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100+ Sims 4 CC Traits To Make Interesting Sims (Custom Traits)

We can all agree that The Sims 4 is seriously lacking personality, without downloading a ton of sims 4 cc traits you’re going to truly struggle to have a good time with your sims. Our sims don’t even get enough trait slots without using a more traits mod which is a whole other annoyance.

Thankfully, there are amazing creators out there who are making sims 4 cc traits which can be added to your game and change the way sims behave. These traits are usually better made than EA traits with more interesting buffs and more interesting behaviours too!

100+ of the BEST Sims 4 CC Traits

1. Activist

“These sims fight for what is right. They won’t sit back and say that it is out of their control. Sims like these make the world a much better place.”

sims 4 cc traits

Any sim who has the activist trait in their personality panel is going to absolutely love being in the politician career from The Sims 4: City Living. This career will have them giving speeches and these speeches can give them positive moodlets that they’ll love!

These sims are going to get whims for things like complimenting other sims, buying a podium, asking for bribes and donating to online charities.

2. Curious Sims 4 CC Traits

“Curious sims are always interested in the world around them. They find out certain things more quickly and are no stranger to danger. They tend to be inspired and will get tense or bored if they can’t find anything to do. They are always wondering about the world around them and occasionally want to try new things and see what happens”

The next in our list of custom traits for The Sims 4 is the curious trait that you’ll find in the social category. This trait can be used by children through to elders so its definitely versatile!

Just be sure you don’t take this one too far because we all know that curiosity killed the cat!

3. Loser CC Trait

“These Sims have a harder time succeeding in life than other Sims, be it at work on in school. Losers also gain experience more slowly and have a harder time establishing connections.”


Next up is the loser trait which will make sure your sims definitely aren’t cool and suave. These sims are going to have a definite challenge just functioning in their day to day lives and will be struggling most of the time.

Their whims just show that they wish they were winners because they’ll want to win a game of chess or a card game or maybe even a game of horseshoes and it will make them pretty sad when they continue to lose.

4. Agoraphobia

“This sim has an extreme or irrational fear of public spaces. Leaving home is not a good idea.”

agoraphobia custom trait

The agoraphobia trait is going to make your sim absolutely detest being out in crowds which can make life difficult. They’ll be scared to go out in public and will get uncomfortable moodlets.

These sims are not going to excel at the charisma skill or want to be in careers where they have to talk to a lot of other sims during their time off.

5. Handy Helper CC Trait

“This trait is for sims that are all around handy, they enjoy cleaning, repairing and cooking.”

handy helper sims 4 more traits

This handy helper trait is going to be the best live-in maid you’ve ever controlled in a virtual world. These sims are going to absolutely have hobbies, as long as those hobbies include being a domestic helper.

They’ll excel with their cooking skill and will completely loving showing off the handiness skill and fixing items all around their home.

6. Violent Trait

“Violent sims are almost always angry and become angry easily. THey’ll also act out on angry emotions more often, such as yelling at other sims and kicking over trash cans.”

angry sim taking out the trash

Any sim who has the violent trait is going to struggle keeping friendships because they are great at making other sims angry or sad because of how violet and angry they are. These sims are way more likely to act out on their emotions too!

Just be careful with this one because too much anger is not a good thing in The Sims 4 and this cc trait can lead to a cardiac arrest death!

7. Coffee Lover

“These sims will get a happy moodlet when drinking or brewing coffee.”

coffee beans for coffee lover

There are definitely some people reading this that can relate to the coffee lover trait. With this sims 4 cc traits option your sims are going to love brewing and drinking coffee to the point where its essentially their new hobby.

They are going to get whims to brew coffee and drink it, as well as positive moodlets from a good cup of joe.

8. Workaholic

“Workaholics will progress in careers and employee’s skills faster. They will never be tense and their fun need will decay slower. No time to waste, time is money!”

A sim who has the workaholic trait is going to never get tense after a long, hard day at work. They’ll love working hard and their fun need will decay slower when at work, which is a game-changer.

These sims are going to have their hygiene need decay faster though, they’re just working so hard they can’t stop sweating I guess.

9. Guitar Legend

“Sims with the Guitar Legend trait pick up on the guitar skill very easily. They were born to play. They tend to want to socialize and have fun more often.”

sims 4 cc traits

Sims who are lucky enough to be a guitar legend are an elite group. These sims are going to gain the guitar skill much quicker than others, allowing them to earn more money from tips more quickly.

They’ll be able to do extremely well in the entertainer career and be able to license songs more quickly to really bring in some dough.

10. Alcoholic

“This sim likes to spend most of their time in bars and clubs drinking drinks and getting drunk. Luckily for them they drink so much their body is resistant to it, well kinda.”

alcoholic trait sims

The alcoholic trait isn’t going to be for everybody, but there are many players that want more real-life struggle traits in their game. These sims are going to become tense at times where they haven’t been to a bar recently and will get happy when inside a club.

