The Sims 4: Everything You Need to Know About Wild Rabbits

When we first saw the trailer for The Sims 4: Cottage Living, we all got very excited by the little birds, foxes and rabbits that we got to see in the world. These wild animals are a very intriguing part of this pack and really add new (adorable) layers of gameplay that just make your heart feel warm and fuzzy. Let’s go over everything you need to know about rabbits in The Sims 4.

How to Meet Wild Rabbits

As you explore the world on Henford on Bagley you’ll come across wild rabbits just wandering the world and you can easily click on these to start socializing and befriend them. However, if you want an easy location to find them you’ll want to search out their rabbit homes that are small stumps that are in a few small spots around the world where you’ll definitely see rabbits hanging out around.

If you’re unsure where to look for these cuties, there’s a rabbit stump right in front of the creature keeper’s home in the Bramblewood.

Once you meet them you’ll want to do a bunch of social interactions with these rabbits because since they’re wild it can be hard to find that specific animal again. You’ll want to grow your personal relationship with the rabbit to befriend them so you can add the rabbit home on your personal lot and have them hanging out with you all the time.

How to Get Wild Rabbits on Your Lot

Once you’ve befriended a rabbit that’s wandering around the world, you’ll unlock the ability to add a wild rabbit home to your own lot. This is awesome and costs 400 simoleons and honestly looks super cute on your lot surrounded by flowers.

Once you add this to your lot you’ll have at least one rabbit hanging out on your lot at pretty much all times. This is great because you can continue to grow your relationship with these animals, socialize with them, gift and receive gifts from them and even have them help you with gardening.

Giving Wild Rabbits Gifts

One of the best ways to grow a relationship with a rabbit is to give them gifts, and they actually have gifting preferences that you’ll learn over time. There are a bunch of things you can give your rabbits including eggs, fish, wool, milk, produce and much more. If you wish to gift a rabbit an item just make sure its in your inventory first.

Under the gifting menu when you click on the rabbit there is actually a discover gifting preferences interaction that you’ll get to use around once every day or two to learn more about what the rabbit likes so you aren’t wasting disliked items on them.

When you click on the give gift menu you’ll see all of the different categories of items that a rabbit is willing to accept and the ones they like will have a heart next to them, the ones they dislike will have a thumbs down and the ones that you have left to learn will have a nice question mark next to them.

When you gift them a gift that still has a question mark, you will immediately learn whether or not they enjoy that gift and will know for the future.

In addition to giving gifts to rabbits, you can also get gifts from rabbits. This is under that same gifting menu and you’ll see an option to get a gift from a rabbit and the animation is just so cute. The types of gifts you’ll get are just like the ones that you can give to the rabbits so expect things like wool, sculptures, produce and more.

Wild Rabbits and Gardening

The biggest benefit to having the wild rabbit home on your lot is the fact that they will assist you in gardening and if you add the wild birds to your lot too you’ll never have to deal with weeds or bugs again. However, you do need to toggle on the gardening help in your interactions with the rabbit.

You’ll find an ask for gardening help interaction in the rabbit’s pie menu and you’ll be able to have them assist whenever they are around. How this works is the rabbits will actually go ahead and eat all the weeds that appear on your plants, allowing you to have a bit more free time in your gameplay since you no longer have to deal with it.

You can turn this off at any time in their interactions as well, if you’d wish to stop having them help you.

Dressing Up Your Wild Rabbits

One of the cutest things you can do with rabbits in the game is actually dress them up in clothing. You can trade things for animal clothing if you chat with the creature keeper in Henford on Bagley.

Once you have these items in your inventory you can click on the rabbit itself and choose to dress them in whatever clothes you’ve gotten your hands on, they are so cute!

Wild Rabbit Death

One hilarious thing that your rabbits can do in The Sims 4: Cottage Living is actually kill your sims if you have a bad relationship with them. Choosing to do mean interactions with a rabbit can lead to that rabbit being rather mad at your sim and they will attack you.

Sometimes you can get away from this interaction without a visit from Grim, however, there is a chance that these fighting interactions can be fatal so be careful when being mean to rabbits because they will not take it from you for long.

When a Wild Rabbit’s Life Ends

It is important to note that wild rabbits don’t live forever, they actually are on a life span just like the farm animals we got with this pack. When these rabbits pass you will get a notification (if you were friendly with them) letting you know that a rabbit close to someone in your household has passed away. This is a sad moment but the circle of life!

Final Thoughts

Rabbits are one of my favourite additions to the game in a long time because you don’t actually need to care for them by feeding them and cleaning them, but you still get to have the fun of having animals and get some nice benefits like gifts in the process. This is awesome because the regular farm animals take a lot of effort to care for, and these ones are definitely hands off. Happy playing!

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