The Sims 4: How to Succeed At The Finchwick Fair

If you want to be a successful member of the Henford-On-Bagley community, it is imperative that you enter yourself in The Finchwick Fair. This aspect of The Sims 4: Cottage Living is super cute, and allows you to show off your oversized crops, chickens, cows and llamas for a fun experience in the town square.

Each week will be a different type of fair, so be prepared for whichever one occurs, bring your best items and enter and be sure to not try and bribe the mayor as she doesn’t usually take kindly to that kind of behaviour.

Where is The Finchwick Fair?

Every Saturday in Henford-On-Bagley you are going to find the Finchwick Fair taking place across from The Gnome’s Arms Pub in the town square. If you travel your sims straight to the pub, you’ll be right there as it is not a lot you can travel to specifically. This fair takes place between 3:30 and 9:30, so be sure to get your animals, crops or pies in your inventory and head on over.

How to Enter the Finchwick Fair

Entering the Finchwick fair is rather easy, but getting your animals there may be a little complicated. For simple things like the garden, pie and oversized crop competition these things are easily place in your inventory, then once you arrive at the fair you just click on the corresponding booth and submit your entry, easy as pie one might say.

However, you need to actually add your animals to your inventory too which is a bit weird, like how can a cow essentially fit in my pocket? This becomes an option for you to do once the fair has started at 3:30 and you’ll find it under the actions > put in inventory section when you click on your animal.

Once you have arrived at the fair there will be a small booth for the chickens at the chicken fair, and when it is the cow or llama fair you’ll have a full shed to click on to submit your entry.

Types of Competitions

There are actually five different types of fair competitions for your sims to participate in, these vary each week until they cycle back through and start from the beginning. These include the following:

  • Chicken Fair
  • Llama Fair
  • Cow Fair
  • Garden Fair
  • Oversized Crop Fair

At each fair you’ll need to bring different things to be judged on that can vary from animals to pies and they will all be judged by the town’s mayor. You can check out the in-game calendar to find out more information about each fair if you forgot what will be judged.

Finchwick Chicken Fair

Our first fair competition is the Finchwick Chicken Fair where your sims are going to be judged on their chickens and their eggs.

To add a chicken to your inventory to bring with you, wait until the fair starts at 3:30 on your lot then go to actions when clicking on a chicken and put in inventory should be an option and the chicken will be ready to go travel to the fair. And, of course, just drag eggs from your fridge or collect from the coop to bring those.

The key to doing really well at the chicken fair is to have happy chickens, this of course makes sense for getting your chickens judged. You want to make sure that they are happy, well fed, and well socialized before bringing them to the fair because those are the factors the mayor is looking at.

Happy chickens also equal doing better at the egg competition. Why? Well, happier hens lay better eggs. The better a relationship you have with your hens and the happier they are in general, the higher quality product they will produce. What you really want to bring is something of the highest quality (perfect) it really doesn’t matter if its a rainbow egg or just a regular white egg.

Finchwick Oversized Crop Fair

Our next competition is the oversized crop fair, where you’ll of course need to bring your best oversized crops. There is also a competition at this fair for your sims to be judged on their pie making abilities, so sims who make high quality pies can win prizes as well.

With oversized crops there are a lot more factors that go into a winning day. You’ll of course want to bring the largest crop you have to the fair, and since there are so many different sizes to work with you need to put in a decent amount of effort.

The key to getting the biggest oversized crop is so take care of it more than you ever have before. You want to use the encourage crop growth interaction at least once, be sure to chat with your crop, make sure it is never covered in bugs and weeds and make sure to keep it watered.

Using fertilizers is also an awesome way to get your sims crops growing better than ever before. However, a large normal quality crop isn’t going to win the fair. You want to bring your largest and most perfect crop with the highest quality possible. I know. A lot of pressure for this competition, but you got this.

Finchwick Llama Fair

Our next fair is the llama fair where your sims are going to be judged on the happiness of their llamas and the quality of the wool produced, and its colour. The wool fair is pretty simple, you want to make sure to bring a fun colour of wool which can be accomplished by shearing a llama after giving them a specific animal treat, some of which produce fun colours (i.e., pumpkin, rainbow, midnight).

You also definitely want to ensure that this wool is of the highest quality. The best way to do this is to have the happiest llama possible. Before shearing your animal make sure that they are well fed, their shed is clean, their feed is full and you have socialized with them a decent amount recently so the quality of the wool will be higher.

The llama compeition will judge you based on how happy your llama is, including your relationship with the llama. The best things to do to make sure your llama is happier than ever before you go are to:

  • Clean their animal shed
  • Fill their feed
  • Hand feed them
  • Socialize a TON

Doing all of these can ensure a very happy llama before leaving, be sure to hover over the llama to see how they are doing. Once the fair starts at 3:30 you’ll be able to add your llama to your inventory to bring to the fair by clicking actions and choosing put in inventory.

Finchwick Garden Fair

The next fair is the garden fair where you’ll want to bring regular sized plants this means you are not bringing oversized crops. Do you hear me? This is for regular crops! I made the mistake of bringing a large crop and lost and was very disappointed!

The first competition is the pie competition, so you better get baking and make the most delicious and best quality pie a sim can produce.

To do really well at the garden competition what you want is a rare and perfect quality crop to have the best chance. The rare crop seed packets are your best option for finding these crops as they’ll have items including:

  • Dragonfruit
  • Death Flower
  • Growfruit
  • Orchid
  • Pomegranate
  • Birds of Paradise

Any of these will do better than regular plants like an apple or strawberry for sure. However, you also want them to be of higher quality when you enter them. So, you’ll need to plant them very early so you can evolve your plants or have a golden chicken around so you can have your golden chicken improve their quality (one of the best parts of this pack!).

Finchwick Cow Fair

Our final fair is the Finchwick Cow Fair where you’ll have your cows and their milk judged by the Mayor. The first thing you’ll need is a perfect quality bottle of milk (that’s not expired, of course) to submit for the milk competition.

The best way to get higher quality milk is to have happier cows. How do you get happier cows? Well, before milking make sure that their shed is clean, well stocked with food, they are clean and make sure to socialize them often. You can even give them an animal party treat to put them in an even better mood. Then go ahead and milk when they are very happy and you should have better results.

The other part of the competition is the cow competition, where you’ll need to do those same things before entering your cow and ensure that they are very happy at the event. Make sure they are fed (even hand feed them to be sure), clean, and socialized before clicking on them and choosing action>put in inventory to bring them to the event.

Benefits of Selling Items During the Fair

The final awesome thing about the Finchwick fair is that you’ll actually get paid a premium for any items you sell at either the garden stall or grocery stall in the town square during the hours of the festival. If you are earning your income through gardening and raising animals, this is a very good increase and can help you boost your income. There are even some unique items for sale during this time!

Final Thoughts

These Finchwick Fairs are a super fun aspect of the cottage living pack for The Sims 4 and can really improve gameplay because it makes you feel like you’re a member of the community. You’ll get to chat with townspeople and really get to know the mayor in the process. Happy playing!

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