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The Sims 4: Monster Under The Bed

The monster under the bed in The Sims 4 is a really fun addition to the childhood life stage and can really help make your child aged sims feel real.

However, the monster under the bed can cause your sims to wake up, and wake up every sim in the entire house so it’s important to understand how the monster works and how to get rid of it.

How the Monster Under the Bed Works

The monster under the bed is only visible to you when you’re currently controlling the child aged sim. This means that sometimes you’ll be controlling an adult and be extra confused about why your kid is freaking out, but don’t worry, the monster is there!

The monster is going to show up anytime overnight when your kid is asleep. When it happens your children will wake up start to freak out and run to their parents or another adults room to get help.

When this happens, your child aged sim is going to get an uncomfortable moodlet that states Scared of the Monster. It will last a few hours and your sim will refuse to go back to their bed because they are really scared.

Getting Rid of The Monster

Obviously, we don’t want a monster to be tormenting our child aged sims so it’s smart to know exactly how to get your older sims to save them from the monster.

The first way to get the monster to leave is to ask any sim who is teenaged or older to spray the monster under the bed or to get them to do it on their own. This will make the monster leave and it won’t come back at least until the next night.

You can also get your sim to come over and spray the monster before your child goes to bed which will make sure that the monster doesn’t show up in the first place.

The other way to get the monster to leave is to ask the monster to leave, however, this is only available to child sims who have befriended the monster which we’ll discuss in a later section of this article. When you do this, the monster is going to go away for the rest of the night.

Preventing The Monster

Thankfully, there is a way that you can prevent the monster under the bed. I didn’t realize this was a thing until I started the 100 baby challenge and just couldn’t take my kids waking up each night!

To prevent the monster under the bed from showing up you need to purchase the Coolala Defender Light that can be found in build mode under lighting. Visually, it’s a coloured light with three small bear like creatures on it.

You should try and put this within 1-3 grid squares of your sim’s bed to make sure that the magic of the light works to keep the monster away. Also, if you place the light in the room when the monster is currently visiting, it will leave.

Becoming Friends With The Monster

If you want your child aged sim to stop running to their parents every time the monster visits, you may want to choose to have them become friends with the monster under the bed.

It’s going to take a few tries to actually become friends with the monster, but when you do your sim will get an energized moodlet that says Hello my Friend and they are going to be excited about their new pal.

You’ll also unlock the following interactions with the monster:

  • Play with monster
  • Ask about Living Under the Bed
  • Call Names
  • Ask Monster Under Bed to Leave
  • Talk to Monster Under the Bed
  • Tell Secret
  • Yell At

Final Thoughts

The monster under the bed was a really fun patch addition to the game and really makes night time a lot more fun. Who wants to sleep soundly anyway? How do you feel about the monster under the bed in The Sims 4? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. heyy! so my child sim is friends with the monster now. but it didnt come back for a few days now.. how can it come back? lol

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