11. Super Keener

“These sims will be super smart, super focused, and super outgoing.”

super keener custom trait

A sim who has the super keener trait is going to be great in any mental careers and skills, like the logic skill. These sims are going to have an easier time channelling the focused emotion which can be useful in gaining mental skills more quickly too!

These sims will thrive as doctors, scientists, and even as astronauts! They are going to gain the charisma, logic, programming, rock science and video gaming skills more quickly which is a good bunch!

12. Diva Sims 4 CC Traits

“This sim is so full of themselves they don’t know what’s stuck up their backside. They do know they are great and are proud of it.”

an absolute diva for sims

When you give a sim the diva trait they are going to be very aware that they are the best and will be extremely confident because of it. They are going to get whims for things like dancing and will always be feeling good about themselves.

13. Warm Hearted

“These sims tend to put the needs of others over their own needs. They feel a strong sense of responsibility and duty. They are extremely energetic and loving.”

warm hearted sims 4 trait

A sim who is warm-hearted is going to have their relationships gain so much more quickly which is a major bonus if you don’t feel like using relationship cheats. Because of this a warm-hearted sim will gain their social skills like charisma and mischief so much more quickly.

These sims will never have the uncomfortable or sad emotions because it is just not in their nature!

14. Coward Custom Trait

“These sims are sims who get scared easily and have many fears.”

the coward cc trait

A sim who happens to be a coward is going to be a bit of a scaredy cat. These sims are going to spend a lot of their time feeling embarassed and will love to share their insecurities with other sims.

These sims will gain the fitness skill 30% slower than any other sims, plus they are going to have their bladder need decay more quickly, so beware of peeing their pants!

15. Anarchist

“These Sims love to go against the machine and loathe most forms of interactions. They aren’t going to be pushed around by anybody! They often find themselves frustrated.”


Next up on our list of sims 4 cc traits is the anarchist trait which is definitely a fun one. These sims are going to do amazingly if they decide to work in the criminal career but they will actually do worse in the secret agent career.

These sims are going to have their social need decay slowly so they can be anti-social and avoid most interactions!

16. Born Chef

“Sims with this trait are gifted chefs and every meal they make is a work of art. They achieve cooking and baking skills a lot faster than regular sims.”

a born chef custom trait

A sim who is a born chef is super gifted when they are in the kitchen and are born to be in the culinary career. These sims are going to work more quickly at gaining cooking, baking, gourmet cooking and herbalism skills more quickly. They’ll even have their hunger decay slowly!

17. Savant

“Savants gain all skills much faster.”

savant boosts for more traits sims 4

This savant trait mod is going to switch up how the reward store trait works. The trait is purchasable with your satisfaction points and will give you a 25% boost in all skill gains but this isn’t enough.

With this savant trait you’ll be able to have your sims gain skills up to 12x faster than before.

18. Compassionate

“These sims are loved by everybody. Just being near these sims makes others jump with joy. It is harder for these sims to be mean, and if they are other sims forget it easily.”

Sims who are compassionate are going to gain relationships more quickly and are usually feeling happy and often feel flirty. They love being near other friends and family and others love being around them too!

19. Gross

“Sims with this trait need to take showers or baths a lot as their hygiene needs decays quickly. As such, it is harder for these Sims to have friendships. These sims enjoy causing mischief and have an easier time doing so.”

sims 4 cc traits gross

A sim who is gross, is well, gross! These sims are going to get dirty so much more quickly than regular sims and no one is going to enjoy being around them unless they are showing often. These sims will struggle to maintain friendships because of how dirty they can be.

20. Modest

“These sims are not prideful nor are they egotistic. They take great pride in dressing nicely and are kind, helpful, but do not allow people to walk over them.”


A modest sim is a sim who doesn’t like to boast or brag, but they are good at what they do. These sims will get 1.35x mental skill gains and will even have a high work ethic than most sims but they’d never tell you about it.

These sims are going to get whims for things like cleaning, writing, and chatting with others sims.

21. Anti-Social Mastermind

“These Sims are extremely anti-social and have no conscience. They are prideful, aggressive, and live a selfish and lonely life.”

anti-social mastermind trait

A sim who is an anti-social mastermind doesn’t need to talk to other sims much. These sims have their social need decay slowly which means they really don’t talk much, they don’t even really want to chat and can get negative moodlets when they do.

They are great when working in the criminal career especially and can get some real joy out of using their mischief skill.

22. Dunce

“Sims with this trait have a weak intellect that it makes it hard for them to improve their mental skills but through the balance of brains and brawn they perform better at fitness.”

A sim who is a dunce doesn’t love using their brain so they are really great at the fitness skill and can workout for hours. They’ll also have a faster comedy skill gain, because if you can’t be smart you should try and be funny.

These sims should steer clear of any mental careers like a scientist because it’ll be really hard for them to get their skills up.

23. Artistic Prodigy

“These Sims are literally born with a paintbrush in their hands. They’ll always be happy in front of a canvas and they’re inspired by default.”

