The Sims 4: Voidcritters and The Battle Station

Voidcritters are a brand new collectible that came with The Sims 4: Kids’ Room Stuff and are a lot like real-life pokemon. These creatures can be collected in the form of cards, trainer, and then battled on the voidcritter battle station.

How to Find Voidcritters

There are a few ways for your sims to get voidcritter cards, the first of which is to purchase one of the booster packs off the computer under the oder section. These card packs will end up in your sim’s inventory and you can open them to see which cards you get.

If you don’t have a lot of money to purchase these cards you can go looking for them. Child aged sims are able to look for discarded toys on frog logs and garbage cans where they can possibly find a toy or a voidcritter card.

Finally, you are able to ask to trade voidcritters with another child aged sim and you may get a card that you don’t currently have but you must have a card that you wish to trade.

Foil Voidcritter Cards

In addition to the regular boring cards that your sims can get, there are special foil cards that are a bit more fun than regular cards. However, they are not worth more money and aren’t any stronger than a regular voidcritter card.

How to Use the Battle Station

In order to battle your voidcritters you need to purchase the battle station for 650 from the build catalog. Only children are able to use the station and they must have a card in their inventory in order to use the battle station.

You’ll first want to put your void critter card into. the battle station. If using the station alone sims are able to train their creatures and make them stronger. You are also able to battle another sim’s void critters if playing with a sibling or friend.

Types of Voidcritters

There are 20 types of voidcritters for your sims to discover and play with in the game that all have their own element, and in game-description letting you know more about them.

Common Voidcritters


Kampos is a common voidcritter that has the element of water and is worth §5.

The in-game description says “Originally from the salt waters of their home world, the friendly demeanour of Kampos’ causes them to commonly gather in large schools near harbours in densely populated areas. Leif first discovered the Kampos in episode 12 when he followed their lilted song to the water’s edge, where a gathering of Kampos bobbed on the water’s surface while performing under the moonlit sky.


Nymphaea is a common voidcritter with an earth element that is worth §5.

The in-game description for nymphaea says “These helpless looking critters mimic the budding plants that share their forest home. Generally slow moving and lacking extremities to defend themselves, Nymphaea prefer to use their pollen to charm others into protecting their groves. When under extreme duress, they’re known to produce fungal spores that invade animal hosts and allow them to propagate their species in a safer environment. Episode 19 dealt with several Nymphaea that took over a flower shop and started reproducing at an alarming rate. It took all of Leif’s ingenuity to free his friends from their hypnotizing pollen and relocate them to a remote nature preserve.


Meduso is a common voidcritter that is worth §5 and is a wind element creature.

The in-game description states “The gelatinous texture of Meduso’s body can be deceptive. Its amorphous shape is as weightless as the feathers that adorn its head, giving it the ability to drift through the air and avoid danger. While often mistaken as a mouth, the cavity in its face is in fact an enlarged nostril, giving it a predilection to track down the source of intensely fragrant smells. Episode 20 saw a flock of Meduso latch themselves onto a perfume saleswoman, causing chaos at the local mall. Leif cleverly helped lure the Meduso away with the scent of succulent meat when he fired up the grill in a nearby park.”


Yorier is a common creature that has the element of fire and is worth §5.

The in-game description for Yorier says “The small dog-like monster called a Yorier lives among large rock formations found in its home world’s deserts. Burrowing deep into the soft rock, Yoriers breathe fire into their dens before dusk to heat the earth until morning.

Episode 3 saw Leif receive a letter from his pen-pal Lora in Oasis Springs. She spoke of befriending a Yorier who she’d nursed back to health after discovering it on the verge of death. The poor thing had attempted its nightly ritual of breathing fire onto the desert rocks before laying down for the night, only to suffer from a heatstroke. The critter was blissfully unaware that it never actually gets cold in Oasis Springs.”


Wisp is my favourite void critter and is common and is a void element creature that is worth §5.

The in-game description for Wisp is “Drawn to the gloomy like a moth to a flame, Wisps feed on negative emotions. These tiny critters have a ravenous appetite, but have found this planet full of emotional Sims to be quite hospitable. They possess the ability to phase in and out of our visible dimensions, and Sims who find their mood inexplicably improving are often unwittingly serving as hosts to a hungry Wisp.

In episode 6, Leif first encountered Wisps when a trio of them attached themselves to a classmate. He initially tried to ward them off, only to realize their presence was actively helping his classmate’s mood improve.”

Uncommon Voidcritters


Mytheme is an uncommon critter that is worth §15 and is an earth element creature.

The in-game description for Mytheme says “Encased in living stone that it can shape at will, ancient Mythemes are thought to have created the Voidcritter’s lands and islands in millennia past. Despite their slow pace, their absolute command of the elements makes them a difficult foe in battle.

