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The ULTIMATE LIST of Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods

As sims players we are constantly looking to make the game feel more real and pregnancy is definitely lacking in realism. With sims 4 pregnancy mods you can really change how in-depth the pregnancy experience is and make it so much more fun.

Your sims are going to be more tired, more hungry and pee more often but that’s really all you’re going to experience with this in the game and that’s just not enough for many players. Thankfully, you can edit this by adding pregnancy mods to your game to completely overhaul how pregnancy works and how you experience it with your sims.

The vanilla game is just not enough for most of us, so below you’ll find the best sims 4 pregnancy mods that you’ll definitely love to have in your game. Your sims will never have a boring pregnancy again!

Sims 4 Pregnancy Mods You Need To Try

Pregnancy Mega Mod

We’re starting with a bang with the first mod on the list which is also the most intense, the pregnancy mega mod. This mod is going to take every part of pregnancy and change it up all at once so if you’re mods folder is busting at the seams this is the one you should download if you don’t have enough space for multiple mods.

With the pregnancy mega mod you are going to have the following things added to your game (and this isn’t even everything):

  • Ability to have Quintuplets or Sextuplets
  • Ability to Terminate Pregnancy
  • Set Stage for Your Pregnancy
  • Ability to Impregnate Any Sim
  • Ability to Control Length of Pregnancy
  • Ability to Have a Miscarriage
  • Ability to Set Gender Preferences of Parents
  • and so much more

You are really going to have a bunch of options for pregnancy with this mod and it’s a must-download for any player who just wants a totally different experience.

Risky Woohoo

Something that just isn’t realistic in the game is that you have the option to woohoo or to try for baby but IRL you really don’t have the choice of trying for baby or woohooing as every single woohoo experience can result in pregnancy. With a mod like risky woohoo your sims are going to have the potential to get pregnant from just a regular woohoo.

With this mod you’ll also get different fertility levels depending on age (i.e., adults being less fertile than young adults) which is extremely realistic. Every sim will also start with a different base fertility level which is super interesting because not every person has the same ease when getting pregnant. Some sims may even struggle with infertility making it much harder for those sims to get pregnant.

two sims woohoo in the princess cordelia bed with the risky woohoo logo on top

Ultrasound Mod

Going to get an ultrasound in real life is a huge moment and really make you feel connected with your baby and it’s disappointing that this isn’t a part of The Sims 4 proper. With the Ultrasound Scan Mod your sims will now have the ability to get themselves a pregnancy scan and even get a copy of the image into their inventory to place on their wall and keep forever.

3 ultra sound scans on a brick wall, one with 1 baby, 1 with twins, and 1 with triplets

The way this works is your sims are going to have to pay §75 and they will head into a rabbit hole for around 60-90 in-game minutes. When they return your sim will know if they are having multiples and what the gender of the baby is.

Baby Shower Mod

We are really lacking in the event department in The Sims 4, how do we have a black and white party before we have a baby shower or funeral event? Baby showers are a really big part of the first time parent experience and getting to share this with your friends and family.

With the Baby Shower Mod your sims will be able to have their sims friends and family over and really celebrate the baby who is soon to join the family.

Stretch Marks Mod

Next up on the list of sims 4 pregnancy mods list is stretch marks! When you are pregnant your body is constantly changing, things start to get bigger and often times you get stretch marks all over your stomach as your belly grows. This isn’t something that we get to see in The Sims 4 but with the stretch marks mod your sims can now experience this body change.

a pregnant woman in a pink bathing suit top with stretch marks on their stomach

The way that these work is you’ll find these stretch marks in the tattoo category in create a sim so you can add them to sims who are pregnant, have had babies or sims who have gained weight just to add some realism to your characters.

Instant Morning Sickness

There are many sims players who don’t want to instantly know that their sims are pregnant but after a few hours your sims will often get an uncomfortable buff that lets you know they are going to be sick and this can ruin the surprise for many players.

instant morning sickness

The instant morning sickness mod is awesome because it can let you discover through gameplay that your sims are pregnant. You’ll be off playing with another character and notice that your sim is throwing up in the bathroom without knowing exactly why, even if you do have an inclination that it’s from pregnancy.

