Sims 4 Werewolf Initiate Aspiration Walkthrough (Werewolves)

With many new packs in the game we get new aspirations and with The Sims 4: Werewolves we were awarded with the sims 4 werewolf initiate aspiration. This is one of four new werewolf aspirations that you can play through but this one must be completed before you’re able to move on to the other four.

This aspiration is you first introduction to being a werewolf so it starts you off having to become a werewolf, grow your werewolf rank and even read werewolf books. You’ll definitely want to play through one of the four more intense aspirations after the fact to get the full experience.

Bonus Trait for The Sims 4 Werewolf Initiate Aspiration

Whenever you choose an aspiration to work on you’re going to be given a bonus trait. These are awesome and really have an impact on your sim’s personality and abilities. When you choose the sims 4 werewolf initiate aspiration you’re going to be given the lunar confidant bonus trait.

With this bonus trait your sims are going to have an instant boost to relationships with other werewolves which is great for building relationships to join groups like the wildfangs wolf pack. However, you must know that this works both positively and negatively so if you do a negative first interaction with a werewolf it’s going to have you starting with a large negative relationship.

lunar confidant bonus trait for sims 4 werewolf initiate aspiration

Stages of The Sims 4 Werewolf Initiate Aspiration

There are usually around 3 or 4 levels of an aspiration for your sims to work through, however, this aspiration works differently and only has one level. In the lunar attunement level of this aspiration your sims are going to need to do four tasks:

sims 4 werewolf initiate aspiration page with all four tasks in the lunar attunement level

The first task you need to do is to become a werewolf which can actually be done in a bunch of ways.

  • Create a Werewolf in CAS
  • Be Born From Werewolf Parents
  • Ask for a Cursed Bite from a Friendly Werewolf
  • Contract Werebies

You also have the option to use werewolves cheats to give your sims the werewolf hidden trait and turn them into a werewolf.

Next up you’re going to need to level up to runt which is the second level of being a werewolf. To do this you’ll need to gain werewolf XP which can be done by doing any werewolf interactions, even including things your sim does while they are rampaging and this shouldn’t take long.

Then you’ll need to experience a full moon which is an… interesting experience for a werewolf. During this time your werewolves are going to inevitably rampage all night long. You will need to live through the entire night and survive it until morning for this one to be satisfied.

Finally, you’ll need to read three different werewolf books to complete the aspiration. You can find these books in various locations around the world in bookcases like at the library, at the werewolf hangout under the bar and more. You must read these books to completion to satisfy this requirement.

Reward Trait for The Werewolf Initiate Aspiration

When you finally manage to finish the first werewolf aspiration you’re going to be awarded with the Fanged Friend reward trait. This is just going to boost your relationship gains with pretty much all sims, which seems weird as a choice for a werewolf aspiration, but hey, we’ll take it.

This could actually be really helpful for something like the friend of the world aspiration where you need a lot of people to like you.

fanged friend reward trait from completing the werewolf initiate aspiration

What Happens When You Complete It?

The interesting thing about the werewolf aspirations is that there is one that you start with, which is this one, the sims 4 werewolf initiate aspiration and when you complete it you can choose from four others.

The second that you finish the aspiration a large popup will appear that says “Sim has completed their werewolf initiation! It’s time for them to embark on the next chapter of their werewolf journey. What possibilities does their future hold?”

This is where you’re going to choose from one of four other werewolf aspirations:

  • Emissary of the Collective
  • Wildfang Renegade
  • Lone Wolf
  • Cure Seeker
new aspiration options

Final Thoughts

This initial aspiration may not be long, but it is fun. It’s really interesting having the sims 4 werewolf initiate aspiration to only have one level and four tasks, but having those tasks take longer to complete. There are literally aspirations in the game that require you to become an adult and spend 1,000 simoleons on kid’s stuff for an entire level, so this one is awesome and longer-lasting. Happy Playing!

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