The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff

If you are someone who loves clothing that is perfect for a walk through the garden, you’ll love Romantic Garden Stuff. This pack features a wishing well that has the potential to kill your sims as well as a fun fountain to play in.

The objects in this pack aren’t incredibly versatile, since most of it is just statues and flowers, but you can create gorgeous mansion gardens and beautiful parks for your sims to spend time in. These can make for beautiful backgrounds for proposals if you need some good screenshots!

Romantic Garden Trailer

New Public Lot

When The Sims 4: Romantic Garden Stuff was added to the game, EA added a brand new lot to every players library that is a gorgeous garden park lot for your sims to hangout in. This features both the wishing well and the new fountain and will look gorgeous in screenshots for proposals or just fun images for your sims. You can find it in your build gallery!

Whispering Wishing Well

The main gameplay item that came with Romantic Garden Stuff is the new whispering wishing well. This object is kind of complicated so it gets its own guide article to go over every detail but we’ll do a small summary here.

The wishing well is a very expensive object, costing §7,775 so you may need money cheats to be able to really afford it. You can use this to wish for a few things including:

  • A Child
  • Better Grades
  • Happiness
  • Life
  • Promotions
  • Romance
  • Simoleons
  • Skills
  • Youthful Vigor

There are 6 possible outcomes ranging from an overwhelmingly positive reaction giving your sim exactly what they want, all the way to death which is never good.

You are able to bribe the wishing well to try and make sure that you get a positive response and there are three levels of offerings you can give from §100 to §5000.

You can usually tell the outcome of a wish based on the face that the wishing well is making at any given time.

To understand more about The Wishing Well you can click here to read the whole article!

Fountain of Gluteus Maximus

There is also a new beautiful fountain with a few gameplay capabilities for your sims. First off you can toss coins in the fountain, like you would in real life which is a nice detail.

You are also able to sit on the fountain, take a nap on the side of it, and play inside the fountain alone, or with other friends or family members that you have around you.

If your sim is a bit evil and has the mischief skill they are able to add soap to the fountain to make things a bit silly!

Romantic Garden Screenshots

Romantic Garden Renders

Final Thoughts

Romantic garden stuff may not have the most useable items in the game, since you won’t really decorate your homes much with this stuff, but you can create a beautiful backyard space or park for your sims. It’s also really fun to play with the wishing well, but make sure you’re careful or bad things might happen!!

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