Labor Puddles Mod

When some people go into labor they are going to have their water break and a nice puddle appear under their feet. In The Sims 4, this doesn’t happen but it can with the labor puddles mod!

a pregnant male sim with tattoos going into labor with a puddle under their feet

With this mod your sims are going to get a puddle under their feet when they go into labor initially, a new puddle for every contraction and even pregnant male sims can get these puddles. The creator even made it possible for there to be puddles when your cats or dogs are giving birth too!

Pregnancy Mood Buffs

With the way pregnancy works in The Sims 4 every single sim (unless they have the hates children trait) is going to have a happy moodlet but not all people are happy about being pregnant all the time. Why do our sims need to always be happy with their pregnancy?

a sim in a pink shirt with SIMS 4 PREGNANCY MODS

With the pregnancy mood buffs mod your sims are going to now have the chance of any emotions toward their pregnancy at the beginning and these can change throughout the pregnancy. You can choose which files to download if you want your sims to be sad, or uncomfortable or angry about it.

Pregnancy Time

For a lot of us simmers we aren’t happy with the length of time our sims are pregnant. Some players think that pregnancy lasts too long and wish it was just a day and other players wish it was an entire week, but with the vanilla game we can’t customize these lengths.

two sims wearing all black hugging and touching the pregnant sim's stomach

The pregnancy time mod will make it so you can have the pregnancy length of your choice anywhere from a single day with 8 hours per trimester all the way to 147 days where you’ll have 7 weeks per trimester and everything in between.

Pregnancy is Fine

With the pregnancy is fine mod your sims are no longer going to be extremely happy when they find out they are pregnant. They are going to have their happy moodlet change from happy to a simple fine moodlet, making it so it doesn’t change their daily moods too intensely.

sims 4 pregnancy mods

To add on to the mod and make it so your sims are fine even more often, family oriented sims are no longer going to get sad when they have a negative pregnancy test. These sims will now get a fine moodlet instead of sad so it doesn’t ruin their entire day.

Babies for Everyone

With the vanilla game you can only get pregnant with a male sim and a female sim unless you use the gender options in create-a-sim. You can make it so any sims are able to get each other pregnant without these different gender options by using the babies for everyone mod.

This mod allows you to have pregnancy for elders, males, and of course, LGBTQ+ relationships are able to have pregnancies as well which is wonderful. It basically unlocks pregnancy for each and every sim and even lets you have babies with Grim.

Same Sex Pregnancy

If you want to have same sex pregnancy in your game without adding every single feature in a mod like Babies for Everyone then this mod is for you. This mod enables you to have same sex couples get pregnant using the double bed woohoo location but is not currently enabled for any of the other woohoo locations in the game.

Pregnancy Scan and Reseed

Knowing if your sim is pregnant is a simple task in The Sims 4 where you can just take a pregnancy test or wait until the buffs start to appear. With the pregnancy scan mod you have the option of using your cheat box to type in pregnancy.scan and in this dialogue box it will give you information about your baby.

a cheat command box that says "bella is pregnant, its twin girls!"

It will tell you if your sim is pregnant and with how many babies and what the gender of those babies are. There is also a reseed cheat option that will let you change the pregnant options so you can choose gender or multiples.

Choose Number of Babies

If you’re wanting to choose how many babies you want your sims to have you may want to download the choose number of babies mod for the game. You can choose a file to download from 1 to 3 babies so the default will change and you can choose how large you want your sim’s family to be.

MC Command Center

There are a few cheat mods that are going to completely change how you play The Sims 4 and MC Command Center is definitely the best one. With this mod there are a whole bunch of cheat options for pregnancy that lets you make sims pregnant automatically, see who got them pregnant and how many babies they are pregnant with and even skip through phases of the pregnancy which is awesome.

Quadruplets, Quintuplets, Sextuplets

Are you looking to torture yourself a bit more in The Sims 4 by having a ton of babies at once? Well, you need this multiples mod. This mod is going to allow your sims to give birth to more than just triplets with quadruplets, quintuplets and even sextuplets being possible with this mod installed.