Leif’s friend Barry had a near death experience in episode 4, when a parkour mishap at a construction site caused a section of scaffolding to give way. A powerful Mytheme happened to be nearby, and it rapidly shifted a pile of gravel to brace the collapsing structure, giving Barry just enough time to scramble to safety. Indebted, Barry swore an oath to protect and battle alongside all Mythemes.”


Fissure is a fire element creature that is worth §15 and is uncommon.

For Fissure the in-game description says “Born from volcanoes, Fissures burst forth from the ground when they reach adulthood after eating their way through the planetary crust. They’re known to form a symbiotic relationship with Cyprins that act as their eyes and ears, in return for enabling Cyprins to survive in regions that lack magmatic activity.

In episode 18, Leif tripped over a Fissure that had entered a dormant state due to a lack of sufficient heat to keep its body molten. He was able to help the creature by convincing a local smelter to let it bathe in her furnace during work hours.”


Vulpes is a void element critter and is uncommon with a §15 value.

The in-game description for Vulpes says “In the depths of the Mauven Forest on its home world, Vulpes’ used their ability to manipulate gravity to blend in with the violet leaf canopy when hunting their prey. While the Vulpes’ dark purple and blue coat has made it difficult to conceal itself in its new surroundings here, its gravity bending powers experienced a substantial boost, as its original home is 114% the gravity of our own planet.

In the show’s premier, Leif found his Vulpes while it was under control of a mysterious force. Since saving him, the pair have been inseparable, dealing with the trouble other critters cause around town.”


Avesu is an uncommon critter that is worth §15 and is a wind element.

Avesu has an in game-description that says “The Avesu, or Gem Snatching bird, lives high in the mountains on its home world. The species struggled to adjust to sea level conditions after its appearance in our world. As it became acclimated to highly populated areas, it developed an attraction to shiny objects and precious stones.

Episode 5 saw Leif’s rich uncle Mervin attacked by an Avesu, which was particularly charmed by his bedazzled cuff links. Subsequently, Leif and his friends tracked the bird to its nest where they discovered the Avesu had adapted to use the gemstones to protect their eggs from predators.”


Wickyn is a void element creature that is uncommon and worth §15.

The in-game description for Wickyn says “Wickyn are the embodiment of terror, who control a foe by probing their mind and manifesting their greatest fears. They lower their enemy’s defenses by crossing their eyes and projecting a derpy appearance, causing their opponent to massively underestimate them.

Throughout the series Wickyn have been seen aiding antagonists by coercing other powerful critters to do their bidding. They control these docile critters via projected hallucinations, with the promise of freeing them after their dirty work is complete. Leif has vowed to stop this critter from causing further havoc, but has yet to devise a plan to shield his mind during battle.”


Bubalus is a water element critter that is uncommon and worth §15.

The game description of this void critter states “These gentle giants are often found floating in the middle of lakes, feasting on underwater or shoreline plants. If threatened, Bubalus will charge their offender with surprising speed.

This critter was introduced in episode 2, when Leif’s friend Finn met his Bubalus after it took up residence in his backyard fish pond.”


Pleuro is an uncommon creature that is with the water element and is worth §15.

Pleuro’s game description states “The amphibious Pleuro are known as the lake protectors, shooting powerful jets of water at predators to keep them at bay.

They were introduced in episode 7, when they caused an uproar at Leif’s local community pool. After storming the pool to claim it as their new nesting ground, they were seen enjoying the toys and refreshments that were left behind as sims fled.”


Nimbus is an uncommon void critter that is the wind element and is worth §15.

Nimbus’ in-game description says “Often found resting high above the ground on a self-made cloud, Nimbus tend gardens of their own creation by supplying them with daily rain.

A Nimbus first clashed with Sims in episode 15. One Nimbus created an impeccable garden on the outskirts of Leif’s hometown, but several teens playing hooky brashly decided to vandalize the carefully cultivated land. The Nimbus responded in kind, harassing the teens daily with thunder, lightning, and hail. Leif was eventually able to convince them to return to the scene and till the soil so that the land could grow once again.”


Cyprin is the silliest looking voidcritter with a value of §15. This critter is a fire element and is uncommon.

The description for Cyprin in-game says “Floating along in air currents produced by its own body warmth, Cyprin live near the mouths of active volcanos. While Cyprin’s outward appearance is fishlike in nature, its tails and fins are actually flames it manipulates to help propel itself.

When they warped into existence in Leif’s hometown in episode 13, Cyprin interrupted a county fair by warming themselves over grills at the various food stands. While they were immediately shooed away due to health codes regarding food preparation, they found themselves at home in the tent of a traveling fire eater who was performing at the fair.”


