The Sims 4: Ambrosia (How to Resurrect a Sim)

Have you had a sim who you love die recently in The Sims 4? Well, ambrosia might be the answer to all of your problems. Ambrosia can bring a ghost back to life and help you resurrect a sim! You can also set back a living sim’s life and get them to live longer using ambrosia.

There are a ton of requirements to making ambrosia and it’s pretty hard to do it without cheating, but it makes you feel really accomplished when you do it! Be careful who eats your ambrosia, it’s only a single serving and it may take a while to gt yourself the ingredients again.

Skill Levels for Ambrosia

For your sim to be able to finish the ambrosia recipe they are going to need a few skill levels, you can either do it on your own, or check out this guide to skill cheats! The following skill levels are required for you to make ambrosia:

  • Level 10 of Cooking
  • Level 10 of Gourmet Cooking
  • Level 5 of Gardening
  • Level… Something of Fishing (Really depends on if you catch the fish or not!)

If you’re going to gain these skills on your own (the old fashioned way!) you should definitely start early. You can cook tons of meals and gain the cooking skills rather easily.

To gain the gardening skill, you should try and live on a large lot so you can plant tons of different things so you spend more time tending to your garden each day. The gardening skill is harder to get these days with the gardening patch that was done around the time The Sims 4: Seasons came out, so it may take a while for you to get the gardening skill.

You should also make sure to go fishing a few times and grow that skill as well, since you’ll need to catch an angelfish which is a really hard fish to catch.

Ingredients for Ambrosia

For your sim to be able to make ambrosia and bring a ghost back to life, they are going to need to collect a few very important ingredients.

  • Death Flower
  • Potion of Youth
  • Angelfish

Using Debug to Get Ingredients

Before we jump in to how to make ambrosia by finding everything on your own, it’s always important to note that you can use the buydebug cheat to find any of these ingredients in the build debug menu!

How to Get a Death Flower for Ambrosia

Once you reach level 5 of the gardening skill you are able to take cutting and start grafting plants together. This is absolutely necessary for being able to create a death flower. So, let’s go over the different plants you’re going to need and in what order to eventually get a death flower.

1. Graft a Lily with a Snapdragon

The first thing you need to do is graft a Lily with a Snapdragon in order to make an Orchid!

If you have The Sims 4: Seasons installed, you can purchase a starter flower package (or probably more than one) and eventually be given a Lily and a Snapdragon but this can get expensive.

You can also search for a Lily and a Snapdragon around the town. You can find a Lily in Willow Creek Park as well as in front of the Oakenstead building and you can find a Snapdragon at the BFF household or in front of the Oakenstead building.

To make grafting plants work, you need to have the plants on your lot so you should harvest the wild plants and plant them in your yard. Once you have the lily and snapdragon both planted in your yard, you should click on one and choose taking cutting. Then click on the other plant and choose graft.

It’s important to note that since the newest gardening update it seems harder to graft sometimes, so there’s a chance your grafting may not take. You may need to graft a few times to get an Orchid.

2. Graft an Apple with a Cherry

To create a death flower, you need to graft an orchid and a pomegranate together, so you need to also get a pomegranate. You can try your best to catch a pomegranate while fishing, but this can take quite a while. It can be done in Sylvan Glade or I’ve heard it can be found in the pond in willow creek at the park.

It’s honestly probably easier to just graft ton get a pomegranate. You can find a cherry tree in oasis springs near the park where the children’s play equipment is. And you can find apple trees easily as they are pretty common. You can also buy starter fruits and apples are in almost every pack of seeds.

Now you just need to plant both fruits on your lot, take a cutting from one and graft it onto the other and you should be given a pomegranate.

3. Graft an Orchid with a Pomegranate

Orchid’s aren’t going to be found by searching around the world, so you need to go through step one and graft to get one. Or, you’ll receive one if you manage to finish the space rocket collection and it will arrive in your mailbox.

You need to graft a pomegranate onto an orchid and you will get a death flower!

How to Get the Potion of Youth for Ambrosia

The only way to get a potion of youth is to purchase one in the rewards store using satisfaction points. It costs 1500 points which can take a little while for your sim to earn.

There are a few ways to earn satisfaction points, the first is to work on your sim’s aspiration and you’ll get points each time you finish a level. This can take a while as most aspirations are time consuming. It may make sense for you to work on the freelance botanist aspiration since it’s all about gardening, or on the master chef aspiration. You’ll be doing both of these skills anyway, so you may as well earn satisfaction points anyway!

The next way is to use whims. Whims are now automatically turned off when you start a new sims family, which is annoying, but you can go into your game’s settings and turn them back on. You can look at these whims that will appear above your sim in the bottom left hand corner and do the things your sim wants to do!

The final way is to have a good time during holidays if you have The Sims 4: Seasons. A sim who has an excellent Winterfest can be worth 500 satisfaction points and that’s a third of what you need!

How to Get an Angelfish for Ambrosia

The angelfish may be a little elusive and hard for your sim to catch. It’s an uncommon fish so it may take many sims days worth of fishing to make it happen. Angelfish have been known to hangout in the rivers that are around in Willowcreek which is the only place I’ve ever found one. They are also able to be found in ponds that are in Oasis Springs.

How to Cook Ambrosia

When you have finally mastered all the cooking skills and collected all of the ingredients for ambrosia, it’s time to get cooking! You can find the option to cook ambrosia under the cook gourmet meal interaction on the refrigerator or the stove.

Since you have all of the ingredients, you won’t need to pay any money to cook the ambrosia! Woohoo! Once you’re done cooking, bring a ghost over and ask them to join your household, then get them to eat the meal and BOOM they’ll be back to life!

What Does Ambrosia Do?

So, we’ve discussed all the things you need to do and ingredients you need to collect to make ambrosia. But now that you have it, what exactly does ambrosia in The Sims 4 do?

Well, ambrosia will turn any ghost who is a member of your family who eats it back into a sim who is alive. This can pretty much give your entire sim family immortality if you just get your sims to make a serving of ambrosia whenever a sim in their family passes.

You can also get a non-ghost sim to eat ambrosia, however, it’s not really worth it. If your sim is about to pass away as an elder and they eat ambrosia they will have their age turned back to the beginning of the elder life stage.

This isn’t worth it because just the potion of youth that is part of the ambrosia recipe can do this exact same thing and you won’t need to find the other ingredients.

Final Thoughts

I really hope this guide to ambrosia in The Sims 4 was helpful to getting you the ingredients for this awesome meal and you were able to bring back your dead sims! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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  1. My ghost sim ate the ambrosia but is not coming back to life. Also I did a cheat for it but that didn’t work either and I don’t wanna use mods. Help?

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