How to Reset a Sim in The Sims 4 (Reset Sim Cheat)

Sometimes when you are playing the sims one of your sims may just decide to stop functioning. They will just stand there and refuse to do anything you tell them to do.

Although this is extremely annoying, you don’t have to close the game to fix the problem, you have the option to reset your sim and get them to stop being buggy.

Shift Click Method

The first way to reset a sim is to use the shift click method. To use this you need to first enable cheats by opening up the cheat dialogue box with ctrl + shift + c and then typing in testingcheats true into the cheat box and hit enter.

This cheat allows all other cheats to function, including the reset cheat. Then, you go up to the sim you wish to reset and hold down shift and click on them.

Then you need to choose the Reset Sim (Debug) option and your sim will reset.

Cheat Code Method

Another option for resetting a sim is to type in a cheat code instead of shift clicking on them. To do this you’ll also need to have your testingcheats true cheat enabled to make sure cheats will work.

Then, in the cheat box you will type resetSim Firstname Lastname and then hit enter. So for example, if you wanted to reset Bob Pancakes the cheat would be resetSim Bob Pancakes and then you would hit enter.

Their name needs to be properly capitalized and make sure that you spell it correctly or the cheat won’t work.

3 sims sitting, two on chairs and one on a stool who is reading to the other two.

What Happens When You Reset a Sim?

Once you use one of these cheat options to reset a sim they will stop sitting or laying if that is what they were doing, or they’ll just have a little shake motion and they’ll be reset.

This is going to clear anything they had in their queue as well as any of their whims and their moodlets as well, it completely resets them as if nothing was happening.

Final Thoughts

Annoying sims are no more! You are officially able to reset your sims in The Sims 4 and get them to start working like normal, happy playing!

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