The Sims 4: Shower Woohoo (Discover University)

It seems like these days with every new sims pack comes a new way to woohoo, like with waterfall woohoo from Island Living, we’ve gotten a new woohoo location in The Sims 4: Discover University.

Our sims are now able to shower and woohoo at the same time, you can even try for baby in the shower. Now, it may seem ridiculous for two sims to shower together in those small one tile showers, but it will do wonders for your sim’s lives.

We’re all busy. We have to fill our sim’s needs one by one, but why not get their social, hygiene, and fun need up at the same time? It’s the perfect situation! Shower woohoo can save you so much time.

How to Shower Woohoo

The first step toward any type of woohoo is to make sure that your two sims have a good enough romantic relationship to be able to woohoo in general.

To get them to a point where this is possible, you need to keep doing romantic interactions back to back until they are able to have their first kiss. You aren’t able to woohoo until you’ve had this kid, regardless of how high your romance bar is.

After your first kiss, you may need a few more interactions before being able to shower woohoo, but if you’ve kissed you’re only a matter of seconds away!

The option to shower woohoo should appear in the romance interactions menu when you click on your target sim, or you can see it by clicking on the shower you’d like to woohoo in.

Your sims will quickly run up to the shower, kiss in front of it, then fall in completely clothed. While they’re in the shower their fun, hygiene and social needs will all improve, so this is a great way to deal with tons of their needs at once.

Note: You can’t woohoo in the new open showers that came with Discover University.

Final Thoughts

Having the option now to shower woohoo is going to make the game so much better since we can accomplish so much more in the day if we can woohoo and get clean at the same time! Thanks to the sims team for adding this, we really wanted it.

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  1. will this work even if i don’t have the university expansion pack?
    can i make my sims woohoo using normal showers at home?

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