The Sims 4: Everything You Need to Know About Wild Foxes

Wild foxes from The Sims 4: Cottage Living may be cute, but they are not just cute creatures that will give you gifts. These are mischievous little buggers that you need to protect your chickens from and befriend so that they won’t do anything naughty. However, they are just really cute too!

How to Meet Wild Foxes

Wild foxes will be often walking around the world (or running, they can be hard to catch) and you may have a hard time making them your friend. The best first step is to just watch the foxes for a while, I guess to make them feel used to your presence, then you can start trying to do other interactions with them like talking and singing to them to grow your relationship.

If you’re having trouble finding the foxes that you’ve already started making friends with, you can click on their image in the simology relationship panel and choose focus the camera and it will bring your camera right to where the fox is so your can bring your sim over to build relationships.

How to Get Wild Foxes on Your Lot

Foxes are going to be walking around Henford-On-Bagley no matter what, but they won’t always come on your lot unless you have the Wild Foxes lot challenge installed. You can find this lot challenge and turn it on in build mode by going to the same section where you’d choose lot traits.

Having this enabled will have anywhere from 1 to a million foxes on your lot at pretty much all times, so it can get annoying especially if you haven’t yet installed a fox alarm on your chicken coop.

Protecting Your Chickens from Foxes

Foxes can’t be all cute and cuddly, they actually have the ability to attack your chickens and since chickens are expensive you definitely don’t want that to happen. If a fox is approaching your chicken coop you have the option to shoo the fox which doesn’t work each time, but will work most of the time.

Your next option to protect your chickens is to become good friends with every fox that comes anywhere near your lot and ask them to not steal from your lot. These foxes will both hurt your chickens and steal your eggs, so doing this is nice. However, it is a pain to have your sim walking around constantly trying to get foxes to be your friend so they stop being mean.

Your final option is to install a fox alarm on your chicken coops that you can find under actions > upgrade but you are going to need livestock upgrade parts to get this done which can be obtained by doing errands for some of the locals around Henford. Installing this will let off a loud alarm every time a fox comes near your coop and it will scare them away.

Gifting with Wild Foxes

Just like with gifting for both wild rabbits and the wild birds you can actually give and receive gifts with foxes! Once in a while a fox that you have a decent relationship with will have the option to receive gift under the gifting menu when you click on them, the gifts your receive will be things like wool, produce and more.

Gifting a fox is a little bit more complicated because you can actually discover gifting preferences with a fox and learn which gifts they enjoy. This is a social interaction under the gifting category, however, it does have a substantial cool down you’ll need to wait for.

You can also learn the gifting preferences of a fox by just giving them gifts. Each time you give a gift to a fox you’ll learn if they enjoy that category of gift and this is actually different for each fox you encounter.

A gift category that your fox enjoys will have a red heart appearing next to it when you click on gifting and a gift they dislike will have a thumbs down, allowing you to know which gifts you probably shouldn’t give these animals.

Final Thoughts

Foxes are, of course, super cute and can give your sims gifts. However, there is no real benefit to befriending foxes or having them on your lot. Wild birds and wild rabbits will actually help you with gardening, so personally I believe its much more worthwhile if you befriend those animals instead. Happy playing!

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  1. I need to befriend two foxes but only Sparky if turning up where ever I try to find more! therefore I can not complete my Objective!

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