5 babies sitting in bassinets next to eachother

Having your sims drink the fertility potion, get a fertility massage or given them the fertile trait will make these sets of multiples even more likely and you’ll have huge families!

Pregnancy Terminator

Sometimes when playing The Sims we may have a sim get pregnant and we didn’t actually mean for that to happen or our storylines have changes since we tried for baby. Having something like the pregnancy terminator installed in your game will help this.

sim terminating pregnancy

With this mod all you need to do is open the cheat box and type in pregnancy.terminate and hit enter and your sim will be set back to themselves before they were pregnant and they won’t get any negative moodlets or even really know its happening.

Easy Male Pregnancy Mod

In the vanilla game for The Sims 4, Males can only get pregnant if you edit their gender settings in CAS or if they get abducted by aliens. With this mod your male sims are able to get pregnant from female aliens and have full functioning relationships with them.

Alien Abductions & No Abductions

The next mod is going to make it way more common for your sims to have interactions with aliens including letting both male and female sims get pregnant from these aliens. This really changes the way the alien satellites from Get to Work function so you can hangout with aliens more often!


This mod even makes it so your teenagers and elders can get abducted by aliens and get pregnant as well, even the grim reaper can get abducted and come back pregnant.

Pregnancy Poses

Custom poses are a great way for you and your sims to get the best screenshots for you to remember your best moments in the game. These pregnancy poses are absolutely beautiful and will help you cherish the moments of your sim’s being pregnant and really care for them in this time.


The types of poses you’ll see are tons of poses with your sims holding their stomach which really shows off their baby bump, even a pose with a pregnancy test to remember the moment you discovered that you were pregnant!

Teen Pregnancy Mod

There are a lot of players of The Sims 4 that want to be able to get teens pregnant and experience teen pregnancy in their game, but since The Sims is a family friendly game they can’t add it to the vanilla game as many parents of players would think its inappropriate. However, you can add teen pregnancy with mods!

Pregnant Aging and Death

An interesting point about pregnancy in The Sims 4 is that your sims become super-human. Pregnant sims can’t die in the game and also completely stop aging while pregnant which is a weird concept. If your sim has enough babies they can actually outlive many of their children who don’t decide to spend most of their lives pregnant.

sim blowing out candles while pregnant

The pregnant aging and death mod is going to change up these systems in the game and make it so your sims are able to die and age when they are pregnancy for that realism. You can even have your pregnant sims celebrate their birthday and age up into an elder while pregnant.

Discover Pregnancy

As it stands in the vanilla game you get notified pretty early on that your sim is pregnant, through either moodlets or thought bubbles there is no surprise pregnancies. With the discover pregnancy mod your sims are no longer going to be notified immediately that they are pregnant so you can have a slower experience.


Your sims will no longer start throwing up before they are actually showing in their pregnancy, they won’t have those animations or thought bubbles above their heads and you’ll never be annoyed by finding out too early again.

Cycle – Mensuration and Fertility

A huge part of any woman’s life is the menstrual cycles and fertility journeys and this is not a thing that is in The Sims 4. With the Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility mod your sims are now able to have their period and go through the uncomfortable feelings of cramps and bleeding while also dealing with fertility issues.


Your sims are no longer going to have as easy of a time trying for baby and you may even have to start tracking your sim’s fertility if you want to have babies.

Wonderful Whims

One of the most popular NFSW mods for the sims 4 is Wicked Whims and the creator went and made a safe for work version called Wonderful Whims! With this you’ll get all the goodies like changing the pregnancy duration, having a menstrual cycle, the possibility for miscarriage without adding any of the nudity that many players don’t want in their game.

Advanced Birth Certificate

Our next mod is the advanced birth certificate mod and this allows you to have specific types of birth certificates for occult babies. Before if you were to give birth at the hospital with Get to Work you’d come home with a white certificate in a white frame and it wouldn’t change depending on the occult type.


Now with this mod you’ll see a small icon of a bat or a mermaid tail when your sims are a specific occult so you can easily see which birth certificate applies to which baby and make them feel more interesting.

Woohoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul

The Woohoo Wellness & Pregnancy Overhaul mod is a big one that is really awesome for changing how things work with your sim’s pregnancy. Some of the things you’ll see added to this game mod is teen pregnancy, alternative pregnancies through artificial insemination or surrogacy, fertility issues and even woohoo specific diseases.

