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How to Find Carrots in The Sims 4

If you’re really trying to get your pregnant sim to have a boy, it’s time to get some carrots. Carrots are a really awesome tool to be used in The Sims 4, and not just for gardening.

To influence the gender of your baby toward male, it’s time to do two things, eat carrots or listen to alternative music. It’s time to find you some carrots!

Where To Find Carrots

The first method of getting a carrot is to search the world for one! You can find carrots in most of the neighbourhoods of Oasis Springs, except for Skyward Palms. They can also be found at Desert Bloom Park.

They can be found in the Modern District of Widenburg as well as at the Van Haunt Estate. Carrots are also known to spawn outside the Hermit’s House in the deep woods of granite falls from The Sims 4: Outdoor Retreat.

If you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed in your game, you can purchase some starter vegetables packets from the computer or from build mode. There’s a pretty decent chance that there will be carrots in the packs! However, this method is kinda expensive if you aren’t planning to actually start a garden.

You may even want to plant some of your carrots or strawberries so you can just harvest them any time you want to try and influence a sim’s gender.

Another method is to purchase them from vendors if you have The Sims 4: City Living installed. There’s a fruit and vegetable stand in the art district of San Myshuno where you can go and purchase some carrots.

Using Debug to Find Carrots

If you just don’t have the time or patience to go searching for carrot plants, you could just use the buy debug cheat to purchase a carrot from build mode. This cheat unlocks all sorts of objects that you can’t normally buy in regular build mode. Once you’ve used the buy debug cheat, you can just search the word carrot in the search bar and it should be there!

Final Thoughts

Carrots are a really amazing thing to find if you really just want your sim to be a boy, and we can’t just leave that up to chance sometimes! Are you the type to always try and choose your kid’s gender? Or would you rather leave it up to chance? Let me know in the comments!

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    1. You can get carrots by purchasing vegetable seeds and opening the seeds, There’s a chance you’ll get carrots/spinach/mushrooms. I hope that helps!

    2. Buy seed packs of “Vegetables” and buy multiple of them because they won’t show up every time. I spent about 300 worth of them only to get 9 carrots.

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