The Sims 4: How to Unlock All Items (Debug, Live Edit, Unlocks)

There are always times when playing The Sims 4 when you need a certain item but can’t access it because its behind a wall. Thankfully, there are ways to unlock all items in the game to really create a home you love.

There are actually three categories or locked items in The Sims 4. The first, is a bunch of items that your sims may use at random times (i.e., plates, cups, seeds, etc).

The second, is a bunch of items that are around the worlds (i.e., decorative cars, fences, boats, statues, plants). The third, is a bunch of items that are locked unless you finish a certain part of the game (i.e., career reward items).

Buy Debug Items

These hidden objects are more household based than the live edit cheat is, with things like pots and pans, seeds and plants and so much more. There are hundreds of items to be unlocked using these cheats.

To be able to use the buy debug cheat you first need to enable cheats by opening up the cheat box by hitting ctrl + shift + c and then typing in testingcheats true and hitting enter.

Then you want to type in bb.showhiddenobjects and hit enter. Now when you enter build mode you can search debug in the search bar and find all of the hidden objects in the game to add to your home.

It is important to note that if you decorate with things like plates or pots and pans, people may clean them up while tidying the house.

Live Edit Items

Around the time that The Sims 4: Island Living was released we got a new items cheat that allows you to find a ton of the items that are located around the world. These are the live edit items and are things like trees, boats, fences, and other weird things you sometimes see off in the distance.

To use this cheat you first need to enable cheats by hitting ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard and typing in testingcheats true to the cheat box and then hitting enter to enable cheats.

Then, you’ll type in bb.showliveeditobjects and hit enter.

When you enter build mode you can search the word debug and a ton of these items will appear for you to scour through.

Gameplay Unlocks Items

There are a ton of items in the game that are locked behind a wall but you can still see them in the build catalog. These items are unlockable through completing tasks like getting to a certain level of a career, or by using the gameplay unlocks cheat.

To use this cheat you need to first have the cheats enabled by hitting ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard and typing testingcheats true into the cheat box and hitting enter.

Then you’ll want to use one of the longest and weirdest cheats in the game which is bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement and hitting enter. Then, when you go into the build mode catalog you’ll be able to see all of the different things that are purchasable for your home.

Final Thoughts

It is really helpful to have all of these objects able to be unlocked in the game so you can create more unique homes and commercial lots. Happy Playing!

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    1. im on ps4 and career unlocks and hidden items worked for weeks and then i tried the live edit one and it didn’t work so i tried the others and they didn’t work either, weird

      1. I’m on PS4 and they work for me all the time. I can’t find them the normal ways. I have to put the cheats in while in build mode then go to the search bar and press search with it empty. None of the debug stuff shows if I press debug or look for ‘unknown’ items. It has to be a blank search bar.

      1. you have to write them in the life mode or it won’t work
        open the cheat box in life mode
        go to build mode
        then it’ll be work

  1. The show hidden objects one didn’t work for me and I play on ps4 but the ignore gameplay one worked just make sure you type the testing cheats true no caps and only a space between cheats and true and it should work

  2. Cheats work for me on PS4, same as comments before…have to leave a blank search bar and scroll up to get to bottom of lists where they appear. No biggie, however my ? is, how to use them in game?!? (i.e. I can place a house, but not live in it…) 🤪😤

    1. You can’t live in the debug houses because they are just graphical items (just the texture) with no real footprint. They’re what they use to make the fake houses in the neighbourhoods which you see when you are within a lot, but which can not actually be entered or even seen in the map view. Same thing with the plants and other objects from debug. They aren’t actually “items” they are just 3D pictures and so sims can walk straight through them as if they aren’t really there because according to the game, they aren’t there.

  3. How do I use all my objects from different dlc without downloading worlds. I want the music items or such without downloading worlds. I just want to play one world but with all content from all worlds. Plus how do I turn off npcs from adopting or having kids it’s lagging my game out.

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