The Sims 4: Everything You Need to Know About Wild Birds

If you’re trying to live your Disney princess dreams in The Sims 4, interacting with these wild birds is the way to go. They are adorable, you can sing to them and they’ll even give you gifts if you’re friendly enough with them. These are just one of many wild animals added to the game with The Sims 4: Cottage Living and are extremely adorable to interact with.

Okay, princess fiona!

How to Meet Wild Birds

Unlike with the wild rabbits that can be hopping around far away from their homes, the wild birds will only really be interacted with at their tree stump. These tree stumps are only present in Henford, but you don’t have to live in Henford to be friendly with birds at all. You’ll need to search around the world for these tall tree stumps that have holes in them, you really can’t miss them.

Once you find one of these adorable trees, you’ll have a few options of interactions to participate in. You can start off by watching the birds and eventually move to them more interesting socials, including singing witht he birds.

How to Get Wild Birds on Your Lot

What we all really want is to have these gorgeous creatures on our lots for us to consistently interact with, and to help with our gardening. So how does one accomplish that? Well, first off you are going to need to interact with these birds until you are friends with the flock, once this happens the game will let you know by telling you that you’ve unlocked the ability to add one of the wild bird homes to your sim’s lot.

This object can be found in the build catalog and will cost you 400 simoleons and can be placed anywhere on your home lot. Being able to do this is amazing because if your sim doesn’t live in Henford, they can add this item after a visit and some time with the birds and bring some birds home with them.

Gifting With Wild Birds

One amazing thing about befriending the wild animals in Cottage Living is that you can both give and receive gifts with these birds. The birds will give your sims gifts about once a day if you click on the gifting social and there is a receive gifts option.

You also can give the birds gifts and discover the types of gifts they enjoy to more quickly increase your relationship. Understanding the preference of gifts for the birds is important if you want to grow you relationship more quickly and keep the birds happy.

There are two ways to learn what gifts birds like, the first is to just start giving them gifts and they will let you know if they like it or not and the second way is to use the Discover Gift Preferences interaction to find out categories of gifts that they love or hate.

Once you learn the gifting preference when you click on give gift you’ll see a thumbs down on gifts they don’t want, and a heart beside gifts they want so you can more easily see what they enjoy.

Wild Birds and Gardening

The best part about having wild birds on your sim’s lot is that they can assist in gardening, if you pair them with wild rabbits it will cut your workload in half. To get this done you’ll need to have a good relationship with these birds and go ahead and click on ask for gardening help and the birds will eventually start helping and this can be turned off at any time.

What do the birds do? Well, they actually go ahead and eat any of the bugs that may appear on your sim’s plants so you’ll never need to spray for bugs. A pretty awesome thing if you ask me.

Final Thoughts

These wild birds are genuinely so adorable and there are so many cute interactions for your sims to participate in with the birds that your heart may melt from all the cuteness. Seriously! Plus, with the added bonus of gardening help they are a great addition to any gardening lovers home. Happy playing!

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