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25 Sims 4 Skin Mods (Skin Overlays and Default Skins)

There are so many players of The Sims 4 out there who just can’t handle the look of a basic sim if you keep the EA default skin. The characters in the game are extremely cartoony and many players want their creations to look more relatistic and that’s where skin mods come into play.

These default skins and skin overlays can really change the look of your newly created sims characters and make them feel entirely real, like someone you’d see down the street instead of someone who you’d see in a cartoon which can add depth to your gameplay.

There are hundreds of default skins out there, but we wanted to compile 25 of our favorite skin overlays and skin mods for The Sims 4 into an easily digestible list so you can find your new favorite skin for your new digital friends.

1. Ethereal Skin Overlay by Bill Sims

This first skin overlay is extremely realistic and will make your sims look so incredible. It has nice face detailing giving way more dimension to your sims instead of just a smooth surface.

Sims 4 — Ethereal Skin Overlay by Bill_Sims — Can be found under Skin Overlay tab Female only HQ mod compatible 1 tone

Using the ethereal skin overlay will get your sims looking like they belong on Instagram instead of in a video game so you’ll be jealous of how gorgeous your sims are.

2. FIT Skin Overlay by Pralinesims

The FIT Skin Overlay by Pralinesims is a really great option to make your sims look so incredible. It will add tons of detail to both their body and their faces, making them look so smooth and realistic.

Sims 4 — FIT Skin Overlay by Pralinesims — Adapts to all maxis skintones and works with all kinds of makeup.

This skin mod is great if your sim uses the fitness skill a ton because it makes six packs on sims look so much more detailed and realistic.

3. Healthy Skin Overlay by PralineSims

If you want your sims to look extremely healthy and vibrant, the healthy skin overlay is a must have for your game. Like seriously, download it right now. It adds so much detail to your sims to make them so gorgeous.

Sims 4 — PS Healthy Skin OVERLAY by Pralinesims — Skin overlay for all ages and genders, adapts to all base EA skintones

This is a great option for a default skin replacement so your sims of all ages can be looking perfect all the time.

4. Hydra Skin Overlay by Praline Sims

The hydra skin overlay by PralineSims is so good and makes your sims look like they are HYDRATED and their skin is super soft. I wish my skin looked this good in real life sometimes.

Sims 4 — PS Hydra Skin Overlay by Pralinesims — Skin overlay, adapts to base Maxis skintones, for male and female sims in

Hydra skin can be a great option for any sim because it gives just the right amount of texture while smoothing out the vibe and making it so gorgeous.

5. Isleroux’s Default Skin Replacement

If you want a more simple default skin replacement that keeps the artistic vision of The Sims 4, but makes it look a bit less cartoony then the Isleroux Default Skin is for you.

ISLEROUX DEFAULT SKIN REPLACEMENTDefault skin replacement (female only for the moment) made with the gallery in mind. It will not appear as CC and will subtly enhance a sim’s features.
I blended some of my favourite default skins to create this...

This is a really great option if you’re just starting to dive into custom content and skin mods for The Sims 4 because its hard to jump in from 0 and this is a great starting option.

6. Lazarus Skinblend by GrimCookies

Grimcookies is an awesome custom content creator and the lazarus skin blend is a great option for a default skin replacement. This skin blend looks awesome on sims of any skin tone and adds so much dimension to their face.

LAZARUS SKINBLEND“It’s finally here! A spiritual sucessor to my tahani blend. I made this because I wanted a skinblend that looked good on all skintones so I spent a lot of time making sure it doesn’t look washed out on either end of the ea...

This is one of the skin blends on this list that is always in my game, and makes my sims feel much more real which leads to me connecting to them on a whole different level.

7. Lucia Skin by Satanies

The lucia skin by satanies will add a ton of dimension to your sims bodies including some interesting dimension around the belly button and highlighting on specific parts of the body.

Sims 4 — Lucia Skin by satanies2 — New skin for TS4, found in skin details. All rights reserved

It comes in seven different swatch colors so you have a bit of options for this skin, and it looks great on all sorts of sims.