These sims are going to gain the painting skill more quickly than regular sims and will be inspired most of the time. They’ll have whims that make them want to paint! As children they are going to gain the creativity skill more quickly too, so it helps even when they’re little!

24. Hipster

“You’ve probably never heard of this trait.”

These sims are going to gain creative skills faster, including things like photography. They tend to be bored by normal day to day tasks and definitely need to be wearing a flannel and a beanie. These sims are going to be bored more often than regular sims because they’re just too cool.

25. College Student

“Being a college student means staying up until 4PM working on a paper and contemplating why you had three weeks to do it, but decided to wait until the very last moment. Being a college student means never checking you bank account because you don’t need that negativity in your life.”

sims 4 college student trait

A sim who is a college student is going to be way more wired from working and spending all of their time working on school. They’ll see their energy need and hygiene need decay more slowly than other sims.

These sims are going to get whims for things like reading, studying, playing video games, and will get random buffs like overwhelmed from being a college student.

26. Nonchalant

“These Sims become focused when surroundings are calm. These sims tend to be relaxed and are rarely tense or uncomfortable. They tend to write their thoughts down instead of social interactions.”

nonchalant sims 4 custom trait

These sims are going to have their social need decrease more slowly, they will love to write books and really don’t like when music is playing around them. If these sims are left alone with high autonomy they’ll choose to write books for fun!

27. Pyromaniac

“Pyromaniacs enjoy fires a little more than others do. They can create fires and are immune to them.”

sims 4 cc traits

These sims are going to get a happy moodlet when fires happen instead of feeling tense and are able to start a fire whenever they want, just like angry ghosts who died from fire. They won’t die from fire but get sad when fires are put out.

28. Astrophile

“They will love looking at the stars and doing outdoor stuff like being around the fireplace… anything that brings them close to starlit skies.”

Sims who are an astrophile will absolute love looking at the stars and star gazing, they love thinking about the stars too!

29. Winter Child

“These sims get a happy buff when doing winter activities.”

winterchild trait for sims

A sim with this trait will love making snow angels, building snow people, and going skating. Of course, you’ll need The Sims 4: Seasons to really enjoy this trait.

30. Cultured Vampire

“Cultured. Romantic. Creative. Snobbish.”

sims 4 cc traits

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc traits is cultured vampire. This trait was created specifically for vampires and combines the snob, creative and romantic traits that come with the game. These sims are never going to be dazed or embarrassed and their base emotion is flirty.

31. Gourmand

“These sims often indulge themselves in food, are extremely slobby, and just want to enjoy all the food life throws at them.”

gourmand trait

These sims are going to have their hunger and hygiene decay faster than normal sims. They are going to get the same kind of whims that sims who may be a glutton, foodie, or lazy sims.

32. Popular

“Popular sims take being social to a whole new level. They make friends really easily and they skill up quickly in social skills.”

popular trait for sims 4 cc

These sims are able to make friends extremely quickly and will gain the charisma skill quickly. With this sims 4 cc trait they will never get bored since they have so many friends, and they also never get embarrassed because who cares, they’re popular.

33. Attractive Personality

“If love is labor then these sims have it easy!”

These sims are going to be flirty more often, love being romantic and participating in romantic interactions with other sims. They’ll build romantic relationships faster too.

When you give your sims this sims 4 cc trait they are going to feel like the most wonderful, beautiful and flirty person in the world!

34. Early Bird

“Early bird sims love to get out of bed early and spend their mornings being productive! Don’t expect them to stay up too late though.”


These sims are going to want to wake up extremely early and will get an energized moodlet when they are up early and doing things. This trait applies between 5 in the morning and 11 and your sims will be having the best time.

35. Heartbreaker

“Commitment issues, mean, flirty, and self assured.”


These sims are going to break hearts and not even care about it. Their romantic relationships are going to decay much quicker than regular sims. They’ll get whims for things like woohoo with a sim or break up with significant other.

36. Auntie

“She’s wild. She’s extra– real extra. Most of the family secretly hates her because she’s lowkey a critic, but she’s cool when you get to know her. She’s always with that grown slayage when she steps out the door.”

auntie trait

This sims 4 cc trait is a really fun one for you to create fun family dynamics with blood relatives or family friends that you called your auntie. These sims will want to be happy, confident, energized, have drinks, and just generally have a good time.

37. Drama Queen

“These sims are lover of theatrics and can make a show out of the smallest of details. Sometimes they can throw a tantrum over seemingly nothing.”


These sims are going to make things seem like more than they actually are and overreact often. They may have trouble getting along with people but will succeed at artistic endeavours.

38. Author

“These sims are all about creating worlds and stimulating the sense with their words. Authors easily find inspiration in anything and everything. They want to write all the time and often find time to write instead of sleep.”

sims 4 author trait

Sims with the author trait are going to enjoy writing more than a regular sim and want to spend the most amount of time writing. They’ll want to have the best selling author aspiration and will do so well when writing.

