The Sims 4: Wellness Skill (Spa Day)

Sometimes our sims can get stressed and that’s why the wellness skill is a great addition to the game. The wellness skill was introduced with The Sims 4: Spa Day and is the best way for your sims to calm down after a long day at work or school.

Wellness is all about making sure your sims are strong both physically and mentally. It includes aspects of yoga, meditation, massages, and even some fun new recipes for your sims to try.

One awesome thing about the wellness skill is the extremely strong positive moodlets that come from doing a lot of the actions that last for hours. Or, maybe it’s the fact that you can teleport with a high wellness skill while meditating!

Ideal Mood For The Wellness Skill

Every single skill in The Sims 4 has an ideal emotion that will help your sims gain the skill more quickly, and for the wellness skill that mood is focused.

There are a number of ways for your sims to get focused, I’ve always found the easiest way is to ponder moves on a chess table. You can also get focused by using some of these interactions:

  • Browse Simpedia on the Computer
  • Study an Element
  • Study a Fossil
  • Drink Pitch Black Tea

You can learn more about emotions in The Sims 4 with this guide!

How to Increase The Wellness Skill

With most skills in the game there is only really one or two ways to gain the skill, but wellness has a few fun options. The first option is to get your sim to read a wellness book that can be purchased by clicking on a bookshelf. However, reading books is the slowest way to gain any skill.

The quickest ways for your sims to gain the wellness skill is to do the actual activities. This includes practicing yoga on a yoga mat or at the spa, using the meditation stool to meditate, and giving massages to other sims. We’ll discuss each of these 3 options in more detail in a minute.

Wellness Skill Levels

The wellness skill has 10 levels for your sim to work through, as your sim progresses through these levels you’ll unlock some cool new interactions and get much better at doing things like yoga positions.

Wellness Skill Level 1

When your sim first starts gaining the wellness skill you’ll be able to practice yoga including doing some different yoga routines, give hand or foot massages, give another sim a swedish massage, and start meditating.

Wellness Skill Level 2

A sim who reaches wellness level 2 will unlock a new interaction, discuss cognitive focusing methods. They will also now be able to do the boat pose in yoga, and will unlock the new sugar free carob coconut cake recipe.

Wellness Skill Level 3

At level 3 of the wellness skill, your sim is going to unlock the new triangle pose for yoga, and be able to give an aromatherapy massage using the massage table.

Wellness Skill Level 4

When your sim reaches level 4, they will unlock a new interaction and be able to offer mental relaxation tips to other sims. They will also now be able to perform the tree pose in yoga.

Wellness Skill Level 5

At level 5 of the wellness skill, your sim now has the chance of levitating while they are meditating which is a cool unlock. They can also now give other sims a deep tissue massage and do the warrior pose in yoga.

Wellness Skill Level 6

At level 6, your sim unlocks another new interactions, suggest visualization techniques for other sims. They also unlock the ability to do the lord of the dance yoga post, as well as giving a sports massage.

Wellness Skill Level 7

When your sim reaches level 7 they will now be able to make the new superfood salad recipe, yum! They unlock the bridge pose in yoga, and can now teleport when levitating while they are meditating.

Wellness Skill Level 8

A sim with level 8 of the wellness skill will now unlock a new interaction to recommend self esteem exercises for other sims. They also unlock the ability to do a headstand in yoga as well as giving a stone massage.

Wellness Skill Level 9

At level 9 of the wellness skill, your sim is going to be able to give a fertility massage.

Wellness Skill Level 10

When your sim maxes out their wellness skill they are now able to start mentoring other sims in yoga. They also unlock a new interaction to share detox secrets. And finally, they get the new tea recipe for a Lemon Honey Ginger Detox Tea.

If you’re impatient and would like to cheat your way to wellness, you could just use cheats! To cheat the wellness skill you first need to enable cheats. Hit ctrl + alt + c and type testingcheats true to make sure they’re working. Then type stats.set_skill_level major_wellness X and replace the X with whatever skill level you’d like.

Doing Yoga

If you want your sim to practice yoga you’ll need to purchase them a yoga mat from build mode. Thankfully, you can put this into your sim’s inventory and get them to do yoga anywhere. If you’d rather have your sim just take a class, you can head over to the spa.

A nice benefit of doing yoga is that it acts as working out just like running on a treadmill will and can get your sims to lose weight or get toned depending on your goals. It won’t however increase their fitness skill.

Types of Yoga Classes

The best way for your sim to gain the wellness skill is to go to the spa and take a yoga class. Practicing at home is valuable, but having an instructor can help you gain the skill more quickly. There are 3 types of yoga classees that your sims can take and they will get different moodlets after each:

Class TypeMoodlet Outcome
Mind Concentrating ClassFocused
Brain Boosting ClassInspired
Energy Centering ClassEnergized

Types of Yoga Poses

There are 5 yoga poses that are available to your sim at level 1 of the wellness skill which are corpse post, downward facing dog, half moon, side plank, and greeting pose.

