The Sims 4: Everything You Need to Know About Animal Treats (Cottage Living)

The animal treats that you can create and feed your animals from The Sims 4: Cottage Living are extremely powerful for creating different types of milk, wool and eggs from your animals. They can even extend the lifespan of your animals or give you an evil chicken that has the potential to make Grim visit your home… because you know.

How to Get Animal Treats

There are actually a number of ways for your sims to obtain an animal treat, but they can’t just be purchased from your lot. The first way is for your sims to go to the town square and purchase them from the garden stall, however, they won’t have each type of treat available at all times and the more rare ones won’t be obtained this way.

The next way is to run errands for various important villagers (i.e., Agnes, The Mayor, the creature keeper, etc.) and when you complete a task they may give you a treat in your inventory along with other goodies.

The next way is to participate in The Finchwick Fair and do well enough to get a prize which is often animal treats. The fair happens each Saturday and each week is a different theme from oversized crops, to eggs, to cows. You can figure out which type of fair is coming this week by checking out the in-game calendar.

Finally, you can get treats gifted to you sometimes by the wild birds or wild rabbits that you’ll find around the world. You’ll need to have a decently high relationship with these animals to make this happen, but its a great way to get animal treats.

How to get Animal Treat Recipes

Unlike most things in The Sims 4, your sims don’t just automatically know how to craft each of the different animal treats. You have to obtain the treats in other ways before you can even learn the recipes.

To learn each recipe of the treats you have to actually feed them to your animal either a chicken, cow or llama needs to eat it and you’ll get a notification that your sim has learned these recipes.

How to Create Your Own Animal Treats

Once you managed to feed an animal a treat and gotten your hands on the recipe, you’ll be able to click on either the animal shed or the fridge to start creating animal treats. You are going to need to have the specific types of ingredients in your sim’s inventory, or in the fridge before you can craft them however.

How to Cheat to Get Animal Treats

If you don’t feel like putting in the effort to find each type of treat, or obtain all of the ingredients the old fashioned way, you can always cheat it. The easier way to do this is to first enable cheats then hold down shift and click on your sim’s fridge, then you’ll see the three following options under the animal treat cheats category:

  • Create All Feed Recipes in Inventory
  • Unlock All Animal Treat Recipes
  • Create All Feed Recipe Ingredients in Inventory

Choosing create all feed recipes is going to give you one of each treat type in your sim’s inventory immediately. Unlocking all recipes will immediately teach your sim each recipe that they need to learn. Finally, create all recipe ingredients will give you each item you’d need to craft every single animal treat right in your sim’s inventory.

Types of Animal Treats and Ingredients

As you play through Cottage Living you’ll discover that there are 13 types of animal treats to discover. Each of these have different effects on your farm animals which we’ll go over in a second. They all also have different ingredients that you’re going to need to be able to create them, some of which require you to learn canning (or purchase canning goods in the towns square).

Treat TypeIngredients
Animal Party TreatAny Berry, Any Mushroom
Chocolatey TreatChocoberry, Custard
Fishy Protein TreatAny Fish
Flirty TreatSugar, Strawberry Jam
Friendly TreatAny Veggie or Fruit
Fruity TreatApple Jam, Blueberry Jam
Golden TreatGolden Egg, Cowberry Jam or Honey
Healthy TreatAny Fruit or Veggie, Lettuce
Midnight TreatCowberry Jam, Obsidian Egg
Pumpkin TreatPumpkin, Sugar
Rainbow TreatGreen Egg, Blue Egg, Orange Egg
Spicy TreatSpicy Mushroom, Any Vegetable
Veggie TreatLettuce, Aubergine

Effects on Chickens

When you feed any type of animal treat to a chicken you will get a result, some more obvious than others. There are two specials ones the midnight treat and the golden treat which we’ll discuss a bit further but the rest of the treats do the following:

Treat TypeChicken Effect
Animal Party TreatFill Chicken Attention
Chocolatey TreatChocolate Eggs
Fishy Protein TreatAdds 1 Egg to Next Yield
Flirty TreatMore Hatchable Eggs from Hens
Friendly TreatIncreases Sim’s Relationship with Chicken
Fruity TreatBlue Egg
Healthy TreatIncreases Chicken’s Lifespan
Pumpkin TreatOrange Egg
Rainbow TreatRainbow Egg
Spicy TreatObsidian Eggs
Veggie TreatGreen Eggs

Golden Chickens

If you were to feed a chicken a golden egg you are going to get a golden chicken. You can learn more about golden chickens here, but the shortened version is that these glowing gorgeous creatures will actually improve the quality of the crops on your farm with their eyes, in a very cool way.

Evil Chickens

If you were to feed a midnight treat to your chicken, they are going to become an evil chicken (oops!) and that may not be something that you want. These chickens have the ability to actually harm your sims, and even kill them.

Effects on Llamas

Most of the treats that you are going to feed to llamas will have one main effect, turning the llama into a different colour and allowing you to shear them for different coloured wool which is great for asking the creature keeper to make you animal clothes or for cross-stitching.

Some of the treats have more powerful effects like increasing your relationship or even making your animal have a longer life. Below you’ll find everything that a treat can do to a llama.

Treat TypeTreat EffectVisual Effects
Animal Party TreatFills Llama Social NeedNone
Chocolatey TreatBrown WoolBrown Llama
Fishy Protein Treat+1 Wool Yield None
Flirty TreatPink WoolPink Llama
Friendly TreatIncreases Your Sim’s Relationship with LlamaNone
Fruity TreatBlue WoolBlue Llama
Golden TreatGolden WoolGolden Llama
Healthy TreatIncreases Your Llama’s LifespanNone
Midnight TreatBlack WoolBlack Llama
Pumpkin TreatOrange WoolOrange Llama
Rainbow TreatRainbow WoolRainbow Llama
Spicy TreatRed WoolRed Llama
Veggie TreatGreen WoolGreen Llama

Effects on Cows

Cows don’t have many visual effects (just one actually) but they do have the potential to create all sorts of flavours of milk. They also have some treats that will increase their relationship with your sim or go ahead and increase their life span.

Treat TypeEffect
Animal Party TreatFills Your Cow’s Social Need
Chocolatey TreatChocolate Milk
Fishy Protein Treat+1 Milk to Next Yield
Flirty TreatStrawberry Milk
Friendly TreatIncreases Your Sim’s Relationship with the Cow
Fruity TreatEnriched Milk
Golden TreatGolden Honey Milk
Healthy TreatIncreases Cow’s Lifespan
Midnight TreatObsidian Milk
Pumpkin TreatPumpkin Spice Milk
Rainbow TreatRainbow Milk
Spicy TreatFire Milk
Veggie TreatMighty Plant Milk

Visual Effects for Cows

There is only one type of treat that will give you a visual effect for cows, and that is the rainbow treat. Of course you’d want a rainbow cow!

Final Thoughts

Learning all of those animal treats is a lot of work, but is definitely worth it considering how many types of eggs, wool, and milk there are for you to discover. Plus, having different coloured llamas and a rainbow cow is pretty cool too. Happy playing!

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