39. Authoritarian

“These sims hate disobedience, and rarely exercise their free will, however, they adore authority.”

authoritarian trait

This sims are going to love feeling confident and would be great in the detective career from The Sims 4: Get to Work. They love authority so of course they’d love to be that authority!

40. Autumn Child

“Excited for Autumn? Your sims will be too, with this trait!”

These sims are going to really enjoy doing autumn activities, for example they will get positive moodlets from playing with leaves. You’ll definitely want to have The Sims 4: Seasons installed to truly enjoy this one.

41. Awakened Mind

“These sims rarely need sleep, advance in mental skills quickly and never get uncomfortable because their brains are so advanced.”

These sims are going to be valuable because they don’t need as much sleep and their energy decays much slower than others, and they’ll never be uncomfortable.

42. Baby Maker

“Babies, Babies, Babies! Can’t get enough of them. This sim wants lots of children. They are flirty very often and have many baby mamas or baby daddies to give them children.”

sims 4 cc traits

This trait will make sims want to have babies even more than the family oriented trait does. These sims are going to have whims to try for baby and kiss other sims to eventually start creating babies. Definitely a perfect trait for a sim trying to do the 100 Baby Challenge.

43. Bibliophile

“For some people there is no greater joy than reading.”

This trait is a lot like the bookworm trait and will have your sims getting even more positive moodlets when they are reading books. They’ll prefer to sit in a comfy chair or read a book in bed instead of going to a birthday party.

44. Blerd

“This is the trait for your geeky, nerdy, yet woke sims. These sims spend all day playing games and noticing the lack of diversity hoping that game developers will one day include diverse characters and features. Although these sims may not always openly state their observations when in certain spaces, these sims to protest and are activists for the cause when it is necessary.”

blerd trait

These sims are going to love playing video games and get whims for video gaming as well as gain the video gaming skill faster. They also love to promote cause and protest if they have The Sims 4: City Living.

45. Borderline

“Sims with Borderline Personality Disorder become attached to people quickly, are impulsive, become lonely very easily, and experience bouts of anxiety, fear or abandonment, and inappropriate anger.”

boderline trait

This trait is focused on the real life mental health disorder Borderline Personality Disorder and can help you feel like you are playing a life close to your own if you have BPD in your personal life. These sims are going to get angry, sad, and tense buffs often.

46. Bossy

“This sim loves telling people around them what to do and when to do it. They are always confident and never embarrassed. Others are way too frightened to go against them. They are the boss and everyone knows it.”

bossy trait option for custom traits

This sims 4 cc trait is going to make it so these sims are confident almost always and won’t feel embarrassed. They are going to get some mean whims and also things that will make them confident. They are going to have a harder time growing relationships but will have them decay slowly once they’ve gained them.

47. Bothered

“This is the trait for the sims that report other sim’s Patreons simply because they have ONE file out of their hundreds of files that is Patreon exclusive. These sims feel the need to pick on creators that focus on afrocentric content, but completely ignore the users that don’t. These sims also are on Rotten Tomatoes all now giving the Black Panther a bad review just because.”

bothered trait

These sims love to admire possessions and throw fits. They want to spend time ranting and raving and complaining as much as they can. They may even get angry moodlets when they get bothered. These are definitely not the kinds of sims you want to be friends with, but that’s what makes a good sims 4 cc traits option!

48. Calm

“These sims seem to retain calmness in all manner of circumstances, where most other sims would become flustered, angry, and overwhelmed.”

the calm custom trait

These sims are going to be more inclined to put themselves first, including self care. They love spending time just hanging out and don’t want to do too much too quickly. They love spending time relaxing and getting their nails done too.

49. Career Oriented

“These sims are talented in every way when it comes to things involving careers. These sims take their career easily and become inspired often. They also love having side jobs in order to make extra money.”

sims 4 cc traits

These sims are going to have an extra skill increase rate for almost every skill in the game because they are good at everything. They are also going to get an increase in their career gain.

50. Caribbean

These sims are going to love being flirty with other sims and doing romantic interactions. They love telling stories to other sims, they will get an increase in the athlete career, criminal, culinary and entertainer career and so much more. You can get so many interesting traits like this one when you use sims 4 cc traits!

51. Crazy

“Crazy sims are playful by default, can’t become sad or embarrassed and build their mischief skill and relationships faster. They are incapable of being focused, or inspired.”

The next trait on the list of sims 4 cc traits is crazy. These sims are going to have an increased gain for comedy, mischief and social skills. They will have whims like becoming playful, telling jokes, trolling the forums and more. It’s essentially like mixing a goofball and a mean sim together.

52. Creole

“Strong willed resilient. Neat but chaotic. Jazzy or musical maybe both. Loves spice, color, brightness. Hunger for knowledge but will always add flare. Great cook awesome cook. Specializing in Jambalaya, Gumbo, seafood melodies and epic stews with biscuits. Handy with a green thumb. Lover of the land flowers and people. Lover of family and friends who become family. Lover of mix and culture because they are a mix of flavors and culture. Smooth talking, alluring, sexy just pure down home Naw’Rleans”

creole trait

A sim who chooses to use this sims 4 cc trait is going to have a ton of skills improve more quickly like painting, baking, cooking, dancing and more. They’ll gain romance with other sims 2.5x faster than a regular sim and will get whims for things like talking about cooking or research cooking techniques.

