The Sims 4: Joke Star Aspiration

Being funny is awesome in real life and in The Sims 4. The joke star aspiration is a really awesome base game aspiration that focuses on your sims gaining the comedy skill and working through the entertainer career!

You’ll also spend a decent amount of time talking to other sims and telling jokes to gain the comedy skill, so make sure your sims love others!

Traits That Help With The Joke Star Aspiration

Every single aspiration in The Sims 4 has some really good traits that are going to make working through the aspiration easier, there are two good traits that can help with this aspiration.


The goofball trait is awesome for the joke star aspiration because sims with this trait are going to feel playful more often. When your sims are feeling playful their comedy interactions will have a higher chance of success and can lead to your sims gaining the comedy skill more quickly.


Outgoing is also an awesome trait for a sim working through the aspiration because they’ll spend some time telling jokes to friends and family members so they will want to spend time around others and not be a loner.

Hilarious Reward Trait

When your sim finishes the joke star aspiration they are going to be given the hilarious reward trait. This is one of the better reward traits from an aspiration and can be used in really funny… hilarious ways.

The first thing that you get with this reward trait is that every joke that your sim tells will land successfully so when you tell a joke there’s no chance of getting a negative relationship.

You will also get some new jokes to tell which do interesting things:

  1. Hoffiying Joke: A sim who is told a horrifying joke will make the sim embarrassed for a few hours.
  2. Funniest Joke in the World: A sim who is told the funniest joke in the world will become playful for a few hours.
  3. Weaponized Joke: A sim who is fold a weaponized joke is going to feel dazed for a few hours, beware with this one that they don’t do any repairing of electronics because you may die!

Levels of the Aspiration

Level One: Practical Joker

  • Be Funny to 5 Sims
  • Achieve Level 3 Comedy Skill

This aspiration is actually rather easy to work through, the first step is to get through to level 3 of the comedy skill. To do this you can write jokes on the computer, tell jokes on a microphone, or tell jokes to other sims.

You also need to be funny to 5 sims. You’ll need to introduce yourself to other sims and do at least one funny interaction to each of them, which can be easily done during the welcome wagon.

Level Two: Stand-up Start-up

  • Become an Adult
  • Join the Entertainer Career
  • Own a Microphone

The first thing you need to do is so easy because you just need to become an adult, which will be satisfied when your sim goes from teen to young adult. Your sim also needs to join the entertainer career which is a large focus of this aspiration.

Your sim also needs to own a microphone. You can purchase a microphone in build mode and can be found in the hobbies section, or you can search microphone to find one.

Level Three: Funny Businessman

  • Achieve Level 6 Comedy Skill
  • Join the Comedian Branch of the Entertainer Career

When your sim reaches level 5 of the entertainer career they are going to be given the option to choose between the comedian branch and the musician branch. You’ll want to choose the comedian branch for this aspiration.

To get through this career quicker, you’ll want to focus a lot on the comedy skill (duh) and the charisma skill as well.

Your sim will need to reach level 6 of the comedy skill for this aspiration. You can gain this skill by telling jokes to sims, using the microphone to practice telling jokes, or by writing jokes or routines on your sim’s computer.

Level Four: Joke Star

  • Perform 3 Comedy Routines
  • Achieve Level 10 Comedy Skill

To perform comedy routines, your sim first needs to write them. You can do this on your sim’s computer, but you should try and write these while your sims are feeling playful so they are higher quality. Then, after you finish writing a routine you should click on the microphone and choose to perform the routine.

Finally, your sim needs to keep working on their comedy skill by telling jokes and writing and performing more.

Final Thoughts

I think the joke star aspiration is really amazing because of the reward trait, it’s one of the best reward traits in the sims 4 base game and can really influence some of your sim’s emotions and can be used in fun ways, plus you can gain relationships easily by telling jokes! How do you feel about this aspiration? Let me know in the comments!

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