The Sims 4: Magic Spells Guide

With the addition of the new pack, The Sims 4: Realm of Magic, we’ve been given 24 spells for our magic sims to learn and use in their day to day life. You’ll learn these spells the more time you spend focusing on building up your magic abilities and they can have a variety of abilities for your sim.

How to Learn Spells

There are a few different ways that your sim can learn new magical spells and also learn new alchemy potions. The first way is to use tomes and read them to learn spells. You can find tomes at Magic HQ by clicking on a bookcase and choosing to search for tomes. This will put books into your inventory.

The next way is to ask one of the Sages that can be found at Magic HQ to teach you magic skills. To be able to learn from sages you’re going to need to build up your relationship with them, they aren’t just going to teach anybody their wisdom.

Each sage will teach you spells from their appropriate type of magic. You won’t learn a mischief spell from Morgyn, the untamed magic sage. For example, if you want to learn spells in the practical magic section, you’ll need to ask Simeon Silversweater for those spells.

You can also duel for knowledge with any spellcaster in the magic realm. These duels will be quick and can increase your talent points and help you reach the next level of being a spellcaster while also giving you new spells or potions.

Finally, you can practice magic and learn things by trial and error. To do this you just click on your own sim and go to the magic menu and choose practice magic, you’ll be able to choose which type of magic to practice and the spell you may learn will correspond with which type you choose.

Using Your Spellbook

Your spellcaster is now going to have a brand new spellbook open to them. This book will have all of the spells and potions that you’ve learned inside letting you know exactly what they do and how you can use them.

You can open your spell book by clicking on your sim, going to the magic tab, and clicking on the open spellbook option. You can also open up your spellbook by clicking on open spellbook at the bottom of the perks panel for your spellcaster.

The spells in your sim’s spellbook are organized by how early they are able to unlock them based on rank. You’ll find your sim unlocking the lower level spells easily. The book is organized by the three different types of magic, as well as a section for alchemy.

Spellcaster Charge Meter

Be careful of doing too many spells in a row without a break, as this can cause your sim to die from overcharge. You can see your sim’s charge meter under the sim’s need panel (it’s that crazy looking blue circle).

Everytime you do a spell or a duel or use any kind of magic your charge meter will fill a little bit depending on the magic use. The more spells you do in a row, the more likely they are to fail which means that you may get a curse.

If you fill your sim’s charge meter all the way to the top, you may see a death by overcharge so beware!

Mischief Magic Spells


“Acquire something that doesn’t belong to you.”

The burgliate spell will allow you to easily steal anything from another sim’s home without having to have a high mischief skill and being a kleptomaniac. This gave my sim an energized moodlet after I stole a giant bookcase from Magic HQ.

*energized moodlet


“Reach into a Sim’s head and scramble their thoughts.”

The deliriate spell will give the target sim a +10 dazed moodlet, foggy mind, that lasts 2 hours. When this sim is under this foggy mind moodlet they may start to wander aimlessly around the town until the spell wears off and they will return home.


“Fill a Sim’s mind with feelings of intense sadness.”

The Despairio spell gives the target sim a +10 sad moodlet, sudden despair, that lasts 2 hours. Just a mean spell to give to another sim, haha.


“Convince two Sims to argue and fight with each other.”

The furio spell makes two sims absolutely hate eachother. They will get a +2 angry moodlet, fists of fury. They will then walk towards eachother and start fighting which will make them despise eachother.


“Convince two Sims to get romantic with each other.”

The infatuate spell will give the target sims a +10 flirty moodlet that lasts 30 minutes, cupids touch. They will run to eachother and start kissing, even if they don’t know eachother. It immediately started off their relationship as both flirty and friendly, but not by much.


“Transform a hapless Sim into an inanimate object.”

The Morphiate spell will turn the other sim into an inanimate object that have been predetermined by the game. There have been a few different ones chosen by The Sims team. Some that I have seen include a cactus, a fish, and a piggy statue.

The effects of this last two hours and will give your sim a very uncomfortable buff that says objectified!