53. Daydreamer

“These sims often lose focus on what they are doing, and they get distracted by their daydreams. They are never bored, and can find fun by thinking of mystical things. Daydreamers are very creative.”

sims 4 cc traits

We all know a person who is a daydreamer and refuses to be brought back down to earth. They are often distracted and won’t get bored because they can be entertained by their own thoughts. They’re definitely creative sims and will gain the painting skill more quickly because of it.

54. Depressed

“Major Depressive Disorder consists of severe depressive symptoms that interfere with one’s ability to work, sleep, study, eat, and pretty much enjoy life.”

depressed trait for the sims 4 cc

This trait was created so that people who are depressed can make sims who are more like them. They will have sad as their default mood and can never be truly happy. These sims will get creative skills (like the painting skill) faster and social skills slower.

55. Emo

“These sims tend to be depressed. They don’t normally like to talk to other sims, except for other emos.”

This trait brings me back to being 12 years old and listening to fall out boy and my chemical romance. This is perfect for a moody teenager and can be a lot of fun. These sims tend to be depressed more often and will probably not enjoy talking much to other sims so they won’t gain the charisma skill too quick.

56. Excitable

“Excitable sims love the hype. They can become excited in certain situations causing them to be energized more often and occasionally gain energy boost.”

excitable trait

These sims are going to gain friends more quickly, get physical skills quicker and not need as much sleep. However, their fun and social are going to decrease more quickly. Definitely a must have for your sims 4 cc traits folder!

57. Fabulous

“These Sims tend to be happy all the time. Often called Senpai, they are always fabulous and as manly (or girly) as can be. They do need an extra large lose of fun though!”

fabulous sims 4 cc traits

When you download sims 4 cc traits like fabulous you’ll have your sims having most of their needs decay slowly and can gain comedy and video gaming skills improve faster. Their relationships also increase more quickly than others.

58. Funny

“This is the trait for your sims who always make others laugh.”

haha funny trait

These sims are going to get whims to tell jokes all the time and love doing funny interactions. They are also going to get increases in their skill gain for the comedy skill and will do better in the entertainer career.

59. Game Junkie

“What can you say, you love games, hacking, programming and anything related.”

sims 4 game junkie trait

Sims with the game junkie trait are going to want to play video games a ton, as well as enjoy programming tasks. It’s a lot like the geek trait in the game and will have your sims enjoying being on the computer.

60. Gamer

“Gamer sims are very skilled hackers and programmers. They gain a small boost in creative and have no interest in social skills.”

sims 4 gamer trait

These sims love to play video games and are going to get an increase in rate of gaining the programming and gaming skill. They are also going to get random focused moodlets.

61. God or Goddess

God and Goddess sims are generally happy sims who love beauty and nature. Their hunger, bladder, and energy needs no longer need to be filled.”

blonde sim with goddess trait

This trait gives your sims god like superpowers and makes it so a ton of their needs no longer need to be filled. They also won’t age anymore, so need need for age up cheats!

62. Green Thumb

Sims who have the green thumb trait will love gardening and will get positive traits when doing things like planting, weeding, etc. They are going to really want to spend their time outdoors in their gardens.

63. Hater

“These sims can’t stand to see other sims succeed. In their spare time, these sims love to talk about other sims negatively. However, you’ll never catch them saying it to their face.”

These sims are bitter and don’t want others to have any success in their lives. They want to talk crap about everyone all the time but will act like they never did. Such a hater.

64. Homemaker

“This is the trait for your traditional homemaker sims. These are the sims that put their family first, are great chefs, and are hopeless romantics.”

homemaker custom trait

Homemaker is next up on the list of sims 4 cc traits. These sims are going to want to spend all of their time with their family and be very loving towards their kids. They’ll love to cook and clean, and will get an increase to their gardening, parenting, writing, cooking, and baking skill. A great trait for a sim with the super parent aspiration!

65. Imaginative

“These sims tend to daze off from reality. They are often inspired and are very creative.”

This is the perfect trait for a sim who wants to go down a creative endeavour like painting or music. They will be inspired often which can help you make better quality pieces. These sims are great for when you’re playing a legacy challenge because you’ll be able to have your sims earn quite a bit of money with their creativity in the early days of their legacy.

66. Innocent

“These sims are pure of heart and spirit, preventing the acquisition of flirtatious moods.”

innocent sim

This trait is going to stop sims from feeling flirty. They are so innocent that they don’t realize when people are flirting with them and won’t become flirty themselves. This is going to make it hard for them to gain romantic relationships so you may want to use romance cheats!

67. Insecure

“Insecure sims are embarrassed by default and never feel confident.”

insecure custom trait

Instead of starting at a fine mood, these sims are always going to feel embarrassed by default unless there are other buffs changing their mood. They also never feel confident, all confident moodlets will be blocked for these sims!