In the future this creator wants to make things like having a woohoo drive and adding birth complications to make the mod even more interesting for players. It’ll be a fun mod when its completed and they are updating it often.

No Huge Pregnancy Bellies

Many players are very bothered by how large the pregnancy bellies get in the third trimester in The Sims 4. They get weird and absolutely giant which isn’t realistic for many pregnancies. With LittleMsSam’s No More Pregnancy Bellies mod your sims will have smaller stomaches than ever before.

pregnancy belly being a normal size

There are different options where you can have the smallest being 60% smaller in your first trimester all the way up to an even bigger stomach which is 25% larger than EA’s traditional belly.

Cherished Moments – Pregnancy

There are so many small things that happen in pregnancy that make soon to be moms have different emotions that we just don’t get in the game. Some of the awesome moodlets your pregnant sims are going to get include baby kicks, body aches and happy pregnancy.

This cherished moments mod also adds a bunch of new social interactions for pregnancy that make your pregnant sims feel so much more interesting. You’ll have interactions like talking about pregnancy, talking about baby moving, and talking about weird cravings.

Using sims 4 pregnancy mods like this one is amazing because you can make the pregnancy feel more real by having your sims have actual feelings and emotions that make sense, instead of just being happy about being pregnant.


Baby Maker Trait

Next up on our list of sims 4 pregnancy mods is the baby maker trait which is hilarious! This trait’s description states “Babies, Babies, Babies! Can’t get enough of them. This sim wants lots of children. They are flirty very often and have many baby mamas or baby daddys to give them children. Commitment issues are possible if their significant other doesn’t give them enough children. Babies make the world go round!”

This trait is amazing and will require you to give these baby maker sims as many children as possible, so get prepared to raise tons of kids!

Using custom traits like this one is a great way to make your sims much more interesting and have a better time with pregnancy and having babies.

sims 4 pregnancy mods

Wicked Whims

There are so many amazing sims 4 mods out there and wicked whims is definitely one of the most popular ones. This is a great choice for your sims 4 pregnancy mods folder because it has so many features you may want.

The first thing that you’ll find inside of wicked whims is an entire menstrual cycle system that include objects for pads and tampons and even a period tracker app that will pop open a notification and let you know when your sim is set to get their period.

To go right along with the menstrual cycle system there is also a fertility and birth control system in this mod! There is now differences in how quickly you can get pregnant depending on the day of your cycle your sim is in, and you can even do fertility awareness tests on the toilet. You’ll even be able to use condoms and birth control to protect your sims from getting pregnant!

It is important to note that wicked whims does fall under the NSFW Sims Mods category so proceed with caution!

Realistic Child Birth

The realistic child birth mod is a great option for sims who are sick of seeing their sims be tortured at the hospital. This is going to give you more realistic animations and truly make the experience a better one.

There are a lot of steps you need to take to make this stuff possible for you, including making a phone call by clicking on call obstetrician on your sim’s phone in your second trimester.

When you make this phone call a pop-up will appear asking how you’d like to give birth giving you one of three options:

  • Natural Delivery
  • Surgery Machine
  • Caesarean Section

Depending on what you choose your experience at the hospital will be different. Once this call has been made you can click on another sim that you want to come with you and choose ask to accompany childbirth so they’ll join you and be there to support.

Your sims are going to be able to ask for an epidural, ask to check dilation, and eventually have more realistic animations for child birth too!

child birth ask for epidural

New Labor Animations

The next option on our list of sims 4 pregnancy mods is an absolute must have because the animations for giving birth make no sense in this game. Why do pregnant sims at the hospital get put into some weird contraption and experimented on?

With this mod you are going to see traditional and regular labour animations with your sim screaming in pain, having the baby come out without a weird contraption and the doctor acting like a doctor. Your significant other can even stand beside the sim to comfort them!

Miscarriage Chance & Abortion

Many players of The Sims 4 are looking for some more consequence and negativity in their game and that comes right along when these players are looking for sims 4 pregnancy mods.

