The BEST Woohoo Mods for The Sims 4

Just like in the real world, in The Sims 4 Woohoo is a big part of your sim’s lives. They have numerous woohoo locations to explore and can woohoo with any sim they want. However, there are certain aspect of the woohoo situation in The Sims 4 that just isn’t perfect, so there are certain mods that can change the way certain aspects of woohoo work. You’ll see mods in this list for pregnancy, trying for baby, and so much more that all tie back to the woohoo system in the game.

1. Autonomous Romantic Interactions

Although not directly related to woohoo, I knew a lot of people searching for woohoo mods would be interested in this mod as well so we added it. The autonomous romantic interactions mod will have your sims getting proposed to, broken up with, and even has the ability for your sims to be in polygamous relationships. I love this mod because sometimes you just want things to happen to your sims, instead of having to make every decision for them.

2. Babies for Everyone

With the babies for everyone mod you are able to have babies with, well… everyone! This means that you can have lesbian couples getting pregnant, gay couples getting pregnant, elders getting pregnant and more. This really opens up the family planning world in the game and makes having LGBT couples much more fun in the game.

3. Baby Maker Trait

If you want a sim to have a ton of children in the game, the baby maker trait may be the answer to your prayers! This trait is pretty funny and will have your sims feeling flirty often but not really enjoying commitment.

This trait has a description that reads “Babies, Babies, Babies! Can’t get enough of them. This sim wants lots of children. They are flirty very often and have many ‘baby mamas’ or ‘baby daddys’ to give them children. Commitment issues are possible if their significant other doesn’t give them enough children. Babies make the world go round!”

4. Be Romantic Despite Mood

When you’re playing The Sims 4, you are kind of stuck dealing with the annoying emotions system and sometimes when you want to woohoo your sims aren’t feeling it. The be romantic despite mood mod will allow your sims to perform romantic interactions (including woohoo) even if they are feeling sad, angry, or embarrassed making it easier to woohoo with your sims!

5. Cycle – Menstruation and Fertility

The woohoo system in The Sims 4 really isn’t realistic, so a mod like cycle – menstruation and fertility adds a ton of realism. This mod adds a menstrual cycle to your sims, which is something that tons of people deal with and makes the game feel real. You’ll also see the addition of different sorts of contraceptives like birth control which is very realistic.

There is even a pregnancy test that your sims can take that is a physical object instead of just clicking on the toilet. The most interesting part of this is that it will be a bit harder for your sims to have a baby.

6. Ghosts Can Have Babies

If you’ve played with ghosts in The Sims 4 you’ve probably noticed that you aren’t able to have a baby which is realistic but kind of annoying. The ghosts can have babies mod makes it so that you can have babies with any ghost in your game, and ghosts are able to get pregnant. However, this doesn’t create ghost babies it just results in regular ones.

7. Hoe It Up

The hoe it up mod adds a ton of NSFW content to your game. You’ll be able to gain two skills, prostitution and pole dancing so that tells you pretty much everything you need to know about this mod. Your sims are going to be able to go and earn money by hoeing it up which is a fun mix up in the game.

8. Less Success for Try for Baby

There is an extremely high (80%) success rate when you try for baby in the game, which is just to high. The less success for try for baby mod allows you to go in and adjust these numbers to either 20%, 40% or 60%. This is awesome because you can mix it up and make it however high you want, instead of it just being the default from the game.

9. Make Love, Not Woohoo

An issue that a lot of players have with The Sims 4 is the word woohoo in itself. They believe that the game should reflect real life in all ways and have real life words instead of woohoo. You’ll see the word woohoo switched out with either have sex or make love in all instances in the game if you don’t enjoy the word woohoo.

10. MC Command Center

If you know anything about mods in The Sims 4, you should know that MC Command Center is just a must have mod to begin with. This mod allows you to completely control so many parts of the game, and there is an entire section for MC Woohoo and MC Pregnancy. The types of things you can see is polygamy, autonomous try for baby, risky woohoo percentage changes, and so much more. There are so many aspects to this mod that make it a necessity in the game.

11. No Mosaic/Censor

A lot of simmers just want the game to feel more real, and have less aspects that feel cartoony. The no mosaic/censor mod includes the pixilation or censor that is placed on any sim when they are showering, going to the bathroom, breastfeeding and more. This is a simple mod that a lot of players really swear by for making it feel more real.

12. No Sleep After Woohoo

Any time that you have two sims woohoo in The Sims 4 (in a bed) they are immediately going to fall asleep which isn’t realistic in all situations. Plus, if they are woohooing in the middle of the day it can just mess up their energy need and sleep schedule for the night. The no sleep after woohoo mod makes it so that your sims won’t go straight to sleep by default after they woohoo, a simple change, but it does change something that has always annoyed me.

