The Sims 4: Strangerville Mystery Aspiration

The Strangerville Mystery Aspiration is an interesting one that is nothing like we’ve ever seen before. The strangerville pack lets you play through a story line where you have to save the town from a weird infection that possesses sims.

By working through the strangerville mystery aspiration your sim will learn new information about it, and learn how to defeat the infection and become the hero we all need.

Just a small warning, there are going to be tons of spoilers in this article! If you’d rather figure this out on your own, skip this article.

Reward Trait for the Strangerville Mystery Aspiration

If your sim is able to finish the Strangerville Mystery, they are going to be given the Hero of Strangerville reward trait. This means that your sim will be sent fan mail every few days and you’ll also be able to tell the story of how you saved the town to different sims.

Stages of the Aspiration

Level One: New Resident

  • Talk About Strangerville with 5 Sims
  • Buy Curio from the Curio Shop
  • Examine the Sealed Door at the Secret Lab

Talk About Strangerville

The first thing you need to do upon landing in Strangerville is to talk to people about strangerville. This will give you various interactions and notifications that will let you know some small things that may guide you through some of the parts of this mystery.

To do this you can click on anybody who is in the world of Strangerville and choose talk about strangerville.

Purchase Curio from the Curio Shop

Next, you’ll need to purchase curio at the curio shop. This shop is located to the right of the trailer park, however, it doesn’t show up on the world map.

It’s best to travel to the lot inside the trailer park and just walk over, since you can’t go straight to the shop.

You’re looking for the building that appears in this cute render from when the pack came out.

Sims 4 render for strangerville

Examine the Sealed Door

Next, you need to examine the sealed door that is at the secret lab. The secret lab is at the top of the world map inside the crater and you can travel there at any time. It is really fun just to look around and see all the small details.

You’ll go to the sealed door that is in the middle of the secret lab, you can click on it and examine the door where you’ll learn that you can’t get through without a key.

Level Two: Personal Spy

  • Gather 15 Pieces of Evidence
  • Compile a Strangerville Secret Dossier
  • Open the Sealed Door at the Secret Lab

Gather Evidence

The next part of the strangerville mystery aspiration gets a bit more difficult, but still manageable. The first part is to gather 15 pieces of evidence and these are going to be used to compile the dossier.

To gather these pieces of evidence you need to go to the secret lab which is located inside the crater at the top of the strangerville world map.

You’ll be able to click on different piles of papers and folders and boxes and search through these piles and the pieces of evidence will appear in your inventory.

Assemble a Dossier

Once you have 15 pieces of evidence inside your inventory you’ll be able to click on it to assemble a dossier.

Opened the Sealed Door

Once you have this dossier in your hand you’ll be able to head back to the Curio shop and purchase a secret lab key card for 250 simoleons.

This will allow you to open the door at the lab and thus complete this part of the aspiration.

Level Three: Pathogenic Investigator

  • Collect 15 Spore Clusters
  • Assemble the Hazmat Suit
  • Traverse to the Deepest Part of the Secret Lab

Collect 15 Spore Clusters

The next thing you’ll have to do is get an infection scanner so you’re able to collect the spore clusters. The only way you can get this scanner is by getting a military employee to give one to you.

You’ll have a few options for how to get the scanner which include:

  • seduce
  • show off
  • bribe
  • fight

These are going to have different success rates depending on your skills (i.e., athletic skills will be able to show off their fitness skill to get it). You may just need to fight someone for one if they refuse to just hand it over.

Once you get this infection scanner you’ll be able to start collecting the 15 spore clusters.To do this you’ll need to find these small pink spots floating around and you want to find an area where these are present.

Then, use the scanner to scan the ground where spores will appear on the ground for you to collect. You can do this anywhere in town, but you want to make sure that there will be tons around, so it’s best to do it at the secret lab.

The scanner can only be used 3 times before it will lose its battery charge, and it takes hours for it to be useable again.

Assemble Hazmat Suit

Now that you have spores in hand, it’s time to assemble the hazmat suit. To be able to do this you’re going to need to get a scientist to give you a spore filter to be part of your suit which is done by giving them some infection profile data.

You’ll get this data by going down through the door at the secret lab and using the chemical analyzer to create the spore profile data.

Then, bring that data to a scientist to give you a spore filter, however, you need to have a decent relationship with them. They are going to mail you the spore filter the next day.

Once you have the filter you can head to the curio shop and purchase a hazmat suit for 1,000 simoleons.

Traverse to the Deepest Part of the Secret Lab

Once you have your hazmat suit, you need to put it on before deciding to continue down to the deeper part of the secret lab. There is going to be a door surrounded by a giant cloud of spores where you can click and explore the depths of the secret lab.

This is where you’ll be able to go to the deepest part and then see who the source of the infection is.

Level Four: Strangerville Hero

  • Vaccinate 3 Sims
  • Recruit 3 Sims to Help Stop the Source
  • Defeat the Source of the Infection

Vaccinate 3 Sims

The next step toward saving the world is that you need to develop a vaccine and then vaccinate 3 sims. In order to create one dose of the vaccine you need to collect 5 spore clusters (using the same method as before) and 1 bizzare fruit.

To find the bizzare fruit you need to go find the weird plants around town and choose to nurture the plans. This will get the plant to bloom and you’ll be able to grab a bizzare fruit from each. Go around and find 3 pieces of fruit, and 15 spore clusters.

Then, you’ll need to go back to the chemical analyzer in the secret lab and create 3 of the test vaccines.

Once you have these 3 vaccines in your inventory you can go back out into the world and find 3 sims who are currently infected and test the vaccine on them.

Recruit 3 Sims

Once you finish vaccinating 3 sims you need to recruit some sims who are going to help you fight the source of the infection. You need to have these people be your friend in order for them to agree or else they will not trust you enough to want to assist.

These people must be vaccinated before you can get them to help you.

Defeat the Source of the Infection

Finally, you need to get ready to fight the mother. You’ll want to travel to the secret lab and use the travel with… option to choose the people who you have recruited to help you.

Once you get to the bottom of the secret lab you can click on to the mother plant and choose to fight with and you can pick all of the people who came with you.

You’ll need to defeat the mother plant to get this done. You can do commands to get your friends to do things like throw infection vaccine, charge, be careful, and warbling war cry. The fighting is a bit weird for a sims game, but you can get the hang of it.

Final Thoughts

The strangerville mystery aspiration is a wild one and can be really complicated, but defeating the mother plant is a really fun task and the strangerville pack comes with so much fun stuff! Happy playing!

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