A natural negative aspect of pregnancy that can be added to your game is miscarriage chance & abortion which are two very real things that happen in the real world.

This mod is going to have it so your sims have a chance of waking up in the morning with very specific cramps and pains that are going to require them to see a doctor, when they go head over to the doctor they may find out that they’ve had a miscarriage although it doesn’t happen every time.

These odds are higher if you are not taking care of your pregnant sims like if they are starving or extremely tired.

There is even an option for you to add unborn to your family tree, meaning that when a sim has a miscarriage they will be added to the sim’s family tree and remembered for the entire time you play with that family.

sims 4 pregnancy mods

Plus Size Pregnancy Poses

The next option for you on our list of sims 4 pregnancy mods is this set of plus size pregnancy poses that are really beautiful and awesome for larger sims.

Most of the pregnancy poses you can find for sims are created with a very slim sim in-mind which means that you’ll often see some hand clipping and object clipping issues when you use them with plus size sims, making it so you just can’t use them.

These poses are great because they are designed with a bigger body in mind! These poses include different variations of sims standing or sitting while holding onto their stomach and showing it off!

Using these types of pregnancy poses is a great way to truly celebrate your sims upcoming child, all custom poses are amazing!

plus size pregnancy poses

Bad Parent Trait

Why does every parent in The Sims 4 have to love the idea of having a baby? Well, with the bad parent trait your sims can have a less than ideal reaction to their own child.

Using custom traits for your sims is a great idea if you want to have interesting characters to play with because they can give you need moodlets and whims and really impact your sim’s everyday emotions.

Some features of the bad parent trait include your sims getting an angry moodlet when they are in the same room as their own child, which can be dangerous because of a cardiac explosion death. They will get moodlets with names like painful reminder or deceitful partner which can really make you realize how much your sims hate their kid.

There are a bunch of blocks too which makes it so you sims won’t get happy moodlets when they should be proud of their kid or think their kid is cute, they won’t even get excited when they learn they are going to have a baby!

a new trait for the sims 4 that makes your sims a bad parent

Impregnate With Sim Ray

Since The Sims 4 is a weird game we don’t always need our favourite mods to take live super seriously, sometimes we just need a little bit of silly stuff to enjoy.

With the Impregnate with SimRay mod you can finally have sims who are in the scientist career have more interesting toys. You’ll need a sim to have access to the simray, which can be done through invention or through the debug cheat but once they have one and it has the transform function and they’ll be able to impregnate anyone.

While holding the object you just need that sim to click on another sim of any gender and choose impregnate and it will most likely work. Your sim won’t even have any genetic ties to the sim so you don’t have to feel guilty about having tons of kids running around.

This is even an option for getting teenage sims pregnant as this works for any sim from teenager to even elder sims so you can have pregnancy for anyone!

a sim who is about to impregnate another sim with a sim ray because of this sims 4 mod

Oh Baby, We’re Expecting Poses

The final option for sims 4 pregnancy mods is the Oh Baby, We’re Expecting pose pack. These are definitely one of the best sets of pregnancy poses out there because the couple here just feels so loving toward one another.

There are 3 different poses for you to choose from where all three have both future parents and a sonogram image being featured which is a really cute detail.

These make it feel like you’re truly announcing a pregnancy to your friends and family and just really make your sims feel cute.

You can definitely get your sims ready by adding some custom clothes and adding some cute accessories to really make it look like they’re photoshoot ready.

two sims in The Sims 4 who are experiencing pregnancy and are doing a custom pose that you'd get through downloading a mod

Final Thoughts

When playing The Sims 4 you can often be really bored with how pregnancy works, your sims don’t suffer enough, they aren’t living it super realistically and it’s just annoying. Downloading even just one of these sims 4 pregnancy mods you can completely change how you see pregnancy and enjoy the game. Happy playing!

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  1. You can choose woman to impregnate other women too, but if you see another girl in the game, how can you tell if she can or can’t?

    1. No NPCs are able to impregnate other sims if it’s not their biological default. If you edit any NPCs, just make sure to remember that!

      1. But in The Get to Work expansion pack, male sims can get pregnant by aliens even if they have the ‘Able to get others pregnant’ setting.

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