68. Insomniac

“These sims barely sleep. They are usually up in the wee hours of the morning playing video games or randomly writing something.”

insomniac trait

These sims actually have their energy need decay changed to zero making it so they rarely need sleep to function so don’t waste money on an expensive double bed and will want to play video games all night long.

69. Instagram Baddie

“This Sim only understands the language of likes, followers, and comments. They know how to find their angles and lighting no matter the situation. They also specialize in scamming musicians, athletes, and other social media personalities out of their hard earned coin.”

sims 4 cc traits

These sims are going to want to be the most beautiful in the room at all times and love to show that off. Because of this they’ll want to have the best hairstyles to show off on social media and will need to find some gorgeous humans to love.

70. Intellectual

“The result of an excellent education.”

intellectual trait

Sims who have this trait are going to be better at the mental skill and gain it quicker, they will also be better at the doctor, scientist, and writer career. They are also going to get some fun focused and happy moodlets.

71. Introvert

“Outside… what’s that? These sims are shy and hate being outside their house. They will get uncomfortable when out of their house for too long. These sims social need decays much slower, and building lasting relationships is more difficult.”

introvert personality trait

These sims will have their relationships decay quicker than many others and their social decay will decay slower than normal. They are going to gain skills a bit faster than normal and their fun decays slower.

72. Jeremy

“This is the trait for that sim that does things that make you ask yourself “Why in the world would anybody do that?”. This sim is the sim that would suggest that you should cliff dive off a random cliff in the middle of nowhere where there would be no medical help available. This is the sim that anytime you hang out with them, you have a crazy story to tell. This sim is most definitely the most interesting sim that you could ever have in your game. This sim is friendly, funny, loves animals, has lots of drinks, and is charismatic.”

jeremy trait

When you download the Jeremy sims 4 cc trait you’re going to see that your sims gain the charisma skill 3x more quickly than other sims, and will gain the rock climbing skill 2x more quick. They’ll get whims for having drinks, becoming good friends, and even adopting a cat or dog.

73. Julius

“This sim is incredibly frugal. This sim could tell you the amount of money is being wasted when the fridge is open for too long. This sim knows how much money is wasted when you don’t eat a pea.”

frugal juluis trait

This trait is based on the character Julius from a show called Everybody Hates Chris. These sims are extremely frugal and will get moodlets based on this. For example, if they eat all of the food on their plate they will get a happy moodlet because they know they aren’t being wasteful.

74. Lonely Intellectual

“These Sims hate socialising, excel in mental activities and are also fairly talented in the arts. They often find themselves down.”

lonely intellectual

Next up on the list of sims 4 cc traits is the lonely intellectual trait. This trait is essentially adding the genius and loner trait together in one. You’ll get the same kinds of buffs you do with those traits, meaning you’ll get tense around tons of others, and will get focused. They’ll do better in careers like detective or scientist and will gain mental skills like rocket science more quickly.

75. Moon Child

“Some sims are just as in love with the moon as some humans.”

Sims who have the moon child trait are going to get a happy buff if they use a telescope and get to stare at the moon. They’re obsessed with space and will want to spend all of their time at night looking at the stars!

76. Movie Freak

“These sims absolutely love to watch movies”

movie freak trait

These sims love to watch movies on the TV from Movie Hangout Stuff and also just love to watch TV in regular situations. They’ll get happy moodlets after watching something on TV.

77. Muse

“Muse Sims love everything that has to do with the arts. They will gain writing, music, and painting skills faster than any other sim.”

muse trait sims

When looking for good sims 4 cc traits you should definitely use one like Muse. This trait will get your sims to have whims for things like levelling up in the writing skill and painting! This is a great custom content trait for a sim who wants to be an artist or a musician because they are going to gain those kinds of skills more quickly which can help them a ton.

78. Natural Cook

“Your sim isn’t just any cook. In fact, your sim is practically a god in the kitchen.”

natural cook sims 4 cc traits

These sims are going to gain cooking and mixology skills more quickly and will have their hunger decay more slowly. They’ll have whims for cooking and watching cooking shows. You’ll definitely want to give them the master chef aspiration!

79. Naturally Gifted

“Everything comes easily for naturally gifted sims and they succeed at everything.”

naturally gifted trait

These sims are going to be naturally confident and won’t get tense. They are going to get skills faster than other sims and will be able to easily make friends with other sims. One thing you’ll see is that these sims are confident by default because they are just so good at everything!

80. Nerd

“These sims are smarter than the average sim. They enjoy science and math. They are not very social and usually only hang out with other geeks or nerds.”

These sims are going to gain mental skills more quickly (i.e., logic) and will love being alone and not spending much time around others. They’ll be extremely good at computer skills like programming and can create amazing apps and plugins.

