The Sims 4: The Curator Aspiration

Being a curator in The Sims 4 means that your sim is focused on finding all sorts of collectibles in the game. You’ll be looking for crystals, metals, frogs, and so much more.

This is an aspiration for a sim who loves spending time outdoors and may be a little more eccentric than most sims.

child aged sims looking for frogs

Traits That Help The Curator Aspiration

Every single aspiration has a few traits that are going to be extremely helpful to finish the aspiration more quickly and make it easier on you.

Loves the Outdoors

The loves the outdoors trait is a good one for these sims because they are going to be spending a whole bunch of time outside digging holes and collecting frogs. Sims with this trait are going to get a happy moodlet when outdoors which can help them be happy for longer spending time outdoors.


A sim who is going to be collecting will be spending a whole bunch of time alone. This means that loner is awesome because they won’t get tense if they are alone for too long and their social need is going to go down slowly.

Reward Trait for The Curator Aspiration

When you manage to finish the curator aspiration your sim will be rewarded with the appraiser reward trait. This trait allows your sim to sell their collectibles to the Simsonian Museum where they will earn more money than before.

If you want your sim to be a lifelong collector or finish any of the collections, this can be extremely helpful and make you a whole bunch of money.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: Out and About

  • Collect 10 Collectibles

This is going to be the easiest part of this aspiration because the collectibles can be any type. You need to go out and dig up the special rocks all over. These rocks look different because they’re smaller than decorative rocks and will have some extra design on them to make them stand out.

When you dig these up you’ll find things that aren’t collectibles like upgrade parts which can be annoying. To complete this part of the aspiration you’ll need to open up enough of these to find 10 things like crystals, metals, MySim Trophies, Fossils, etc.

Level Two: Gatherer

  • Collect 5 Crystals
  • Collect 3 Frogs
  • Collect 3 Fossils

To collect crystals you’ll need to dig up the rocks around the worlds that are covered in small white pieces of crystal. They are rather easy to find, but you’ll most likely find the common crystals.

To collect frogs you’ll need to go to the frog spots. These are small logs that are on the ground covered in moss, you honestly can’t miss them. You can click on these and choose to look for frogs. You’ll only be able to check a log once per day.

To find fossils you’ll need to dig up more rocks, yay! So many rocks to dig, so little time.

Level Three: Treasure Hunter

  • Send 5 Items to the Geological Council
  • Breed 5 Frogs
  • Collect 5 Elements

You are able to send either metals or crystals that you collect to the geological council. When you send them, you’ll be sent back an element that comes in the mail. You’ll be able to put them into the element holder as a way to organize them, which is cute.

Breeding frogs is an awesome way to make money. Once you have two frogs in your inventory you’ll be able to click on one and choose to breed it with another. You’ll be able to create different types of frogs by breeding two different frogs together.

Finally, collecting elements is done by sending metals or crystals into the geo council which has already been a part of this aspiration!

Level Four: The Curator

  • Complete a Collection
  • Collect 25 Collectibles

To complete this aspiration you’ll need to complete a collection. This means you’ll need to find all of a certain type of collectible. This is going to take you a while, because there are rare collectibles that are harder to find. I’ve only ever finished the MySims collection once, so you’ll need to dedicate some time.

Finally, you’ll need to have gotten 25 collectibles. Collectibles are things like fossils, my sims trophies, metals, crystals, etc. Throughout trying to finish this aspiration, you’ll probably have finished this or at least be close.

Final Thoughts

Finishing the curator aspiration is an impressive task and definitely takes a bit of dedication. You’ll be spending a whole bunch of time alone and getting a lot of sunshine! Happy Playing!

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