The Sims 4: Snowy Escape Cheat Codes

With every single new expansion pack for The Sims 4, we get a brand new set of cheat codes. The codes for The Sims 4: Snowy Escape will let you add lifestyles, cheat careers, cheat traits and much more. They can really help you change up your gameplay and make your sims more interesting!

How to Use Cheats

There are two things you need to know in order to use cheats in The Sims 4. The first is how to open the cheat box, to do this on PC you want to hit ctrl + shift + c on your keyboard. To do this on console you want to hit all four triggers.

The second thing you need to know is how to enable cheats this is important to make sure that cheats are going to be able to work. You should use this cheat code before trying any of the ones below, just to make sure they work.

To enable cheats you want to open up the cheat box then type in testingcheats true and hit enter. The game should let you know that cheats are enabled.

How to Cheat Lifestyles

There is a brand new personality system that came with this pack called lifestyles. These are interesting and can change with your sim. There are two ways that you can cheat to give your sim a lifestyle, or remove one.

The first way to get this done is to use a shift click cheat. To do this you want to make sure cheats are enabled and then hold down shift and then click on your sim. Then you’ll see the cheat sim info option and you can go to add or remove lifestyles and choose which one you’d like to add or remove.

The second way to change up a sim’s lifestyle is to add or remove it with a trait cheat. These are just technically a hidden trait that you can’t see in your sim’s traits panel but operates much the same. You’ll want to use the below traits to add a lifestyle, or change the word equip to the word remove to get rid of a lifestyle.

EffectCheat Code
Adds the Adrenaline Seeker Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_adrenalineseeker
Adds the Close Knit Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_closeknit
Adds the Coffee Fanatic Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_coffeefanatic
Adds the Energetic Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_energetic
Adds the Frequent Traveller Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_frequenttraveler
Adds the Health Food Nut Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_healthfoodnut
Adds the Hungry for Love Lifestyle traits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_hungryforlove
Adds the Indoorsy Lifestyle traits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_indoorsy
Adds the Junk Food Fiend Lifestyle traits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_JunkFoodDevourer
Adds the Outdoorsy Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_outdoorsy
Adds the People Person Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_networker
Adds the Sedentary Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_sedentary
Adds the Single and Lovin’ It Lifestyle traits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_noneedforromance
Adds the Techie Lifestyle traits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_techie
Adds the Technophobe Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_technophobe
Adds the Workaholic Lifestyletraits.equip_trait trait_lifestyles_workaholic

Skill Cheats

With The Sims 4: Snowy Escape we got three new skills for your sims to learn. They are all related to the new extreme sports you can do which include rock climbing, skiing and snowboarding.

If you want to give your sims the skill without having to spend your entire life on the mountain, you can use skill cheats to get the job done. You can use any of these cheat codes but change up the x at the end for whatever level of the skill you’d like to get.

SkillCheat Code
Rock Climbingstats.set_skill_level major_rockclimbing x
Skiingstats.set_skill_level major_skiing x
Snowboarding stats.set_skill_level major_snowboarding x

Career Cheats

There is only one new career in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape, the salaryperson career. This career has long hours and makes decent money but can take over a ton of your time, however, when you get to higher levels you’ll start having more reasonable hours.

Thankfully, you can use the promote or demote career cheats to get your sim higher in the career or lower in the career.

EffectCheat Code
Promotes Your Sim in their Careercareers.promote CorporateWorker
Demotes Your Sim in their Career careers.demote CorporateWorker

Trait Cheats

Create a Sim Traits

There are two new traits that you can give your sim directly in create a sim, the first is the proper trait, and the second is adventerous. You can cheat to give your sim these traits as well!

TraitCheat Code
Adventeroustraits.equip_trait trait_adventerous
Propertraits.equip_trait trait_proper

Mountain Excursion Traits

Summiting the mountain of Mt Komorebi will give your sim a specific trait that depends on how well they do on the excursion. If you don’t make it to the top, you’ll get rank 1.

A sim who makes it to the top but doesn’t get gold, will get rank 2. A sim who makes it to the top but gets a gold medal will get rank 3.

TraitsCheat Code
Rank 1traits.equip_trait trait_excursion_mountaineer_rank1
Rank 2traits.equip_trait trait_excursion_mountaineer_rank2
Rank 3traits.equip_trait trait_excursion_mountaineer_rank3

Salary Person Reward Traits

When you are working through the salaryperson career you will get two reward traits as you go through. The first is charismatic crooner and the second is legendary stamina. You can learn more in our salaryperson guide.

TraitCheat Code
Charismatic Croonertraits.equip_trait trait_corporateworker_charismaticcrooner
Legendary Staminatraits.equip_trait trait_corporateworker_legendarystamina

Aspiration Reward Traits

There are two aspirations in this pack, and each has a reward trait you get if you finish the aspiration. For the extreme sports aspiration you’ll get the survival instinct trait, and for the Mt Komorebi sightseer aspiration you’ll get the worldy knowledge trait. You can use the following cheats to give your sim the traits immediately.

TraitCheat Code
Survival Instincttraits.equip_trait trait_survivalinstinct
Wordly Knowledgetraits.equip_trait trait_wordlyknowledge

Aspiration Cheats

There are two brand new aspirations in The Sims 4: Snowy Escape, the Mt Komorebi Sightseer and the Extreme Sports Enthusiast. If you are working through one of these aspirations and you want to skip to the next stage without having to do the work you can use the aspiration cheat.

This cheat will bring you to the next level of the aspiration immediately, and you can use it back to back to complete the entire aspiration.

EffectCheat Code
Completes the current aspiration level aspirations.complete_current_milestone

Unlock CAS Assets

When The Sims 4: Nifty Knitting was released, we were given a cheat code to unlock all of the locked create a sim assets that we normally can’t access which was awesome. There are a few CAS items that are locked behind a wall in Snowy Escape that you may want to access (like the festival outfits) but you can use this cheat to unlock them without having to earn or purchase them.

EffectCheat Code
Unlocks all Snowy Escape Clothing in CAS cas.unlockbytag EP10

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to cheat with each new expansion pack in The Sims 4 is important for storytelling, and making sure that your gameplay goes exactly how you want it. It can help you finish aspirations more quickly, or just make your game more fun! Happy playing!

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