81. Neurotic

“Sim often can’t quite get a grip on life, freaking out over every little thing.”

neurotic trait

The neurotic trait was a really popular one in The Sims 3 and was brought back by TheMuseSway. This trait will have your sims getting stressed out more often and will have some good days and some bad days. These sims will have their energy decay more quickly but their social decays more slowly.

82. OCD

“Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common, chronic and long-lasting disorder in which a person has uncontrollable, reoccurring thoughts (obsessions) and behaviors (compulsions) that he or she feels the urge to repeat over and over.”

OCD trait for mental illness in the sims 4

These types of traits are great if you want to make sims that feel real and have some mental health struggles. These sims may have buffs that make them feel uncomfortable or embarrassed during certain situations and will enjoy cleaning things to make sure everything is in order, so the perfectly pristine aspiration would be a good option for this sim.

83. Pathetic

“These Sims will be worse at their jobs, take longer to do their homework, get electrocuted and exhausted more easily and make things dirtier, faster.”

pathetic trait sims 4

Our next option on the list of sims 4 cc traits is the pathetic trait. Sims with the pathetic trait are going to have slower increase in job performance and will need a lot more sleep because energy will increase more slowly. If they are a child or teen they’ll take way longer to do homework.

84. People Oriented

“These sims love to be surrounded by and interact with other Sims.”

These sims will need to be around others often and when interacting with others their fun need will increase. They will also gain their charisma skill more quickly allowing you to be even better at social interactions!

85. Photographer

“These sims excel in photography. It is as if they were born to be photographers.”

photographer trait

These sims are going to have whims for taking selfies or other photos, will love to gain the photography skill and will gain it up to 300% faster than a regular sim. These sims will get whims for things like becoming inspired, taking photos with other sims, taking selfies and even live streaming for charity.

They will do really well in the social media career because they’ll get whims for parts of that making it more worth it since you’ll gain satisfaction points just for doing your work tasks.

86. Pickmesha

“This is a trait for those who wake everyday with a thirst for attention from the same misogynist piece of shits who will pass you up for the same women you try-and often fail-to belittle.”

pickmesha trait

These sims love to spend time looking in the mirror and also love being romantic with other sims. With this sims 4 cc trait you’ll get whims for things like making a wish, flirting with others, and kissing sims.

A sim with this trait will gain romance more quickly but their friendships will increase more slowly, so you may need relationship cheats for your friendship.

87. Plant Sim

“These Sims are covered from head to toe in green and just want to get some sunshine.”

plant sim green life

In the game currently, your sims can only be a Plant Sim for a few hours but this trait will make your sim a plantsim forever if that’s what you want. You can gain gardening and herbalism faster than others sims!

88. Prototype AI

“Prototype AIs boast impressive processing power and a wide array of Sim-like emotions. However, the experimental technology behind them is prone to failure; a wide array of malfunctions are just around the corner.”

weird prototype AI trait

These sims won’t have their bladder, hygiene or hunger decay over time. These sims will learn stuff faster. Once in a while they may even have a short circuit leaving the sim uncomfortable for a few hours and some other malfunctions. Definitely a hilarious trait!

89. Rebel

“Rebels tend to excel in the more… less regulated areas of life. They progress faster in the Criminal Career and have their ups and downs from raging fury to overbearing confidence.”

These sims are going to gain the guitar skill more quickly because its their favourite way to vent. They’ll get the mischief skill more quickly too! They will do incredibly well when working in the criminal career so they can earn a good amount of money.

90. Sarcastic

“Oh well, ain’t that the trait y’all have been waiting for? Yeah, thought so.”

This trait is the best because I love being sarcastic. These sims are going to be just a little happy when they are a little salty. Other sims may not love talking to these sims though, since sarcasm isn’t for everyone.

91. Self Critical

“These sims feel personally responsible when bad things happen, too quick to take all the blame. They often avoid taking risks and are never satisfied with achievements and have impossibly high standards.”

self critical trait

This sims 4 cc traits is going to really effect your sim’s life. They are going to feel tense often and will want to gain skills quickly so they feel their time is worth it. They will also get buffs saying things like “is this good enough?” when they create things. They may even want to hide in a closet.

92. Silly

“Silly sims are often playful, who love fun activities, mischief, and comedy. They have difficulty with the mental skill.”

These sims are going to gain friendships more easily, but will always need to find things to do that are more fun because they don’t want to be bored. They will gain the comedy skill more quickly and do better when telling jokes since they’re always feeling playful.

93. Sleepy

“Every sim has to sleep… but these sims will get especially happy from it. Don’t we all fancy a nap or a good long night of sleep sometimes?”

A sleepy trait is the one that would apply most to me. Some people just need more sleep than others and can spend hours and hours sleeping and some sims can be like this too! These sims will get whims for naps and will want to spend the most time in their bed that they can.

94. Sleepyhead

“These sims love to sleep. They’re always sleeping. Anytime you text them, they aren’t ignoring you… they’re just sleeping.

sleepyhead trait

These sims are going to absolutely love sleeping. They will have whims for wanting to buy a bed, take a nap, or sleep it off. They will get positive moodlets when they are in bed. You’ll definitely want to pick the best double bed for this sim.