There are 7 yoga poses that your sims can unlock as they increase their wellness skill. The following chart shows when you unlock each:

Pose NameUnlock Level
Boat Pose2
Triangle Pose3
Tree Post 4
Warrior Pose4
Lord of the Dance Post 6
Bridge Pose7

Practising Meditation

For your sim to start meditating in The Sims 4, they need to purchase a meditation stool from build mode that they can carry in their inventory so they can meditate just about anywhere.

Having your sim meditate can help them get rid of some of their negative moodlets much more quickly. There are a number of outcomes that occur from meditation and all are rather random. Your sim may experience their needs completely stopping decaying, they may gain relationship boosts with specific sims, or they may even gain certain skills while meditating.

Teleportation with Meditation

As your sim increases their wellness skill they’ll be able to start levitating while they are meditating, at first this just looks cool but as you increase your skill you’ll be able to actually teleport anywhere in your neighbourhood while your sim is meditating.

The best part? If your sim has previously visited a hidden location (i.e., Sylvan Glade or Forgotten Grotto) you can teleport straight there using this teleportation technique!

Doing Massages

Your sim can give another sim a massage using the massage table, or give a hand or foot massage in the massage chair. Every massage that is given will give your sim a different moodlet that lasts a few hours and can give off strong emotions.

Getting massages at the spa can be extremely expensive so it’s definitely worth it to gain the wellness skill just so you can get free massages at home and gain some of those strong moodlets.

Types of Massages

The first type of massage that the sims are able to give is an aromatherapy massage, however, these are 4 types of this massage that will all give your sim a different 12 hour moodlet.

  • Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy Massage (Inspired Moodlet)
  • Lotus Aromatherapy Massage (Confident Moodlet)
  • Lavender Aromatherapy Massage (Focused Moodlet)
  • Rosemary and Mint Aromatherapy Massage (Energized)

There are 5 other types of massages that your sims can give to other sims or get at a spa around town:

Types of MassageMoodlet Outcome
Deep Tissue MassageHappy (24 hours)
Sports MassageEnergized (12 hours)
Stone MassageHappy (24 hours)
Fertility MassageHappy (12 hours) + Increased ability to have twins or triplets
Swedish MassageHappy (12 hours)

Hand and Foot Massages

In addition to the full on back massages that you can perform on other sims, you can also give a sim a foot or hand massage or go and get one from the spa. These are done in a massage chair instead of the massage table like the massages listed above.

The best part about hand and foot massages is that you can stack the moodlets. Meaning you could have a foot massage moodlet, a hand massage moodlet, and a full body massage moodlet all working together at once to give your sim a really strong and long lasting set of emotions.

There are 4 types of hand or foot massages that are available:

Type of MassageMoodlet Outcome
Hand Massage (Low Wellness Skill)Happy (4 hours)
Hand Massage (High Wellness Skill Happy (4 hours)
Foot Massage (Low Wellness Skill)Happy (6 hours)
Foot Massage (High Wellness Skill) Happy (6 hours)

Massage Costs

In addition to being able to learn how to give good massages at home to other sims, you also have the option to go to a spa and get a massage for yourself. However, these massages are a little bit expensive. Below is all of the massage types with their cost at the spa.

Massage TypeMassage Cost
Swedish Massage§120
Sports Massage§230
Stone Massage§300
Deep Tissue Massage§180
Ylang Ylang Aromatherapy§140
Lotus Blossom Aromatherapy§140
Mint and Rosemary Aromatherapy§140
Lavender Aromatherapy§140
Fertility Massage§380
Hand Massage§40
Foot Massage§40

Recipe Unlocks

As your sim increases their wellness skill, they’ll be able to unlock a few new recipes to enjoy. You’ll unlock one baked good, one regular food recipe, and a tea recipe.

Recipe NameRecipe Outcome
Sugar Free Carob Coconut CakeHappy Moodlet
Super Food SaladNone
Lemon Home Ginger Detox Tea Focused Moodlet

Lighting Incense

Using incense isn’t a way to increase your wellness skill, but since it did come with The Sims 4: Spa Day I feel like it’s worth mentioning. Lighting incense in the game can give your sim a moodlet that can change their mood!

Types of Incense Moodlet Given
Sharpening SaffronFocused
Soothing SageHappy
Peaceful PatchouliHappy
Evocative LemonInspired
Romantic Sandalwood Flirty
Invigorating CinnamonEnergized

New Social Interactions

One of my favourite things about gaining new skills in The Sims 4 is that you can get some new social interactions unlocked and make your game a bit more interesting. The wellness interactions are really awesome because they give the other sim in the conversation some really strong moodlets that last a decent amount of time.

Discuss Cognitive Focusing MethodsFocused Moodlet (4 hours)
Offer Mental Relaxation TechniquesHappy Moodlet (8 hours)
Suggest Visualization TechniquesInspired Moodlet (4 hours)
Recommend SelfEsteem ExercisesConfident Moodlet (8 hours)

Final Thoughts

The wellness skill int he game is a really fun one to increase and gives your sims a little bit of zen in their day. How do you feel about The Sims 4: Spa Day and this skill in general? Let me know in the comments!

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