and it will complete all of the upgrades that are there.

You’ll also be able to repair objects immediately where your sim will essentially just walk up to it and it will be fixed.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Prudent Student

  • Finish Reading 3 Books
  • Achieve Level 3 Logic Skill

The first part of this aspiration is rather easy. You’ll need to finish reading 3 books, you’ll want to click on a bookcase and choose read… and choose a book from the bookshelf and don’t tell your sim to do anything else until they finish.

If they stop reading half way through, you can get them to continue it but sometimes the game may make you start from the beginning. You’ll just need to do this 3 times.

Next, you’ll need to achieve logic level 3. This can be done by either playing chess on a chess table or by looking into the giant microscope.

Level Two: Erudite

  • Repair or Upgrade an Object
  • Craft an Object on the Woodworking Table
  • Achieve Logic Skill Level 6

This is where the aspiration starts to work on handiness. Your sim will need to repair or upgrade an object, and chances are you’ll have something break in the first few days of this aspiration so you’ll get this done easy.

If not, you can gain handiness by working on the woodworking table and then go and upgrade something.

You’re going to need to purchase a woodworking table for 750 simoleons to be able to craft something on the woodworking table. You can craft either an object or a piece of furniture to satisfy this.

Finally, you’ll need to achieve level 6 of the logic skill. You can do this by playing chess or using the giant telescope.

Level Three: Rocket Scientist

  • Achieve Level 5 Handiness
  • Launch or Upgrade a Rocket 5 Times
  • Own a Rocket Ship

Your sim is going to need to keep working on their handiness skill by repairing or upgrading objects, or by creating items on the woodworking table. Reaching level 5 won’t take long, so don’t worry too much.

You’re going to need to get a rocket ship which will cost your sim 5,000 simoleons and will take up a huge part of your lot. You’ll need to build it too, which costs another 1,000 simoleons.

Then, once you have the rocket built you’ll need to either hop in the rocket and launch it or upgrade it. Just be careful because an un-upgraded rocket can crash and give your sims bad moodlets.

Level Four: Nerd Brain

  • Fix or Upgrade 5 Objects
  • Achieve Level 10 Logic Skill

Now that you’re in the last part of the aspiration you’ll need to max out your logic skill. You can continue doing this by playing chess, reading a logic book, or using the telescope.

Finally, you need to either repair or upgrade 5 objects around your home. If you need upgrade parts to upgrade objects you can get these on the computer.

Final Thoughts

The nerd brain aspiration is actually a rather easy one to complete if you have the money for a rocket, and most sims will have fun playing chess to gain that logic skill. Happy playing, enjoy The Sims 4!

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