Simgaia is an uncommon critter that is worth §15 and is earth element.

The in-game description for this voidcritter says “At home in landscapes littered with cylindrical rock formations, Simgaia traversed their unique biome by swinging from pillar to pillar using the vines of plants that hung from outcroppings. Such behavior reinforced the musculature in their front limbs, causing them to pack quite the punch.

Episode 14 focused on a troop of Simgaia attempting to settle amongst a block of high-rise apartments, using electrical cables they’d ripped from poles to swing to and fro. After causing a massive power outage, Leif was able to coax them to the outskirts of town where they would be less disruptive.”

Rare Voidcritters


Suintor is a rare earth element critter that is worth §55.

Suintor’s in-game description says the following “With a keen ability to sniff out metals buried deep in the earth, Suintors build their homes out of the rocks and soil they dig through to find their food. Unlike the ivory tusks of our planet’s boars, a Suintor’s tusks are made from lonsdaleite. This has led scientists to hypothesize that their home planet was ravaged by meteorite impacts during the time when Suintors evolved to take their current form.

When a Suintor found its way into Leif’s town in episode 9, it built its home on the median of a busy street to stop the delish meals that it observed passing by at high speeds. Leif took pity on the confused critter and convinced it that vehicles are not good sources of food, saving it from a fate of being hunted by insurance adjusters.”


Canis is a fire creature that is rare and worth §55.

Canis has an in-game description that says “A powerful critter, the Canis is able to coat its ashen black fur in flames burning at greater than 1400 degrees Celsius. This naturally destructive power makes it an outcast amongst other species, despite its naturally pleasant disposition. Canis are left to wander lands recently ravaged by forest fires in an attempt to not be run off by those fearing an uncontrolled burn.

In episode 8, Leif races against time to put out fires started by an out of control Canis. The fear of suddenly appearing in another world caused the normally peaceful Canis to rampage through the town, creating a crisis for a municipality with no local fire department.”


Velid is a rare void creature with a value of §55.

The in-game description for the Velid card states “Mysterious and unidentified, Veild are known to appear and disappear within a strange fog that it commands at will. It’s said that Sims become transfixed in the presence of a Veild. Looking upon their form gives the impression of gazing deep into the galaxy itself, as the pattern of a star map shifts across their skin. The tribal necklace they wear seems to indicate an ancient form of space magic that the Veild wield.

An enigmatic force in the show, Veild have both aided and hindered Leif and his friends on several occasions. No one knows what a Veild’s motives are, but they appear to watch over the other critters that have come to our world.”


Arcticorn is a water critter with a rare value of §55.

The game description for arcticron says “A prideful critter that inhabits its world’s artic waters, the Arcticorn uses its sharp icicle horn to hunt and joust against other Articorns to prove superiority.

Articorns were introduced in episode 17, when the first one to arrive in this world speared a pack of fish that was being hauled in by a fishing boat’s net. The Articorn turned aggressive as it thought the fisherman were attempting to lay claim to its kill. Leif was forced to battle the Arcticorn, and the Articorn was convinced to live in harmony with the fishermen once a pecking order was established.”


Dicoatl is a rare wind element with a value of §55.

The in-game description for Dicoatl states “The flying serpent Dicoatl is a skilled hunter of the skies. Its battle abilities include creating strong gales of wind with its wings, and a gem on its forehead which it can illuminate to signal other Dicoatl.

A heartfelt moment in episode 10 brought the species to prominence. Leif’s classmate Ellie used her Meduso to defeat an aggressive Dicoatl, then sympathetically offered to take the critter under her figurative wing. Since then the two have been inseparable, with Ellie often seen teaching it dogfight maneuvers in the local park.”

Finishing the Voidcritter Collection

Anytime you have a sim finish a collection in The Sims 4 they are given a plaque to commemorate the completion. The voidcritter plaque is called Elemental Egalitarian and it’s description says “Your appreciation for voidcritters of all elements knows no bounds!

  • You… the protector of flame, forever may it burn.
  • You… defender of the earth, stoic and firm.
  • You… speaker for the void, its dark mysteries preserved in your mind.
  • You… champion of the wind, swift to an allies side.
  • You… safeguard of oceans deep, channeling torrents of furious water.

This plaque commemorates that voidcritters far and wide shall know your name and sing your praises, from this planet and onwards throughout the galaxy.”

Your sims can decorate their house with this and be proud that they managed to finish it off!

Final Thoughts

The addition of void critters to the game is a welcome one and adds a children-focused type of gameplay which we are seriously lacking in The Sims 4. I am really thankful for voidcritters and their fighting station, it makes the game much more fun.

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