Beware however, this spell can backfire and turn your sim into an object. While testing all the spells to see which did what for this guide, I tried using Morphiate on a sage and my sim turned into a cactus because it backfired.

This spell can only be learned once you’ve hit the master level of being a spellcaster.


“Make a Sim appear repulsive to everyone around them.”

The strangeify trait will give the target sim a +10 tense moodlet that lasts 3 hours. This spell will turn the target sim bright green with weird markings all over their face. I also noticed that other sims will not want to spend time around this sim as a bubble appear with the sims face crossed out.

This spell is learned through asking the Mischief sage, L. Faba for the ultimate mischief spell. You can usually find her in the basement of Magic HQ.

Practical Magic Spells

Practical magic is the most useful set of spells in The Sims 4: Realm of Magic. These spells are going to make your life way more convenient and save your sims a ton of time. These spells can be learned from the sage of practical magic, Simeon Silversweater.


“Turn one small object into many.”

The copypasto spell will take any small object in the game and turn it into multiples (3 in my experience).

I’ve learned that this can be used on harvestables and when I used it on an apple that I placed on the middle of my kitchen floor, it turned into 3 apples! You can also use it on other small objects like a crystal.

This can be helpful in creating extra items to make potions with, so that’s cool! I assume that there is a chance that this spell will backfire and just destroy the item entirely, so beware? Maybe?

This spell can be learned by any sim who is at the adept level of being a spellcaster.


“Create a tasty meal out of thin air.”

The delicioso spell can really save your sims time and make it so they never need to actually cook again. To use this spell you just click on the ground and under spells you’ll find delicioso or grand delicioso.

The delicioso spell is going to make one plate of food appear and the grand delicioso spell will make a group meal appear on the floor. This is extremely helpful for feeding toddlers really quickly or your entire family if your sim is busy.

Your sim can learn the delicioso spell when they reach the acolyte level of being a spellcaster.


“Keep your plants healthy and bug free.”

This one is essentially just tending your garden, it will water, weed, and spray for bugs for you all at once. It’s kind-of annoying because it will only do one plant at a time which can be time consuming.


“Create a fully grown plant in even the most fallow of soils.”

The herbio spell is going to help your sim grow a strong and full plant even when it shouldn’t be able to grow.


“Return to The Magic Realm.”

The homewardial trait is a simple one that just allows you to go back to the magic realm.


“Fix a broken object, or make crafted objected higher quality.”

Repario is a super helpful tool if you have low quality objects in your home that seem to break all the time. Using this spell will quickly get your sim to go and fix them without all the hassle of waiting for them to do it themselves.

Your sim can also create items on the woodworking table of much higher quality as a great way to make money as a spellcaster. The best part about this spell is that if your house has a fire and your objects need to be replaced? You can use repario and they’ll be good as new.

A sim can learn the repario spell at the apprentice level of being a spellcaster.

Rite of Ascension

“Bestow the gift of magic to another Sim.”

This is the last practical magic spell you can learn from The Sages and you need to be at the top level of being a spell caster in order to learn it.

This spell will allow you to turn another sim into a spellcaster (maybe even if they don’t want you to). This is nice if you have non-magical family members and want them to all be spell casters as well.

This spell is learned by asking the sage of practical magic, Simeon Silversweater, to teach you the ultimate practical magic spell.


“Make something (or someone) squeaky clean.”

The scruberoo spell is one of my favourite practical spells since I hate how long it takes for a sim to shower. This spell lets your sim clean their house (i.e., a dirty toilet) with this spell and it can also be used to clean your sim or other sims and completely fill their hygiene need.

Your sims can learn the scruberoo spell when they are at the apprentice level of being a spellcaster.

Note: This spell cannot be used on toddlers, which I’m disappointed with. I would’ve loved to clean my dirty toddlers with one click.


“Move instantly to another location, regardless of distance.”

The transportalate spell allows your sim to stop walking to different places! You can start teleporting around your sim’s house, or in different locations around your world.

Your sim can learn the transportalate spell when they are in the adept level of being a spellcaster.