8. Lunaria Skinblend by Nesurii

This lunaria skinblend by Nesurii will add such a beautiful highlight right under your sim’s eyes, you won’t be able to stop talking about how cute they look. Sometimes skin mods try to do too much, but this one does just the right amount.

You can make this your everyday default skin choice and all of your sims will be looking absolutely perfect, add a bit of make up and a cute outfit and your sims are ready for their new life.

9. Markus Skin Overlay by Ms Blue

If you have sims who want to focus on their fitness skill and gain some serious muscles, you’ll want to download the Markus Skin Overlay by Ms Blue. This skin will add so many extra details to fit sims and looks so good.

Sims 4 — Markus Skin Overlay HQ by Ms_Blue — - V1 Full skin overlay with slider friendly legs - V2 Choose from EA eyelids

This is great for sims in the athletic career and will make sure that you have crushes on the pixels that get to look that good.

10. Mary Skin by Blahberry Pancake

The Mary Skin by Blahberry Pancake will have your sims looking like real humans, instead of like a perfectly photoshopped supermodel. This is great for all sorts of sims, but only works for female sims so be aware of that before downloading.

Sims 4 — Mary Skin & Overlay by Blahberry_Pancake — - skin details category - 20 skin swatches - 2 overlay swatches -

This skin just looks like people you know, instead of people you strive to look like so it can totally make your sims feel like your family members instead of like Instagram models.

11. Mia Skin Overlay by Milarasims

The Mia Skin Overlay by MilaraSims adds some much need skin details to your sims face. This skin mod adds some dimension to your sim’s cupid’s bow and adds some detail to their under eye as well.

Sims 4 — Mia Skin Overlay by Milarasims — *Mia Skin Overlay (females only) for TS4. *It's an overlay so it works with all

The great thing about this skin is that is still feels real with texture, instead of just looking airbrushed. You’ll find that this looks great on so many sims, no matter what their vibe is.

12. Mirabelle Skin Overlay by Ms Blue

If you like to see pores and skin texture on your sims, instead of the cartoon vibes from the game, you’ll want to grab the Mirabelle Skin Overlay by Ms Blue. This adds some colour to your sims eye area which is just something that happens to humans naturally.

Sims 4 — Mirabelle Skin Overlay HQ by Ms_Blue — - Full skin overlay - Female, Y/A to elder - 3 Versions - HQ compatible -

As you can see in the image, the mirabelle skin will look gorgeous both with make up on your sim, and without, making sure they look gorgeous no matter which outfit they are wearing.

13. Papillon Skin Blend by Vivavi

If your vibe for sims is smooth and simple, the papillon skin blend by vivavi is a great option. This one doesn’t add a ton of texture, but it makes your sims nose look a bit more prominent and adds some much needed shading to the face and body.

This is a really great option for people who like more realistic sims, but not super realistic alpha sims like some of these other skin details and skin mods.

14. Powder Skin Overlay by Praline Sims

The powder skin overlay by pralinesims is absolutely gorgeous and adds so much detail to your sims. It works for all genders in the game, and all skin tones with different shades to match whichever sim you decide to use it on.

Sims 4 — PS Powder Skin Overlay by Pralinesims — New skin overlay for all genders, comes in 4 different intensity shades.

You’ll see so many gorgeous aspects like eye detailing, and torso texture that you just won’t see on a traditional sim in the game. Super gorgeous, great option for all players.

15. PS Alpha Skin Overlay by Praline Sims

The alpha skin overlay by pralinesims is very pretty and will add a bit of texture to your sim’s under eyes, giving them more dimension and making them look much more interesting than a regular sim.

Sims 4 — PS Alpha Skin Overlay by Pralinesims — Skin overlay, adapts to base Maxis skintones, for male and female sims in

There’s a ton of detailing on your sim’s body when you use the alpha skin, and it will match so well with any alpha hair and make up you use on your sims.

16. Resilient Skin Blend by Plumhead

If you love the look of a rosy cheek on your sim, the resilient skin by plumhead is a great option for you. This skin will add some nice color to your sim’s face and make them look extremely cute.