13. Passionate Romance

Wanting your sims to woohoo all starts with romance and flirting, and the passionate romance mod will make the process of getting to woohoo way more fun. This mod adds simple things that I’ve missed so much in The Sims 4 like some old interactions like goose, snuggle, and make out which were all options in The Sims 2. It also allows you to take romantic selfies with your significant other.

14. Pillow Talk

As we discussed earlier, the default after woohoo in a double bed in the game is for your sims to just go to sleep and not talk to each other or cuddle at all. The pillow talk mod will give you a few new interactions for your sims to do while sitting in bed after woohoo making it a much more realistic and fun experience for your sims to bond.

15. Plain Interactive Woohoo Bushes

The woohoo bushes that we have gotten in various packs in the game are a really fun idea, but all of them have some kind of ugly flower on them that makes them way less useable than we would like them to be. The plain interactive woohoo bushes mod adds a few versions of these bushes that are plain so they can fit seamlessly into your landscaping without standing out like a sore thumb.

16. Pregnancy Mega Mod

The pregnancy mega mod adds so many incredible changes to the way that pregnancy functions in the game and just makes you want to have more pregnancies in The Sims 4. In this mod you’ll be able to have same sex pregnancy, teen pregnancy and even the chance of a miscarriage which is an entirely real thing that happens to women all the time, but isn’t represented in The Sims.

17. Risky Woohoo

In the real world, you are never making a conscious decision between just woohoo and try for baby, there is always a chance of you getting pregnant. The risky woohoo mod makes this a thing in the sims too. In addition to allowing you to have risky woohoo, you can also have fertility levels, pregnancy difficulties and more.

18. Same Sex Pregnancy Mod

The same sex pregnancy mod allows you to have marriages between two sims of the same sex. This means you can have pregnancy between gay and lesbian couples in the game without only having the option to adopt or cheat on your spouse.

19. Shower Woohoo Tweaks

When we first got shower woohoo in the game, your sims would get into the shower fully clothed which was… weird. Then, we got the sims changing into towels, okay, better but still unrealistic. The shower woohoo tweaks mod will let you have sims spinning out of their clothes and being nude before they pop into the shower to woohoo, making it way more realistic than jumping from clothes to a towel to the shower to clothes.

20. Simda

It can be really hard for you to find other sims to woohoo with in The Sims 4 and the Simda Dating App mod will definitely help you streamline that process and find a whole new pool of woohoo candidates. With this mod you are able to go on blind dates, specific dates, or even just choose to have a one night stand which is an awesome option if you’re just looking for some woohoo fun.

21. Teen/Adult Mess Around

This mod was one I wasn’t sure if I should include, but a lot of players seem to want this type of content. I just don’t know how I feel about teens and adults messing around in game. This mod will allow you to have your teenage sims doing romantic interactions with your young adult or adult aged sims which can be used in storytelling for sure.

22. Wicked Whims

The wicked whims mod is probably the most popular and most well known NSFW mods for The Sims 4. With this mod you’ll have changes to how woohoo works, nudity, pubic hair, strip clubs and so much more. This mod has so many interesting aspects to it that it can’t be easily summarized here, you just have to see it for yourself.

23. Wonderful Whims

The creator of wicked whims realized that a lot of simmers really want access to some parts of that mod, without all of the NSFW content so they decided to create wonderful whims. This mod includes the attraction system, impressions, and a ton of other safe for work items that people loved from their first mod.

24. Woohoo Acceptance Animations Replaced

For a lot of players, they may not understand the need for a mod like this, but when I saw it I was so excited. When two sims decide to woohoo together, they will literally stand there and shake their hands and look like they just got a good deal on a pair of shoes, not like they are about to woohoo. It is such a weird choice by EA and just not the animation you’d expect to see. The woohoo acceptance animations replaced mod will switch those weird animations out for flirty or romance animations making it feel way less weird.

25. Woohoo Interaction Hider

The woohoo interaction hider is an interesting mod that you may enjoy. The purpose of this mod is to completely hide the option for woohoo if you’re sim is in specific moods. There are a few different versions, with the most strict being that your sims are only able to woohoo if they are feeling flirty.

26. Woohoo Lover Trait

Traits are such simple mods that can make your sims feel so much more real in the game. The woohoo lover custom trait is a great option if you have a sim who absolutely loves to participate in the art of woohoo. The trait’s description is simple and says “This sim loves to woohoo with other sims” which tells you everything you need to know.

27. Woohoo is Exercise

The final mod on this list is the woohoo is exercise mod and this one just makes sense. As it stands in the game, woohoo has no effect on your sims fitness or weight and that just isn’t how it works in real life. This mod allows your sims to go ahead and get some exercise to lose weight and gain muscle while woohooing.

Final Thoughts

These mods are so fun and chance such small aspects of woohoo but somehow have a lasting impact on it. It really does make the game feel totally different when you are woohooing and just makes me very happy. The changes to pregnancy are great too! Happy Playing!

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