Untamed Magic Spells


“Create a blast of cold air the freezes anyone it touches.”

The chilio spell freezes the target sim into an ice block. You have two choices, you can either wait around 4 hours for the sim to defrost or you can use the inferniate spell to melt them. They will get an uncomfortable moodlet, chilled, and when they finally melt they may be blue.


“Free yourself from the effects of a magical curse.”

If your sim has a curse from doing bad magic or someone else doing something to them, you can use decursify to take away all of the curses away from your sim. Doesn’t give a moodlet, just removes curses.


“Restore a ghost to their original physical form.”

The dedeathify spell is going to bring any sim who has passed away back to life, only if they are still around in the form of a ghost.

If you want, you can use the Necrocall spell to get a ghost to show up at any time from an urn or a tombstone and then use dedeathify to bring that sim back to life.

One of my favourite things that happened when I used the dedeathify spell is that the tombstone remained in my backyard. I love weird and morbid things and the thought of having a tombstone for a sim who is alive makes me giggle.

You can learn this trait when your sim is at the master level of being a spellcaster.


“Create a perfect replica of yourself, for a time.”

The duplicato spell is a fun one where you can create a temporary clone of yourself. This is helpful when developing your abilities because you can use all of the spells you’ve learned on this sim and won’t have to worry about them hating you forever.

Since I don’t know all the details of the pack yet, I believe that the duplicato spell allows for the clone to be around for 8 hours. There will be a giant black cloud and boom, they’re gone.

The duplicato spell can only be learned from Morgyn, the sage of untamed magic. The interaciton calls this the ultimate untamed spell.


“Instantly incinerate your target with the power of fire.”

This spell can set any sim or object on fire and can be good for story telling with a fire ruining a sim’s home. You can easily put the fire out by extinguishing, so hopefully no one dies!

Unfortunately, this spell won’t lead to the sim who you’re setting on fire dying. They will set on fire but easily put themselves out and just be a bit charred. They are also going to get an uncomfortable moodlet.

Your sim can learn this spell when they are at the apprentice level of being a spellcaster.


“Control another Sim’s mind and bend them to your will.”

The minonize spell is really hilarious. It allows you to control another sim and get them to one of four interactions whenever you tell them. The interactions include: clean, sleep, make food, or snap out of it.

I decided to use the duplicato spell to create a clone of my sim, then turn them into my minion and make them cook and clean for me. Definitely a fun way to mix some spells.

Your sim can learn the minionize spell when they are at the adept level of their journey in being a spellcaster.


“Summon the dead from their final resting place.”

One of the most annoying things about ghosts in the game is that they only appear at night, well with Necrocall you can summon them at any time of the day.

You can click on a dead sim’s tombstone or urn and when you use this spell they will appear as a ghost in front of it.

When I tested this I had just killed Geoffrey Landgrab in my basement and after I summoned his ghost he started fighting me, so beware of angry ghosts if you’re the reason they died.

You can learn this spell when your sim is at the acolyte level of being a spellcaster.


“Harness electrical energy and give something a jolt.”

The zipzap spell can be used on humans as well as some objects. Using this spell on other sims is going to make you lose a bit of relationship with them as well as give them the dazed emotion. However, there is a chance that this spell can backfire and end up electrocuting you.

A great use of this spell is to break things around your home (i.e., sinks, toilets, televisions) and then fix them to get your handiness skill up more quickly.

The zip zap spell can be learned when your sim is an apprentice spell caster.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a spellcaster and being able to learn spells from The Sims 4: Realm of Magic is a really fun addition to the game. Learn all of the practical magic spells to be able to make your day to day life easier! Learn some mischief spells to torture your friends and enemies. There is so much out there for you to explore. How do you feel about spells in the game? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. If cast dedeathify on a ghost can I control the ghost, if so can I still cast the spell with 8 sims in the houehold. Also I have the vampire game pack. I’ve seen on some websites that hybrids are not possible in sims 4 and many poeple found this irritating, so is it true that a vampire can’t become a spellcaster, I don’t want a vampire in the house, but a friend wants to know.

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