95. Socially Awkward

“These sims constantly struggle with social interactions and prefer to be alone. Socially awkward sims have a hard time building relationships and have a decreased charisma and comedy skill again.”

sims 4 cc traits

These sims are going to want to spend most of their time alone and may feel tense around strangers. They are going to have a harder time increasing the charisma skill since they feel awkward when talking to others. They also aren’t great at telling jokes so don’t expect them to get the comedy skill super quick.

96. Spiritual

“With religion or without it, this sim takes their spirituality seriously, often becoming focused or centred. Spiritual sims do not get flirty or angry but often become inspired by their beliefs.”

spiritual trait

There isn’t any religion or spirituality in The Sims 4 but many players wish there was. By using sims 4 cc traits you can get things like spiritual in your game. This trait will have your sims loving the wellness skill and loving to do yoga, meditate, and play music.

97. Spring Child

“Sims with this trait will get a happy buff from gardening and doing spring activities.”

These sims are going to love doing things like gardening and spending time in the outdoors doing activities that are made for spring. You’ll want to make sure that you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed so you can take full advantage of spring activities.

98. Succubus

Succubus sims have the uncanny ability to make other sims fall in love with them, almost like their life depends on it. They enjoy anything that has to do with romance or flirting and find themselves happier when they have a lover.”

succubus sims 4 trait custom

Next up on our list of sims 4 cc traits is the succubus trait. Sims who have the succubus trait are going to want to have a lover at all times and will want to woohoo in different locations in the game, and their whims will show that. They’ll get whims for things like kissing, scheduling dates, and doing different types of woohoo.

99. Summer Child

“These sims are going to get a happy buff when doing summer activities.”

These sims absolutely love the summer weather and want to do things like go swimming, play in water, and enjoy barbecues. This type of trait means you should only use it if you have The Sims 4: Seasons because without it the trait will be useless.

100. Sweet

“These Sims love being friendly and give speeches to people. They just love a nice interaction with others and get incredibly happy.”

We all know a person who is just incredibly sweet and nice to everyone in their life. They love being nice to people and having friendly interactions with others. Since they are so sweet they can gain relationships more quickly without needing to use relationship cheats to skip the hard stuff.

101. Talkative

“This Sim will just love the blah to other sims and give speeches.”

A sim with the talkative trait will love chatting with other sims all the time. They will blab on, sometimes maybe even talking too much. These sims can gain relationships more quickly since they love to chat, and will gain the charisma skill more quickly because of it.

102. Trouble Maker

This trait is great for any sim who wants to be a little bit of a trouble maker and start some drama. These sims are a bit of a rebel and would be amazing when paired with the evil trait and the public enemy aspiration!

103. Two Faced

“Two Faced Sims are untrustworthy, dishonest, and backstabbing.”

two faced trait sims 4

Sims who have this trait are going to have a bunch of fun when being mean to others, they’ll get angry often and love the mischief skill, so they’d be great with the chief of mischief aspiration. They’ll gain mental skills (logic, etc) more quickly and will also gain friendships more quickly.

104. Vain

“Sims with the Vain Trait are the most beautiful Sims in the world, at least in their own eyes. Now why can’t other Sims appreciate how gorgeous they are?”

vain trait

The vain trait will have your sims wanting to spend a whole bunch of time staring in the mirror and admiring their beauty. When a sim has this sims 4 cc trait in their personality they are going to get confident buffs when they are looking in the mirror so of course their charisma skill is earned more quickly.

They’ll get whims for things like freshening up in the mirror, practicing pick-up lines and even crafting a mirror of their own.

Final Thoughts

There are so many amazing options for sims 4 cc traits out there and these over 100 options are going to absolutely change your sims. These traits are great because they will allow you to have new whims, buffs and interactions which is so great for gameplay and storytelling. Happy Playing!

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          1. then do the ones you like no one said you had to. im doing it because i want more game play but ok…

  1. Some Advice:
    -middle mouse button to open each trait as a separate tab
    -download each and close the tab after
    -create a folder in mods folder called ‘traits’
    -drag and drop all trait files into this folder
    -make sure the trait files are NOT in their own folders, must be just the files
    -in the end you should have a folder full of just the trait code files

  2. Does anyone know where I could find traits for “weirdo” or “wallflower”? Like the kid in school that does weird things so nobody talks to them?
    Or a “crazy cat lady” one? I’m making these types of sims in game and cannot find accurate traits.

  3. The majority of these mods no longer work with the most recent patches as of 9/17/22.
    I find it helpful to make sure the mod has been updated in the last few years and/or read the most recent comments
    If anyone could drop a link to a more recent list of traits that would be amazing!

  4. I would like to find a “gothic” or dark trait. Like Lydia Deets in Beetlejuice. Someone who enjoys talking to the dead over the living, being in the cemetary they get a buff from the cemetary when they are reading or painting or doing homework. I’ve wanted this trait since S3.

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