This skin looks great on teenage sims who are just coming into themselves and are growing up, or on just about any other sims.

17. Shadowboxing Freckle Set by SimReaper

Although this isn’t a default skin, adding freckles to any of the skins on this list will change the vibe of your sim entirely. The shadowboxing freckle set by simreaper is a great option for an extremely freckled face.

As someone who has always wanted freckles, this is a skin detail that I absolutely love to use on my sims to make them have my dream face. So adorable!

18. Skeleton Skin Overlays by Obj

Okay, this is a weird one. The skeleton skin overlay by OBJ just makes me laugh, so I wanted to add it to the list. If you want to add some serious weirdness to your game, this is a great option.

This skin will turn your sims into weird black and white skeletons that look very, very odd in and out of clothing. You’ll never have a realistic looking sim again!

19. Skin Details by RemusSirion

These contour skin details by remussirion are so great because they can add some facial contouring to make your sims look way more interesting. There are a variety of contour types, so you get a ton of options.

Sims 4 — Skin details by RemusSirion — Contouring skin details for TS4 - 7 swatches - HQ compatible (see creator's notes)

Using contour skin is a great option for making your sims look more unique, so its so nice to see creators making stuff like this.

20. Subtle Freckles & Moles by WildlyMiniatureSandwich

Another way to make your sims look extremely unique is adding freckles or moles, but most creators make these items with just about too much going on. The subtle freckles and moles are a great option if you want a sim that just has a few all over.

You can see in the image that there are small dots all over the body, including the face and back which can really make your sims super cute.

21. Sweet Scars Skin Details by Sagittariah

If you want to add more unique things to your sim’s face, the sweet scars skin detail might be for you. This adds scars on the nose or the eye, making your sims extremely unique looking.

Sims 4 — Sweet Scars Skin Details by Sagittariah — base game compatible 1 swatch properly tagged enabled for all occults

These types of skin mods can make your sims so interesting, and give them unique back stories to how they got these scars.

22. Toddler Skintone Set by Kai Sims

There are a lot of skin mods that work for adult sims, but not a lot of them cater to toddlers. This toddler skin tone set will add new skin to your game for just your toddlers making them look completely different than the EA default.

Sims 4 — Toddler Skintone Set _ 1 by -KaiSims- — Toddler Set of skintones QTY: 12 Skinshades HQ Compatible~ Custom CAS

Having this in your game gives you many more options for your sim toddlers, making them way cuter in the process.

23. Veox Skin Overlay by Pralinesims

Praline Sims never disappoints and the veox skin overlay definitely doesn’t disappoint either. This adds some nice details to your sim’s eyes making them look much more realistic with eye options giving you even more customization.

Sims 4 — PS Veox Skin Overlay by Pralinesims — Skin overlay, adapts to base Maxis skintones, for male and female sims in

It also adds many contours and details to your sims body which makes them feel so much more gorgeous.

24. Vitalia Blush & Highlight by Sagittariah

Although not a default skin mod, this blush and highlight is just too cute to not include. This adds some nice highlight to your sim’s cupid’s bow as well as some nose and undereye highlight.

Sims 4 — Vitalia Blush & Highlight (Skin Details) by Sagittariah — base game compatible 1 swatch properly tagged

This also adds a very popular blush trend that can make your sims look like they are always flushed and feeling gorgeous.

25. Yuki Skin by Blahberry Pancake

If you are looking for realistic and not filtered skin, Blahberry Pancakes Yuki Skin will not disappoint. This skin will add realistic pores and coloring that you’d never see in a default EA skin, making these sims look so good.

Sims 4 — Yuki Skin & Overlay by Blahberry_Pancake — - skin details categories - 20 skin swatches - 2 overlay swatches

There is a huge place in my heart for skin that feels so realistic without being airbrushed, allowing you to make real people in The Sims 4 more easily.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks! Those are 25 skin mods for The Sims 4 that I absolutely love and have added to my game at one point or another. Having these skins in your game will change how you make sims, and even how you feel about your sims because you can connect with people who feel less like a cartoon. Happy playing!

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